CodyCross American Independence Pack answers

American Independence PackAmerican Independence

Here are the answers to CodyCross American Independence Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

To steal.

Traditional soft felt hat with a curled brim.

Thinner of the two bones in the lower leg.

Mount __, Virginian home of George Washington.

Vast, treeless region with freezing temperatures.

Romeo's love.

Drink, a mix of beer and non-alcoholic drink.

Fever caused by mosquitoes in tropical regions.

This type of shop sells second-hand clothes.

Computer self-filming device.

Spirited and aggressive.

Founder of Nepalese religion.

__ Doodle, fife-and-drum song of the Revolution.

Huge museum in Paris, with a glass pyramid.

Most recent.

Puzzle 2

Not wearing shoes.

Pistol stand-off.

Structure for draining plates/bowls after washing.

Liquid fat produced from a Mediterranean tree crop.

Washington Crossing the __, painting by Leutze.

Motioned to approach, with the hand.

Rodent that lives in the drains.

Leave a hotel; buy goods; assess something.

Became invisible.

Religious wars of the 12th and 13th centuries.

Removing impurities from the body.

They sell plants.

Arc de __, Parisian landmark.

These lines never meet.

British tax on American colonies in 1765.

Wage-earner at a company.

Puzzle 3

Roman athlete warrior.

Monarch who ruled Britain from 1702 to 1714.

Protective wear worn by astronauts.

John __, privateer of the American Revolution.

Ambulance worker, provides emergency medical care.

Small oven that works with rays.

French general who led US forces in the Revolution.

Home loans.

Small blood vessel.

Repaired damaged painting.

High-ranking important person.

Hostility or bad feeling towards someone.

What happens when having fun.

Add paler dye to sections of hair.

Caused anguish.

Three, four, knock __; nursery rhyme line.

A collection of wild animals kept for exhibition.

Jesus had twelve.

Appearing attractive on screen.

To spend the winter months in a dormant state.

Accused party required to answer charges in court.

How often something happens.

Was made greater in size.

Specialist in sensible food intake.

Surname of Marilyn Monroe's first husband.

Puzzle 4

Keep just below the boiling point.

Relax, de-stress.

__ Forge, where Washington overwintered troops.

__ Bird; game guiding a flying bird on screen.

Japanese motor company with Leaf and Cherry models.

The color of Joni Mitchell's big taxi.

Ocean where the island of Mauritius is located.

King's home.

Large moon of Uranus, named after a fairy king.

Pulls feathers.

Yield, give in.

Roman goddess of the morning, the dawn.

Three-legged camera stand.

Jimmy __ played gangsters in old-time movies.

Facing towards the top of a slope.

Rhett __, Scarlett's husband in Gone With The Wind.

__ Massacre, bloody skirmish before the Revolution.

Puzzle 5

To desecrate; defile.

__ Tree, a Boston elm, focus of Revolutionary zeal.

Flying powerlessly, on wind.

Provided food at a function.

Replenishes power to a phone.

Prison dwellers.

Tom __, US TV personality, Magnum's star.

Broke into a million bits.

Battle of __ followed a first attack at Lexington.

Action you just can't resist.

__ Dory is a sequel to Nemo.

Street celebrations, with floats.

Player in charge, leader of a sports team.

Rotted, broken down.

Puzzle 6

Wedding __, person hired to help with organization.

Sub-Saharan African pig with tusks.

Supporter of the 13 colonies against the British.

Crafter who makes patterned bed covers and duvets.

__ Tavern, inn of sedition of colonial patriots.

Wallowing in self-pity.

Go before.

Country formerly divided by a wall.

Adele sang the theme tune to this Bond film.

Pursuing, running after.


Thin slices of meat, often breaded and fried.

Extras, especially monetary, for jobs well done.

Enigma, impossible to solve.

Grant an official pardon to.

Puzzle 7

Completely drenched.

Not the same.

Countryside-dwelling rodents.

Author of the 1883 book Life on the Mississippi.

Illegally distilled, intoxicating liquor.

Spanish spectacle that Matadors perform.

High seas robber under a letter of marque.

"Ivy League" battle saw Washington beat Cornwallis.


Device for getting into tinned goods.

Led astray by misplaced reasoning.

Underground cemeteries such as those in Paris.

Temperature-lowering effect of the breeze.

A conference to discuss a particular subject.

Crowned, became recognized monarch.

Puzzle 8

Secret code needed to log in.

Moving in a downward motion.

A bridge above a railway line or road.

Small, dark spots across the nose and cheeks.

Plant expert.


Argentinian football legend Diego __.

Benjamin __, Founding Father of the United States.

Persons serving in an army.

Large boa constrictor.

Final destination of much household waste.

Rich chocolate confections.

Age-related confusion.

In a friendly, good-natured way.

Gets a first look.

Boston __, 1773 attack on ships in the harbor.

Eternal, never dying.

Painting with three panels hinged together.

Puzzle 9

It's where your lashes are.

__ Corps, naval body founded in November 1775.

A newborn.

Glided over ice.

Sell something illegal.

A system of measurement.

Spain's capital.

Robotic spacecrafts that explore.

Makes up for sins, religiously.

Where your feet go on a bicycle.

__ Spy Ring unmasked the traitor Benedict Arnold.

__ Little Liars; series about a group of girls.

Puzzle 10

Casimir __, Polish cavalryman who saved Washington.

Student at Hogwarts given extra responsibilities.

Crispus __, first death of the American Revolution.

Media streaming service, for films and TV series.

Car components vital for avoiding accidents.

Fast, large cat.

Appliance for keeping food ice-cold.

Sports venue that hosts matches.

Tropical fruit; husky exterior and milky interior.

Soapy hair wash.

Esteems, respects, thinks highly of.

Dracula is one.

Bizarre, hard to explain.

__ Armani, company of Luminous Silk Foundation.

Puzzle 11

Beached, stuck like a ship in shallow water.

Maintaining, owning.

Climbed onto a horse.

Someone who betrays their country.

Catches fire.

Giving food to.

Battle of __, watershed of the American Revolution.

Far removed from a state of poverty.

Cuts exactly in half.

Nassau is the capital of this group of islands.

Grace Kelly's Monégasque spouse, Prince __ III.

Pinkness from tanning.

Tall headwear, or a drummer's cymbals.

Baseball player who throws the ball.

US state ceded to Spain after the Revolution.

Financial backing.

Puzzle 12

List of activities on a trip.

Revolutionary militia called at 60-seconds' notice.

One who works in a lab.

Fast forward; move to the next song.

Declaration of __, George III quelling sedition.

Period of supervision of a convict out of jail.

Spoken word.

Large spherical swimming pool inflatable.

National symbol on the Canadian flag.

Audrey Hepburn eats this meal at Tiffany's.

Puzzle 13

City where the Bridge of Sighs is located.

Soft headrest for sleeping.

Crime of being wed to more than one person.

Distressing experience.

British schooner burned in Rhode Island in 1772.

She drives off a cliff with Louise.

Not often.

Paul __, midnight rider who warned of attack.

Characteristic common to two parties.

Appearing deceitful.

Wallace's pet inventor dog.

Can't teach it new tricks.

Passenger compartments on a ship.

Puzzle 14

Arranged for someone to sit somewhere.

__ Sense, independence pamphlet written by Paine.

Formal agreement between countries.

The M in html.

Window covers that pull down.

Museum tour guide.

James Cameron Sci-Fi film with blue beings.

Top or dress that ties at the back of the neck.

Popeye's forearm tattoo shows one of these.

Inventor seeks this for sole rights.

Spicy root paste to have with sushi.

DVD collection that comes as one package.

French and __ War, fight for European dominance.

Triangular lower back bone between the hip bones.

State of being regarded in a particular way.

Largest country in South America.

To make something clean.

Those who follow the god Ganesha.

Clever and indirect, not obvious.

Puzzle 15

Written storylines for theatrical performances.

Founding Father and first chief justice.

Still in progress.

Discolored with marks that can't easily be removed.

Separate into a different road.

Ate between meals.

Federico __, Italian director of La Dolce Vita.

Asks someone to a party.

Low-level horizontal clouds.

Rubber filled with helium for fun.

Zeus's home, Mount __.

Turn waste products into something new.

The voice of Fantastic Mr Fox, George __.

Busting some moves.

Circus performer who tosses things in the air.

Walks in step, like a soldier.

NJ battle, Washington captured Hessian soldiers.

Nationality of composer Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Inhaling suddenly, due to shock.

Puzzle 16

Benedict Arnold did this when he turned traitor.

Spanish dance with castanets and flair.

Urgently demanded.

Something that has been left out.


Packed pile of cut, dried grass on a farm.

Skin cream applied to shield from ultraviolet rays.

System with a king or queen as ruler.

Ceremonial cart pulled by horses.

Making the sound of a thunder.

Act out or perform the part of a character.

Name for English troops of the American Revolution.

An on-air mention to a specific radio listener.

Books seats in advance.

Game from childhood: rock, paper, __.

Puzzle 17

Supersonic jet aircraft.

Quiet and relaxing.

Unfastened, separated.

Widespread disease.

A prediction.

__ theory, Locke's tenet inspired US independence.

The grabby text at the top of a news story.

Made-up golf rule for a do-over shot.

Snail delicacy.

A heavy and sudden rain shower.

Captain __; father to seven singing children.

__ Richard, ship captained by John Paul Jones.

More tired than someone else.

Smooth __, Michael Jackson's law breaker hit.

Puzzle 18

Gathers together.

She is credited with making the 1st American flag.

Safety devices in cars.

Collection of artwork in a case.

Macho, brawny, mannish.

Mountain range whose highest peak is Mount Everest.

__ Acts taxed British imports to the 13 colonies.

Dictated by law.

Shop selling reading material.

Long astronomical distance.

Fictional home of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

Person running for political office.

French bubbly.

Vulture, hyena, wolf.

Submarine optical instrument.

Puzzle 19

Narrow passage of water connecting two seas/oceans.

Body part between head and abdomen in arachnids.

__ of July honors the Declaration of Independence.

Materialize, appear, come forth.

Portable computer.

To have a plan or an ambitious dream.

A cut or a bruise.

Biased against older people.

The most secure.

Architect of one of the Paris' tallest structures.

Angel depicted as a chubby child.

A whirling mass of fluid or air.

Picture created from small, colorful tiles.


American Battle of __ Hill took place in June 1775.

Puzzle 20

Inability to speak or vocalize.

Breathe out.

In style.

Legendary adventure stories.

Battle of White __ ended in defeat for Washington.

Refreshing dish, like ice cream but without milk.

Least rough, thinnest.

Categories of music.

__ Tea Party, rebellion over taxes in 1773.

Deep gorge.

Shortened word for famous people.

German tennis legend Boris __, won 1st title at 17.

Long spear-shaped frozen water droplet.

Individual dots that make up an image on a screen.

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