CodyCross Alice in Wonderland Pack answers

Alice in Wonderland PackAlice in Wonderland

Here are the answers to CodyCross Alice in Wonderland Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Nintendo hybrid console released in 2017.

A school of __; a group of gigantic sea mammals.

Numeral or digit.

Canada's capital city.

Try to stop the other team scoring in football.

Liv and Maddie's clever younger brother on TV.

Small, dainty drinking mug for hot brown liquid.

Cylinder around which a thread or cable is wound.

Paper tags like those saying eat me, drink me.

Bulbs used in cooking.

Indigenous, aboriginal, first inhabitant.

Puzzle 2

Getting bigger.

Round collections of friends on Google+.

__ card, e.g. the Queen of Hearts or two of spades.

Desiring something.

Black-and-white bird, the devil in disguise.

Nationality of someone native to Stockholm.

A bed hung between two trees.

Fred __, partner to Ginger.

__ attraction, place for visitors, as a museum.

__ One; grand prix motor racing sport.

Moved out and left somewhere empty.

Large Spanish, three-masted sailing ship.

Puffs of air.

Rice __, sweet rice and milk dessert.

Watch closely, oversee.

Puzzle 3

Often repeated.

Yearly, every 12 months.

Bodily action done when inhaling pepper.

Flower that is blue, dilly dilly....

Playing cards are doing it to turn white roses red.

External to the confines of a house.

Palm-to-palm slapping greeting.

Store that sells cakes and other sweet treats.

Reserved and unwilling to communicate.

Large desert in southern Africa.

Bright yellow spice used in curries.

Turned upside down, reversed the order.

Penguin ice-making toy, popular in the 80s.

Puzzle 4

Money or goods that have been given to a charity.

Versatile, adaptable.

Describes a young animal that isn't fully grown.

She went to sea with an owl in a pea green boat.

Watched during a plane ride, __ entertainment.

Fungus that is a seat for Wonderland's Caterpillar.

The air in the alveoli is __.

Study of coats of arms.

Tiana kisses a green prince in The __ and the Frog.

One who tends to flowers, plants and lawns.

Memento, token of remembrance.

Stripy tags to scan.

Marvel's series about teens against their parents.

Puzzle 5

Pretend, dream up stories.

Like a pig; the Duchess' Wonderland baby is this.

Metal container in which fireplace coal was kept.

Indicating agreement.

UK airport name that originally meant "goat farm".

Sound that follows the flash of lightning.

Receiving money for work.

Grilled sausages served in buns.

Fetch something, or pick something up.

Big Bang Theory guest star and Star Trek nemesis.

Puzzle 6

Spiky animal used as croquet ball in Wonderland.

Neat, as in whisky.

Things that are typical samples or cases.

Month on an advent calendar.

Entertains a crowd.

Reported something in an official manner.

Cuddles; she __ her mother.

Meal that the Mad Hatter held.

A beetle larva that is eaten by garden birds.

Small shop selling fashionable clothing.

Plunging water ride at a theme park.

Country taken by force, such as by the Normans.

Person who creates new things.

Puzzle 7

Old name for Uluru, giant Australian landmark.

Toned small fruity sweets with hard outside.

Lucky, blessed, privileged.

__ and __, said Alice, weirder and weirder.

Burial place, with tombstones.

Optical tool used to see objects in outer space.

Identifying a disease from its signs and symptoms.

Large hoarded supply or accumulation.

Paul Hogan movie __ Dundee.

Raffle or lottery with a winner chosen at random.

Thrill that Alice had several of in Wonderland.

Puzzle 8

Seed at the heart of a Granny Smith.

Sleepy little animal at the Mad Hatter's tea party.

Military workers; Queen of Hearts' playing cards.

Enjoyment, happiness.

Border land between two countries.

Stop receiving updates to a specific Twitter feed.

Video game in which players fight bosses/enemies.

Aussie salty spread from brewers' yeast extract.

Print periodical, often published monthly.

Love __, global hit for Justin Bieber in 2015.

Sickle-shaped moon.

Puzzle 9

Jumping on one leg.

Stringed instruments with bows.

Lean back.

Pen that has run out of writing pigment.

Hard-shelled insects that are often black.

A resident of a country.

30s actress caught in the clutches of King Kong.

Sticky sweet syrup, like honey.

Kitchen appliances that are used for boiling water.

Horseback soldiers carrying long poles.

Royal owner of the Cheshire Cat; female duke.

Puzzle 10

Harum-__, daredevil, hell-for-leather attitude.

Ran after and followed something, e.g. a ball.

Parts of a tree Alice thought were playing cards.

Middle Eastern country, home to Jerusalem.

Tossed or lobbed.

Puzzle, e.g. "Why is a raven like a writing desk?".

Grooms' partners.

Angela __, Germany's head of state.

Fence, frequently white painted, pointed stakes.

Chewed or bitten at with teeth, like a rabbit.

Make something longer.

Puzzle 11

Small stones; thrown at Alice, they became cakes.

Not important who.

The ball __ on the ground, high up into the air.

Percussion instruments used by a member of a band.

What mirrors do.

The child born this day is full of grace.

Saurian refers to this type of reptiles.

__ Diaz, Bad Teacher co-star.

Gollum's real name.

A place where religious novices live.

A shape like a stretched circle.

Puzzle 12

What happens at the end of a death sentence.

A pimple that appears dark.

Followed a winding path, like a river does.

Cryptonyms used to refer to military operations.

Fly __, documentaries with real-life people.

Crime-fighting cartoon Great Dane.

Author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Sleeveless garment worn by the White Rabbit.

Tactful envoys.

Pass through a filter like when preparing a coffee.

Left behind.

Prize presented to the best in Canadian music.

Puzzle 13

Wendy's surname in Peter Pan.

A musician or singer who performs on their own.

Game played with brilliant glass balls.

Spiky plant, often a weed.

Greedy person who eats too much.

Tests of character or strength.

Domesticated polecats for putting down trousers.

Short, blunt, abrupt, curt.

Small oval packet filled with medicine to swallow.

Book genre not grounded in reality.

A place you go to wash your clothes.

A person who has left the world of work.

Taking the dog for a promenade.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell __, movie.

An anniversary, or milestone, e.g. Golden __.

Tools for moving snow.

Puzzle 14

The easiest or least difficult.

Extracting gas from the earth using drilling.

Dried grapes used to spell eat me on Alice's cake.

A pendant or a chain.

Automobiles; forms used to explain something.

Original decade of the Smiths and the Jam.

Snapping, shattering, damaging.

Lip Sync Battle spin-off show.


Bouncy spherical toys with crazy, gross faces.

Being in good shape mentally and physically.

Inundating, subsuming with water.

Spread out; gradually revealed.

Luminous larvae of a firefly.

Traded items.

She lived in a shoe and had lots of children.

Used to cut away fabric.

Another name for lunar soil.

Baggage __; suitcase conveyor belt.

Money given to Vikings to stop them invading.

Puzzle 15

Deals, special prices.

Shedding tears.

Forgive and __, move on.

Pay no heed to.

__ jacket, winter coat with padded compartments.

Thin, foam cylinder used as a flotation aid.

Bright-haired characters led by Princess Poppy.

Rich types who boarded planes to see the world.

Humpty __, nursery rhyme character seen by Alice.

Closed off or airtight.

Large green insect with grasping front legs.

Puzzle 16

Baby bird of prey, can be bald; seen with a Lory.

Shakespeare play, __ and Cleopatra.


The points on a whale's tail.

Sleeping lazily.

__ shop or store, end-of-street convenience shop.

The life-gas in the air we breathe.

__ pool, refreshing base of a waterfall.

Farming that involves growing crops in fields.

For each other.

Shirt for women.

Withstand, not give into temptation.

Puzzle 17

Wrestled, in sports.

The Knave of Hearts is tried for __ tarts.

McDonald's breakfast item served with syrup.

Iceberg 1m to 4m above the water surface.

Where injuries are treated.

The opposite of punctuality.

Things that pass through your mind.

Anjelica Huston's The Addams Family character.

Creature that roamed the planet before humans.

Very large pot to cook soup or stew in.

Fishy best friend to Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

Pillar-like monuments with pointed tips.

Puzzle 18

Hit the __, a train analogy for ending progress.

Word used to describe a folded-over pizza.

The top male pupil in a school.

Moving up and down on a trampoline.

Written on the label of bottle that Alice consumed.

Anna __, editor of Vogue wears dark glasses.

Young animals that sows give birth to.


Underground room, perhaps for burial.

European country, capital Bucharest.

Subway Surfers is an __ running game.

Padded like a bedcover.

1970s term described thawing political relations.

Female siblings.

Excessively hairy, all over.

Puzzle 19

Harder or more rigid than.

Lego Movie song, Everything is __.

The point at which a solid becomes a liquid.

To completely ruin beyond repair.

Homer's Greek epic poem.

Fitted a car wheel with a device so it can't move.

Turn around, flip backwards.

Limited __, not many of these are made.

Wooden homes for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Strong desire, acted on quickly without thought.

__ paper; used to make a copy of a picture.

Big feast, often for royalty.

A female god.

Handheld babies' toys that make a noise if shaken.

Watching on television.

__ of the Earth, global environmental organization.

Precious __; cherished times.

Slip-on poolside footwear.

Rudyard __, The Jungle Book writer.

Trembled and crouched in fear.

Turn these in order to open doors.

West African country, capital Monrovia.

A spear used for an athletics field event.

Puzzle 20

Vicars and canines wear this.

Outgoing, laid-back, not nervous.

Win a struggle with superior strength.

Getting smaller in size.

Those who study the science of plant life.

Sharp accompaniment to roast lamb.

Type of twins like Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

__ drift, process moves sediment along a beach.

Identifying pattern on paper, like on a stamp.

Sudden bang from a bomb going off.

Entrance hall or the lobby.

Lamp used in car headlights.

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