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Here are the answers to CodyCross 1969 Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

1969 Michael Crichton thriller, The __ Strain.

Microorganism, restores bacteria to digestive tract.

Theme park ride with a vertical plunge.

A Russian astronaut.

French square dance for four couples.

Vertical garden to improve air quality.

The English Dame who starred in Skyfall and Cats.

Mystery-solving dog who first appeared in 1969.

A person who loves games and puzzles.

Relating to the Ancient or Celtic Britons.

Bright illumination developed by Georges Claude.

Puzzle 2

John T. Thompson invented it during World War I.

Nickname for a left-handed boxer or pitcher.

A type of lizard which is able to run on water.

Happening sporadically, at intervals.

Nutty, amber drink from Shaoxing used in cookery.

How you say "please" in Spanish.

Moonrise Kingdom director Wes, born 1969.

Northern Ireland's famous landmark, Giant's __.

Singer of Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

Black volcanic glass sought by rock hunters.

City where original CSI TV series was set.

Charles, French president who resigned in 1969.

Author of Europe Central and Poor People.

Dynasty of which Prague was capital, 1583-1611.

Puzzle 3

Smoked herring that some have for breakfast.

Only European capital whose name begins with Z.

Margaret, author of 1969's The Edible Woman.

Neckerchief band in Scouting.

Wide-bottomed trouser style, popular in the 1970s.

Office role for a recent graduate or student.

Call Me Maybe singer Carly Rae.

Body of water crossed by Moses in Exodus.

Exceptionally bright meteorite.

Club golfers call the big dog.

Creatures in Jewish legend created from mud.

Term for which a position in office is held.

Juan, 1969 successor to Spain's General Franco.

Type of stone that removes hard skin from feet.

Japanese art of tree shaping.

Puzzle 4

Queen of Less German fashion house.

Prehistoric period just after the Stone Age.

Westley always says this to Buttercup.

Large glass flagons used for making wine.

Waste gasses released by vehicles.

Bob Dylan released this Skyline in 1969.

Complicated situation.

The mother of the Nine Muses in Greek mythology.

British actor who's been King Arthur, Bill Clinton.

UK band who released Ummagumma in 1969.

Continue to work, but without much progress.

Largest port city in Europe.

Puzzle 5

Deadlock, stalemate with no possible progress.

Communal farm in Israel.

Austrian artist known for his drawings of women.

Family in Downton Abbey.

Looking around for customers.

Mr. Prime, leader of the Autobots in Transformers.

Fonda family actress who debuted in Easy Rider.

Main character in Little Women.

18th-century horse won all his races over 18 years.

This type of star is born when supernovas explode.

Cognitive battles.

Compliant; an object that is fit to work with.

A chilly reception, not a warm welcome.

The cartoon band behind 1969's Sugar, Sugar.

Puzzle 6

These artists tag buildings illegally.

Large Peruvian city near to important adobe temple.

David, author of Cloud Atlas, born 1969.

Australian cattle worker.

Starving, hungry.

Argentine first lady played by Tina Arena in 2018.

Getting involved in protests and local politics.

Roots such as ginger, galangal, turmeric.

Actress Mary, founded studios with Fairbanks.

An incredibly skilled musician.

Month in which NASA's Apollo 12 reached the Moon.

Aerial lift to a mountain top with gondola cabins.

Margaret "Hot Lips" __ featured in TV's M*A*S*H.

Patella protectors worn by novice skateboarders.

Light with a longer wavelength than visible light.

Long Barcelona avenue leading to the sea.

African country in which Freddie Mercury was born.

Salary without overtime hours added.

DC comic series critical of racism and violence.

Near the edge; anagram of alarming.

Very slow, annoyingly so.

When something doesn't develop in the body.

Puzzle 7

Japanese salad made from pickled cucumbers.

Tennis star who won all four Grand Slam titles in 1969.

Jobs for the boys.

A seven-sided shape.

Screen broadcast by a non-active TV transmitter.

A Spanish art form comprised of dance and song.

A daring robbery might be committed in it.

Mary, mother of Jesus, was from here.

Caribbean island reclaimed by the UK in 1969.

Swiss lake also known as Verbano.

Outfit worn to enable human flight.

Puzzle 8

English bulldog in Paw Patrol.

Overhead lift event in Olympic weightlifting.

The truth is out there.

Dutch fishing vessel; anagram of gorged.

Exclamation of surprise, popular down under.

First African nation ever visited by a Pope.

Simple alloy of tin, copper and lead.

Type of Murmurs created by Dorothea Tanning.

Small upper chamber of the human heart.

Alanis Morissette's Little Pill was this in 1995.

Quadrilateral with 4 right angles & 2 longer sides.

Pre-decimal coin nicknamed two bob.

Joseph, author of Catch-22.

Steve Buscemi's role in Reservoir Dogs.

Hatshepsut, Wilhelmina, and Eadgifu.

Country that elected its first female PM in 1969.

Deep belly laugh.

Saffron comes from a flower in this genus.

Grain used to make malt whisky.

To make unauthorized alterations to something.

Undead warrior in Norse mythology.

German WW2 tank.

Multiple spandexes.

Segment that forms part of a longer comedy show.

Broad sweeps of water across paintings.

Puzzle 9

Flooded or swamped.

Writing or art focused on one very precise subject.

Carries the stylus on an old-fashioned turntable.

Country in which Cate Blanchett was born in 1969.

Stylishness, dapperness.

Island country of Africa with the capital Praia.

Epilogue, postscript or afterword pages in a book.

1924 agreement on the reparations paid by Germany.

Sweet fibrous Saccharum grass.

Spending demographic of the English elderly.

Oscar-winner Catherine, born in Wales in 1969.

Iconic New York City taxi company.

Repaired a damaged painting.

Puzzle 10

Dropper for measuring out liquids.

Detectives or investigators.

British Royal who became Prince of Wales in 1969.

Parody, derision.

A designer's studio or workshop.

Ends of railways.

Confounded, disconcerted.

An intaglio printing process.

Daphne du Maurier novel with girl's name.

Nationality of Aung San Suu Kyi and U Thant.

Katie, American multi-medal-winning swimmer.

The __ Mansion, Disneyland attraction opened 1969.

Leftovers, parts not used productively.

Puzzle 11

Neutral hue with the faintest hint of gray.

Small rolling hills formed by glacial action.

White horse breed associated with Vienna school.

Sum paid on top of savings or investments.

Kitchen hourglass.

Margaret; mother of Henry VII.

Extramarital sex, often grounds for a divorce.

Aerodynamically shaped front part of an aircraft.

The most reactive non-radioactive element.

Tom Roberts' __ the Rams, iconic Aussie painting.

Rotating Champagne to move sediment towards corks.

Stephen King miniseries based on novel from 1978.

Combining all or both elements involved.

Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea singer, born 1969.

Nerve-__; exhilarating, heart-thumping.

Candyman's main weapon.

Electromagnet formed from a coil of wire.

These Canadiens won the 1969 Stanley Cup.

Charles Dickens's house in Kent.

Puzzle 12

Word used to describe a large sum of money.

French region that birthed a creamy potato dish.

A velvety fabric used in clothing and furnishings.

Japanese photography firm, for cameras and prints.

Consents to a treaty.

Molecule found in animals that stores sugars.

One present at a meeting or conference.

The Scorpion King was a sequel to this 1999 film.

She released David's Album in 1969.

French monarch, husband of Marie Antoinette.

The fastest of all sea creatures.

Distance marker on roads.

Name for old Russian woman or grandmother.

I Sing the Body __!, 1969 Ray Bradbury anthology.

Patrick; Ajax, Barca and Netherlands forward.

Liveliness, sprightliness.

Puzzle 13

Willy who became German Chancellor in 1969.

Legendary kingdom in which the Zelda games are set.

Initial cost or investment.

Small error, problem in the process.

This Indonesian lime is also called makrut.

Cricket over with no runs.

This Max created makeup for movie stars.

Music technique of quick changes between two notes.

Legendary Greek hero who flew too close to the Sun.

Compounds commonly made from two metals.

A sweet tropical fruit with spiky red skin.

Mo Willems writes and draws books about this bird.

Famous TV Street that debuted in 1969.

Member of the clergy.

Thandie, was in Crash and Mission: Impossible 2.

Puzzle 14

Site of ancient wonder Temple of Artemis.

Thin Indian flatbread.

Be horrified or shocked by.

Give Peace __, 1969 anti-war anthem by John Lennon.

Artist who painted The Milkmaid.

Ecommerce sites need one to accept payments.

Decorative shaping of trees and bushes.

British motor maker with winged logo.

Baltimore's World Series runners-up, 1969.

Leo's brightest star and the herald of spring.

The medical term for fainting.

Hilton's Astoria brand of luxury hotels.

Villainous doll in Child's Play.

Shakespeare tale of magic, revenge and a shipwreck.

"Process" that's the smallest region of the sternum.

Male beachwear that Borat wore.

A jeweled egg created in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Puzzle 15

Dark wood used by Chippendale in furniture-making.

Glen Campbell played La Boeuf in this 1969 Western.

Specially trained military personnel.

Impetuous, reckless, impulsive.

Purchase something, get something.

Relating to the running of a home.

Ancient Greek oil storing vessels.

__ Joe Jackson, linked to the Black Sox scandal.

Arboretums that concentrate on conifers.

Nationality of Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka.

Pigweed plant, cultivated for leaves or grain.

Resistance to diseases or illnesses.

Sad lament, a Portuguese melancholic music form.

Diana Rigg's sassy role in The Avengers.

Dyson-branded hand dryer.

Fashion brand founded as a New York jeans shop.

The science of classifying organisms.

Dennis, English thriller and occult author.

Puzzle 16

Currency of Portugal before the euro.

3D shape with rectangular faces and square ends.

Add as an attachment.

Jimi Hendrix track that closed Woodstock in 1969.

Shrub with dense foliage, common in garden hedges.

Pagan celebration of spring and fertility.

Island split between Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia.

Part of a foot between the ball and the ankle.

Island that hosted a US-Vietnam summit in 1969.

A candle holder that is attached to a wall.

Loose 1970s wear, as worn by Demis Roussos.

Punctuation mark found twice in Motley Crue's name.

Long white radish also called a mooli.

Name of number one Mean Girl.

Book of Changes classical Chinese text.

__ Ashe, the main stadium at the US tennis open.

Puzzle 17

Developing a new skill or getting an asset.

Briefly cooking vegetables in boiling water.

Darren, Black Swan director born 1969.

German printer who made movable type popular.

Kant wrote some of Practical Reason and Judgment.

French leather bag brand popular with tourists.

Michigan place, Glenn Miller had a girl there.

The icy body thought to orbit our solar system.

Hardwood tree with leaves with pale undersides.

Legendary Manchester United manager, retired 1969.

Ruling dynasty of Jordan.

Fortune-telling by studying someone's hand.

Puzzle 18

Spotted with light and shade.

Hell hath no fury like a woman __.

Seeds from trees of the genus Juglans.

Together with someone else.

Jason, Arrested Development star born 1969.

Film starring Mariah Carey.

Composer of the opera Turandot.

Step-in, low-heeled shoes.

Estonian capital.

Heaved, felt nauseous.

Middle name of 1969's president, Richard M Nixon.

Amateur walkie-talkie communication service.

Irish saint, founder of Clonard Abbey.

Fomer prison upon which the Old Bailey was built.

Dan Brown novel that followed The Lost Symbol.

Puzzle 19

Debra, creator of TV's Offspring.

Only instrument given two sections in an orchestra.

Catch sight of in the distance.

To introduce air into something.

Software that stops junk mail from being delivered.

Pointillist painter subject of a Sondheim musical.

Joyous or praising songs or poems.

Sacred well near to the Kaaba in Mecca.

City the Beatles gave their final performance in.

Cook so liquid evaporates.

Corset-style garment covering the chest.

Zeus battled him for supremacy.

Jim, 1912 Olympic gold medal decathlete.

Marsupial that famously produces cube-shaped poo.

A mature reproductive cell.

Sorcerer from Fantasia with a back-to-front name.

Marketing materials and ads, for short.

Travels With __, 1969 Graham Greene novel.

Puzzle 20

Antares is a member of this arachnid constellation.

He made his screen debut in 1969's Me, Natalie.

French wetland region, a haven for horses, birds.

Emotion felt on a deserted island.

Married, wed.

Copernicus' first name.

Publishers that created Superman, Batman, etc.

British singer of hit song Wuthering Heights.

Advertising slogan for a French car company.

This Georges became French President in 1969.

Spanish cousin of French toast.

To move someone down to the next division below.

Scowled in disgust.

Shaping and engraving gemstones.

Space between the hairline and the eyebrows.

Horse foal between its 1st and 2nd year of life.

Enemy of the vampire.

__ the brewer's daughter, from Happy Families.

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