CodyCross A Walk in the Countryside Pack answers

A Walk in the Countryside PackA Walk in the Countryside

Here are the answers to CodyCross A Walk in the Countryside Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Feeling __, serene and calm, taking a breather.

Primary language spoken in Mexico or Costa Rica.

Where an animal makes its home.

Proper name for a judge's office.

Bar entertainment where you sing to recorded music.

Made holes with a tool.

Retro-dressing trendy person.

Little House on the __, popular 1970s TV show.

Green, immature soybeans.

City inside Rome, home to the Catholic church.

Food delivery subscription.

Spring flowers on fruit trees.

Puzzle 2

Large vessel for mixing drinks together at parties.

Country to which emus are native.

Bad luck with condiments.

Worker who leads sightseers around a city.

Use of practical skills to survive in nature.

Handheld weights bought by fitness fans.

Blackmail, illegally extracting money.

Best area of a city for Peking duck, Sichuan pork.

Nail treatments for the hands.

Symbol seen on paper when raised to light.

Rural dwelling for a livestock owner.

Puzzle 3


Sloping edge next to a flowing waterway.

Walk This Way rock band.

US state abbreviated WI.

Mound of sweetness used in the past; a mountain.

Hair accessory of a large loop of elastic.

Gloucestershire residence of Prince Charles.

Conservation activity to restore a natural habitat.

Some bears climb these to hunt at high altitudes.

The identification of an illness.

Puzzle 4

Nature __, protected area for plants and animals.

Sleeping device often tied between two trees.

Tried a small bit of food.

Hormone regulating blood glucose levels.

Yarn __, where stitchers cover places with knits.

Star and anagram of Bengali.

First name of French composer Bizet.

Star of the film Chocolat: Juliette __.

An acid; Cockney slang for skint: "__ lint".

Mike __ England rugby star who married royalty.

Prized, edible fungus, unearthed in woodlands.

It's the first B in broadcasting company BBC.

Puzzle 5

Describes a dried-grass roof of a country cottage.

Reluctantly or resentfully given.

Cartographer, creator of geographical charts.

__ up; making friends again after an argument.

__ Pine, saxophonist founder of Jazz Warriors.

The Kids are __, acclaimed 2010 romcom.

A little angel in Spanish.

Marcus __; England and Man Utd footballer.

Crepuscular, camouflaged bird, aka a goatsucker.

Fake offer at an auction to raise the lot price.

Countryside structure with breeze-powered sails.

Puzzle 6

Smear wet ink.

Pinkish-orange sky seen at the end of a day.

Gloucester's illegitimate son in King Lear.

Play slowly; __ in D Minor, Sunshine movie song.

Mediterranean island, a major trader of copper.

Descend a rock face with ropes, like abseiling.

Thick, bark-covered stems of trees.

Add batteries to this spinner to light it up.

Harry Potter's owl or someone with an angry inch.

Billy __, Irish ballet dancer.

Sudden expulsion of air from mouth and nose.

__ butter, lower fat nut spread.

Puzzle 7

Hip __ Diet; made famous by Rosemary Conley.

Rural plantation where grapes are grown.

Flashing strip across top of an emergency vehicle.

This bar tells how far a download has to go.

__ the doctor's daughter, from Happy Families.

Fabric that can expand to fit.

Ruling princess in Baum's novel series.

Long tube for watering plants or washing a car.

Bivalve molluscs with fan-shaped shells.

Son of a __ Man, hit for Dusty Springfield in 1968.

1977 George Lucas film.

Route marker with directions to nearby places.

Puzzle 8

Something that's small and easy to carry with you.

Experiencing more unsettled weather than.

Someone who travels around on foot.

Lisbeth, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

__ to Heaven, Led Zeppelin ascension song.

TV/theatre impresario, brother of Bernard Delfont.

Device used to pluck hair from legs.


Twisted, say a neck after a traffic collision.

Open space in a woodland.

State bird of Indiana, Kentucky and more.

What a conquering king does to a walled city.

Puzzle 9

The development of life through Earth's history.

Waiting for, anticipating; pregnant.

Brewer of Old Peculier from Masham, Yorkshire.

This Toronto beach is south of High Park.

Mark left on the ground by a horse's foot.

Church music; anagram of long Spain.

Liturgical chants.

1st Duke of Wellington: Arthur __.

Inedible, poisonous fungi.

Muck around, play the fool.

Puzzle 10

Limbs of trees, e.g. boughs or twigs.

Complete and utter.

Placing foot, stepping on earth.

Dracula, Angel and the Salvatore brothers.

Deadly sin also known as greed.

Two battles in Georgia in the American Revolution.

Boards that run around the base of a wall.

The Sooner State.

Tower that was London's tallest building in 1963.

The actor who played Black Panther, __ Boseman.

Oldest Schuyler sister in Hamilton.

Agricultural worker who watches over flocks.

Tyrrell's popcorn for connoisseurs.

Puzzle 11

British fashion house Alexander __; Actor Steve __.

To casually walk; to move in an unrushed way.

Small wildflowers with white petals.

Russian author of The Seagull and Three Sisters.

Gulf between Sweden and Finland.

Disney teen with psychic powers: That's __.

The Wedding __, 2001 Jennifer Lopez romcom.

City where singer Charlotte Church was born.

Toronto hosted the first __ football game in 1909.

Shakespeare contemporary and great actor.

Small waves seen on a lake's surface.

Caramel flavoured confectionery bar.

Puzzle 12

At your disposal, able to be bought to used.

Tanzania's famous park of plains and grasslands.

William the __, Medieval king born out of wedlock.

Crop-protecting figure in a farmer's field.

Swedish DJ who had a global hit with Call On Me.

How long food lasts before going out of date.

Goodnight __, wartime evacuation tale.

Major tower in Vienna, Austria's highest structure.

Holiday hated by the Grinch.

Scottish uni of A Conan Doyle and RL Stevenson.

Hued derma of Marvel's Gamora.

Scenic spot popular with tourists with cameras.

Daenerys Targaryen's husband.

Puzzle 13

Fraction equivalent to 0.125.

Remember to bedazzle these steps to the next floor.

Oats, dried fruit and nuts for breakfast.

Large dip in the surface of the Earth.

I found a fox, caught __ Hounds of Love lyrics.

Milk that has been sitting out too long.

Opinion seen as fact by religious follower.

Bride of __, slasher film in Child's Play series.

Daily __, precursor to The Sun.

Hermann Hesse's Steppenwolf: Harry __.

Game bird on moors and mountains.

First name of Mexican motor racing star Perez.

CodyCross world with football, tennis, swimming.

Inclines or gentle hills.

Mythological Greek woman with snakes for hair.

Puzzle 14

Fall from a great height.

Device used by walkers to find north.

Luiz Felipe __; 2002 World Cup-winning coach.

Small containers for storing tea or pens in.

Tastelessly, vaguely.

__ Pierce, medic played by Alan Alda in M*A*S*H.

Cooked something on a George Foreman.

Crab claws and ant jaws.


Natural features of an area of land.

Slang for avoiding work.

Zigzag pattern made of inverted Vs.

__ creep, growth in requirements on an assignment.

Puzzle 15

Sign that represents, like a crown for royalty.

Harry __, Scottish performer of I Love a Lassie.

Manmade lake created by the Aswan Dam.

Apple-branded voice and text message smart device.

Hole in the ground dug by an animal.

Danny __ played Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon.

__ Claw, ultimate enemy of Penelope Pitstop.

To these ancient peoples, Vienna was Vindobona.

Below average, or above average in golf.

John Mayer sings that this is a beautiful armor.

Crabby zodiac sign.

Meat used to make salad after Christmas.

Describes mountainous landscape of Switzerland.

7th planet from the sun.

US author known for Black Boy and Native Son.

Puzzle 16

Britain's third national park founded in 1951.

Natural cascade into a pool or river.

Shaped like a cross.

Makes power.

Animal that sees its shadow for a late spring.

First name of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn's child.

On the fifth day, my true love gave me 5 of these.

"Wriggly" invertebrate that lives in soil.

Wizarding series: __ Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Asian food brand, with sauces and ready meals.

Puzzle 17

Message to the victor after CodyCross head to head.

Italian count, major player in Italian unification.

Bricklayers, experts in stone work.

Ice cream served on a banana topped with cream.

Boundary gates on the edges of fields.

Bodies of water like Pacific, Indian, Atlantic.

Australian city famous for its Opera House.

Come Into the __ Maude, music hall monologue.

2021 instalment in the Saw horror franchise.

Craving food, like the Tiger in the Land of Oz.

The Wire character played by Seth Gillam; Ellis __.

Platform from which sermons are given in a mosque.

Area of dense woodland.

Puzzle 18

Add batteries to make a model Nemo swim.

Theatre, venue of the World Snooker Championships.

Prayer of protection given by a priest.

Earthy mound from a burrowing mammal.

Slang for a large noisy party that can turn ugly.

Musician and producer originally with Roxy Music.

Agree to __, end an unresolved argument.

Reprehensible, vile, shameful.

Jim __. vice-president of the US in TV series 24.

Bushes on which blackberries grow.

Marilyn Monroe played Claudia __ in All About Eve.

Puzzle 19

This Creek swept the board at the 2020 Emmys.

Performers who use plastic ring toys.

British brand of waxed cotton coats and jackets.

Many will __ a frog as an introduction to anatomy.

Brahma is this in Hinduism.

Baskin-__, US ice cream makers.

Boldly, heedlessly.

Plantation of fruit trees.

A Middle Eastern dessert of phyllo, nuts and honey.

Little Shop of __, rock musical with alien plants.

Stand and __, the cry of a highwayman in action.

__ Doors, Gwyneth Paltrow train movie.

Halloween, Christmas, New Year's inspired.

Building in which animal feed is stored.

Fictional character of Georges Simenon: Jules __.

Puzzle 20

Imprint of ancient life, found on rocks.

Unethical gifts given to sway opinion.

The capital of India's Maharashtra state.

Urban music style and culture.

Salty water.

Christians who are ordained for religious duties.

Birds of prey seen on US coins.

WWII failure for Germany: Operation __ Awakening.

Harry Potter's Slytherin nemesis, Draco __.

Waterway that is not as wide as a river.

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