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All Things Glass PackAll Things Glass

Here are the answers to CodyCross All Things Glass Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Activists who believe women & men should be equal.

The rodent whose name in Latin means "quill pig".

Last name of the director of the 2019 movie Glass.

Exciting, electrifying.

Science experiments aim for this kind of data.

Furniture sized between chairs and sofas.

Kind of manifesto written by Karl Marx.

Netflix competition series about glassblowers.

Injuries to this thigh muscle are common.

Pitbull's nickname: Mr. __.

Puzzle 2

Small paper packet containing sugar or sweetener.

Big four golf tournaments.

Musical pattern connected to the beat.

Glass table jug for water or wine.

Not transparent, like frosted glass.

Actor known for Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.

The sharp claws of birds of prey.

Smoking instrument used by Alice's caterpillar.

One of these can erase unsaved work on a computer.

Glass parts in a set of eyewear.

Puzzle 3

Military uniform, a soldier's everyday clothing.

To be negligent and make mistakes as a result.

What light does when it hits glass at an angle.

Broadcast that is not pre-recorded.

Symbolic clock that counts down to catastrophe.

Blood protein that fights specific illnesses.

Bat Out of Hell singer or food.

This waterfall's curtain spans over 1,700 m.

Glass art technique where a torch melts the glass.

Small, fashion-centric store.

Someone who isn't yet an adult.

Neckline that shows cleavage.

Puzzle 4

Body searched, patted down, like at an airport.

Last name of Dale, glass artist of The Sun.

Changed, altered at a cellular level.

Aretha Franklin famously spelled it in song.

Type of "animal" glass used in many electronics.

Large stinging wasps.

1940s era star Ingrid.

Line at 0 degrees latitude.

Withdraw, abandon, e.g. a deal or agreement.

Tiny opening in a door for snooping.

First name of Starship Enterprise's Captain Picard.

What a chef might call deer meat.

Puzzle 5

A place to get daily papers and magazines.

Lampworker's heating tool.

A ballet move where you spin on one foot.

Talus, anatomically.

Croatian city on the Dalmatian coast.

Folded egg dishes.

Collection of glass figurines in a Williams play.

Inoculate in order to provide immunity.

Democrat nominee in 2004 US presidential election.

Science class where one learns the elements.

A bet that the dealer will hit blackjack.

Puzzle 6

Grammar word that modifies other words, uses LY.

Target in cricket.

Texan city and soap opera.

Rapper also known as Marshall Mathers.

Saint __, the largest glass company in the world.

Asian elephant species, classified as endangered.

Pen name for Nora Roberts' futuristic cop stories.

Wearing a face covering as a costume.

Those who show others to their seats.

Research paper required for advanced degree.

Glass food dishes.

Undergarment designed to shape woman's waist.

Food served with loaves in the Bible.

Puzzle 7

Tube for sending air into molten glass.

Add things to a space to improve its appearance.

What Roman slaves did under Spartacus.

To ride on water on a sailboard.

Pinching tools used to pluck hairs.

Many consider space the last great one.

Catching beach crustaceans.

__ act; the main event at a concert or festival.

This rating shows how popular a politician is.

Miami-inspired Grand Theft Auto setting.

How people feel on turkey-day.

High class poultry dish served "under glass".

Puzzle 8

Stretchy material used in comfortable waistbands.

Adjective for picture book dolls Ann and Andy.

Declining health in elderly people.

Run __, strike the bottom of the ocean floor.

Material combined with glass for space telescopes.

This acid is a corrosive substance found in a car.

A dispute brought before a judge in court.

Nickname for London's pickle-shaped glass building.

Drama set in N Ireland with Gillian Anderson.

Put a strap on a dog's mouth.

Utensils for removing skin of fruit or vegetables.

Austrian layered pastry with a fruity filling.

What Will Smith is to Jada Pinkett.

Puzzle 9

Set of tools and bait for fishing.

You Raise Me Up singer, Josh.

Nickname for person interested in dining out.

Sand's chemical element that makes glass.

Young cow.

Headwear brand with marsupial logo.

Strongly persuading.

Chip's mother is this item in Beauty and The Beast.

Heart of Darkness author, Joseph __.

Green, sweet, melon liqueur brand.

Doctors who lack credentials; medical frauds.

Heat glass and allow it to cool slowly.

Kidnappers, hackers demand this type of money.

Metropolitan capital city of Poland.

Puzzle 10

German glass structure by Bruno Taut.

Funny drawings that can be animated.

Another name for a bicycle gear.

A Chinese language; A type of orange.

Short works of fiction.

The central portion of an aircraft.

Russian business leader with political power.

A group of companies in related fields.

Sci-fi horror film set in Antarctica.

Excessively smooched.

British soldiers during the Revolutionary War.

Made from lava, like obsidian glass.

Island off north-west Wales also called Ynys Mon.

Puzzle 11

Abroad, from or in another country.

Tiny sculpture of an object made of glass.

What a doctor calls a scratch.

H G Wells' character, a man who owns an island.

An extremely easy task; winning with ease.

A TKO is a technical one in boxing.

Water left standing, can get contaminated.

Giant biblical beast mentioned in the book of Job.

Rudy the ex New York mayor.

Training done by a military to preserve readiness.

Glass cylinder for holding lab samples.

Puzzle 12

An arctic whale with a large tusk.

Song by McCartney; it's a Beatles album too.

New York city famous for its glass museum.

Foretell future events.

Changes to improve a policy.

Harmful programs installed on a computer.

Sister ship of the RMS Titanic.

Company known for blue boxes and glass lampshades.

Headpiece worn by lunch ladies.

South Park's naïve blond boy.

Thrown off the throne.

Puzzle 13

A scary figure that hides in kids' bedrooms.

Glass enclosure around a glowing filament.

Holes in bicycle wheel inner tubes.

Businesses pay this kind of tax rate.

Headset for listening to audio files and music.

Non-evergreen tree that sheds its leaves.

Revolutions per minute of a 7-inch single record.

Author of a Moveable Feast and The Sun Also Rises.

Process for fading denim.

What a convex glass lens does to little things.

Puzzle 14

Liquor containers often worn on one's hip.

500 Days of this with Zooey Deschanel.

Stick it to this paper container to get treats.

Patchwork blankets.

Waste glass in glassmaking.

Type of election after an initial tie.

Lifting too much can cause this belly injury.

Heavy downpour.

Full first name of Gad, Hutcherson, Hartnett.

Hook-and-loop fastener material.

Mary, long-term partner of Freddie Mercury.

__ for blood; desperate for revenge.

Type of glass used on darkened car windows.

Swarming pest known for eating all crops.

Puzzle 15

Hanks-Spielberg movie Bridge __.

Vinegary cucumbers, either sweet or sour.

Heavy glass holder of cigarette waste.

Window that snaps on a camera to take a photo.

All the days of the year in bound volumes.

Catholic religious service for the dead.

Butler Lurch's response to being summoned.

Twelve pairs of nerves that connect to the brain.

Antigua partner island.

Aquaman's weapon.

When the day and the night are the same length.

Last name of Karen, life-size glass artist.

Word used to lull a baby to sleep.

Puzzle 16

Prosthetic visual organs made of glass.

French raspberry liqueur brand.

Bodily capacity for inhalations.

Kraft did this to Cadbury in the business world.

When it's quiet, you could hear this.

Glass ball for a Christmas tree.

__ Navigator; defunct web browser released in 1994.

A term like acoustic guitar or snail mail.

Ocean that the Murray River empties into.

Remove wilted blooms from garden plants.

Sporting event in America.

An image, primarily of the face.

Mineral found in many toothpaste products.

Puzzle 17

First name of US presidents Jackson and Johnson.

Lawyers in their underwear.

Largest Canadian National Park in the Rockies.

Duetted with Elton on Don't Go Breaking My Heart.

Liquefied by heat, like glass.

Martial arts body position or way of standing.

It's used to enter access codes into a system.

Golfing movie with Rene Russo and Kevin Costner.

Decorative transfers applied to walls.

Someone who gets the deal.

Light, warm synthetic fabric used in blankets.

Glass shapes that refract light.

Puzzle 18

The only continent that is also a country.

Glass cups and similar beverage holders.

Underground passages used as burial chambers.

Blemish associated with growing older.

Term for 11 a.m. tea breaks in the UK.

Cinderella had a fairy one of these.

Sand-filled timekeeping device.

Tennis grand-slam championship in London.

Unable to repay debts, bankrupt.

Russian abstract artist who taught at Bauhaus.

Puzzle 19

Rouse someone into action with enthusiasm.

Greek mythology hero with a weak heel.

Extractor chimney for a cooker.

Small unit of computer memory.

Sport of dancing and acrobatics on horseback.

Lyndon B. Johnson married her.

US seafood picnic; an Elvis Presley movie.

Like glass that's been toughened.

Relating to sounds.

Transparent frozen coating, makes roads dangerous.

What glass does when it breaks.

Scrutinize, examine closely.

Katy Perry song about a pyrotechnic.

Chronic illness of excess sugar in the blood.

Venetian man in love with Othello's wife.

Puzzle 20

Borneo, Tahiti, and Crete are examples of one.

Term for a glassblower or a film lighting head.

House __; Jump Around hip hop artists.

Sports teams are often part of one.

Suffocate, or smother another's prospects.

Book of songs found in Christian church pews.

A British car manufacturer named after an animal.

Dr. Howser, played by a young Neil Patrick Harris.

Helical drilling devices.

Fixed, manipulated.

Roof of the mouth.

A significant other one wants to stick around.

Picture made by arranging many pieces of glass.

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