CodyCross A World of Trees Pack answers

A World of Trees PackA World of Trees

Here are the answers to CodyCross A World of Trees Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

American Revolution-era British prime minister.

Don't throw the baby out with it!.

Rainbow hard sugar strands for cakes.

Make holes for tearing, like on postage stamps.

Removal of trees from a tract of land.

Short-term stock speculator.

Tiny tree pieces used as a mulch around plants.

Singer of album Freak of Nature.

Thomas __, teacher in Dickens' Hard Times.

Ancient plant associated with Siddhartha Gautama.

Puzzle 2

Martin __ starred in Space: 1999.

Athletes who race on snow with special footwear.

Brave and courageous.

Small pieces of barley and rye for making flour.

Dating platform synonymous with swipes.

Strong and sturdy.

Leafy portion of rainforest tree cover.

Teapot in cartoon Wonderland had three.

Bill, travel writer who look a Walk in the Woods.

Put some money into a project.

Indira __; Indian PM from 1966-77 and 1980-84.

French palace turned national art museum.

Tree named in U2's 1987 album title.

Capital of Equatorial Guinea, on isle of Bioko.

Create a plan with careful planning and thought.

Puzzle 3

Danish __, sweet baked snacks.

Conversation between characters on screen.

Footwear for keeping tootsies toasty at night.

Aggressive trees in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Bernadine who won Booker for Girl, Woman, Other.

Grotesque carved face on church roof.

Those who travel on two wheels.

Type of plant tissue from which new shoots form.

These might be used to amplify a performance.

Soldier who uses a gun with a long barrel.

Puzzle 4

Precious gemstones.

Country whose second-largest city is Gothenburg.

Bark __, Scolytinae species that feeds on trees.

Swirl of sauce within an ice cream.

Immigration of Jews to Israel.

Joseph, Heart of Darkness author who died 1924.

Devices on your belt that beeped and left messages.

Harry Potter's pet snowy owl.

A sun-seeker's two-piece bathing suit.

"The best of both __"; HG Wells' The War of the __.

Cavity in a tree trunk.

Paddled a small long boat while kneeling.

This sandwich brand's logo is yellow and green.

Puzzle 5

A female who appears in movies or plays.

YouTuber who founded #TeamTrees with Mark B. Rober.

Devon resort, the home to Fawlty Towers.

Author who first coined the term Steampunk.

Texas summer festival; was called Free Press.

Visual element of a smartphone or computer; screen.

Young tree, larger in diameter than a seedling.

CNS stands for Central __ System.

Country where the historic Curragh Racecourse is.

Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, as examples.

Fish used to prepare Arbroath Smokie.

Puzzle 6

TV show about the Gallagher family.

Copenhagen church, a stepped art deco edifice.

Relying on something or someone else.

Limestone karst plateau in central Ireland.

__ diamonds are pinky-brown and named after drink.

Uprooting of trees by strong gales.

Creepy law clerk in David Copperfield.

The father in Nebraska, General in Hateful Eight.

Group formed by Blatt, Lewis and Rainford.

English monarch who hid in an oak tree in 1651.

Puzzle 7

Country that gave the Statue of Liberty to America.

Migrant worker who harvested beer-making crops.

Outer casing of an acorn.

Speedy Japanese train with ammunition-shaped nose.

British fashion designer, McCartney.

Repeat performance.

Ian, hugely successful Australian Olympic swimmer.

__ Woman, song by the Eagles.

Biologist named Carson who wrote Silent Spring.

Wednesday and Pugsley share this last name.

A strip of fried dough tossed in sugar, cinnamon.

Unter den __, Berlin tree-lined boulevard.

Puzzle 8

Device that spreads light or scent evenly.

Widespread mineral that crystallizes from magma.

American folk singer of Diamonds & Rust.

Fruit from a sweet or horse deciduous tree.

__ pass, document to embark a plane.

Type of light set into the ceiling.

Bound together with needle and thread.

Arrangement of veins on a leaf blade.

Something that happens or exists before birth.

Minced lamb and aubergine Greek dish.

Puzzle 9

Fir that takes its name from a Scottish botanist.

Violins, cellos and double basses all have them.

Aquino, first female president of the Philippines.

School pals getting together after a long time.

People with this intolerance don't drink milk.

Biblical scrolls were found here in the 1940s.

Mathematics branch to do with the Earth's area.

Trick-and-meld card game; anagram of bee quiz.

Creamy dairy product made from cultured milk.

Jimmy __, leftie tennis player wed Chris Evert.

Deflected, as a sword strike.

Pores for gaseous exchange on leaf surfaces.

Puzzle 10

Weaving branches into a hedge to form a fence.

This singer's real name is Peter Gene Hernandez.

Made an educated guess.

Heated device for getting creases out of clothes.

Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Stock check of items, e.g. in a story cupboard.

Bones forming one's spine.

William __, Victorian novelist of Barry Lyndon.

Pioneering US inventor, now brand of tractors.

Woodland management method of cutting young trees.

Psychiatrist who created an inkblot test.

Puzzle 11

Beverage made from fruit of a blackthorn tree.

Long __, short break including a Friday or Monday.

Loving hug.

Prolonged period of hostility between US, Soviets.

In physics, the propensity to continue unchanged.

Popular cartoon featuring Gauls in Roman times.

It had better be good, if your party is outdoors!.

__ Bay, the second city of Jamaica.

Placing offers to buy an item at an auction.

Tree whose upper branches have been removed.

Actor-comedian Ball, star of I Love Lucy.

An official order to attend court.

Stage name of U2's guitarist David Evans.

Flowers worn on the bodice or wrist.

Puzzle 12

Straw hat with a flat top.

First name of Rolling Stones guitarist Wood.

Existing entirely in the mind.

Leaves used to make Ancient Greek headgear.

Vichyssoise soup may be named after a city here.

Jack the Giant __, folklore tale of derring-do.

Naomie, Miss Moneypenny to Daniel Craig's 007.

Italian island on which you could visit Mount Etna.

Thin membrane that covers the eye.

This counter clicks around radioactive material.

Cypress variety also called the Port Orford cedar.

Puzzle 13

Workers who fix blocked pipes in bathrooms.

African tree with sweet and sour seed pods.

Onomatopoeic game with marbles and spills.

To have gathered secret votes from members.

Relaxing essential oil.

An indirect metaphorical reference in literature.

Johnny __, France's number 1 rock and roller.

A military stronghold.

Eaten with tea in the UK and gravy in the US.

Violent willow in Harry Potter franchise.

Puzzle 14

A large bag with a handle, pulled by tourists.

Common name of prickly Crataegus tree.

Courtney Cox added this name when she wed David.

Theme park experience where you can't see.

Renegade or free thinker.

Critical campsite container for making coffee.

Group of musicians or singers.

__-La Mancha, Spanish autonomous community.

Chinese territory ceded to Britain in 1842.

Away from the main, marked skiing area.

Those who believe all objects have a spirit.

Cultivation or study of fruits.

Batman villain also known as Selina Kyle.

Toni, US author of Beloved and The Bluest Eye.

Puzzle 15

__ of the Scots: nickname of King Edward I.

Tree spirits in Greek mythology.

Amount of money set aside for a particular purpose.

Street performers might ask for spare this.

German State with its capital at Dresden.

Mixture of songs combined into one.

Sesame sauce, an ingredient in hummus.

Marching event with costumed amusement park staff.

To exit a computer or database officially.

Lauren, actress associated with Humphrey Bogart.

Author Margaret, creator of The Handmaid's Tale.

Eating __; appetite change in pregnancy.

Australian city famous for its Opera House.

Parasites whose larvae live in leaf tissue.

Art style featuring geometric shapes.

Puzzle 16

Phenomenon where trees or plants lose health.

To imitate, copy, mimic.

Ocean in which the Tonga islands are located.

Graham __ played Brian in The Life of Brian.

Country where the Battle of Waterloo was fought.

Rare gas used in fluorescent lamps; symbol is Kr.

Traverse a canyon via rope attached to a harness.

Rich dessert cakes with cream filling.

Vouchers or discount codes for bargain shopping.

Attached from the base of a leaf, without a stalk.

Bake a clay pot before final glazing.

Examination or dissection of a dead body.

Red fish, a false clue.

Straight-lined building style of the 20s-30s.

Fletcher, writer-investigator in Murder, She Wrote.

Deliberately not eating for religious reasons.

Puzzle 17

To poke the bear; to pick a fight with someone.

Influential hip-hop Brothers founded by Tony Tone.

Sacred tree central to Norse mythology.

__ Express is a musical about trains.

Giddiness, feeling of unsteadiness at a theme park.

Swardlike, tussocky greenery grows in Antarctica.

She was played by Olivia Colman in The Favourite.

Said to keep the doctor away.

Deport someone to another country for trial.

__ forest, ancient woodland turned to fossils.

Messaging conversation among 3 or more people.

The public water bus in Venice.

Orange creamy squash, with edible seeds.

Black and brown dog, one of the smallest terriers.

Novel by Evelyn Waugh: Brideshead __.

Puzzle 18

Explorer who reached N and S Poles and Everest.

Stock __ means managing levels depending on demand.

Knotty-effect wool.

Tree with fruit nicknamed houndberries.

French town on the Seine, site of Monet's home.

High-piled women's hairdo popular in the 1960's.

Clause added to modify a will.

Frere __, well-known French lullaby.

Technical Latin term for a small branch.

Heated until it's crunchy and brown, like bread.

Surpringly, this planet is not hotter than Venus.

Surname of Pirates of the Caribbean's Captain Jack.

Bandages wrapped around legs in military uniform.

Puzzle 19

Trees that the Lorax seeks to protect.

Flightless birds featured in Happy Feet.

First major battle of the English Civil War 1642.

Flights within the same country; not international.

A company's main store.

Tendon in the heel; a fatal weakness.

Welders use this kind of torch to heat metal.

Elton John's real first name.

Removing sap from bamboo after harvest.

The act of being gentle to other people.

Brown, salty Asian condiment from fermented beans.

Puzzle 20

Words or styles that are old-fashioned.

Like a dead body that has been made to walk again.

He was the second Kid Flash, then the fourth Flash.

Seaport city in British Columbia, Canada.

Tree-themed road of Freddy's Nightmare franchise.

Man in __, Michael Jackson's reflective hit.

Japanese politician, elected PM in 2012.

Memories from thinking back to past events.

A blue cheese called the cheese of kings and popes.

Essential oil from leaves of the tea tree.

Protection for a creative artist's original work.

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