CodyCross Academy Awards Pack answers

Academy Awards PackAcademy Awards

Here are the answers to CodyCross Academy Awards Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Made an exact copy.

__ skelter, a fairground attraction.

Japanese art of growing miniature trees.

Skin of these vegetables is boiled to dye eggs.

WW2 film for which George C Scott refused an Oscar.

Piece of cloth worn around the neck.

U.S. actor , ___ Norton starred in Fight Club.

Second __, anticipated return of Jesus Christ.

Contacts over the airwaves.

You're My Best __, sang Queen.

Take the __, or Rooney.


Orange bouncy rubbery toy for riding, Space __.

Continent in title of Sydney Pollack's Oscar film.

A little bit cold.

The gory epithet of Mary I.

Puzzle 2

Post-Soviet state.

Silent movie legend Charlie __.

Dick Dastardly's canine pal.

Sheer exhaustion and lack of energy.

Mechanism for venting engine emissions.

Simulate or feign something.

Homer Simpson buys Marge this ball on her birthday.

Pipe cleaner.

Black and white lines that can be scanned.

Chorophobia is the fear of __.

Toto's owner, __ Gale.

Industrial process of placing food in tins.

The name of the mythical white horse with wings.

Sparkly tiny discs adorning clothes for nights out.

Waving to and fro, like a dog's tail.

Academy Awards host more times than any other.

Type of board painters use for mixing colors.

The Hanging Gardens were in this ancient city.

Puzzle 3

Reveal a secret.

Ophelia's father, stabbed by Hamlet.

Hemisphere where the fall season starts in March.

Bursts into flames, perhaps spontaneously.

__ Cowboy, film with music by Harry Nilsson.

Fried bread cubes for soup and salads.

Watchful, aware.

1980 film, Sally Field won Best Actress Oscar.

Steer a ship on a course.

Iconic Winston Churchill "British" hounds.

Learning difficulty with reading, letters, symbols.

Emblem, crest or badge in the armed forces.

Super highway passing through Hamburg.

Chocolate __, flowing chocolate fondue maker.

Stories told to teach spiritual or moral lessons.

Country that was once Siam.

Court cases that are tried for a second time.

Largest and uppermost part of the human brain.

Puzzle 4

Best Actress Oscar winner for La La Land.

Animated film with dancing penguins won an Oscar.

This was done to Jesus on the cross on Good Friday.

__ upon Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare.

Verbal speech taken down by secretary in note form.

A bird in the hand is worth two __.

World's smallest continent in area.

King Arthur's magical sword.

Publication for children with tales.

Loss of movement from nerve or muscle damage.

Spanish percussion instuments used by dancers.

Sweet nuts that can be roasted on an open fire.

Booking a table at a restaurant in advance.

Indoor running conveyor.

Puzzle 5

When guns, cannons are fired on special occasions.

People who are from Havana.

Electronic, high-pitched noises.

Maleficent turns into this mythical creature.

Not in working order; flawed.

Type of candle lit in a vigil.

He won Best Original Song Oscar for Lose Yourself.

Batman's butler.

Stack these on your Monopoly property.

Spanish dance or a woman's open jacket.

Winged Greek messenger of the gods.

Taking in sustenance at a meal.

Metal from which Academy Awards were once cast.

__ boxing, sparring with an imaginary opponent.

Puzzle 6

Budget airline, with bright orange logo.

Jazz Age musical turned film won 6 Oscars in 2003.

Skin at the base of nails (needs pushing back).

Beat eggs until they became light and fluffy.

Carelessly abandoning waste, e.g. at roadside.

Not constant or reliable.

Teaching method using sounds for letters.

Bad tempered, grumpy.

First woman to win Best Director Oscar, Kathryn __.

Smallest, high-pitched flute.

"Beverly Hills 90210" spin-off: "__ Place".

French dynasty shares its name with a US whiskey.


Puzzle 7

Disagrees in court.

Circle around the Earth, midway between the Poles.

Author of "War and Peace": Leo __.

First black, male actor to win an Oscar, Sidney __.

This material marks a third wedding anniversary.

Organized chase of an escaped male criminal.

Dirty __, Swayze shined, memorable soundtrack.

Brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb.

Cat breed with their own song in Lady & the Tramp.

Major artery on both sides of the neck.

Seats of monarchs during coronations.

Browning meat quickly over intense heat.

Flat display panels on TVs, computers or phones.

Puzzle 8

Brandy distilled from fermented cider.

Lead Actor won Oscar in 1979 for film Coming Home.

Second year student.

Government representatives abroad, in embassies.

Working shift: late night to early morning.

Creator of legends.

La __, iconic 60s Fellini film set in Rome.

__ the Sun, little darling....

Male who operates vision equipment in a TV studio.

Shapes that are identical in form.

Native continent of the platypus.

Puzzle 9

Stiffens fabric with a spray.

Intimidate someone, warn them you'll attack.

Greek mythological beings: half-human, half-horse.

Bodily pleasure, __ comforts.

Where to find Mount Kilimanjaro.

Clean, germ-free.

Makes weight equal on both sides.

Sleeping Beauty pricked her hand on a __ wheel.

Other name for Beethoven's Sixth Symphony: the __.

Fit and sporty.

1920s dancers.

Best Actor Oscar winner for Scent of a Woman.

Dark-haired, macabre wife of Gomez Addams.

Advocacy of women's rights and equal opportunities.

Accompaniment to an entrée.

__ Bertolucci, director of The Last Emperor.

Opposite of horizontal.

Puzzle 10

US writer played on film by Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Child, baby.

Unfastens a non-buttoned jacket.

Valentine message demanding ownership - two words.

Laura __, Welsh fashion designer in 70's florals.

One of the largest wine producers in the world.

Turning the volume off, silencing.

Largest island of French Polynesia.

Tiny units of snow.

Writer of 1984 and Animal Farm.

Actor refused his Oscar for The Godfather in 1973.

Pink Floyd song, or to call someone over.

Puzzle 11

Protective wheel covering.

Nut in marzipan.

Deaf actress Marlee __ won an Academy Award.

The first stage of grief.

What checks do when funds run out.

To inform someone.

Dining cloth used to clean your lips or fingers.

Museum from which the Mona Lisa was stolen.

High altitude Colombian capital.

Attenborough movie on the life of an Indian leader.

Puzzle 12

Detangling hair, like brushing.

Flashdance: What a __.

Taiwan formerly.

Blade fitted to a rifle.

Not on time, it's been held up.

Hs, on the periodic table.

Vietnam War film; Oliver Stone won an Oscar for it.

Boxed in training.

Reverend __, the minister on The Simpsons.

Predict future events, look into the future.

System of driving; at least two travel together.

Puzzle 13

__ Theron, leading lady Oscar winner for Monster.


Word for word.

Lord of the Rings actor Ian __.

A shirt burnt by an iron or land burnt by the sun.

Difference between light and dark in a photo.

When all prisoners must remain in their cells.

No brown peepers in this Elton John song.

Jewelry worn either side of the head.

Fruit used to make kirsch.

With Sodom, cities consumed by fire and brimstone.

First name of Sir Conan Doyle's detective.

Puzzle 14

Turning down; not approving.

Controlling animals, rounding up horses.

He won an Oscar in 2004 for playing Ray Charles.

Starting with a description.

Come back from the dead.

Law suit process by which parties obtain evidence.

Drugs that induce calm and drowsiness.

Director of award-winning film, American Beauty.

Jesus Christ __, Lloyd Webber/Rice rock opera.

A bank balance that is below zero.

Driving kids to their place of education.

The epithet of King Richard I.

Puzzle 15

In a way that is clever and quick.

To sit in a lazy, droopy, casual manner.

Made a noise like a dog.

Nationality of Martin Luther and Heidi Klum.

Roman ruler, needed to fear the ides of March.

Stephen King book; stars Oscar winner Kathy Bates.

What the .bmp file extension stands for.

Oscars delayed after assassination attempt on him.

Wife of Priam and mother of Hector and Paris.

Designer of the Kelly bag.

Hercule Poirot's female counterpart: Miss Jane __.

Puzzle 16

Heath __, posthumous Oscar win for The Dark Knight.

2017 in Roman numerals.

1974 "Orient Express" crime solver: Albert __.

Engineless plane relies on air flow & wing design.

Rum, sugar, mint, soda water, and lime juice drink.

States or asserts.

Last theatrical scene.

The Kite __, novel by writer Khaled Hosseini.

__ loss is what dieting gives you.

Venue of the 1948 Olympic Games.

To keep balls in the air.

Archeological artifact that hasn't been moved.

Puzzle 17

Cuban dictator who was overthrown in 1959.

Discussions, sometimes heated.

Counterfeit copy of a coin, painting etc.

Stemmed from, arose from.

Move backward from superior forces; run away.

South American river fish with sharp teeth.

Person who doesn't play in an orchestra.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by __ Dick.

One of the wondrous, giant mausoleums in Giza.

Race timer.

S. African president once imprisoned for 27 years.

Nicaraguan currency, also a city in southern Spain.

Bette Davis film for which she won the 1939 Oscar.

Robert __, who played The Sundance Kid.

Antonym of cowardice.

Puzzle 18

Best Actor Oscar winner for Forrest Gump.

Attention-grabbing front page title.

First Tsar of Russia Ivan IV, aka "Ivan the __".

Wheeled vehicle used on the fairways between holes.

Pads to soak up ink.

Large mattress, suitable for a male monarch.

Disease where blood has high glucose levels.

Tiny, almost invisible bone fracture.

Containing a moral lesson.

Best Actor Oscar winner for Milk and Mystic River.

Very spicy Indian curry dish.

Puts money in the bank.

Puzzle 19

One who studies spiritualism, alchemy, magic, etc.

Ginger Spice's surname.

These birds create spectacular murmurations.

Having multiple uses or applications.

Refusing to cooperate, going against the system.

Not pleasant or amiable.

Author of "Jane Eyre": __ Bronte.

60-minute break to eat.

Smooth-skinned peach.

Globe shaped.

In sailing, where all boats run the same course.

Marion __, winner of an Oscar for La Vie en Rose.

US mountain range found in the Appalachians.

Puzzle 20

Segments of an orange or lime.

Costume designer for "Gigi": Cecil __.

Transmission that isn't automatic.

Metal belt fixing.

Once every seven days.

Exercise performed prone.

Harry's snowy owl.

Part of speech: compare things with "like" or "as".

Title of Muslim ruler of the Ottoman Empire.

Andy __, artist famous for soup cans and Marilyn.

Bows and __, medieval warfaring implements.

Won 3 Oscars, including Best Film, Midnight __.

Philippines' capital or an envelope for documents.

A lack of vitamin C leads to this naval disease.

Indoor tanning device.

Chinese philosophy of yin and yang.

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