CodyCross Alternatives to Plastic Pack answers

Alternatives to Plastic PackAlternatives to Plastic

Here are the answers to CodyCross Alternatives to Plastic Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Customary salutation for business letter to a man.

The __ Maze; TV game show set in a labyrinth.

Suitcases and luggage.

Planting and tending to herbs and vegetables.

Activist, oldest child of Martin Luther King.

Dog that uncovered the stolen World Cup in 1966.

These Femmes sang about a Blister in the Sun.

Longtime AA member who mentors a new member.

20th century playwright who penned Rhinoceros.

Autocratic rule.

Alms, giving away altruistically.

Animal skin used for clothing and seating.

Southern province of Ireland.

Spicy salad greens also called rocket.

Puzzle 2

Genuine article, not a copy or reproduction.

Shirley who starred in Wild Oats.

Reptile enclosure with lighting and heat.

Superman's bae.

Save and look after natural resources.

University of Cincinnati football team.

Nation that defeated Italy in the Battle of Adwa.

Moving around pompously, like a grand white bird.

Opening in a lens that lets light into a camera.

H2O for drinking, avoiding plastic bottles.

Vitamin or mineral.

Band who hopes "you had the time of your life".

Removed bones from fish.

Perennial flower; Katniss Everdeen's sister.

Puzzle 3

Can make a writer nervous.

Hottest season of the year.

There are three of these on the recycling symbol.

Kishimoto manga series about a ninja.

Dull the sensitivity in something.

Beach-dwelling dotterel bird.

Animated film character Coco's murdered father.

Switch that makes a light brighter or darker.

Overwatch character with the full name Lena Oxton.

Natural fabric grown in fields.

Name yelled in A Streetcar Named Desire.

Business or technical slang.

Tour that's led by a knowledgeable leader.

Accumulated financial assets.

__ Berle, comedian known for his endowment.

French name for small restaurant with simple food.

Puzzle 4

Thickener from the rhizomes of a tropical plant.

Ruler or golden coin.

Red-haired primate native to Southeast Asia.

Mystery film famous for Chris Evans' sweater.

English rockers of Silent Alarm, Four and Intimacy.

Exfoliating plastic bit that harms the environment.

Talkative, chatty.

Online encyclopedia by Sanger and Wales.

Raw materials, things we get from our planet.

Spades, clubs, hearts or diamonds given priority.

Eat it when you are contrite.

Groups of stars smaller than constellations.

Puzzle 5

Certify with a seal or stamp.

Ansel Adams' main tool.

Electronic messages for finding out how someone is.

Burning fiercely.

Deadly cocktail with fruit juices, liqueurs, rum.

Champion swimmer and reality TV contestant Ryan.

A vessel to hold a beverage, or maybe a message.

Natural sea material for scrubbing the body clean.

Polynesian Windward isle near Tahiti, once 'Aimeho.

__ acid; aqua fortis, corrosive mineral acid.

Cairo square, site of 2013 revolutionary protests.

Golden drinking vessel for medieval royals.

Singer, teamed up with Danger Mouse on Lux Prima.

Three-headed Harry Potter dog.

Old Spanish currency.

Vehicle or mount used by deities in Hinduism.

Sleep hallucinations.

Woven carrier made from plant materials.

Puzzle 6

Type of caterpillar that might be about 3 cm long.

Person who journeys to foreign lands to chart them.

Safe, not poisonous.

Money owed to a shareholder.

Signed on to a forum or other website.

Tag of irritating skin near a human's talon.

Pungent taste; anagram of gray lick.

Lychee-like berries used for washing clothes.

David Copperfield's benefactor.

Florentine needlework, uses math to make patterns.

Don't count these before they hatch.

Giant terraced compound in ancient Mesopotamia.

Movie about a deep-sea trench and sea aliens.

Puzzle 7

Piquant Guyanan meat stew with cassareep.

Citrus-scented garden herb.

The study of mountain topography.

Comedians, prankers.

Ex-tattooist and Limp Bizkit lead vocalist.

One-time only packaging, throwaway product.

Grow and nurture plants.

One piece of a deck used to tell fortunes.

Dick Van Dyke's Diagnosis: Murder role.

Loose garment for sleeping.

Smithsons' coined description for harsh buildings.

Puzzle 8

England's national football stadium.

Very cold storage for homemade meals.

Sour condiment you can make cleaning products with.

Most senior ancient Roman magistrates.

Swirling sandstone rock formation in dry Arizona.


Loud horns on vehicles.

Element of furniture polish produced by apidae.

Cylindrical storage, repurposed in steel bands.

Real forename of "Beau" Geste.

The biggest prize in a lottery.

Drinking vessels not made from plastic.

Puzzle 9

Pressing with heat to remove wrinkles from fabric.

Swimming reptiles with patterned shells.

Ill-looking, tired, exhausted.

Beeswax or plastic sheath to cover sandwiches.

Groups of neuron cell bodies.

The weather: rain, hot, cold, sunny.

Andy Warhol's New York studio.

Remove build-up of lime from kettles or irons.

Stonework; building brick or stone structures.

Spooning hot fat over cooking meat.

Golf clubs for use on the green.

Biblical figure who offered to cut a baby in half.

Unit of measuring energy; a school of physics.

Puzzle 10

Hostess snacks that actually only last 45 days.

Mechanism used to open and close a barrier.

Frida Kahlo's native borough, site of her museum.

SpaceX CEO and founder of Tesla, Inc.

Birds often seen right by the ocean.

Place where household waste is buried en masse.

Black liquid used by comic book artists.

Dave Grohl went from Nirvana to Foo __.

The R in a labratory's R&D.

Contradictory term, like "jumbo shrimp".

__ bag; can be reusable instead of thin plastic.

Puzzle 11

To have the glow of younger days.

A keyboard that needs to be blown into to play.

One who summons spirits.

__ Magdalene; 15th-century wooden Donatello figure.

Formally supported a proposed motion.

Font or lettering style.

Don't judge a book by this.

Insect larva that emits bright light.

Glass vessel with air-tight seal, for canning.

Atrocity committed during a time of conflict.

Artificial stream of water for drinking or decor.

Cosmetic worn in Ancient Egypt as a power symbol.

Reduce, cut down in size.

Puzzle 12

Kingdom of the Franks in the Middle Ages.

Murtaugh's cat in Lethal Weapon, and an LA city.

Dante's hell, the first part of his epic.

South American embassy, home to Julian Assange.

Coin-operated music machine.

Pact, alliance, understanding.

Storehouse for grain.

From the earth, not artificial.

Stretchy material popular in the eighties.

Video-based website with many vloggers.

Thin timber layers glued together to make sheets.

Animal science classification principles.

Puzzle 13

Depressed; gloomy.

Using giftwrap again and again.

Antelope-type animal of the North American plains.

Agricultural breeding of plants and animals.

Brown flour used to make soba noodles.

Businessman who hires and fires on The Apprentice.

Usher remixed this song from Hamilton.

Synthetic compounds.

Abner __; Civil War hero at Fort Sumter.

Story of a Spanish bull who liked to smell flowers.

Spar with an invisible opponent.

Squared notepaper.

Cambodian capital on the Mekong River.

Puzzle 14

__ Funk; hit for Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

Unsteady on one's feet.

Daredevil cat crew member of the Octonauts.

Embellishes, enhances, decorates.

Seeds found on a burger bun.

Theatrical smoke.

Underwater blade, the means of steering a ship.

2010 board game about ceiling painting.

It is often pitted against nurture.

Franklin's ship, lost during search for NW Passage.

__ footprint, a person's environmental impact.

This mean girl Ms. George wore pink on Wednesdays.

Ramona Quimby's older sister.

Give away unwanted items instead of using landfill.

Banned, prohibited, ruled out.

Puzzle 15

Venomous injury from a yellow and black insect.

Greek goddess of beauty, standing in a shell.

Unrealistic fantasy.

Famous brand of Caribbean lager.

Daily reading that's repurposed as giftwrap.

Substances or fabrics, can be raw.

A dark, broken dot on a TV screen.

Location of Shirley Jackson's haunting novel.

Large room for exercise or practicing sports.

Stretchy stomachwear used during pregnancy.

Puzzle 16

Real-life Soviet agency that inspired Bond baddies.

Natural lava stone for removing dead skin.

Country where Einstein was offered the presidency.

Boat for catching big mammals.

Write a contract or plans.

Britain's capital and home of the Queen.

Chicago Bulls legend Michael.

French physicist gave his name to electric current.

Reddish metal some pans are made from.

The smallest bone in the human body.


A wine and its region from Hungary.

Samuel __; fur trader, traced the Coppermine river.

Jay Hernandez is the PI on this updated show.

Hold-up gremlin, minor technical issue.

The 2nd single released by Lil Nas X.

Chief of Police in The Simpsons.

Puzzle 17

Son of Sycorax, the savage of The Tempest.

Military conflict between armies.

Sacred Sanskrit folkloric texts.

Get rid of, throw away.

Study of the natural world, e.g. physics.

Hamburgers or Frankfurters.

Transform junk into something useful.

Starts a fire with small sticks.

Nationality of Bolognese sauce.

Devoted fans of singer Miss Knowles.

They rise on a dog when it is angry or fearful.

Largest seaport in East Africa.

Puzzle 18

Type of bat used in tennis and squash.

Italian song covered by many including Dean Martin.

Smashed into pieces.

Wall socket for plugs.

Soft wool from angora goats.

Disembark or leave a boat or train.

Disease from lack of vitamin C.

Demigods, supernaturally powered individuals.

French mathematician who made the first calculator.

Examples of this are the Namib and Mojave.

Textile made by weaving natural materials.

Gertrude __; Arts & Crafts garden designer.

Japanese horseradish.

Andes pack animals.

Sandals and underwear.

Bent-down gesture of respect to a queen.

Puzzle 19

Individual climate where species live and interact.

Flying Boxcar military aircraft manufacturer.

Dispose of by chucking out.

Police rely on this person to give them tips.

On track; fully informed.

Spider who befriends a pig in an E. B. White book.

Actor who played Augusto Odone in Lorenzo's Oil.

Vietnamese tourist site with limestone pinnacles.

Fine pottery for eating from.

US underground female punk genre of the 1990s.

Puzzle 20

Artist famous for cutting off his own ear.

The aural equivalent of turning a blind eye.

Glass or plastic containers with lids, for drinks.

Red in the face from shame or embarrassment.

Classifying waste into recycling piles.

Meme featuring a feline Pop-Tart and space rainbow.

Flounder, fish known as hirame in Japanese.

Snogging, smooching.

Absence of bacteria.

Throws a die again.

__ Ladies; name for decorative houses in San Fran.

Eye protectors worn while skiing.

Spending done on a business trip.

Butch the US bank robber.

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