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Here are the answers to CodyCross Aliens Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Video Killed The __ a 1978 hit for The Buggles.

Protection for skateboarders' arm joints.

Bear-like Wookiee from Star Wars.

Guarded, kept safe from harm.

Not natural, in terms of fashion fabrics.

Inquisitiveness that killed the cat.

E. T. wanted to do this.

Taxi operator.

Star anise, pepper, cinnamon, fennel, clove.

Hit unexpectedly, from where vision is restricted.

Puzzle 2

Relating to the skies or heaven.

Alex is a short version of this male name.

Scraps not eaten at the end of a meal.

Metaphorical sickness caused by unrequited love.

All __ great and small.

Evidence given under oath in a court of law.

__ pay; sum for early termination of a contract.

Small-scale representation of the wider world.

Aerosol for fixing the tresses in place.

Pregnant, e.g. __ mothers.

Temporary stoppage of fighting during a war.

Number of squares on a standard chessboard.

Muse song about aliens and twinkly sky.

Items needed to play a sport, for example.

Religious leader who escaped to India in the 1950s.

Surrounding to keep kids safe near swimming areas.

Puzzle 3

Large docile lizard, often kept as a pet.

Food that's chilled to below zero.

Traditional story or myth.

A new version of a previously released movie.

Down __; in a poor financial position.

Take off, discard.

Flat, treeless grasslands.

Flash __, intergalactic superhero.

Male assassin.

Relating to a marrying female at a wedding.

Way of standing to face a serve in tennis.

Dugout boats powered by single-bladed paddles.

The universe, space as a whole.

Puzzle 4

Assignment for astronauts to go into space.

Laughed like a witch.

German hotel search engine business.

This is a chemical in nail polish remover.

Relying on it; putting money into an account.

Science-__, literary genre also known as sci-fi.

Ceremony that kicks off the Olympics.

Muffled, muted, subdued.

Sweet scent or taste made from a bean.

Beta __, drug for angina and high blood pressure.

Close a pipe's water flow.

Uneasy, worried.

Produced flowers.

Resembling Mufasa or Simba.

Puzzle 5

Dropping rubbish carelessly.

Noise of an aircraft breaking the sound barrier.

Turning a corpse to ashes.

Storage building for large quantities of stock.

State of being, the fact that something is living.

Book with a soft cover.

Wrapped or boxed before being sold.

Being appropriate or on-topic.

Easy __; e.g. unobtrusive background music.

Craft that sends signals from space.

Puzzle 6

A five-pointed star.

Comedian associated with Fat Albert, Jello pudding.

The War of __, by H. G. Wells.

Virtuous or blameless.

Warming hearth with flaming logs.

__ Music Hall, New York venue on Sixth Avenue.

Illustrative, simplified, e.g. diagrams.

Sweet cocktail with vodka and lemon juice.

Neil, who was the first to step on the Moon.

Little Robin who sat upon a rail waggling his tail.

Puzzle 7

Scrawl, write messily and at speed.

Canine Elvis song featured in Grease.

Name of the spacecraft in the Alien movies.

Clay, wood or glass in Minecraft.

Usually square ceramic that lines a shower stall.

To spend money on something... at the beach?.

Number that never ends, like space goes on forever.

Another word for a mobster.

Black olive pâté.

Cork, Galway and 30 more: Irish __.

Made milk.

Paper handouts for passing on information.

Brightness experienced during the day.

Bright tags, drawings often seen on city buildings.

Chain, cuff or string worn around the wrist.

To move money from one place to another.

Reality TV show host takes on eating challenges.

__-Clark, makers of Andrex toilet tissue.

Studious, intellectual.

Puzzle 8

Point __ display; goods next to a checkout station.

There are eight in our solar system.

Capital of New South Wales in Australia.

__ one's words; spoke vaguely.

Using the internet, connected to the web.

__ of SHIELD; comic book TV drama series.

Plates, bowls, crockery.

Film about blue aliens from Pandora.

Predatory wild cat, also known as a puma.

__ Robert, a Beatles track from 1966.

An arm covering that you might roll up.

__ tunnel syndrome, repetitive typing injury.

Moistened meat with hot oil.

Puzzle 9

Comedian Dave __, who acted in A Star is Born.

Name for the study of space and the universe.

Deposit left behind by hard water.

Old __ is a whiskey cocktail and its glass.

Meal taken around 2-3pm, rather than earlier.

Not truthful or sincere.

Estimation of worth, e.g. of a house or antique.

Device that measures distance above sea level.

Safety exercises as rehearsals for flame emergency.

Craft for flying to other planets.

Puzzle 10

Taken or seized by something.

Brought in from abroad.

That's __! Looney Tunes' signoff.

Staying overnight in a fancy tent.

Way to improve skin texture: __ peel.

"Collapsing" news that is just coming to light.

British fashion house with trademark beige check.

__ sauce, spicy condiment from Thailand.

Surfaces to eat on in front of the tube.

Flesh-eating aliens or another word for insects.

South American regional trade coalition.

Puzzle 11

Setting off a rocket into space.

Italian coffee: a mix of espresso and steamed milk.

Linear, using straight lines and basic shapes.

Light powered by the sun's rays.

Cartoon Great Dane who solves mysteries.

Black target in pool.

Instruction or official recommendation.

Injection of financial support.

Person who travels into space.

Strikes a chord.

Puzzle 12

Another name for baby birds.

Organizations protecting workers' rights.

South Africa's longest river; it has a fruity name.

Selected for a team.

Honey __, wooden grooved tool for drizzling.

Go over events again in the mind.

Substance used to stiffen fabric.

David Bowie alien song, Life __.

One who sees the future; tech company.

What record enthusiasts call records.

Mix with water, make less concentrated.

House of Cards' Claire Underwood, Robin __.

Caught red __.

Skyscraper __ cleaners go aloft with a squeegee.

Vegetable with long fibrous stalk, small leaves.

About the universe, or far out.

Where __ Dare, derring-do film with Richard Burton.

Purple, green or yellow mark on skin.

Puzzle 13

Presses the creases out of fabric.

Area at the top of a staircase.

You're either with us, or __ us.

Largest class of animals, and prolific pollinators.

Boats that transport people across rivers and seas.

More solid and steady.

The Rocky Horror __ Show, alien musical comedy.

Country where Mt. Kirkjufell is located.

Traditional Passover appetizer: __ fish.

Tiny magical figures, often depicted with wings.

Jabba __, big Star Wars alien crime lord.

Expression of greeting for a visitor to your home.

Made a boat move without a motor.

Work schedules or lists.

Puzzle 14

Safety __, being in a group is less risky.

Mark left by spilled dairy.

Rescue dogs animated TV series.

Unplanned meeting, perhaps with aliens.

Cosmopolitan street fashion.

Crustaceans that attach firmly to rocks and boats.

Heroine cousin of Kal-El in DC Comics.

Where matadors and toreadors face bovines.

Air-driven instrument in church music.

Body of water on which Poland has a coastline.

Puzzle 15

Item in a well at the end of the rope.

On __ Pond, Oscar-winning movie with Henry Fonda.

Made calculated holes between.

Lay down weapons.

City home to the Kremlin.

Did not succeed.

Tamp down sound.

Blue alien animal that befriends Lilo.

He or she makes beer.

Writing computer programs or instructions.

A-plus or C-minus, for e.g..

Irish fishmonger immortalized in song: Molly __.

Star Trek alien species with pointed ears.

__, reuse, recycle.

Greek god of trade and merchants.

Birds found at the Tower of London.

Wicker basket spread with food, wine and blanket.

Religious chant or incantation.

Prince of __; adventure game with Iranian royalty.

Puzzle 16

Distributing, e.g. uniforms to soldiers.

Fashionable, very chic.

Inedible tough cartilage in cooked meat.

Timbers, sloping roof supports.

The upper middle parts of the human foot.

Race __ the clock, means time is ticking fast.

1960s cartoon family living in the Space Age.

Knocking, like Wee Willie Winkie did on windows.

Colluding or conspiring together, in __.

Overnight train with bed cabins.

Arrival at destination, on another planet perhaps.

Tallahassee is the capital of this warm state.

Minutes or even seconds.

Not out of the ordinary, midway between extremes.

Power __, morphing toy brand.

Coffee-and-cream cats.

Puzzle 17

Architectural pillars.

Typed the same thing anew.

Hand-held cutting tool with fine-toothed blade.

The biggest of our planets.

Red wines from Bordeaux.

Cruise __, speed management device in a vehicle.

Physicist Stephen, A Brief History of Time author.

US equivalent of a postcode.

What William of Normandy did so well.

Ultimate opponent or deadly rival.

Sprouting plant used as animal feed.

Charlie, the silent movie tramp.

Feathers on a bird.

A barber gives this or a shave.

__ Palace, Las Vegas hotel with Roman name.

Adept, talented.

Billionaire's daughter who inherits the wealth.

Puzzle 18

After the I do's, the newlyweds are this.

The Fifth __, Milla Jovovich space blockbuster.

Decorations added to the upper surface of a cake.

Silent __, vocal attention-seeking of cats.

Gap in hair, where it is moved to one side.

Streaming service for Stranger Things.

Liberating George Michael hit.

Security device with a hook and a key.

2001: A Space __, Stanley Kubrick film.

__ glass, decorative church windows.

Country whose second largest city is Antwerp.

Ways of carrying out tasks or experiments.

The scene for a play, where it takes place.

Allowed water to fall out from cooked pasta.

Made less sharp.

People who chop down trees for timber.

Motion __, security devices that spot snoopers.

Puzzle 19

Another word for spine.

The name the Turks gave Constantinople.

Manner, outlook.

__ device; follows a person's every move.

Registered an invention legally.

Sleeps, snoozes.

Small baked items, often with blueberries.

Portal for time travel in space.

Side piece on a frame of a portal.

Someone who takes over a vehicle by force.

Also called cursing or cussing.

As tough as stone, solid.

Heated glass building for tropical plants.

Facts that prove something is real or true.

Water crossed by Simon and Garfunkel's bridge.

Game played in a walled court, not with feet.

Puzzle 20

Sworn sporting enemies.

Sweet and savory liquids to accompany food.

Inner __; elite, central group of trusted friends.

State as fact.

Parks and Rec dream team __ Knope and Ben Wyatt.

Professional job life journey.

Bright lights used as distress signals.

Black-eyed __; small sunflower plants.

Browning of pale skin from exposure to sunlight.

The O in UFO.

Laden, burdened.


Camping __; portable cookers.

Ocean where Christmas Island is located.

Space telescope also known has HST.

Bones to which the legs attach.

__ Cricket, sidekick to Pinocchio.

Ship's or plane's flag that shows its nationality.

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