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Here are the answers to CodyCross Africa Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

The parts of your face below your eyes.

A tropical wooded area is a rain __.

Disney movie about two sisters, Anna and Elsa.

Cobra and mamba are this reptile.

Mittens with separate fingers.

African adventure holiday to spot wild animals.

A conclusion of a TV season or a music composition.

Worker who replaces tiles, slates and chimneys.

To look for something or someone.

To run very fast, for a short period of time.

If you write in __, it can be erased.

Mexican b-day party decoration containing treats.

Puzzle 2

Study of the past.

__ Falls, waterfall between Canada and the US.

Someone who plays a sport.

A rhombus-shaped quadrilateral.

Pumbaa, from The Lion King, is one of these.

Mother's mother or father's mother.

Fine wood chippings used as animal bedding.

Super __, cartoon about a league of superheroes.

Feeling unwell when traveling on a boat or ship.

A chemical compound with crystals.

Ceiling window in a car.

Post or watch videos on this site.

Puzzle 3

Desert trading city in Mali, "far away place".

A quicker path or easier way of doing something.

Simplifying the value of a number.

An annoying hole in a car or bicycle tire.

Ancient military piece that throws objects.

Most popular bag for students.

A doctor prescribes this when a patient is sick.

Woody's toy horse in Toy Story 2.

Singer of tunes and player of instruments.

Lucky Irish plant with three leaves.

Southern African desert, mostly in Botswana.

A spice used largely for desserts worldwide.

This Batman enemy is found in a deck of cards.

Word game with tiles.

__ Holmes, character by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

French general and Emperor.

Puzzle 4

Negatively charged atomic particles.

Luke __, Princess Leia's brother in Star Wars.

South African language originated from Dutch.

Your mom, uncle, sister are your __.

Beach or swimming pool attendant.

The full name for 'flu'.

Found at the rear of an automobile.

Album for pasting photos and other clippings.

African islands meaning "green cape".

Fairy versions of this old woman appear in tales.

A tropical fruit with yellow flesh.

Actor whose kids are called Jaden and Willow.

Giant white mammal found at the Arctic.

Puzzle 5

Ocean off the east coast of Africa.

Carly Rae __, "Cut to the Feeling" singer.

Smart jacket.

To go up, the opposite is descend.

Hard protector of a butterfly while its developing.

Southern African country, capital Luanda.

Type of horse used in gymnastics.

__ butter; a popular paste for sandwiches.

The __ Games: Mockingjay.

A mythological Greek creature with snakes for hair.

The main language spoken in Paris.

__ Surfer, metallic superhero.

The original electronic messages.

Puzzle 6

Prince __, title of a C.S. Lewis novel.

Bright paint that contains plastic.

Miami is in this state.

Percussion instruments that you shake and rattle.

Person you call when the pipes aren't working.

Large waterbird with a pouch under a large bill.

A covering that is used to protect a wound.

Starchy root vegetable, staple food.

Cured meat, especially from South Africa.

The volume of vehicles on the roads.

Your luggage when you go on a trip.

Heavy, chocolate dessert often filled with nuts.

A popular brand of hot tubs.

Stop worrying and cool down.

Puzzle 7

Chemical __ make up the periodic table.

The person you play against in any sport.

World's largest pizza franchise, not found in Italy.

Ocean off the west coast of Africa.

Harry Potter's female friend, __ Grainger.

South African country, capital Harare.

Someone who looks on the bright side.

Small flying insect that bites and sucks blood.

The Jewish Festival of Lights.

The front of your face above your eyebrows.

Puzzle 8

Plate __, theory of the structure of Earth’s crust.

Small south African country, capital Lobamba.

She's a superhero cousin of Superman.

__ Life of Pets, animated tale of Max and Snowball.

__, Queen of the Nile.

Elephant-type creature in Winnie-the-Pooh.

Person who protects famous or rich people.

Reptile with big teeth and jaws.

Ancient life era that came before the Mesozoic era.

Total lack of vision.

Edible flower bud, eat it all or just the heart.

The saying tells you not to look this in the mouth.

Computer key that deletes the last character typed.

Most common pants worn, denim.

Puzzle 9

Cote d'__, African country meaning Ivory Coast.

Person from North African country, capital Tripoli.

The nuts that grow on oak trees.

Thin rope used for tying things together.

Cattle herder, rancher from the old west.

A structure that is built across a river.

A male witch.

The sixth planet from the sun with many rings.

Mandrill with shaman powers in The Lion King.

Juicy citrus.

A large marine mammal with flippers and tusks.

Graceful classical dance.

The four backmost teeth.

Puzzle 10

Official headquarters for an ambassador.

As in the US, they spend __ in Namibia.

They are in the atom's nucleus.

Animal with soft body and hard shell, eg a clam.

Lightning __, hero of the Cars Disney movies.

The Titanic hit one before it sank.

Watch the kids.

Make bigger, or anagram of "general".

An injection to prevent the spread of disease.

Lycra outfit worn by a gymnast.

House where a ghost resides.

Country surrounded by South Africa.

The front of an aircraft where the pilot sits.

__ and cream.

Famous magician died on Halloween night.

__ Machine, automated appliance for clothes.

Puzzle 11

A day or period of religious celebration.

Strong; the opposite is weak or feeble.

French expression that means "from the menu".

__ Ali, heavyweight boxing champion.

Water bottle __, throw it up in the air.

Person who conducts public opinion surveys.

The name for all of space.

The organ in the body that produces insulin.

Slightly odd, a bit strange.

This watercraft uses wind to navigate.

Administrative capital of South Africa.

Girl with long, golden hair stuck in a tower.

The name for meat-eating dinosaurs.

Knobbly fruit from an evergreen tree.

Puzzle 12

Nutty ice cream flavor, usually green.

Some suggest not to ask too many of these.

An animal that only eats plants.

Surgeon board game with buzzing warning.

Young girl diarist who hid during World War II.

Saturday __, late-night sketch comedy TV show.

CEO: Chief __ Officer.

Object that is in orbit.

He wrote The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

They'll keep you dry during storms.

Team running event, with baton passing.

Half a right angle is __ degrees.

A person of the religion that missionaries spread.

Cartoon dog who solves mysteries with Shaggy.

Chairs, tables, bed frames, bookcases.

Headwear that covers all the head except the eyes.

Dances using the tip of her toes.

Heavily-visited online encyclopedia.

Malala __, campaigner, youngest-ever Nobel laureate.

Tortoises __ in winter and wake up in spring.

Bladed boots invented in Finland.

Puzzle 13

The shape of SpongeBob's pants.

Fruity cupcake normally consumed at breakfast.

Pushing these makes a bicycle move.

A burning rock from outer space.

__ skates, like ice skates with wheels.

Find this in a chest; anagram of "reward".

In Hindu faith, the elephant-headed son of Shiva.

Decorative women's Easter hat tied under the chin.

Garden tools used for digging.

__ Messi, footballer, the world's best no. 10.

Disney's tale of Elsa and Anna.

The words of a song.

West African country, capital Conakry.

A thick forest with trees and animals.

Meat on sticks.

Puzzle 14

Large wave caused by underwater earthquake.

Someone who serves in the army is a __.

Low sound a contented cat makes.

__ glass, decorations found in church windows.

Fastest land animal.

Another name for the skull.

Thickset, curly horned animal, like a big cow.

Male sorcerer.

Disc that is thrown and can be an Ultimate sport.

Palm tree fruit used in desserts.

A circus rope swing used by acrobats.

Puzzle 15

Icon used as a facial expression.

Illegal hunting of e.g. rhinos, elephants.

Three-wheeled pedal power.

Tiny wheat balls from northern Africa.

New __ Yard, the London base for the Met Police.

Frozen dessert.

__ of Rhodes, a statue and Ancient Wonder.

Where both sides of a shape are identical.

Salty water from your eye.

African anteater, often first in the dictionary.

There is no place __.

The cat that disappeared from Alice in Wonderland.

Important watery habitat for wildlife.

Puzzle 16

A type of aquatic flower found in lakes or ponds.

Kobe Bryant and __ O'Neal, Lakers duo.

Game of squares chalked on pavements.

Dried larvae that are used as bird food.

Heavy construction vehicle with large front plate.

Former divisive political system in South Africa.

McDonalds children's menu, comes with a toy.

Musical style meaning with voices only.

Mickey Mouse __, animated series since 2006.

The nearest galaxy to ours.

A medical jab or immunization.

Soft, white metal with chemical symbol K.

The major villain in the Harry Potter stories.

Puzzle 17


The name given to a second film in a series.

A building often used by Christians for worship.

__ of Alexandria, a lighthouse and Ancient Wonder.

This superhero's sidekick is called Robin.

A drawing that you sometimes do when you're bored.

To gently brush the fur of an animal.

Egg cooked without taking shell off.

Bejeweled hairpiece worn by princesses.

__ eagle, a large bird of prey with brown feathers.

In maths, it is where two axes meet.

White whale with a rounded head.

The official who is in charge of a tennis game.

The connections between two bones.

A person's job or occupation.

Celebration such as Mardi Gras, with floats.

Puzzle 18

A non-professional, e.g. unpaid sports player.

Greg __, main character in the Wimpy Kid series.

Gymnastic performer in a circus or show.

East African country, capital Asmara.

North American mammal with black facial mask.

Person who passes knowledge to students.

President of South Africa who spent time in jail.

In Twitter, what is the "M" in "DM"?.

Exercises that focus on balance and strength.

Buddhist festival and state of peace.

Royally, or anagram of "gallery".

The type of nuts that are in a Snickers bar.

The first part of the day, before noon.

Barbadian singer whose real first name is Robyn.

Puzzle 19

Gray animal with bigger ears than its Asian cousin.

Central African country, capital Yaoundé.

Bone structure that supports an organism.

To sweat.

A supporter of the king in the English Civil War.

Someone who is in jail.

White parrot with large crest and curved beak.

Turning an object around a center point.

Someone who deals the cards in a casino.

No cables or leads are needed to connect.

Warm-up game, non-competitive fixture.

Bird with skinny legs, long neck and pink feathers.

Puzzle 20

Person who designs and crafts footwear.

Invaders who conquered the Roman Empire.

One of four major tennis events held each year.

__ Army, charity known for its Christmas presence.

Trees that don't lose their leaves in winter.

Closed kind of boat that navigates under water.

Organ used in digestion, either large or small.

Very pleasant to the taste, delightful.

A crested Australian parrot with a long tail.

Batman is a __.

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