CodyCross ABBA Pack answers


Here are the answers to CodyCross ABBA Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Born Free, a book about a lioness by Joy __.

Julie __; plays Donna's friend Rosie in Mamma Mia!.

__ is crying, __ is lying; line from 1981 ABBA hit.

Female theatre performer.

Hangs in the air.

Nip __, skin-tightening surgery.

Title of descendants of Hasan Ali Shah.

Tasty, sharp and tangy.

Leisure traveller.

Beat around __, to skirt around an issue.

Japanese art of flower arranging.

Line touching a curve.

Puzzle 2

Trouser area the belt surrounds.

__ Takes It All; victorious hit for ABBA in 1980.

Gravity, sombreness, soberness.

Animals that come first in the dictionary.

Washington's baseball team.

American word for what Brits call a zebra crossing.

__ of the Night; 1968 Best Picture Oscar winner.

Kristen Bell and Ted Danson's hellish TV show.

Ichabod Crane's old nag in Sleepy Hollow.

Brass instrument on I do, I do, I do, I do, I do.

Whale-made perfume ingredient.

What's left of a sunken boat.

Exits through stages in theatres.

Relating to both eyes.

Loft, storage area in the attic of a house.

Puzzle 3

The female equivalent of a knighthood.

__ island, salad dressing of mayo, Worcester sauce.

Lay All __ on Me; 1980 Europop hit for ABBA.

Sword of __, proverbial legend.

Spinning chairs is this TV talent show's gimmick.

French monarch, husband of Marie Antoinette.

Waves __ along the seashore.

Proved, supported.

Frida Kahlo facial feature.

Clothes for wet weather.

Exponent of the music of the Southern US.

Equine looking ocean creature.

Working to leave a house neat and in order.

Small posies of flowers linked to medieval times.

Haiti, Malaysia, and South Korea national flower.

__ Song; 1977 ABBA track about a movie gorilla.

The annual Boxing Day parade in the Bahamas.

Argentinian tennis star, Juan Martín __.

Those who install bathrooms and service boilers.

Holiday visitors to another country.

Have one's cake __; want it all.

Puzzle 4

Abraham's oldest son, as told in the Bible.

__ eyes is also called exophthalmos or proptosis.

One who emails annoyingly.

Long-haired cat breed with short muzzle.

Composer of the opera Peter Grimes: Benjamin __.

Bell __; popular trouser style of the 1970s.

Cutting the Thanksgiving turkey.

Love __; romantic tales ABBA compilation album.

Laugh, giggle.

Katherine __; four-time Oscar-winning actress.

Turned violently to avoid.

Kitchen surface for prep.

Puzzle 5

Coerce, conquer, subdue.

State of being advanced for one's age.

Country where the pop group The Seekers are from.

Next to a lake, river, pool etc.

Top parts across soccer goals.

Jesus Christ __, theatrical show from 1971.

Lasse __; Swedish director of ABBA: The Movie.

__ Palace; French palace burned by Paris Commune.

Writing with dramatisation in mind.

Large US brand of motorhomes.

North American river mentioned in ABBA's Fernando.


Large, white-furred, Arctic predator.

French word for "spring".

Person who designs buildings.

Informal table/stand on which to sell publications.

Ale made in a microbrewery.

Ancient capital known as the "City of David".

Puzzle 6

Spherical Christmas tree ornament.

Country ruled by Idi Amin in the 1970s.

Cocking __, also known as thumbing noses.


Dave __, acerbic Insomniac standup comic.

Tube in vascular plants that carries nutrients.

Stalls, often outside, where you buy food, clothes.

Killing Them __, film based on Cogan's Trade book.

In biology, means able to grow.

The Girl with the __ Hair; mini ABBA musical.

Small, tiny.

__ of Fire; passionate tune for ABBA in 1979.

__ Incident; led to Japan's 1931 invasion of China.

Speaks with a hoarse voice.

The long __ spider crab is very ornate.

Puzzle 7

Behind the __ at the Museum, book by Kate Atkinson.

Son of Ares and Aphrodite who personified fear.

Arnold's brother in Diff'rent Strokes.

To move or shift because of nerves.

Acoustic instrument played by ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus.

Rigid grin or grimace.

Acting goddess, Meryl __.

French ski resort with the Grande Motte glacier.

Under __; last song before ABBA disbanded in 1982.

Basket container taken on picnics.

Puzzle 8

Sweet __, dianthus with edible flower.

OMW, means setting off.

__ Skarsgård; plays Bill Anderson in Mamma Mia!.

First country that Germany invaded in WWI.

US stationery company best known for wax crayons.

Nasal noises made while asleep.

Ornamental back yards.

Roads; public parts of a city or town.

The initial bullet point, before secondly.

Extremely hot, 100 degrees C.

Waterway between England and France: __ Channel.

Lord Astor's London hotel; goes with Astoria in NY.

ABBA musician, Björn __; was married to Agnetha.

Putting food on plates.

__ 206, tiny car from French car maker.

Slang for days taken off work, "throw __".

Kicking and jumping like a donkey.

Famous poet married to the author of Frankenstein.

Interviewing actors for parts.

Ilie __, the tennis star from Romania.

Puzzle 9

Modified simple language used by adults to tots.

Lloyd Webber show based on P G Wodehouse's works.

Banging with knuckles, e.g. on wood, for luck.

Metal fencing with sharp projections.

Easy-to-clean kitchen floor covering.

Bread cubes in soup.

Flying machines with two wings above/below cockpit.

__ or Monaco; casino venues in Money, Money, Money.

__ penguin, named after a pasta type maybe.

Stig __; Swedish manager of pop group ABBA.

Checkers in the US, __ in the UK.

Initial medical treatment in an emergency.

Puzzle 10

A young or unmarried woman in Spain.

Darkish blue named after former European country.

Japanese suicide pilot.

"Yabba __", excitement courtesy of Fred Flintstone.

London Zoo habitant Jumbo was one of these animals.

Eighths of a mile.

__ Day, US remembrance of fallen soldiers.

Famous handbag designer with a beery name, Lulu __.

Known group of stars smaller than a constellation.

Quiche __, bacon-and-egg French pastry tart.

__ Lloyd; directed 2008 musical film Mamma Mia!.

Degenerated; granulated, like a broken cracker.

Get On the __; 1970s funfair ride song for ABBA.

Where the addictive parts of a poppy were smoked.

Name for the marbles won in a game.

Puzzle 11

Summer __; seasonal ABBA tribute to Stockholm.

With sadness, without joy.

Rusty-coloured, big primate.

Wrapped around, surrounding.

Head __; single released by ABBA in 1982.

Game with balls propelled by a flipper or launcher.

Poor standard, lower than second-grade.

High-nutrient item like blueberries, kale.

Paint mix for whitening or a coverup for misdeeds.

Aboriginal journey.

Device placed near the heart to regulate its beat.

Puzzle 12

Joe __, Faces of Ground Zero photojournalist.

__ Is Said and Done; 1981 emotional song by ABBA.

Frédéric __, painted The Pink Dress in 1864.

1976 studio album for ABBA on Polar Music label.

__ and Waldorf, threw down Muppetry insults.

Without almonds, cashews etc.

Least rapid, not the quickest.

Shows up, materialises.

Offshore current drags the unfortunate out to sea.

Boba Fett brings Han Solo to Jaba __ in Episode 4.

Agricola is a game of __ and prosperity.

Greek alphabet letter, capital looks like an E.

Puzzle 13

__ Adams, wife of one president, mother of another.

When I Kissed the __; ABBA classroom scandal song.

Loud brass ornament on a front door.

Word with mixed up letters - managar.

Moves in a circle, like a kebab.

Musical follow-up film: Mamma Mia! Here We __.

Lang __, Australian iron ore magnate.

People who enjoy not wearing clothes.

__ Traveler's Wife, sci-fi with Rachel McAdams.

System of holes that moles or rats live in.

Strait separating Sicily from mainland Italy.

Amazon Fire video streaming dongle.

Cy __, US Abstract artist of Leda and the Swan.

Suzanne __, prolific 1920s French tennis player.

Puzzle 14

Making small changes.

Holland's currency until 2002.

A guess of how much the bill will cost.

Making Cocoa for __ Amis, by poet Wendy Cope.

Country that Robert The Bruce led to freedom.

Charges for taking taxis.

A chip off the __; showing family characteristics.

Brown sugar candies with toasted pecans.

Gimme, gimme, gimme a man after __; 12am.

Singer Kylie Minogue's soap opera character.

Clapping at a theatre or sports event.

Pencil pastime of linking numbered spots.

Worshipping a deity.

BTW spelled out.

English seaside city where ABBA won Eurovision '74.

Imports illicit booze.

Unsettles, makes anxious.

Puzzle 15

Two-__, engine type found in a moped or mower.

Harry __; Colin Firth's character in Mamma Mia!.

Mending, repairing.

An __ lesson is a perfect example of something.

Sweet, saccharine, syrupy.

Partitioned separator of horses within a stable.

Countries that border Belize: __ and Guatemala.

Steak cut from the mid-section of a cow's back.

Take a __ on Me; 1978 love gamble single for ABBA.

__ Fair, monthly magazine on celebrity and fashion.

Putting green assistant.

Story by Matthew, Mark or Luke.

Puzzle 16

Describes wines from Australia, South Africa, US.

Wrist jewellery item.

Gaborone is the capital of this country.

Brand slogan: Breakfast of Champions.

__ Again; Cher's Dancing Queen concert tour.

Units of energy that food is measured in.


Writing an online diary.

"Sweet" 1764 law that penalised the 13 colonies.

Fanny __-Koen, "Flying Housewife" Dutch athlete.

Friday in French.

Font, text style.

Angrily, resentfully.

__ can, device used to give plants a daily soak.

100-metre athlete.

Pharaoh with smallest of three pyramids at Giza.

Paolo __, biblical/allegorical artist from Verona.

Place to keep loaves, crumpets, croissants, etc.

ABBA: __; big-screen documentary film of 1977 tour.

Puzzle 17

Double A-side for ABBA with Voulez-Vous in 1979.

Nothing promised, __; Voulez-Vous chorus line.

Cop checkpoint.

Scotsman known for progress in steam technology.

Armoured nocturnal mammal.

Old time movie cowboy with a horse named Trigger.

Another name for anglers.

Word popularized by Bill & Ted, meaning sexy.

Reduced price meal deal, served before busy hours.

Large or violent whirlpool.

Religious group persecuted by Otto Von Bismarck.

Auguste __, French chef of the Savoy Hotel.

Number of squares on a chessboard.

Red scaly skin disease.

Decide, find out, resolve, conclude.

Bling that Justin Rose won at the Rio Olympics.

Puzzle 18

Billie __, tennis champ and equality campaigner.

September 2018 Philippines typhoon, struck Luzon.

Made appear through magic.

__ Through My Fingers; nostalgic 1981 ABBA song.

Legally, in a legal way.

The 24 hours after Wednesday.

Practise mindfulness, silently or chanting.

Frozen fish fingers advertised by a captain.

He did surrender at Waterloo, according to ABBA.

MYOB means __ own business.

Flesh-eating fishes.

Monarch who was Queen Elizabeth II's father.

Fabric with iridescent sheen used in neckties.

Minoan bronze age settlement on Santorini.

Paddle your __, do things for yourself.

French writer of Le rouge et le noir.

Puzzle 19

Black-and-white bird, one for sorrow.

1974 ABBA song that followed Waterloo.

Novaya __, Russian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.

Hasta __; 1974 song for ABBA with Spanish title.

Idiotic, silly, pipsqueaks.

Men being wed.

Balloon-filling gas.

Peridot and gladiolus are symbols for this month.

__ Lutz; bearded lady in The Greatest Showman.

Country that lost the Battle of Dien Bien Phu.

Puzzle 20


You're so hot, __; start of Does Your Mother Know.

__ old, __ new, __ borrowed, __ blue.

Common gamebirds with long tail feathers.

Fictional Greek island setting of Mamma Mia!.

Baked French dessert of cherries in batter.

Things that have been incorporated, became part of.

__ pie, lamb mince pie with potato topping.

French cast-iron casserole makers.

Studier of living organisms.

Someone who causes the heavens to open by dancing.

Country south of Mexico.

San Francisco neighborhood and David Lynch TV show.

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