CodyCross Amusement Park Pack answers

Amusement Park PackAmusement Park

Here are the answers to CodyCross Amusement Park Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Large birds that mostly eat carrion.

Michael Jackson's zombie-themed hit.

Davy, who was the "king of the wild frontier".

Group of people who read, discuss a novel.

Swim zone with a machine to make it like the sea.

Wooden window screens.

Restore previous prices.

__ best, record time for running, swimming, etc.

It's the H in water's chemical arrangement, H20.

Tent offering medical assistance at a carnival.

Deep-fried batter ring coated in sugar.

Puzzle 2

Spring-loaded catcher (and killer) of rodents.

Hammer out a deal, for a bigger salary maybe.

Wireless data sharing technology, an azure name.

Creatures that are key to Jurassic Park ride.

Mayim Bialik owns a cat cafe in this TV show.

Handheld musical mouth blower.

Artificial body in space orbit.

Most cars in the US have this type of transmission.

Printed literature with movable 3D pages.

Amusement park ticket that wraps around lower arm.

Names of people invited to a party.

Puzzle 3

Banksy's artistic method of choice.

Additional costs for a work trip, e.g. travel.

This arachnid has a stinger on its tail.

Stomach-__, sickening feeling on a fast ride.

Alternative __; non-traditional treatments.

Metal piece that locks and unlocks a home.

Tossing beanbags at cans to win a prize.

Tennis swing with the palm facing forwards.

Food, often meat, cooked on an open fire.

Type of wheel that can be seen in casinos.

Ryan Gosling learned to play jazz for this film.

Puzzle 4

Hair iron used to add twirls, bounce.

Gastritis is a condition of this digestive organ.

Leaning at an angle, like on a theme park ride.

Plant that grows in a pond, attracts frogs.

2018 hit for Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa.

Type of reality that requires goggles.

Dried up, scorched, e.g. earth in a heatwave.

Mr. Peanut wore one over his right eye.

US city that hosted the 1996 Olympics.

A __ rocket is used to augment initial thrust.

Far-fetched, unreal creation, like at a theme park.

Julia, breakout star of 1990's Pretty Woman.

What police often need to search a house or office.

Puzzle 5

Pass a ball in reverse with rear of foot.

__ rate, how much foreign currency is worth.

If you spill salt, toss it over your left one.

Neck injury from a fast roller coaster.

Studio for developing film.

Lopez, Aniston, Garner, Hudson, Holliday.

Water slide with a tree theme.

Keep in good repair.

Secret phrase for accessing an online account.

Bible-loving Ned in the Simpsons.

Literary use of a contradiction in terms.

Cuban fruity rum cocktail with lime and ice.

Bright orange swimmer often kept as a pet.

Puzzle 6

Hot season when theme park visits increase.

Step-by-step directions from A to B.

Me __ I, 1980s single by Joan Armatrading.

Be careful hiking along these steep rockfaces.

__ tape, a type of confetti-strewn street parade.

Essential mechanisms for stopping a ride.

Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia were these Girls.

With Collins, the name of a major book publisher.

To administer medicine with a syringe.

Seventies-style wide trousers.

Breakfast cake baked in an iron, topped with syrup.

Design ideas for arranging furniture in a room.

Bird with bright feathers that can mimic speech.

Late-night host Jimmy with sidekick Guillermo.

What Lt. Kilgore loves the smell of in the morning.

It's the seventh planet from the sun.

The Family __, a single-panel comic of a family.

Major blood vessel in the human body.

Puzzle that involves fitting together flat pieces.

Puzzle 7

Crime done by people not on the outside.

Exciting experience, like at an amusement park.

Superhero who featured in 2019's Far From Home.

Schedule of buses or trains, for example.

Crispy breakfast food made of shredded potatoes.

The condition of not being able to see.

TV show about Veronica, Betty, Archie.

Telephone messages recorded in a cell phone.

Ten times the legs of a centipede.

Twister move on a roller coaster; wine opener.

Puzzle 8

Getaway complex like Walt Disney World.

Kid __: soft handwear, or to treat with care.

Not exactly breakfast, not exactly lunch.

Exploring networks of underground hollows.

Tool for skinning vegetables.

One lawmaking body in the United States.

Aviation pioneer brothers Orville and Wilbur.

Permanent pen used to write on storage boxes.

Never Been __, classic Drew Barrymore romcom.

National song to express identity and patriotism.

Japanese car manufacturer.

Big __, roller coaster with big downward slopes.

Puzzle 9

Winter Olympic sport in Cool Runnings.

Another name for an amusement park with rides.

It is also known as the North Star.

The team nearly won; they were close, but __.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's last name.

Barren Australian region with bright orange sand.

A place where you can borrow stories.

Eric who played guitar for Cream, Yardbirds.

Microsoft operating system that debuted in 1985.

Tractor-pulled cart ride at a theme park.

__ delight, sugary confection from the Middle East.

Puzzle 10

Large biting insect, sucks the blood of equines.

Violent storms from the Indian subcontinent.

Permanent attachments that go with fittings.

Long French bread stick.

Deduction from the price of a ticket.

Debated with logical arguments.

Two __ indicate you are a clumsy dancer.

Nissan's luxury car brand.

Units representing the amount of energy in food.

Martial arts film series starring Uma Thurman.

A device held above the head in rain.

Wooden pins to knock down with a ball.

Enjoys wealth and health.

Puzzle 11

A social media app based on the sharing of images.

When a guitar or voice doesn't hit the right notes.

Yellow and black buzzy insect; Transformer's name.

Liquid you can consume, as "edible" is to food.

Lotion to stop harmful UV rays on a day outside.

People bark up this incorrectly.

Sudden fall of rock from the face of a steep slope.

Yellowish liquid that is refined to make fuels.

TV show about the Dunder-Mifflin paper company.

Sparkling displays in the sky at a theme park.

Pedestrian tunnel running beneath a road.

Puzzle 12

Electrics hub for the house.

Employs a former worker.

They are crucial to a petting zoo; creatures.

Surname of TV host, writer, actor known as Oprah.

Cross the street illegally.

Soviet satellite that triggered the Space Race.

To provide sustenance for.

Screen part of a computer or a large lizard.

First of the Marvel Universe movies; Tony Stark.

__ in their boots: being very very scared.

The medical name for the kneecap.

Elevating, like on a big wheel or drop tower.

They're used to paint pictures.

Puzzle 13

Unit of length equal to six feet.

Thinly sliced Italian sausage.

"Nature abhors a __".

Outdoor meal on a blanket or bench.

Shelf above a fireplace.

A group of these striped cats is called a streak.

Stevie, the man who sings Superstition.

He sat at a round table in Arthur's court.

Major river that flows through New York.

Jordan Peele horror movie starring Daniel Kaluuya.

Actor Milano of Charmed.

Reverse __, slingshot fairground ride.

Puzzle 14

Concentrated coffee.

Arc de __, Paris military archway.

Pills taken to add nutrients to diet.

Length of space between two locations.

Waterbird habitats, e.g. marshes, swamps, shores.

The same shade, or paired well, not contrasting.

Sayings or predictions found in Chinese cookies.

Window in a ceiling for brightening a room.

Procter & Gamble brand of 'manly' toiletries.

Shooting game using infrared light as ammunition.

Study assignments that need to be completed.

All work and no play makes Jack __.

Tiger Woods swings one of these.

Set of songs compiled for a workout.

Magician, illusionist.

One-wheeled transport used by acrobat.

Puzzle 15

Form of government elected by popular vote.

This might increase on a ride; measured by pulse.

This country became independent from Spain in 1816.

Odorous insects.

Keyboard key to delete previously typed character.

Sown to replenish a patchy lawn.

Jennifer Lopez was the Maid in __ in 2002.

Turning round and round like a Gravitron ride.

Graph illustration of how work process develops.

Musical direction to increase the volume.

Puzzle 16

To outperform a fellow actor.

Reserving tickets in advance.

Fund a TV show in return for advertising time.

Lightning and Steve share this last name.

This device always points north.

Coffee remnant after the drink is made.

At someone's beck __; ready to take orders.

Nationality of composers Tchaikovsky and Borodin.

Animated family of the future, The __.

Spinning drinking vessels at a fairground.

Jenner, Pepsi ad model.

Some lovers attach this to the rail of a bridge.

Puzzle 17

The G in the MGM film studio.

Striking a ball with a bat.

Crime of skipping school.

According to a saying, it's "golden".

When you breathe out, you release carbon this.

Carnivorous South American fish.

Type of Dodge car driven by Bo and Luke Duke.

Bill of sale for a customer.

Yellow sauce to put on fairground hotdogs.

Stunt on a bike with the front wheel in the air.

Baggage that is bigger than the allowed limit.

Performer who throws and catches balls or clubs.

Scheduled routine vision check.

Puzzle 18

Raised wooden area around a fairground ride.

Writes music.

Someone who doesn't react well to being defeated.

__ water, method of staying afloat in the deep.

Stereotypical transport of a delivery driver.

Frozen dessert served in cones at amusement parks.

High-voiced singers; TV mob family.

Yellow smiley flower of spring, grown from a bulb.

Exactly between a full moon and a new moon.

The E in EV, __ vehicle.

Lotion applied following exposure to solar rays.

Puzzle 19

What a coach might give the team at halftime.

Baby cucumber used for pickling.

Taking place 12 times a year.

Early morning hairstyle, before brushing.

__ toys, win these cuddly animals at a fairground.

Bone-strengthening element with atomic number 20.

A famous stance by Switzerland taken during war.

Small rodent known for keeping food in its cheeks.

Scare someone in a haunted house attraction.

A 2016 film about many alien ships coming to Earth.

__ lady, primary female role in a play or movie.

Online travel shopping company, founded 1996.

Puzzle 20

Witness giving evidence on the stand.

Month in which Australia Day is celebrated.

Illegally wash money.

Fiery, ablaze, e.g. bush encountered by Moses.

Mythical bird; major city in Arizona.

Mr Brightside band, The __.

Boiled frankfurters served in buns.

A __ of Dollars; Spaghetti Western.

Primate studied by Dian Fossey.

Universal __, movie experience theme parks.

A lens or shape that curves inward.

Preserved bodies of pharaohs on display in Cairo.

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