CodyCross Abraham Lincoln Pack answers

Abraham Lincoln PackAbraham Lincoln

Here are the answers to CodyCross Abraham Lincoln Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Another word for a drawing pin.

Tiny Tim was __ Through the Tulips.

Darts scores that are trebled lie here.

Document for foreign workers in US.

The most beautiful looking.

Edible kernels that are similar to filberts.

Fairytale kingdom from Frozen.

These are worn on the feet on the putting greens.

Homes for pet parrots or canaries.

Outbreaks of maladies.

Design of outer garment of Abraham Lincoln.

The man behind Apple, for most of the people.

Island also known as "Oz".

Thirteenth __, US act that abolished slavery.

Puzzle 2

The first chronologically.

Other name for the Civil War battle of Bull Run.

Surfing the net.

A theater program announcing the cast.

Chocolate tree stumps eaten at Christmas time.

Water movements.

Noted similarities between.

Church keyboardist.

When the sky is turning grey, it is __ over.

Fictional "small" island discovered by Gulliver.

Intestinal parasite leads to diarrhoea and anaemia.

__ Nine-Nine with Andy Samberg and Terry Crews.

Let the punishment fit __.

Hollywood siblings Patricia and David.

Central African primate with colourful rear end.

Devices with a key and securable hoop.

Jumping over a box in gymnastics.

Black __, voting rights from the 15th Amendment.

Girl's name; anagram of Armenian.

Puzzle 3

Dr Frankenstein's first name in the book.

Lips for liquid to pour from, e.g. on teapots.

__ Day-Lewis, actor with title role in Lincoln.

Half a quarter.

What hippophobia is the fear of.

Recurring every seven days.

List of players on a sports team.

Sang on the pavement for donations.

Hannibal __, VP to Abraham Lincoln in 1861.

To have located something somewhere deliberately.

Ice cream dessert.

Puzzle 4

Sir Jackie __; three times F1 World Champion.

Leafy green, white or red vegetable.

Between-the-teeth cleaning means you've __.

Stopped up a hole.

Land of make __, a fantasy place.

Actor Emilio __, brother of Charlie Sheen.

International Space __, near-Earth facility.

Building where Abe Lincoln's body lay in state.

Assemble flowers into a bouquet.

Spanish afternoon naps.

Removed adhesive.

Poet of "O Captain! My Captain!", about Abe Lincoln.

Batman villain who quizzes.

Made fold lines down the front of trousers.

Change into a different currency.

Dream __; Native American net to trap bad dreams.

Puzzle 5

Province of Newfoundland mainland or a type of dog.

Major who was in Lincoln's box at Ford's Theater.

Keeps the score in cribbage.

Diving ducks.

Kim __, animated supervillain fighter.

Union Army general noted for his facial hair.

Pony show and riding event.

Causes mental suffering.

Covering food with crumbs to make it crispier.

Twenty-three times two.

Vehicles that carry astronauts into space.

Replay of a recording.

Pollen allergy.

The __, 60s TV show where Marilyn was the ugly one.

Goes with fittings, part of the make up of a house.

It __ wings, slogan used by Red Bull.

Puzzle 6

Stephen A __, political debater with Abe Lincoln.

Container in which gum is held.

Settings to enhance photos on Instagram.

Railway luggage carriers.

Able to stay afloat.

Groups of cards in the same suit.

Fruit __, baked dessert with scone/biscuit topping.

Problems, turbulence.

Prancing-horse fast car maker.

Publishing company founded by Allen Lane.

Country home to the Little Mermaid statue.

Have a __, shop assistant's farewell to customers.

"House __" speech given by Abraham Lincoln in 1858.

A Japanese warrior with a sword.

Not wrong.

In need of a drink, parched.

To have put on clothes.

Puzzle 7

Salt, pepper, sauce – each one is a __.

Daily publication with all the latest headlines.

Name of boyhood farm of Abraham Lincoln.

"To infinity and beyond" character, Buzz __.

Seating to help when washing and showering.

Betting term for equal odds.

US states that are North and South.

US political grouping that pre-dated Republicans.

Yellow flower that has a fluffy clock.

The alter ego of Eminem.

Reckless, foolish, rash.

Puzzle 8

Weighing more.

__ Act, created the US system of income tax.

Brought into agreement with a group.

The young stage of a frog, toad or salamander.

Small, edible fruits found in hedgerows in autumn.

Kissing __, glandular fever also goes by this name.


Flying unpowered.

__ Butterly, dairy spread created by St Ivel.

Mary __, accomplice of John Wilkes Booth.

Puzzle 9

People from Baghdad are __.


Use to weigh ingredients – or yourself.

Abraham, Martin and John, 1968 lament from Dick __.

A cat, an elephant, even a human is one of this.

__ magic; tricks with handcuffs and straitjackets.

Make an attempt to score a goal in football.

Good __, calendrical day on which Lincoln was shot.

Lilac, lavender, ultra violet are all shades.

Serie of movies: __ Eleven, __ Twelve, __ Thirteen.

Another name for the nuclear energy.

Hand tool for drilling small holes in wood.

Ciphering; writing computer programs.

Bangs on a door.

Puzzle 10

Vehicles on the road.

Cultivates again.

Boneless __; KFC family-sized feast.

Another word for a number.

A wedding ceremony held in a church.

Pigs eat from these receptacles.

Reservist army in Illinois that Abe Lincoln joined.

Without making much noise.

Unpacks, empties.

Abraham Lincoln: __ Hunter, sci-fi movie of 2012.

Went pink with shame.

Free __, rent-free Monopoly space.

Puzzle 11

Lizard famous for blending into the background.

Christian sacrament of the Last Supper.

US legal case, pivotal in discussion on slavery.

Essayist and author who wrote a history of Lincoln.

Energetic, lively.

Any band with loud guitars.

Protectors of the queen and her buildings.

Dangling weights tick-tocking on clocks.

Has more sharp points or thorns than.

Holiday when many Italian families eat Panettone.

First name of actor Stallone.

Marxist theory.

Miniature abode for toys.

Cycle without pedalling.

Asian city-state that means Lion City.

I __, as in IKR text speak.

Puzzle 12

Is determined on, relies on.

Feigned a move to trick an opponent.

Its largest city (as of 2018) is Guayaquil.

A person who creates art.

Protest sign.

Most famous tune from the film Frozen.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled __.

In a royal way.

Household chore of removing particles with a cloth.

The Fate of the __, Vin Diesel movie.

John George __, Lincoln's secretary and biographer.

Good conduct; polite comportment.

Covered with paper.

A switch, knob or regulator.

The Gruesome __, rhyming Wacky Races monsters.

Luxury German car brand, made the 911.

Having a prominent bone structure.

Con someone out of money.

West __ Park, the site of the Lincoln Memorial.

__ Patch Kids, puffy-faced kids up for adoption.

Cover with droplets.

Similar in appearance to a feline.

Allure, beauty, appeal.

Close business associate.

Puzzle 13

Relaxes, releases stress.

Lincoln's son was this president's War Secretary.

Action that keeps the ingredients cooking evenly.

Public exhibitions.

Correcting lenses held in one eye.

Manufacturing activity of goods in factories.

Levies on income/wealth.

Chemical element with the symbol F.

Experts at something manual maybe.

Plaiting hair.

Radio frequency.

In Pokémon Go, a place to pick up eggs, balls etc.

Moved gently in a rivulet.

With vitamins they are an essential part of food.

Dix-huit is the French word for this number.

KC & The __ Band sang the hit Give It Up.

Richard __, starred in Jaws.

Illinois town where Lincoln worked as postmaster.

Defending position in hockey and football.

"The shoemaker's children always go __".

Without a clear shape or outline.

Puzzle 14

Gettysburg __, famous Lincoln speech.

Hallowed by a priest.

Red flowers that commemorate WWI in Britain.

__ tear, natural and inevitable damage.

Stuffed tortilla.

Baseball player on the mound.

The hottest seasons each year.

Japanese horror featuring circular well.

Rang like Santa's bells.

Good health, strength and vitality.

Two neighbouring US states, South and North.

Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer.

Book collection.

Touched wet ink and made it blurry.

Not limited to specific things, class, etc.

__ Ranch, battle that concluded the US Civil War.

To reuse materials, such as paper or plastics.

Snoopy cartoon strip.

The Legend __, videogame with Link, Ganon, Midna.

Opposite of sharpened.

__ 1, aka F1 car racing.

TV film about guitar legend Jimi.

Barrel makers.

Puzzle 15

Cuddled or embraced, held close.

Fleets of military vessels.

Played with ball and clubs.

Christian festival marking Jesus' resurrection.

"I have __", MLK speech made at Lincoln Memorial.

Having less hair on the scalp.

Detain by law.

The Italian word for "ice cream".

"The __ is stronger than the bullet": Abe Lincoln.

Small reptile that includes chameleons.

Spatters liquid finely.

Until this day.


Clown McDonald.

Elasticated hair tie.

Tina __, singer from Nutbush who's simply the best.

Literary work with verses and rhyming words.

Puzzle 16

Made a hole in a bicycle tyre.

__ toenail, painful disorder that can need surgery.

A place for presenting cuttings and mementoes.

__ War, conflict in Illinois with the Sauk in 1832.

A long word for "drinks".

Shop that sells men's clothes, particularly suits.

Fertilized eggs in transparent jelly on ponds.

Basic principles.

Beatles' melody contemplates the passing of time.

Nickname of Abraham Lincoln.

Adorns with images, or __ a Christmas tree.

In rhyming song, he could eat no fat.

A weight off your __.

123456 and admin are very insecure ones.

Puzzle 17

Free from pain.

US general took Atlanta and had a March to the Sea.

__ Under, cult 2001 TV show.

Lauded a god.

Movie-making buildings.

Time that you sleep.

Sessions of speaking with the dead.

Motif that Popeye has tattooed on his forearms.

Packing away safely.

Cream that has become stiff from beating.

Filling up a truck or ship.

Big hit in baseball.

The meaning of this mathematical sign: >, __ than.

Gut feelings.

Portable sets of steps.

Thiamin, riboflavin, and six more: B __ vitamins.

Tiny skin dot, often on the face.

Single pole support for cameras.

Resembling a rodent.

Puzzle 18

Brought up kids of others when needed.

Children's clothes department.

Causes mayhem.

__ Compromise, act on the extension of slavery.

Money container shaped like an animal.

Spherical, ball-shaped.

4x + 2y = 32 type of statement.

Gathers together, assembles.

Refreshing carbonated citrus drink.

Occurrence; anagram of ancients.

Structure for stunts in skiing and snowboarding.

Euro 2016 winning nation.

Mount into which Lincoln's face is carved.

The __ of Z, film, searching for an Amazonian town.

Another name for stuffed animals.

Puzzle 19

Mischievous or naughty small children.

Joined with glue.

Water __, fun chutes to slip down.

A No. 1 hit for the band Nickelback: How You __ Me.

Rick __; Casablanca nightclub owner.

Took white stuff from a cow.

Sci-fi novel by H.G. Wells: The War of the __.

Called pinnies, worn during cooking.

More heroic.

No 6469 was devised by Lincoln for stricken boats.

Abraham Lincoln speech of 1854 against slavery.

Puzzle 20

"Why so serious?", asked this villain.

South __, the first state to secede from the Union.

President who Lincoln succeeded, James __.

Greenwich __, or GMT.

Reverse direction.

Online pages, e.g. Facebook, Twitter.

A man who rents out property.

Throwing away.

Microscopic organisms that can cause disease.

Not eaten.

Tin full of watercolours.

Thousands of millions.

Main ingredient in pomodoro sauce.

Progressive deterioration of brain functions.

TV programme with quiz questions and prizes.

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