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Here are the answers to CodyCross Adjectives Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Thin, not wide.

People who are not kids anymore.

Adapt through time.

Warmed, made hot, e.g. in cooking.

All-in-one garment fashioned for sleep or leisure.

Alexis Knapp is __ Conrad in the Barden Bellas.

Reigning or commanding over someone.

Beautiful, attractive.

The directions on a map to get from A to B.

Making a patient better.

People from the largest continent are called __.

Puzzle 2

Tense between "past" and "future".

Playing music informally, improvising.

Small fictional humanoids from Tolkien's books.

Strength to keep going for a long time, endurance.

The flow of electric charge around a circuit.



Thin paper sheets for wiping noses.

Abstaining from food.

To be happy, __ with something, rhymes with seized.

Does not finish, goes on forever.

Puzzle 3

Big orange Halloween fruits.

Simple structure of words, ends with a fullstop.

Captured and imprisoned by the police.

He owns Goldilocks' preferred bed and porridge.

Had a hit with Something Just Like This in 2017.

The capital of India since 1911.

Opposite of negative.

Not bent or crooked.

Sore patches of skin where your shoes have rubbed.

Precious silvery white metal.

Created a new product or device.

Puzzle 4

Opposite of fullness.

Secret information for logging onto computers.

Aubergines are to Brits what __ are to Americans.

Crying __, Camila Cabello song.

Organized explosions for entertainment.

Dutch-like language in South Africa.

Solicit free rides from strangers in passing cars.

Artists who carve wood, stone and create bronzes.

Absolutely terrified, scared stiff.

Lively, active, rushing about.

Male horses.

Puzzle 5

Burial places in a cemetery.

Confection of sugar/butter, can be soft or hard.

Book company for kids with a bird on the cover.

Painting on plaster that was still wet.

Gained access to someone's computer illegally.

Golf club used to knock ball in hole from nearby.

Large, gray, horned animals.

Not rough or bumpy.

Missing company; isolated, deserted.

__ Johnson, plays Maui in Moana.

Baby toy that makes a sound when shaken.

Number of yellow stars on the EU flag.

Puzzle 6

Part of a jet engine, anagram of tribune.

Tony is a short version of this name.

Untidy, messy.

Creamy, air-filled, whipped desserts.

Age of __; strategy game series about colonization.

The __, TV talent show devised by Simon Cowell.

The lowest temperature.

Paintings, drawings or illustrations.

Biggest city in US state of Georgia.

To continue or to keep going.

The tissue __ (soaks up) the water.

A layer of fat beneath a whale's skin.

Anxious, worried, afraid.

Puzzle 7

Blonde Powerpuff Girl named after air balls.

Lives or lasts forever.

The sound a telephone makes.

Unbalanced or not the same as.

Gives money back for an item that's returned.

Facial hair for cats.

Based on real events; describes a true account.

__ sweep: Bert was one in Mary Poppins.

Losing liquid through a hole.

The __ Giant, tale by Oscar Wilde.

Puzzle 8

Brilliant, superb.

Character who was surrounded by seven dwarfs.

Illegal killings.

Law for publishing books and written work.

Colorful mushroom that fairies live near.

Delays, cancels until another time.

Sweet-smelling red berry.

Negative feedback; the opposite of praise.

When a plant is in bloom, it's __.

Lotion to protect skin from rays.

Pleasing to look at, attractive.

Wooden carved pillar in North America.

Small baby bird that's about to leave the nest.

Puzzle 9

Judges in football matches.

Nasty, unpleasant.

Describes a surface that you might slide on.

When the sea is fully covering the beach.

Made better or clearer.

Perfect place for jotting down ideas and reminders.

Negatively charged, stable particle in an atom.

Australian jumping mammal with a pouch.

Colored bands in the sky from red to violet.

Sam and Izzy __, sisters in Before I Fall.

Official record of births, deaths or marriages.

Puzzle 10

Armed robber, an outlaw, a crook.

Crushed liquid food such as for babies.

Covered with soft fur; feels nice to stroke.

__ gate, barrier to stop young kids climbing steps.

North and south are __ on a compass.

Shut, not open.

Cartoon character who loves spinach: __ the Sailor.

Empty inside, like some trees.

A prepared presentation, given to an audience.

Open __, animation about grizzly bear Boog.

__ burner; hot blue flame used in science labs.

Puzzle 11

Blossom season.

The playing surfaces in tennis and basketball.

Dangerous, vicious.

The opposite of most narrow.

Liquid that can cause harm or death if drunk.

Container with a spout for pouring hot drinks.

__ Kirke, professor friend of Polly in Narnia.

Really smelly.

Owen __; the voice of Lightning McQueen in Cars.

Volunteer for military service.

The walking undead.

Largest mammals in the sea.

This country's capital is Athens.

Puzzle 12

Eight-legged creature found in the sea.

Graceful, stylish.

Needing to have a drink.

People who create masterpieces on canvas.


Falling off a surfboard while riding a wave.

Released the songs "Single Ladies" and "Sorry".

Uncomfortable, makes you cringe.

Machine for grilling bread.

The English language alphabet has 26 of these.

Puzzle 13


Catching a cow with a rope.

Valuable, worth a lot of money.

Rulers of empires.

Alternative quick route.

Cartoon character Ben 10's real surname.

Musician, plays brass or military music.

Sterile covering placed on a wound.

Another word for cutlery, forks and knives.

Kind, likes to give; not selfish.

Appreciating or respecting someone.

Puzzle 14

Winter team sport, racing down a twisty track.

It hangs from the ceiling and illuminates a room.

Mishaps where you hurt yourself.

Party-planner for Cinderella, the Fairy __.

Organic farming never uses these.

Not cheap; describes something with a high price.

Roses with no prickly bits.

With big dreams.

A dummy in a shop window used to display clothes.

The end of one of the digits on your hand.

Puzzle 15

Roughly pushed someone out of the way.

Not satisfied with a small amount of food.

Someone who practices medicine: a physician or __.

Tall glass or plastic liquid container.

Units of bread.

A crab's claw.

Snow sport sees acrobatic tricks made off a ramp.


The name of the pig in Charlotte's Web.

Precious white shiny stones found in oyster shells.

A color created by mixing blue with red.

Puzzle 16

Sense of being able to see.

Red hot pieces of fire wood/coals after a fire.

Meal choices with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber etc.

Author of And Then There Were Ten: __ Christie.

Easy, straightforward.

Loud grunts you make with your nose.

A green spiky plant found in the desert.

A line on a piece of clothing or a zebra.

Daisy __, played Rey in Star Wars.

Record producer behind Wake Me Up and Hey Brother.

Calm; not rough.

Puzzle 17

Snow __; an endangered big cat of Central Asia.

Funny, describes something that makes you laugh.

The opposite of repel; magnets __ iron and steel.

Rub muscles to relax them.

Room in the house where you cook and wash dishes.

Cheeky, fun-loving.

Primates that leap about in trees.

The seats on bikes or horses.

Kicked out of your accommodation.

Small round coins without much value.

Luggage you carry when traveling.

Puzzle 18

Metal locks to secure prisoners in the past.

Hill/mountain made of grains in the desert.

Specific food desires.

The least large.

Italian explorer and navigator Christopher __.

Lasting, never-ending.

Absolutely massive, huge.

Study after school, in your house.

Lots, too many to count.

To surprise, shock.

Puzzle 19

Peppa Pig's horse school friend.

Ludwig van __, the German composer.

Insect __, apply to skin to ward off bugs.

__ Mean Time, 0 hours, named after an observatory.

Kinds of animals found in Jurassic Park.

Last day of school.

Lifelike, true to life.

Chewy pink stuff that can be blown.

Really tasty.

Import and export of goods with no limits.

Puzzle 20

A large, hard vegetable that grows underground.

To divide something in equal parts.

A writing implement that can be sharpened.

Grouchy, in a bad mood.

A view with pretty scenery is described as __.

For hair, like "brushed", but with plastic teeth.

With good manners.

They are worn by women; and men of some cultures.

Of the mind; anagram of "lament".

Inventor of the phonograph: Thomas __.

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