CodyCross All About Salad Pack answers

All About Salad PackAll About Salad

Here are the answers to CodyCross All About Salad Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Cautionary tales; Aesop's stories.

Where Waldorf and Watergate salads were invented.

A vast star system held together by gravity.

As much as a bottle top will hold.

One who represents a criminal in court.

Musician who had hits with Boombastic and Angel.

Team __, F1 decisions taken to benefit all parties.

A baby cat.

Large, stiffened folder for storing documents.

Middle Eastern dressing made of sesame.

Ancient Greek female with venomous snakes for hair.

Puzzle 2

Unsophisticated, basic.

Legal term for your closest living relative.

Listening to music online.

Tex-Mex bowl with ingredients in a tortilla shell.

Brave, or even reckless, stunt performer.

System of stories about Greek, Roman gods.

Fair __, rhyming phrase meaning even and honest.

Slasher movie franchise featuring Michael Myers.

Small pieces of crispy cured pig meat.

Come to live in a different country.

Letters used in algebra.

Puzzle 3

Teach someone a lesson.

Kidney-shaped nuts used in Asian salads.

Shade of purplish-red that's an anagram of nametag.

A Jack Russell is this type of small dog.

A legal document permitting a police search.

City where the JP Morgan finance company is based.

Wooden board on which an artist keeps their paint.

Working __, using all one's effort and energy.

One who sends annoying email advertisements.

Country known in its own language as Deutschland.

Jennifer who was married to Brad Pitt 2000-2005.

Bony bumps at the base of the big toe.

Type of lettuce; Titanic destroyer.

Items of clothing that end in skirts.

Puzzle 4

Changed slightly.

Fabric tube showing wind direction at an airport.

In this game players make words with square tiles.

It is always the shortest month of the year.

What fingerprints can do, relating to suspects.

Pale orange salad topping, __ Island Dressing.

Live music performances.

Apes, monkeys, lemurs.

Green vegetables that look like tiny trees.

A Greek creature that is half-man and half-bull.

Puzzle 5

Female protagonist of the Tomb Raider games.

Dish of blended fish and mayo, often in a sandwich.

__ Web, full name for the www of the Internet.

Businesses use them to ensure agreements.

Mirrored sphere at a dance hall or retro nightclub.

Yellow flower in the aster family AKA Solidago.

Red aggregate fruit used in many vinaigrettes.

Spanish city where you can walk down La Rambla.

Creature also known as Bigfoot.

Professional tree surgeons.

Puzzle 6

Remains of ancient organisms in rocks.

Peppery leafy green also known as a garden rocket.

Classic crooner Frank.

Don't wrap the present, put it in this with tissue.

Computer virus unleashed to cause deliberate harm.

__ shake; nutritional post-gym drink.

Fun at the alley, where players aim for a strike.

Country where you could visit Dublin or Cork.

Game rules require circle, shooter and round types.

Dried grapes eaten with carrot salad.

Diaz, star of The Mask and Charlie's Angels.

City in France; the "new" one is in Louisiana.

Once again, I'm left __ the bag!.

Italian designer Gianni made this iconic brand.

Puzzle 7

Chemical element in the air with the symbol O.

Long John Silver's was called Captain Flint.

Small seed that tops salads and burger buns.

Maxims, personal sayings.

The collective valuable properties of a company.

Part of a door or pot, which one grabs.

Live-streaming platform used by video gamers.

Side on which an optimist always looks.

Necklace pendant that contains photos.

Surname of Hollywood action star Keanu.

An area with lots of trees, the woods.

Flowering onion relatives used as herbs.

Puzzle 8

Gather together, congregate.

Hard, dry cheese of the Reggiano variety.

The Weeknd sang about these Lights in 2019.

This Marvel character was played by Chris Pratt.

Vacation with a lot of driving.

Supersonic passenger airliner operating 1976-2003.

You burn this oil when you work in the evening.

Baby frogs before metamorphosis.

Flame-resistant safety exits in buildings.

US name for purple veggie aubergine in the UK.

Jeff Kinney's novel, Diary of a __.

Device worn to pinch the nostrils while swimming.

Abroad, in a different country.

Puzzle 9

Cosmetics mogul named Estée.

To feel sad or repentant for something in the past.

Relating to Switzerland's major mountains.

Many say the afterlife options are heaven __.

Shawn, There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back singer.

Versailles or Buckingham perhaps.

People who give blood to blood banks.

Paul, founder of a charity salad dressing brand.

__ Peace, Tolstoy masterpiece.


Spherical 3D models of the world.

__ Stern; shock jock, America's Got Talent host.

Pickled bush buds eaten with salmon and salad.

Bank robbing partner of Clyde.

Keep pictures in these on your desk.

Velocity times change of mass over change in time.

Puzzle 10

An individual room or chamber, like a shower.

Land that is protected for conservation reasons.

M&Ms sold in a yellow pack contain these.

Ho Chi Minh was a famous independence fighter here.

Type of printmaking from carved blocks of timber.

Room in which you might use a Cuisinart.

To convert digital information into secure code.

Leafy green that gives Popeye his strength.

Shiver me __; a pirate's expression of shock.

Industry focused on popular and stylish clothing.

CNS: Central __ System.

Shakespeare play with an appearance by 3 witches.

Deodorant or spray paint, for example.

Managing one's food in order to lose weight.

2018 hit for Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa.

Puzzle 11

Star sign of someone born on Valentine's Day.

Watery green cylindrical veggie, eaten in summer.

Ring thrown to help those in difficulty in the sea.

Not guilty of a crime.

Props used to keep novels upright on a shelf.

Levantine salad of khubz and greens.

Conversation between two or more people.

__ Nails, Trent Reznor's Grammy-winning rock band.

Cinderella had to be back home at this time.

Qwerty is the most common type of this.

Buffet for making leafy green dishes.

Number of cards in a standard suit.

Where I've been working all the live long day.

Bart Simpson told people not to do this.

All of one's hair up, resembling a horse.

Puzzle 12

Indoor glass enclosure for guppies.

Doctors, dentists keep this reading material.

Tomato that sounds like it's been passed down.

Casual frock for warm weather.

Czech __, country with Prague as its capital.

Drinks are on these if served over ice.

A small fashion store or beauty salon.

The legendary Greek hero with a vulnerable heel.

Liquid fat from Koroneikis and Leccinos.

Stretches after vigorous exercise.

Units of loudness.

Made a photo bigger.

Super Soaker fired during hot days.

Puzzle 13

Type of blue cheese used in Cobb salads.

Taken out of service, removed from circulation.

Pixar movie about the workings of the brain.

Area of land almost entirely surrounded by water.

The largest creature in the ocean.

Exercises to loosen your muscles.

Legumes also known as garbanzo beans.

Bright explosives launched at night on holidays.

Someone who drops trash, but not an insect.

__ studios, a theme park in Orlando and Hollywood.

Puzzle 14

You're either for something or __ it.

Lawn sport played with mallets and hoops.

Flirty eye motion.

Restricted online access to an individual.

Indoor footwear with a soft lining.

Part of a meal when Snickers salad is eaten.

Homer's epic poem named for its hero.

An art student can often draw one quite well.

Five of a kind in this popular dice game.

Popular nickname for the American brown bear.

Hugh, lead star of The Greatest Showman.

This test was developed by Rorschach.

Miss __; be too late for an opportunity.

Legumes like masoor daal and avondale.

Puzzle 15

Over and above the expected effort, go the __.

Trusting, accepting as true.

Opium relative used in lemon salad dressings.

Nirvana drummer who is now a Foo Fighter.

General term for price increases in an economy.

The musical city in Tennessee.

Small fish found in Caesar salad.

Online game where players build with cubes.

Another word for surgery.

A square peg does not fit into one of these.

Calling someone to court.

Puzzle 16

Command to get rid of annoying person or animal.

Arrow pointer moved by a computer mouse.

The White Stripes sang of a Seven __ Army.

Parts of eggs that aren't yolks.

A rugby player's takedown of an opponent.

Statue with a riddle that guards the pyramids.

Long-sleeved shirt with attached head covering.

Manners __ man, according to an old saying.

The other name of Jane Hopper from Stranger Things.

Condition where one's airways narrow.

Reverse the passage of a law.

People who don't eat any animal products.

Informal name for unscripted performances.

Flat dishes on which food is served.

Shark's fin that often appears above water.

Puzzle 17

Surface on which eight-ball is played.

Garden bug with a lot of limbs.

A story about mythical beings.

Decorative items on a Christmas tree.

Term for a body of H2O, like a river or a sea.

A painting depicting a horizontal scenic view.

Four-pronged utensil for eating leafy starters.

Powder cosmetic for enhancing windows to the soul.

A resource to find words with identical meanings.

The first course of a formal Italian meal.

The __, TV show starring James Spader as Red.

Puzzle 18

People directly affected by crimes.

Providing care for the sick and recovering.

Woody dandelion relative used for salad leaves.

Sit straight and don't slump to achieve good this.

Aircraft with a double set of wings.

Sounding the same, like this clue of the game.

Edible seeds eaten on Waldorf salads.

Month during which Earth Science Week is observed.

Biggest city in Canada, with the CN Tower.

Confused a situation; did this to the waters.

Yelping like a wolf at the moon.

Make volume of a track gradually quieter on air.

Maker of Galaxy smartphones.

Puzzle 19

Curved equipment for hitting hockey balls.

Discount voucher.

Portable touchscreen computing device.

God of the underworld in Egyptian mythology.

Blaze __, lead the way by being the first.

Georgia nuts often used in salads when candied.

The laziest or least active.

Tiny, individual pieces of sand.

Tree that might be weeping.

Yellow citrus fruits juiced over salad for taste.

Honey __; nickname of child star Alana Thompson.

Rocky layer between Earth's core and crust.

Colloquial term for a violin.

First name of Sorry and Yummy Canadian singer.

Puzzle 20

Retro illumination with moving wax blobs.

Receptacle for a growing seedling.

Distance from tip to tip of a bird's flight organs.

Shredded cabbage and mayonnaise dish.

Turn one to something that is deliberately ignored.

Physical activity to increase fitness and health.

Medical name for the jawbone.

Light liquid vegetable fat used as a dressing.

The amount of space between two people or things.

Muddy dugouts, associated with the First World War.

Tall office or residential building.

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