CodyCross Action Adventure Pack answers

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Here are the answers to CodyCross Action Adventure Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Pass that legally allows parking, fishing etc.

Buffy's job description: a Vampire one of these.

Smooth and shiny, like a window.

Skirmish between armed groups.

Bids in an online auction.

Power sources, e.g. water, wind or solar.

Dickens wrote a tale of two of them.

Royal chair, sounds like it's been tossed?.


Young woman who might be in distress.

Describes religious people who celebrate Hanukkah.

Soft, round, French hats.

Where one might do a merlot tasting.

A safety device that rapidly inflates on collision.

Lizard kept as a pet; Isa on Dora the Explorer.

Pay __, publicly praise loyal service.

Heavy wooden hammer for banging in tent pegs.

First name of media mogul Murdoch.

Puzzle 2

Landslide on a mountain slope.

To be famous for bad deeds or being evil.

Intensely competitive, like hungry canines.

Underwater accident, like the Titanic.

The dark forest near Hogwarts castle, __ Forest.

Usually in the evening, when most people watch TV.

Like a building declared unfit for use.

Meaty pasta sauce often served with spaghetti.

Actor who married Katie Holmes in 2006.

Singer of I'm Yours and The Remedy (I Won't Worry).

Spycraft, cloak-and-dagger activities.

Medium dog breed with long, golden coat.

Puzzle 3

Titular treasure type in a 2004 Nicolas Cage film.

Chinese practice of balancing energy in buildings.

High rocky peak, e.g. Everest or K2.

To be extremely large in size.

__ tomato, old cultivars, often differently hued.

Truly malicious, like villains and dark magic.

Lamar; Humble and Bad Blood singer.

A mythical creature that turns every full moon.

Cartoonist, stop-motion creator.

Not on the outside; within the body.

Game played with rectangular tiles with dots on.

Affleck and Lopez's power couple nickname.

Shirt that's undone at the collar.

__ nettle, plant that causes a tingling rash.

Grit sprinkled on road surfaces in cold weather.

Puzzle 4

The Turtles biggest hit: Happy __.

Award-winning Whoopi, star of Sister Act.

Type of device created to end the world.

Attacked by surprise.

A large land mammal with tusks and a trunk.

Supplements that boost health and well-being.

Bart and Lisa's TV fave: The Itchy and __ Show.

Camera accessory for close-up shots.

Batman's feline nemesis and part-time lover.

A company's involvement in community projects.

One-wheeled transportation method.

Beasts of fantasy and fiction.

A short, tubular noodle with ridges on its outside.

Puzzle 5

Money transfer company that joined eBay in 2002.

A crunchy vegetable with long stalks.

Long, bladed weapons.

Mouthing song words without actually singing.

A fugitive, like Billy the Kid or Jesse James.

Metals made by blending other metals together.

TV episodes aired after their premiere.

British island and namesake of a US state.

Country once led by Charles de Gaulle.

Female-initiated dating app, with bee links.

Adventurous boy created by Hergé.

A skin condition that causes dry, irritated skin.

Popular gummy bear company headquartered in Bonn.

Puzzle 6

Easily shaped and reshaped.

Christmas film where Kevin defeats burglars.

Golden Spanish currency loved by pirates.

First month of autumn in the northern hemisphere.

Van Morrison's girl.

Maze that might have a minotaur.

Egyptian queen who features in a Shakespeare play.

Vehicle driven by an officer of the law.

Gallileo's device for seeing the stars up close.

Emotional "syndrome" after children leave home.

Puzzle 7

Nationality of the playwright Anton Chekhov.

The Baha Men wondered who let them out.

Peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.

Part of the day that sounds like its grieving.

Covers in fat or oil.

Linked web of people, or of TV channels.

Exercises that are basically pushups then jumps.

Sweet filling made from milk, sugar, butter.

Toxins, venoms.

Feature to allow a phone to become a Wi-Fi source.

Money awarded in court for pain and suffering.

Symbology professor in a Dan Brown series.

Another name for the three kings in the nativity.

Puzzle 8

Flat or curved overlapping tiles placed on a roof.

An explosive with a countdown clock.

Someone from the country associated with pharaohs.

US artist famed for a portrait of his mother.

Friendly gesture where two closed hands meet.

The world's largest rodent.

TV show with protagonist Walter White: __ Bad.

To pass a slower-moving vehicle.

Burning the __ oil.

This automatically ends a boxing match.

Last drink of the evening.

Study of flight and aircraft.

Trendy subculture on bikes in gentrified areas.

2016 blockbuster with a bear battle, The __.

Puzzle 9

Pyrotechnic detonation, maybe of an evil base.

Jazzy woodwind instrument played by Bill Clinton.

Dish by a Dublin cook with mutton and potatoes.

The St. Bernard named after a famous composer.

All stages of existence, from birth to death.

Legally declared to be without blame.

High-wire that daredevil acrobats balance on.

Clumsy, as if your hands are made of meat!.

University teacher, maybe of archaeology.

Weather element measured by an anemometer.

Puzzle 10

Ancient ceremony or rite.

Tank Engine who lives on the Island of Sodor.

Ken is this famous doll's boyfriend.

Egyptian god Anubis had the head of this wild dog.

The shape of the Earth.

Deserted place surrounded by water.

__ it! Expression of joy at success.

Ancient people who inhabited the city of Texcoco.

A person who sells food or household goods.

Bright green Japanese horseradish sauce.

The comic company responsible for Hulk and Thor.

Air-bubbled devices used for checking plumbness.

Puzzle 11

The English city that the Beatles are from.

Battle with bare hands.

A feeling; awareness, consciousness.

Road races run over distances of 26.2 miles.

First to play Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown.

The crime of defacing or destroying something.

Type of hook on a rope used to climb walls.

Taz is this type of devil.

Emergency manual stopping device in a car.

Singer of Piano Man, Uptown Girl and My Life.

Launch a book or a movie again.

Puzzle 12

Like some predetermined conclusions.

Margaret, UK Prime Minister for all of the 1980s.

Private office, behind the scenes.

Dusty Springfield's 1969 hit, Son of a __ Man.

Only US state whose name begins with D.

Legendary creature who comes from Skull Island.

American word for what Brits call coriander.

Registered as a soldier.

Da Vinci; the blue Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Where Little Boy Blue fell asleep.

Exit a theme park attraction through one of these.


Ms. Lopez, commonly known as J-Lo.

Accident that was narrowly avoided.

Group of fish species rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Puzzle 13

Lava-spewing mountain.

Knife attached to a gun.

Mimic who sits on the doormat.

Much Ado About __, Shakespeare comedy.

Pocket-sized carriers for money and credit cards.

Light sensitive layers at the back of eyeballs.

Charlize Theron starred in this killer movie.

Start a car without a key.

A mill, pounder or mortar.

Load software onto a computer system.

Root vegetable that looks like a white carrot.

A patio; a flat paved area beside a house.

Appointment to check vision.

Puzzle 14

Place that has gone missing in time.

Drugstore soda dispensers popular in the 50's.

Unpleasant, annoying.

The boxer who took a bite out of Holyfield's ear.

Doing quick, freehand drawings.

2003 movie The League of Extraordinary __.

Star sign of someone born on Christmas Day.

Legal or religious voiding of a marriage.

Furry skin, green inside with black seeds.

Better late __, said of a last-minute occurrence.

Name of the Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Puzzle 15

A wide-brimmed hat from Mexico.

Short quip said by an adventure hero.

Supportive sticks to aid walking.

Former British island colony associated with China.

Athlete who finishes in second place.

Groups of five.

Child's ornament for keeping coins and notes safe.

JFK and Gatwick are these.

Someone who prefers their own company.

Lenovo range of tablets designed for business use.

Plastic fluted horn, seen at the 2010 World Cup.

It goes with a Lion and a Witch in CS Lewis' book.

An animal that feeds on leaves.

Indiana Jones's weapon of choice.

Blake Lively's actor husband Ryan.

Swap, e.g. ideas or resources.

Hot drink made with unfermented leaves.

Puzzle 16

Powerful desire that a pregnant woman might get.

Have faith in the existence of something.

Type of belt containing various useful tools.

Upright columns that support a building.

Members of the king's or queen's family.

Upper limit; the most possible.

Movie about One-Eyed Willy's treasure, The __.

A bill for goods or services provided.

Double, double, toil and this.

The opposite of fusion.

Cleaning utensil for sweeping up dirt from floors.

Gulp down some water.

Mobile phone operating system, not Apple.

Voter in a political ballot.

Puzzle 17

Humpback hunter.

Precious gems worth lots of money.

Portion of sentence with subject and verb.

Amazon ebook reader.

Long choux pastry sandwiched with cream.

How I Met Your __, sitcom that ended in 2014.

Oops, this Britney Did It Again!.

Assail, hurt someone physically.

Indiana Jones's trademark hat.

Informative charts plotted with data.

Satirical skit imitating an original work.

The two most powerful chess pieces on a board.

Chain of Christian prayer beads.

Carpet cleaning sucker.

Museum that contains the Mona Lisa.

Well __; exclamation of disbelief.

Puzzle 18

Process by which an animal casts off its hair/skin.

Security devices with keys or number combinations.

Talk someone out of doing something.

Loud, high-pitched audio screeching.

Risking money or one's life.

The Mask of Zorro leading actor Antonio.

Express credit card.

Kerosene-powered light sources.

Region of the world where all clocks show the same.

Merry-go-round where one rides horses.

Those who see things how they are.

Technology that doesn't require connective cables.

A heated drink made using fermented apples.

Puzzle 19

Speech a villain gives when the hero is captured.

Gossip might be heard through this fruity plant.

A being from this planet.

Artisan occupation of Joseph, Jesus' father.

Rapper, cooking show co-host with Martha Stewart.

like all the letters in this clue.

Potato, carrot or broccoli.

WWE performers.

Spanish city home to Gaudi's Sagrada Familia.

Giant spider named after Taranto in Italy.

Type of sleeper agent working for years.

Trip for a newly married couple.

Puzzle 20

Sand traps on a golf course.

Strong physical or emotional force.

They say that opposites do this.

Trip, expedition.

Star Trek alien with a bumpy forehead.

Altering an image using photo software.

Country that used the Deutschmark before the euro.

Group of criminals who there is still honor among.

Curved bars that support a cradle or gliding chair.

Having no Homo sapiens qualities.

A knitted garment, aka a jumper.

A brownish-yellow condiment.

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