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Here are the answers to CodyCross Alliteration Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Refers to a vehicle designed for rough terrain.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled __.

Skin decorations.

A serious crime, threat of bodily harm.

Looking intently at someone.

Big __ is watching you, per George Orwell.

Winter Olympic sport with stones and brushes.

Individual cakes made in cup-sized moulds.

Egyptian burial tomb.

Turning down the lights gradually.

A vacation or day of rest, such as Good Friday.

A load of __ fills a washing machine.

Reverse of an operation, in maths; the opposite.

Puzzle 2

A small house, often in the country.

Stars and __, the American flag.

Made or invented.

A football formation like a precious gem.

Huge, enormous.

Belle's father in Beauty and the Beast.

Yapping noise made by excited dogs.

The structure where bees make honey.

Sweet __, she'll be seventeen next year.

A female standing to inherit a fortune.

Rank in the army and US founder of KFC.

Less light.

Beatles song: "With a Little Help From My __".

Puzzle 3

Illegible writing.

DIY stands for Do It __.

South American country, its capital is Bogotá.

Very thin, or to do with the body's bones.

Insulin disease where sugar levels are monitored.

The definitions of words.

Cool as a green salad vegetable.

Round sugary treat, sometimes with a hole.

The world wide web.

Selina Kyle is this superhero's real name.

Professional fighter, for e.g., The Rock.

She bid him a fond __, saying goodbye.

Puzzle 4

A female parent.

Marvel Comics being with an X-gene.

Enclosure for farm animals with snouts.

What a party __, she really spoiled the evening.

From the country where Nairobi is capital.

__ of fancy, perhaps in a plane.

Pictures of people, taken with a camera.

Home of kings and knights with drawbridge and moat.

Prince __, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

Two or more notes sounding together.

Along with Latin, this language is root of English.

Forever, eternally.

Someone who paints pictures for a living.

Puzzle 5

Any soft material, used in furnishings or clothes.

Water slides.

Bright eyed and bushy __.

Protective hat worn when cycling or motorcycling.

Black and white striped mammal lives in setts.

__ Kreme, doughnut brand.

Julia Roberts movie about a boy trying to fit in.

University qualification.

Something on a world scale or level.

Artemis Fowl family including Domovoi and Juliet.

Save something to watch or listen another time.

Somebody displaying courage.

Disc __, or DJ, plays music at a party or disco.

Rub this on your paper to remove pencil mistakes.

Puzzle 6

Removed; e.g. took a DVD out of a player.

__ roulette is a very dangerous game.

Items brought into a country.

Green vegetable that makes Popeye strong.

Has an influence on someone.

Pledge to do something.

Country where Beethoven was born.

Series with Lego characters learning Spinjitzu.

Under water after heavy rain.

Yin __ are opposites, like salt and pepper.

Puzzle 7


The belly is also known as this.

Carefully tipping liquid out or into something.

Something super effective works __, or marvels.

It takes two __, a ballroom dance.

Favourite food of Bugs Bunny.

Regular patterns of beats in music.

He or she is in charge of the classroom.

Flat open storage on walls.

Large fluffy cloud.

Strips of material you can tie in hair.

Puzzle 8

The children of an animal.

Fizzing, foaming soap explosion in the tub.

Where rivers widen as they enter the sea.

Sit and relax in this warm, humid place at the spa.

A tool for making pencils more pointy.

Gymnastic move turns you upside down.

Daniel __; British actor who played Harry Potter.

A male partner, not yet married.

Devastating or extremely upsetting.

Person who looks after books and lends them out.

Middle name of storyteller Hans Andersen.

Percussion instrument, wooden bars hit with sticks.

Elastic hair tie covered with decorative material.

She sells __ by the seashore.

Puzzle 9

__ Wales, a large state in south-east Australia.

If you're a __ flyer you can get air miles.

__ Cat, Lewis Carroll's cat with a permanent smile.

Desire for food.

Tongue __ like Peter Piper are hard to say.

Liquid soap delivered from a pump dispenser.

Someone who works to build or fix machinery.

Opposite of speed up.

The skin around the ends of your fingernails.

The opposite of latest.

When the final whistle goes in a football match.

Firing a gun.

Mark these with a hashtag on Twitter.

Puzzle 10

Small prawns.

Scarlet clown attachment for the face.

In films, we love to boo and hiss these villains.

Cherishing someone, loving them deeply.

Cultivating plants.

The play was received with rave __.

Opposite of closing.

Feelings of concern or anxiety.

The capital of Iraq.

Against the law, describes a crime.

Falling off a surfboard when riding a wave.

The coast __, make a run for it without being seen.

Expert, master musician.

Puzzle 11

Last meal of the day.

Slowly but __, we'll get there in the end.

Natural streams of water flowing into the sea.

Opposite of richer.

Decorated with lines, like a tiger.

Geometric figure with four equal sides.

Glanced at, regarded.

David __, played Anakin in Star Wars.

__ coats denote healthy cats and dogs.

Toothless's owner in How to Train Your Dragon.

Living in the lap of __, with riches galore.

When ice meets with heat, it quickly becomes __.

Puzzle 12

Picture created with pieces of material, photos.

__ mantis, large insect with strong front legs.

Shouts for help.

The __ theory explains how the universe began.

Don't beat around __, tell it straight.

The surname of Wendy in Peter Pan.

English translation of the French word "frere".

Tropical cyclone in the Northwestern Pacific.

Feeling full of air.

Saint __, very big rescue dog.

Attached a belt.

Making an unpowered flight.

A light, sweet or savoury egg dish risen in oven.

Muscles at the back of the arm, opposite biceps.

Puzzle 13

Toddlers often have temper __.

Person from West African country, capital Accra.

Going through an experience again: __ it.

Star of "The Hunger Games" films: Jennifer __.

Magicked up, performed magic.

Does not get exhausted or worn out.

Jewish holiday that celebrates freedom.

__ makes perfect, keep on rehearsing.

Rhythm banged out on percussion instrument.

Walkway or gap between buildings.

Gathers ripe crops.

Puzzle 14

Leaning back.

__ SquarePants, he lives in Bikini Bottom.

__ Hubbard, went to the cupboard.

Fighting sport with characters like WWE John Cena.

Use this to fly a plane or steer your boat for you.

Towering yellow flower filled with edible seeds.

People who carry out eye tests.

Solid object from space that has fallen to Earth.

The condition of having a child in the womb.

Large heap of snow that is created by the wind.

In a state of unrest; rough or choppy.

Describes whales leaping out of the water.

Coffee delivery system, also called French press.

Puzzle 15

Green Eggs __; most hated food of Sam-I-Am.

Not open for business.

Like in the UK, they spend __ in Egypt.

The type of feet that ducks and geese have.

Bite the __ and go for it.

Passed through a fine mesh.

The dark life-like image that follows you around.

__ Duck, he's Mickey's friend.

A __ of police officers; a group of law enforcers.

Motorcycle enthusiasts.

Puzzle 16

Presented, proposed.

Not succeeding.

Through thick __, they stuck together.

Country in Europe; anagram of "nice lad".

Travelling by bike.

Thaw out from frozen.

Dogs with tight curly coats.

French word for cheese.

Washing in the tub.

Author of Charlotte's Web.

Blossomed, came into flower.

We are mere __, not gods.

A place to refill a fountain pen.

Puzzle 17

Air hole in the nose.

Cleaning; doing laundry.

The Fast and the __, car racing movie series.

A leather bag with a strap, worn across the body.

Where pilots sit to fly an aircraft.

North American wild ox.

When you really need a drink, you are __.

__ or nice, sugar or spice.

Pain in your hearing organs.

This country's former capital was Lagos.

Small white flowers that grow on lawns.

Excuse someone when they give you an apology.

Small glass balls used for playing games.

Final __is a sci-fi role-playing video game series.

Puzzle 18

It's a __ slope, things are bound to go wrong.

Opening it indoors is unlucky.

Airport area where people come in.

Parts of an orange.

Fills with air, increases in size.

Making a web.

Losing blood from a cut.

Small, aquatic, swimming mammal with a duck bill.

Branch of the military that uses planes.

Chinese colony that was once ruled by England.

Wendy's friend, the boy who never grew up.

What you lie on in bed.

Images, drawings, paintings and sketches.

Puzzle 19

Toy railway.

Amazing happenings.

Decade when Queen Elizabeth II was born.

Covered walkway around a courtyard.

Drink of milk/yoghurt mixed with fruit or veg.

Canine's canines.

US actor, Phillip Carlyle in The Greatest Showman.

Window covers also known as drapes.

Someone from or living in the capital of Ireland.

Just after sunset; books by Stephenie Meyer.

I need not your needles, they’re __ to me.

Gorilla-like giant movie monster.

Place for medical help from doctors and nurses.

Wet sport where you move on blades behind a boat.

A kind of printer, not with liquid ink.

Puzzle 20


Card receipt for travel; gets you into a concert.

They shared the same opinion.

The tops of the legs.

Sticks and __ will break bones, but words won't.

Blew from side to side in the wind.

A wicker cage for carrying food.

We're scraping the bottom of the __ now.

Yellow fruit that turns black when over ripe.

__ carpet, mode of transport from Arabian Nights.

Pretends to strike a blow.

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