CodyCross 19th Century Pack answers

19th Century Pack19th Century

Here are the answers to CodyCross 19th Century Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Cocktail made with Prosecco and peach nectar.

Author of War of the Worlds, book published 1898.

Catchy song that stays in your head.

SW African country, famous for stunning sand dunes.

Lowering in prestige.

Annual fashion ball held in a New York museum.

Two-time World Cup winning US soccer captain Megan.

The taxonomic rank below domain in biology.

1997 film with Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.

Vampire novel penned by Bram Stoker in 1897.

Watch your mouth!.

Destabilize, undermine authority.

Variant of Yiddish for an alluring atypical female.

Puzzle 2

Air freshener brand sometimes misspelled by public.

Breadcrumbed dishes cooked in the oven.

__ summer in the city; opening line of 1966 hit.

Risk management professional, using statistics.


Hand-painted porcelain named after a German city.

Egyptian sufi whirling dance.

Hornung's gentleman thief character, created 1898.

Kathryn, USS Voyager commander.

Italian fashion designer, Donatella.

Ice Cube was straight outta here.

Ancient household rubbish tips.

Particle in the nucleus that has no charge.

A tactile code for the blind invented in 1824.

__ II, Belgian king who ruled from 1865-1909.

Hartebeest also known as bubalis.

Puzzle 3

Paper record of deposits and withdrawals.

Bebe, Broadway actor also known for Frasier.

United, efficiently working together.

Said to be the oldest legume in the world.

US name of light metal first extracted in 1825.

A flaw in a character that proves their downfall.

Argentinian president known by her initials CFK.

Active volcano in central Ecuador.

Part of a church at right-angles to the nave.

Disease associated with an almost all-corn diet.

"Observe" and "guys"; comic book superheroes.

Austrian Chancellor, assassinated by Nazis in 1934.

This global humanitarian movement began in 1863.

Puzzle 4

Bad language, cursing.

1978 Best Picture Oscar winner.

Large heathland and woodland in southern England.

An imaginary elephant in Winnie-the-Pooh.

This mean time was established worldwide in 1884.

Alliance of political parties.

Medical term for a bulging eyeball.

Cunningly outwitting.

Korean martial art, fast kicking techniques.

Canadian PM, defeated Macdonald in 1873.

Italian motor scooter brand adopted by Mods.

Puzzle 5

Plain __, Laos region with curious stone pots.

Small jewels or glittering trinkets.

Actor Andress or politician von der Leyen.

Currency in Portugal until the euro was introduced.

Suffocate, prevent something from growing.

He came up with 3 laws of planetary motion.

Site of first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

Annie, short-story writer of Brokeback Mountain.

The tall headdresses worn by bishops and abbots.

Hybrid between polar bear and a brown bear.

Food treatment dealt to hares introduced to wine.

Color known simply as Hollywood until 1940s.

Some of Shakespeare's plays were printed this size.

French musketeers carried this narrow sword.

When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman band.

Surgeon Joseph __ invented antiseptics in 1865.

Puzzle 6

The USA purchased this northern state in 1867.

Lead sulfide ore.

Garments loosely wrapped around the shoulders.

He'll "worship like a dog at the shrine".

Transparent part of the eye with no blood supply.

Small hardware piece to connect to a computer.

State of being well known for bad deeds.

Steel helmet; finalize or conclude something.

Country that's home to the Monte Carlo Casino.

Plant disease, typically caused by fungi.

Boll __, cotton pest found in America since 1892.

Brand that makes World Cup footballer stickers.

Sigourney Weaver in the Alien movies.

Puzzle 7

French chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Flight director of Apollo missions XI and XIII.

Versatile military knife invented in the 1800s.

Monty Python made movies in this manner.

German model who hosted Project Runway.

First writing systems in this ancient period.

Don't shoot one just for bringing bad news!.

Loki, God of Mischief, is this type of con artist.

Musical composition known as theme and this.

Famed blacksmith who made farm equipment from 1837.

Related to serious crime.

La __; world's highest city, located in Peru.

Puzzle 8

Non-human animal ranked the world's most dangerous.

Metaphor that sounds like a magician would make it.

A poem of lamentation; an anagram of dye thorn.

What the "R" stands for in the stage name H.E.R..

This noted New York City music hall opened in 1891.

__ Lakes; Croatian mountain park with waterfalls.

How the Famous Five described lots of ginger beer.

Turning it will turn off a house's water supply.

Slump of recession in the economy.

Element found in proteins but not in carbohydrates.

Expressions of public disapproval.

Herby liqueur named after war hero Giuseppe.

Otto von __, first chancellor of Germany 1871-1890.

Puzzle 9

Discovering something secret.

French Mediterranean island north of Sardinia.

Portuguese term for vineyards.

Touted goods from place to place.

Horror film where videotape kills its watchers.

__ Emergency, 1968 insurrection in Asia.

Brimless, soft hats for women tied under the chin.

The international model in the Jenner family.

__ Mons, large shield volcano on Mars.

Actor Dawson from Daredevil, Rent.

Surname of Lucy and Linus in Peanuts cartoons.

Rhinoplasty procedure in common vernacular.

Sea anchors or small parachutes for planes.

Cretan princess associated with the Labyrinth.

Canadian prime minister from 1896.

Template overlay.

__ seal, large gray mammal from an Antarctic sea.

Puzzle 10

Short-handled double-edged weapon used for battle.

Khal el-__, historic souk in central Cairo.

Inscribed Stone that unlocked languages.

Ended a relationship, jilted.

__ lock; key fastening set within a door's body.

A human-looking artificial body with intelligence.

Spanish province associated with winemaking.

Woodland fern with large, divided leaves.

Gentle kick in swimming; flap wings.

Makes happen faster.

Fictional monster that sabotages devices.

Garments targeted by protestors in the late 1800s.

2D shape with straight sides.

Regal nickname of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5.

Common name for edible perch-like fishes.

Moved en masse like soldiers.

Short, manual weeding tool.

Puzzle 11

Extinct primate that resembles a person.

Coveted wedding dress designer from NYC.

To clean or purify completely.

Charlotte Brontë's romance novel, published 1847.

Film where jazz drummer falls prey to teacher.

Clichés or cheap platitudes; salts.

Boat with three hulls.

Release a product again, possibly in new packaging.

Bushy habitat alongside a road, lane or field.

British PM defeated by Gladstone in 1880.

Fan club magazines.

Puzzle 12

Musical term, tells players to increase the volume.

Alchemical mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid.

Political system abolished in Japan in 1871.

German metropolitan area named after two rivers.

To make an alcoholic drink less strong.

This new waterway through Egypt opened 1869.

Place side by side.

Movie that beat La La Land for the Oscar in 2017.

Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, or Ginger Rogers.

Tennis player Lindsay, who won Wimbledon in 1999.

Brightness, showiness.

Puzzle 13

Facial composite to aid police work.

Wahlberg brother with the Funky Bunch.

Sparkling French wine, 1891 treaty protects name.

__ Run once linked Australia to New Zealand by sea.

Twister made of flames or ash.

Divide or cut in two.

Cliff-nesting seagull with a distinctive cry.

Illuminator developed in the 19th century.

Innocent victim of Othello's jealous rage.

The study of mountain topography.

Puzzle 14

30 Rock's Don Geiss, Men in Black's Zed.

Carrying box for artists to use outside.

Diamond company that likes lager?.

French city famous for ceramics and enameling.

Common headache medicine trademarked by 1889.

The water-filled tank attached to a flush toilet.

Traditional Japanese puppet show.

Extracted metal from its ore with heat.

Middle Eastern sweet made from shredded filo.

Growing a crystal on top of another crystal.

An ideal partner, the perfect man.

Artist O'Keeffe known for painting lush flowers.

Kenya city whose U.S. Embassy was bombed in 1998.

Newspaper size that's half a broadsheet.

Department of teaching and research.

Hybrid of a zebra with another equine animal.

Andrew, first American president ever impeached.

Material to stuff or fill out, eg in patchwork.

Puzzle 15

__ Don't Wear Plaid, Steve Martin film.

Trailing bellflower with white to purple petals.

Full of light gas, first powered one flew in 1852.

TV show where Olivia Pope fixes things in D.C..

Collection of objects for show, like in a museum.

Kenny Chesney's girl thinks this is sexy.

This man - he might be Flemish?.

Suprachiasmatic __, the brain's internal clock.

Brazil specialty: grilled meat, "all you can eat".

To ransack or steal valuable goods or loot.

City that had a massive fire October 8-10, 1871.

Primates found in Africa and Arabia.

Play to the __, do something for popular effect.

Erstwhile, belonging to some prior time.

Puzzle 16

Italian breadsticks.

Race at war with the Narn in Babylon 5.

__ Destiny, 1845 phrase for USA's expansionism.

John, director of A Bug's Life and Toy Story.

Leaving a room or a property.

Describes perilous heights.

International Criminal Police Organization.

19th-century name for radio waves.

Suit of armor with a soul in Fullmetal Alchemist.

Body of water on which England's east coast lies.

Puzzle 17

Tiresomely long-winded.

Sounds like a method for raising an anchor?.

This Congress met in 1814, after Napoleon's defeat.

Chinese tech company that makes ThinkPads.

Brides throw a bouquet but grooms throw this.

An alignment of three of more celestial bodies.

Large S American rodents also called nutrias.

Has offspring as a father, in a Biblical sense.

Eerie silent zone in Durango desert, Mexico.

__ Black, Canadian sci-fi series about cloning.

Golden ale whose name is derived from Cologne.

__ lucre, humorous idiom for money.

Outlaw Billy, who gained fame in the Old West.

Composer Berlin who wrote White Christmas.

Book, film about boy with facial deformities.

Puzzle 18

Small Tibetan dog breed.

Town of the Hahnenkamm ski race in Austria.

Jessica Fletcher's hometown in Murder, She Wrote.

Painter of The Fighting Temeraire, 1838.

Feminist, author of The Beauty Myth.

Distanced, separated.

Boggy wetland areas.

1880s armed conflicts between China and the West.

Disorder of tissue wasting away.

South African dish of hollowed loaf with curry.

Puzzle 19

Preference of country over city life.

Describes a puffed-out hairdo.

The dance of Havana.

Sally's perky last name in When Harry met Sally.

__ Island, 1883 book by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Pasta shaped like little bows.

Three-headed dog that guards the entrance to Hades.

First name of Mahatma Ghandi, born 1869.

Illness that causes the skin and eyes to yellow.

Precious metal micro-thin covering.

Artist considered the "Father of Impressionism".

Puzzle 20

Spanish name for a pale golden-brown horse.

This stock market index first started in 1896.

Spiritual teacher of the dharma in Jainism.

Compliant with orders.

Category of dark and bleak post-war movies.

Podgorica was named this after the Yugoslav leader.

With no upper limit.

Solemnly renouncing a belief, cause or claim.

A face made of punctuation marks.

Christina __, writer of Goblin Market, died 1894.

Monarchy that ruled over the Austrian Empire.

Six yards from each post in soccer.

A surfeit of __ led to the demise of Henry I.

Flap inside a car's windscreen to prevent glare.

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