CodyCross Agatha Christie Pack answers

Agatha Christie PackAgatha Christie

Here are the answers to CodyCross Agatha Christie Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Another name for flagpoles.

Hong Kong __, a janitor and crime fighter.

Are we __ there yet? Common road trip question.

African country bordering the most other countries.

Northern constellation of a herdsman.

Stewed __, fruit good for your digestive system.

Country where Yul Brynner was born.

Habitual fusty dress of Miss Marple.

Superintendent __, policeman in Christie stories.

Bonnie __, part of a criminal duo of the 1930s.

Swaps for money, vends.

In cookery measurement, a brimming drinking unit.

Puzzle 2

Thomas __, prolific inventor of incandescent lamp.

Barman's tool for extracting the juice from citrus.

Another word for cookers.

Of or relating to mosquitoes.

Thorny tree found in African savannahs.

Part of a book title by Agatha Christie.

__ Massacre; raid on Portuguese pirates by Chinese.

Electric __, music by Eddy Grant about a place in London.

City once called the Paris of the Middle East.

Obsessed with comics and science fiction.

Sonic's two-tailed fox chum, Miles 'Tails' __.

The big __, a denouement at the end of a mystery.

Rich smooth and velvety, made with thick dairy.

Turn it up to hear the song louder.

Muslim temple.

Puzzle 3

Cauldron-stirring magic women.

Round attachments to base of furniture (sweet?).

Aversion to environmental factors.

Famous feline breed that has no tail.

Hermit, antisocial, solitary person.

Operated a bicycle (one L).

__ of Fate, last book Agatha Christie wrote.

Licorice flavored Italian Easter bread.

Joan __, played Miss Marple on TV for many years.

Great __, isle comprises England, Scotland, Wales.

Young __; age is just a number.

Mussorgsky opera about a Russian tsar: Boris __.

Change holders.

Puzzle 4

Customer, buyer.

Large waterfowl, with ruddy and common varieties.

Island prison in San Francisco.

"__ has its day".

Device, creates electricity from chemical reaction.

D.H. Lawrence book with an Australian animal title.

Athletic event with a bar to clear.

Mother of Dragons __ Targaryen.

Like a crocodile, biting at others when moody.

Very short, tight shorts.

Singular marital status, like Miss Marple.

Chipping __, setting for A Murder is Announced.

National anthem of Japan.

Puzzle 5

Sheaths for swords.

Jet Li wreaks havoc on the mob as Danny.

Home afloat on a river.

Provisional, unconfirmed.

__ Rebellion; uprising against Bolsheviks in 1921.

Agatha Christie qualified as a practicing __.

State flower of Oklahoma.

Poirot's secretary, Felicity.

Harold __; last Anglo-Saxon king of England.

Can have the water let out.

Barking up the __; confused, off the mark.

They were pink in Dear Jessie.

__ Street, Monopoly station next to Leicester Sq.

Indian Ocean isle, former colony to three nations.

The old-school was rotary.

What January is relative to February.

Electric blowing tool for stylists.

Puzzle 6

Platform game; flying Otus is the main character.

Mind reader's queue, on paper.

__ National Park; Namibian site with black rhinos.

Cuisine in which mulligatawny soup originated.

Third-largest Greek island, birthplace of Sappho.

Series of 12 WWI battles on Italian soil, 1915-17.

Wodehouse posh character with a silent "P".

The Mysterious __ at Styles, Christie's book.

One-quarter president.

This star went from 13 to 30 overnight.

From top to __.

Writing in code.

The byword in men's swimming trunks or briefs.

Not stiff.

Where bats might live.

Dynasty character played by Emma Samms.

Son of Mary, Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley.

Where a cup might sit in.

Dennis, cover star of The Beano.

Diversion, alternative route.

Rotate repeatedly, dance.

They provide evidence that protects accused people.

The meal before beginning the fast in Ramadan.

Moon-__ hares, ornaments of sky-searching animals.

Puzzle 7


Co-discoverer of insulin: Frederick __.

Largest of Mexico's Revillagigedo Islands.

The weather conditions.

Too old to be eligible to do something.

A dog __: a police officer who works with canines.

Sets of clothes.

__ hounds, a cross-country paperchase.

Publisher, Ms Christie was one of its 10 originals.

Coloring sticks produced by Binney and Smith.

Wrongdoer, the accused, the offender.

Italian ice cream "truffle".

Puzzle 8

Richard __, Gail's murderous ex in Corrie.

Both a dog breed and type of military jet aircraft.

Second largest city in Wales.

Forgetfulness, a useful device in mystery stories.

Not important when.

They Came to __, Agatha Christie novel set in Iraq.

Commercial agents or power __.

Unlucky events, setbacks.

Foot-operated pedal, like on a sewing machine.

In legal terms, items of personal property.

Puzzle 9

First Prime Minister of Canada: Sir John A. __.

Pulled out of shape.

Scarlett __, Black Widow.

Decrease in power or strength.

Male angler.

Came on in leaps __; made huge progress.

Relaxation room for performers.

Children's care in a hospital.

Hungarian noble family, supported the Habsburgs.

Glowed softly, glittered.

Ordeal By __, Agatha Christie's cold case.

Italian archipelago containing Capri.

Cartoonist famous for Pogo comic strip.

__ Manor, house party venue of The Mousetrap.

Puzzle 10

Murderer who administers toxic substances.

In a grouchy or irritated manner, like crustaceans.

The Murder at the __, Miss Marple's first mystery.

Blue Monday British rock band.

Classic video game created in 1978: Space __.

Pittsburgh NFL team.

Famous chess computer.

American animator of Porky Pig and Daffy Duck.

Horrified, greatly shocked.

Device for cooking meat over coals.

Young plant, grown from a pip.

14 juillet annual French celebration: __ Day.

__ line; Henry Ford's production technique.

Puzzle 11

A blue __ for Agatha Christie is in Holland Park.

Portable computer.

Low-speed pitch thrown in baseball.

Pushes roughly.

Added heat and flavour to food.

A reunion __ is a Chinese New Year's Eve tradition.

Engines for powering devices.

Jimmy __, hosts Mean Tweets.

__ Baker, Miss Marple friend or a fruity delight.

Sunrise, __, wedding song from Fiddler on the Roof.

Longest river of Punjab region in India.

Bug believed to burrow in hearing receptacles.

Period when the Moon visibly increases in size.

__ Erik Pasch, inventor of the safety match.

Idris Elba stars as eponymous detective John __.

Live, dwell.

One of the four New Testament books.

Domed French military helmet of WWI.

Vitality level of a player in video game speak.

Fight or __.

Puzzle 12

Theatre district where The Mousetrap still runs.

Seagoing soldiers serving on land and sea.

__ Oliver writes mystery tales in Christie's books.

Waltzing __, Bush tune written by Banjo Paterson.

Theft or stealing.

Sun umbrella.

The Father of Quantum Computing: David __.

Releasing from knots.

South African dish of mince, fruit and custard.

Minnesota's NFL team.

Emperor who restored Han Dynasty in Ancient China.

Space vehicles.

Puzzle 13

Male seahorse.

Country formerly known as Siam.

Mary __, governess on Murder on the Orient Express.

Leave goods to someone in a will.

He who brings illicit goods into a country.

__ House, Agatha Christie's Devon holiday home.


People-eating person.

Savoury Japanese hot drink of fermented soy.

One 24th of a foot.

Bridge-like game with 48 cards.

__ War; 1954-62 bid for freedom in N Africa.

The Conqueror, first Norman king of England.

Carry on __, the final film in the franchise.

__ Fields, Indian festival of electronic music.

Puzzle 14


Chains of reef islands.

Dumb and __ with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.

Strong, dry, Arabian desert wind.

What the term UFO means: unidentified __ object.

Le __, name for historic Paris area in 3rd/4th.

__ party, social function in Agatha Christie books.

Angst-__; plagued by worry.

Red suit in cards.

Turn on a computer.

Curl these muscles inside the top arms.

__ Gordon-Levitt, Tommy on 3rd Rock from the Sun.

"I love meeces to __", catchphrase of Jinx the cat.

Stone __, Italian brand with a compass logo.

Good luck in French: "bonne __".

A __ Full of Rye, book title from a nursery rhyme.

Puzzle 15

Potato __, for creaming spuds.

__ Indians, Boston Tea Party indigenous disguise.

Zandra __, colorful fashion designer.

Common, ordinary, typical.

__ Cross, Piccadilly line town stop for jewellery.

Made a sound like a serpent.

Tony __, suitor of Marilyn in Some Like it Hot.

Edible bulbs, alliums.

Ferryman who conveyed the dead across the Styx.

Artificially created Doctor Who comic strip figure.

Paris is this country's busiest city.

Los __, group of devoted students of Frida Kahlo.

The colourful delicate part of flowers.

__ bluff, deception over telling the truth.

Birth surname of Agatha Christie.

Pull violently from someone's hand.

Makes computer files into hard copies.

Nirvana's Smells Like Teen __.

Old nursery rhyme and kids singing game: __ Bridge.

__ Rebellion; 1920 uprising in eastern Europe.

Someone who believes in a god.

Puzzle 16

Marble and straws game, try not to drop marbles.

Once in a __, very rarely.

Part of a vehicle closest to the edge of a road.

Egyptian construction on Agatha Christie monument.

__ Murder, book subtitled Miss Marple's Last Case.

New Zealand hippie festivals of the 70s and 80s.

Register of those off work due to illness.

Irish province where Galway is sited.

Removing a sheep's coat; swindling, conning.

Chicago's baseball team.

Ecclesiophobia is the fear of these.

Kind of sugar found in fruits.

Former king of Belgium who abdicated in 2013.

Solidity, hardness.

Presumed inventor of stainless steel: Harry __.

Puzzle 17

Agriculture worker who deals with sows.

Exchange of ideas, as developed by Plato.

Weather that is stormy and changeable.

__ Indians, book retitled And Then There Were None.

Of or relating to bisons.

Where bodies with buboes were interred in the past.

Tall indoor bulbs with showy lily flowers.


20s author had Hallowe'en Party dedicated to him.

Re, a drop of __ (Do, Re, Mi).

St Andrews golfing venue, the world's first.

In a decent state of health; in __.

Skin covered in fluid-filled sores has been __.

WALL-E's Earth friend is this type of creature.

To preserve by removing water.

Collection of related video games.

Puzzle 18

Alice __, first to die in Christie's ABC Murders.

Largest island in Thailand.

System of classification of climate types.

Dish invented by William Fortnum in 1738: __ egg.

Angled towards, slanted.

Gently, in a caring way.

Released from roped capture; undone shoelace.

Vanessa Redgrave was a missing author in the film.

__ D Beauty, tattoo artist with makeup brand.

Charles __; co-inventor of the safety pin.

__ jump, athletics event, three times.

__ friends, Monday's military toast in the navy.

Stop-__, animation process of repositioning.

Lightweight cotton cloth, often used for babies.

Puzzle 19

Foxglove poison kills in An Appointment with Death.

__ de Medici; 16th-century powerful French queen.

Yellow citrus spread for bread.

Over the rainbow, maybe.

Grey or red-legged game bird.

Ursine stuffed toy.

Capable of being instructed, e.g. in a classroom.

City where the Cavaliers play.

Being present at, taking part in.

Medicinal cornflower.

Male figure nominated at a child's baptism.


Three __, radio play title of The Mousetrap.

Woody __, who played Woody in Cheers.

Decoration on the shoulder of a military uniform.

Han Solo was frozen in it by Jabba.

Northern English affectionate term, a boiled ovum.

Puzzle 20

Candy, Candy, Candy, I can't let you go!.

Rough, loutish.

Nationality of Hercule Poirot.

Movie by C. Nolan with Guy Pearce.

Jolly chap with hat, scarf and carrot nose.

__ stick, short cane or crop carried in the forces.

Lobe adornment.

The modern-day name for Burma.

Main language of the Inca people.

__ gap, pause in the continuity of Saturn's rings.

Christie play, then a film, __ for the Prosecution.

Moved wings to fly.

Glass containers for wine.

Beagle guitarist from The Banana Splits.

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