CodyCross All Things Ice Cream Pack answers

All Things Ice Cream PackAll Things Ice Cream

Here are the answers to CodyCross All Things Ice Cream Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Made by lying on white stuff and moving limbs.

Pinky-red summer fruit; framboise in French.

Large storage building.

Incredibly fast; quick paced.

Barrier on the open road for taking money.

Brown, cocoa-based sauce to top ice cream.

Aware, awake.

Metal __; searching for valuable objects.

People native to Barcelona or Madrid, for example.

Left over, e.g. part of a number in a division sum.

Puzzle 2

Big, hairy brown seed with white flesh to eat.

Overindulged a child.

Entrance, way in to a house.

Victorian desk container for writing fluids.

Work outfit for all staff to wear.

Deal __; factor that could make a deal collapse.

Hard outer covering of a book.

Canadian province Ontario has its capital here.

Made less concentrated by adding water.

Flightless black seabird.

Depression or crater in a road surface.

Puzzle 3

My way or the __; take it or leave it.

Month of the wolf moon.

Mozilla web browser with blue and orange logo.

The sweet course of a meal.

Advanced in years.

Describes an animal species that has died out.

The K in UK.

Another name for the Virgin Mary.

Small red and purple fruits used in toppings.

Without oxygen.

Puzzle 4

Expensive, round nut from Australia.

Duping, lying to people.

Desert armored animal that is a nocturnal digger.

Runner who leads a race to set a decent time.

Wrote locations on envelopes.

Warm underwear for the entire legs.

Buttery biscuit that often goes with strawberries.

Person who manufactures drills, hammers etc.

Lotion for the palms and fingers.

Bad sport, someone who does not take defeat well.

Puzzle 5

Artificial grass surface for sports.

Private device for producing electricity.

Right now, without delay.

Tropical fruit, like a tree and an orchard fruit.

Period after a bad event, the consequences.

Combat between Zeus and his father Cronus.

Thrash out a deal.

Word that modifies a noun or pronoun.

Classic TV sitcom, two unlikely roommates; the __.

Milk with the water removed, sweetened with sugar.

Puzzle 6

Unsolicited post, e.g. flyers, leaflets.

Exaggerated displays of masculinity.

Low-caffeine hot drink from unfermented leaves.

Annoy, cause to inflame.

Customer __; work department that handles queries.

Electronic faults, minor bugs.

Said by a boxing commentator at the start of bouts.

Topics taught at school, e.g. science, history.

Fizzing, soapy shape for the tub.

Hollywood actor Ryan, who starred as Deadpool.

Ten times ten times ten.

Weasel-like marine mammal native to North Pacific.

Woman who works taking people's food orders.

Activities such as elections and governing.

Natural illumination from the sun.

More formal dress attire than a black counterpart.

Diagrams of freeways in your area.

Puzzle 7

Guardian of a cat or dog, say.

Relating to a compass point between east and west.

Corner command on a Monopoly board.

Little choppers.

Nail __, levered device for snipping talons.

Alternative, ecological energy sources.

Small shot of strong coffee.

Measures taken to guard against attack or theft.

Period of 365 days starting after this December ends.

Clenched celebration exhibited by sportspeople.

Cash __, machine on a counter, for taking money.

Puzzle 8

Liquid sanitizer for fingers and palms.

Funny, entertaining.

Watercourses smaller than rivers.

Cream that's been beaten till fluffy.

Attitude that is opposite of loving.

"You could hear a __", a definition of quietness.

They catch coffee grounds.

Counterfeiting, creating fake copies of something.

Pour a sauce slowly onto ice cream.

Shakespeare play, opposite of comedy.

Puzzle 9

Suggested policies or plans.

Lunar surface vehicle.

Individual unit in a building where people live.

Get two people together romantically.

Blue ice cream; chewy product that blows and pops.

Running contest with batons.

A sensitive or delicate issue, like a piping tuber.

Yummy, very tasty.

Hollywood dynasty of Lionel, John and Drew.

Describing a cat or an unshaved man.

Puzzle 10

Floor game for bendy players.

Cut into small pieces, like nuts for sprinkling.

Short-__; with poor close vision.

Substances that produce morphine-like effects.

Common name for Castillian language.

Huge embrace as if by an ursine.

Large or imposing building.

__ Phelps, gold-medal swimmer.

Sugar, butter and cream sauce, like toffee.

Home to druids and leprechauns.

Made a loud metallic noise.

Wednesday, the middle of the work week.

Puzzle 11

Florida citrus fruit famously put in pies.

Full on, passionate.

Company founded by Sam Walton in 1962.

Marzipan nuts that are often flaked.

Someone who is famous in a particular field.

Big hat worn by cowboys.

Device on which video games are played.

Mixed up word that's a puzzle to solve.

Whale fat.

92 known cases of these bombs being lost at sea.

E.g. landscape and portrait artist.

Puzzle 12

Instruments come in crash, hi-hat, etc types.

Full freedom to make major decisions: carte __.

Do exercise at the gym.

Nutty, sweet paste often made from hazelnuts.

Making the sound of a snake.

Seven Dwarfs used this tool to mine for diamonds.

Island country in the West Indies, north of Cuba.

Flue above a fire in a home.

Orange-fleshed tropical fruits with flat stones.

Cut to size, e.g. a photograph.

Dream __, Indigenous Culture nightmare protection.

Derogatory term for someone not very bright.

Bicycle stunt with one tire in the air.

Judicial re-run after a hung jury.

Books used as evidence for research assignments.

Japanese company of computer hardware.

The Last __; Oscar-winner about Chinese ruler.

Goes red in the face.

Puzzle 13

Layers of bread and filling or ice cream in wafers.

Residential areas out of town.

Football defender playing on left or right.

Type of military band that parades up and down.

Took a suspected offender into police custody.

Torn into small pieces, like coconut.

Mild-__; even tempered, easy-going.

Jeans brand; someone who looks after horses.

Illness or disease.

Made goods or a movie.

Rebounding of something hard, like a bullet.

Beyond or across the ocean.

Puzzle 14

Guessed, gave a rough answer.

Take a step away, prepare to be amazed.

Sweet vanilla fizzy drink.

Energy source put into items like watches.

Sacred texts of Christianity.

Piece of art made from 3-D materials.

Green shelled nut, popular ice cream variety.

Opposite of feminine.

Describes a garment without shoulder supports.

Situated facing the sea.

Vitreous objects: drinking vessels, vases, etc.

Study aid with bite-sized information to revise.

Driver's control panel in a vehicle.

Puzzle 15

__-rouser, an agitator or troublemaker.

Sliding furniture part of a chest.

Chunky __, Ben & Jerry's apelike ice cream.

Use of uppermost body part to strike a football.

AGM; __ General Meeting, yearly business meeting.

Ocean floor.

Title of an old nursery rhyme: Pop Goes the __.

Underground burial chambers.

Orchard fruits, used in cider.

Extant, still with us.

English translation of the French word "soeur".

Puzzle 16

Pictures, graphics.

Ariel's sea witch enemy.

Siberia's country.

Biblical book that tells of the Israelites' escape.

Light with regular flashes at a night club.

Fruits including lemons, limes, oranges.

Kitchen implements for removing lumps from flour.

Pester; small omnivore.


Plays all the guitar strings.

Male who serves food to customers.

Checks a person for contraband.

Puzzle 17

Breakable drinking or sundae containers.

Requests someone's presence at a party.

Highest-numbered square in Snakes & Ladders.

Carve; anagram of avenger.

__ car; vehicle used to flee a crime scene.

Pipework installer.

David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and the __ From Mars.

North American grassland.

Protected against loss, theft or accidental damage.

Mime along to the words of a song.

Introversion, bashfulness.

Fast & __, car chases and heists movie series.

Making food, following recipes.

__ chance; slim likelihood.

Travel time off from university.

Bag for liquid.

Puzzle 18

Putting away a horse.

David Copperfield or Criss Angel's skill.

Nattering, talking pointlessly and aimlessly.

Sock-like shoe liner items; under-table flirting.

A turnaround or a volte-face.

Moving a spoon round and round in a mixture.

Projectiles, ballistic trajectories.

Bleeding like a __, a porcine analogy.

These energy units in food are counted by dieters.

Cease activity, log out and switch off.

Trapping an animal.

Moment of confrontation in a Western.

Puzzle 19

Offender, law breaker.

Banana and toffee combination dessert.

Logs that are chopped for burning.

Gut feeling.

Monarchy where the king or queen has all the power.

Bars on top of a car to help transport luggage.

Hotel accommodation with two single beds.

Fruits of the rosales, used in medicinal syrups.

Put these on ice cream, e.g. sprinkles, sauces.

Dangling, fleshy part of hearing organs.

Describes a rig extracting oil or gas.

Introduce new and original ideas or products.

Person fond of pranks.

Dancing to three beats in a bar.

Use one's authority to reverse a law or decision.

Where you play on the field.

Puzzle 20

Vacate, make everyone leave a place.

Italian dessert with coffee and sponge layers.

Shocks, catches unaware.

Hurricane, flooding or earthquake, for example.

Appliance that is thinner or narrower than usual.

Publication full of gags.

Tiny skin sac in which a hair sits.

Frogman in the US military.

Tree-bark spice paired with apples.

He freed Prometheus from being tied to the rock.

Orchestrated traffic to move in a certain way.

Has the opinion.

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