CodyCross Acts of Kindness Pack answers

Acts of Kindness PackActs of Kindness

Here are the answers to CodyCross Acts of Kindness Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Children's name for a steam train.

Related to income, wealth and commodities.

Someone who plays a sport on the same side as you.

Postage by boat or vehicle; __ and handling.

With no fixed residence.

Sugar-free rival brand of Coke Zero.

__ stones; skipping pebbles on the water's surface.

Song: The Wheels __, go round and round....

Tidying; removing dirt or mess.

An answer to a problem.

People from Zambia.

Cosmetic surgery to perk up your expression.

Parrot kept in a cage that adores its partner.

A close-up painting or drawing of a person.

Little Bo Peep lost these.

Walking in a formal style, in a parade.

Giant, ancient, triangular monuments in Egypt.

Puzzle 2

Super __; famous brand of water gun.

Hollywood Walk __, starred sidewalk for the famous.

Weezer song about continent with Chad, Zimbabwe.

Symbols of love, often tinted red.

Message to a god.

Nail-__, bad habit, done especially when nervous.

Prickly, for example the stem of a plant.

__ Christmas, aka Santa.

Feeling isolated, feeling __.

Small portable computer used by tapping the screen.

A fabric covering for the floor.

Puzzle 3

To make heat or light bounce back, e.g. a mirror.

Pulling up unimportant plants from a flowerbed.

Gift, given on birthdays or just as a surprise.

Seats for Cowgirls and Cowboys.

Harry Potter's best friend, Ron __.

Trying a new food.

The most close, the __.

Connected, e.g. you are __ to your brother.

Someone who mirrors everything you do.. a kitty?.

Eye __; locking gazes with someone.

Re-adjusted a musical instrument for sound.

Aiding, assisting others in need.

Floor towel beside a tub for stepping out onto.

The only country in Europe to begin with a "D".

Gadget that fastens paper with a folded metal pin.

People who lead prayers and church services.

Puzzle 4

__ repair, fixing our fav stuffed animals.

Don't stay in the cold too long, you'll get this.

Play these inside your own head.

Innocent, not responsible, without guilt.

Hole in a front door.

__ in bed; the perfect meal to wake up to.

Playground game involves running and smooching.

George __, gave his name to western Canadian city.

Nine is the square root of this number.

Big door that opens and closes to control water.

Luxury stretch car.

Floating transparent ocean life, can sting!.

Arizona cowboy town, name belongs in a cemetary.

Place for getting drinks in the middle of a pool.

Falling and smacking your features into something.

A place for sticking cuttings and memories.

Direct shots on goal taken in soccer.

Little __ Hood, visited her wolfish Granny.

Letting someone tell you their problems.

The history "behind" the setting of a film.

Puzzle 5

Big signs that advertise on the highway.

Ringing someone up for a chat, make a __.

Very hot; rhymes with "torching".

Unfroze, thawed.. maybe in a microwave.

This person twists strings together, making cords.

Diseases, sicknesses.

There's no money in these sandy riverside hills.

Family members are also called your __.

Fast, powerful water craft powered by a motor.

This huge island has koalas and kangaroos.

Keep your feet on __; don't get lost in dreams.

Chirping tunes from feathered animals.

Brand of "medical" cleaning machine for carpets.

The most mean or cruel, the least kind.

"__ over the rainbow" sang Judy Garland.

Funded, got money from somebody; __ by.

Puzzle 6

Making a bell-like sound, especially at Christmas.

Choosing, picking.

Gambling capital of the US.

Sweet melon variety that's light green.

Long hair, pulled back; donate it to make wigs.

Colorful floating spheres that are blown up.

Downhill winter sport, a solo bobsled, bare bones!.

Completed, reached the end of something.

Idleness, no motivation to do anything.

Messenger app with green, speech bubble logo.

Expression of gratitude.

Opening in the floor of a stage; name of a spider.

Outdoor green space with swings, slides, etc..

Puzzle 7

Fixed calling/answering technology in a house.

Mexican dip made with avocado.

Free, online encyclopedia.

"There's no such thing as a __"; (meal given away).

Organization with merit badges and camping.

Taking in liquid or information.

Neighborhood; people who live in your local area.

Colorful large carnivorous fish with fins.

Opposite of roughest.

The patron of lost things, holy Tony!.

Pool worker responsible for swimmers' safety.

Popular musicians with iconic status.

Maximum honor in competitive sports.

Facilities, especially at a holiday destination.

Tall yellow blossom, not a fan of rain.

Provisions, food, etc, bought in a supermarket.

Puzzle 8

Peter Piper picked __ pickled peppers.

Large bath with underwater jets.

Traveling on a bicycle.

White water __; fast-paced boating over rapids.

Blooms sold in bouquets.

Arctic whale with a long, spiral tooth.

Walking underneath these said to bring bad luck.

Movements, going through the __.

Colorful display when it rains and the sun shines.

Describes the smelling part of a healthy dog.

Make someone feel happier.

Fruits that can be red, black, blue, strawbs.

Puzzle 9

Medieval courtly entertainers, not jokers but __.

Non-profit organization that helps a good cause.

Messaging or calling someone from your computer.

Sea reptiles with flippers and a shell.

Soaking in the tub.

Jason Momoa's DC Universe hero from the sea.

Victors, those who didn't lose.

Placing your belongings into suitcases for a trip.

Two-word request to be my husband or wife.

Give without counting __; don't expect rewards.

A bunch of flowers or the aroma of a fine wine.

Puzzle 10

Inspiring, uplifting, not negative.

Flavored dairy treat from the freezer.

Produced by a person, not a machine.

Dispense medical treatment or medicine to.

Taking something unlawfully.

Home for minnows and frogs in the garden.

It's the same as four weeks.

How many words a picture is worth.

The final resting place for those who have died.

Memorabilia relating to African culture.

Draw __ across a window to keep the sun's rays out.

An unexpected happening, e.g. a __ party.

Passing on characteristics from parent to a child.

Puzzle 11

Golden Arches fast food.

Site of employment such as an office or factory.

Take care of a person or an animal.

Took over a plane illegally, not car jack....

Tube to take away waste water.

An increase in the loudness of a piece of music.

Timing device for sporting events.

H2O running over a cliff in nature.

Making someone feel at home or at ease.

Believer and follower of Jesus Christ, a __.

Moving staircase.

An individual animal's home in a zoo.

Mississippi transport with a paddle wheel.

Point of __, no going back from getting sick.

Island country in Asia; anagram of "no pig ears".

Used to change (make equal?) bass/treble levels.

Puzzle 12

Place where you can buy prescription medication.

Talking out loud.

Going to someone's home and spending time there.

A male who rides an equine.

The act of not being awake.

Banging on percussion instruments.

__ for breathing, sarcastic "sorry for living".

Cross-__; fitness machines in a gym.

Four of these guys rode into the Apocalypse.

Old King Cole was a __ soul.

Grateful, pleased.

Wet weather jacket.

Jumping amphibian, but not a taurus!.

Sparkling Italian wine, ideal for celebrations.

Vision, how well you can see.

Most poisonous fungus that can kill.

Blood __, musical by Willy Russell.

Australian island with devil 'Taz' named after it.

Demonstrations against something unpopular.

Trains travel on these.

Puzzle 13

Brown sugar/butter candies, can be soft or hard.

Luigi is Mario's younger __.

A piece of work that you plan and research.

Heads, shoulders, knees __, knees __.

Ray of bright light from the yellow solar body.

An eight-sided shape.

One who saw a crime.

Flat study surface, or type of computer.

Big __ Mountain; booming Disney rollercoaster.

Dinner for a pet feline.

__ beam, piece of gymnastics apparatus for women.

Friendship, togetherness, not being alone.

Symbol with four gridlines, used on Twitter.

Letting someone use something temporarily.

Thick fog, or a green bowl of hot liquid to eat.

A driver who has not yet passed his or her test.

She was very happy, as __ as punch.

Puzzle 14

Moved up onto something; went up a mountain.

London concert venue (Live Aid) and tennis stadium.

Bets or plays in a casino.

When summing up; taking everything into account.

Kind, benevolent, ready to offer assistance.

Comfortably settled into someone's arms.

A big rig or semi driver.

__ Trench is the deepest sea channel in the world.

Leaving money as thanks for good service.

A type of fish, tightly packed in a can.

Heavy objects lifted to build muscles.

Large stone buildings where royals once lived.

__, The Witch and The Wardrobe, tale of Narnia.

Wrap this layer around yourself for warmth.

Pulls a whole plant up, rips out of the ground.

The decade starting after 1959.

Acquire items from deceased family members.

How tightly packed an area is relative to its size.

Puzzle 15

Bread __, for making bread easily at home.

Husky and hoarse voice (where the tonsils are).

Beaming, grinning, showing happiness.

Grasping something.

__ in My Pocket, small plastic scary figures.

Saber-__ tiger, extinct big cat with pointy fangs.

Nationality of someone from Beijing.

Strings or strands of fiber; cool clothes- nice __.

Young male tennis game sphere fetcher.

Dark patch on the surface of Earth's star.

Token action or deed of kindness.

Puzzle 16

Domed ice homes built by the Inuit.

Fruit often given as a gift to hospital patients.

Twas the night __ Christmas; a festive poem.

Star of the film Training Day: __ Washington.

Dangerous or reckless tricks or challenges.

Big ocean mammals.


YH on a map denotes a youth __.

Relating to a choir.

Give money to charity.

Tall machinery for lifting things in construction.

Charles Darwin's ship; a cute hunting dog breed.

Dots that make up a digital photograph.

A building for worship services.

Puzzle 17

Tools for digging holes, or a suit in cards.

Making cakes or cookies.

Rough-shelled edible mollusc, some with a pearl.

__ States, Madonna’s birth country.

__ balloon, with a basket to carry people skyward.

Little Miss who sat on a tuffet.

A cloak; a famous one is kept in Turin.

Orange root veggie that rabbits just love.

Party __, foil paper that uncurls from your mouth.

Rewards, incentives- for people or dogs!.

Tables or graphs that display project results.

One below par in golf, sounds like a tweeter.

Puzzle 18

Cinema snack.

Journeys of discovery.

__ someone just to cheer them up.

Gun projectiles.

As much as you can hold.

Tropical birds with colorful beaks and chest.

Hugh __, star of The Greatest Showman.

Embracing, giving someone a cuddle.

Medical name for your kneecap.

"__ lucky" means carefree or easygoing.

Puzzle 19

If you're chewing gum, you can blow a __.

Mythical, fire-breathing creature.

Being funny or flippant, rhymes with "soaking".

What tires are fitted to.

Scheduled periods of work; e.g. night __.

City with world's oldest English-speaking uni.

The Queen of this made some tarts.

Guidance, opinions offered to others.

Woody grass snack popular with pandas.

__-earth, land where The Lord of the Rings is set.

Magna __; reusable magnetic drawing board.

A permanent pen.

Domesticated wooly mammals, similar to alpacas.

Where the Wild __ Are; a classic children's book.

Crack the shell, get the meat, go squirrly!.

Box of different foods given as a gift to "pamper".

Someone who leads a church service.

Puzzle 20

Landforms completely surrounded by water.

Poles that parrots and other caged birds stand on.

What 60 minutes equates to.

Sticks to something.

Roller __, exhilarating funfair ride.

__ into an old friend and helping them out.

Wettest months in the Bahamas: June and __.

__ around, being silly and goofing around.

Hand movements that you make to a song.

Yellow condiment made from powdered seeds.

Where choppers land.

Cutting up a large piece of meat.

Sits with a fridge and keeps food frosty.

Noise maker carried by a referee.

Barrel of __; game with chains of hanging primates.

Give someone a massage to help them feel this way.

A male chicken.

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