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Ancient China PackAncient China

Here are the answers to CodyCross Ancient China Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Scotch, vermouth and pineapple in a NY hotel.

How the Spanish say 21, as in the current century.

Wuism; a religious tradition of Ancient China.

Youngest Wimbledon winner and Olympic archer.

Originator of concept album War of the Worlds.

Arms dealer, usually illegal.

Eight __; legendary figures in Chinese mythology.

Madison is the capital of this US state.

A scuba set.

Monster that symbolizes jealousy.

Puzzle 2

Ancient Chinese philosophy of logic.

Important bullet component.

Served food in a cafe.

This company logo shows a griffin from Sweden.

People who never run out of jokes.

Spicy Mexican tripe soup or former latin boy band.

Green, Halloween-inspired foe, Green __.

Author of À la Recherche du Temps Perdu.

Ming dynasty emperor, also called Zhu Di.

Scientific hypothesis with supporting data.

Mortal brother of Pollux in Greek and Roman myth.

Puzzle 3

Second dark blue property, Monopoly's UK edition.

Second Tang dynasty emperor, son of Gaozu.

Chinese poet and artist, lived between 699–759.

Something that is expensive costs an arm __.

Joe __, 1986 snooker world champ.

Cryptic street sign.

Ant-sized snouted weevil.

Czech composer of comic opera The Bartered Bride.

Second-largest city of Rwanda.

This sandwich sausage contains cubes of pork fat.

Puzzle 4

The last, or the best.

A celebration, e.g. the period before Lent.

Perfumer of Cool Water and Horizon.

It allows something to flow.

Strong ruler of Qing dynasty, grandson of Kangxi.

Kuih __, traditional Malaysian cookie.

World's coldest inhabited town.

One of high character is all wool and a __.


Julie Andrews' preferred things, brown paper__.

Can't fly.

Dragon rain deity in Chinese mythology.

What the E stands for in the acronym OECD.

Puzzle 5

A positively-charged ion.

Fairies in Manx folklore; originally fallen angels.

Atonement author, Ian __.

Small rowboat.

Helen __, Best Actress winner in The Queen.

Korean kingdom invaded by Later Jin Dynasty China.

Peter __; first to patent the tin can.

The sound of little feet; pitter __.

The arm joints affected by too much tennis.

Yellow __ Rebellion; Chinese revolt, 184-205 AD.

Never alone on the Planet with this travel guide.

Conspiracy of the __, faction led by Babeuf.

Puzzle 6

Finn __, mythical Irish warrior.

The Life __ with Steve Zissou.

An eighth of a mile or 201.168 metres.

Early writing surfaces.

Garlic and olive oil emulsion from Provence.

They run this town.

Across the pond, from the UK.

__ of the Three Kingdoms; Chinese historical novel.

__ tern, large tern with black-tipped reddish bill.

"The Blood Countess": serial killer Elizabeth __.

Ancient Chinese capital, with White Horse Temple.

Puzzle 7

Where a wealthy person has gone from rags.

Longest river in the U.S..


Man’s wallet.

Lord __; evil villain in Shrek film series.

Friendly monthly gathering to discuss literature.

Streetcar playwright.

Not strict in musical form.

Alicia __ star of The Danish Girl.

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are __ signs.

Chinese black pottery culture.

Official who founded China's Xin Dynasty in 9 AD.

Puzzle 8

Opposite of past.

__ brose, Scottish pud of oats, cream, raspberries.

The Wailers: a reggae band once led by Bob __.

Author of The Sorrows of Young Werther.

__ Mimieux, actress who is also an anthropologist.

Traditional Chinese fishing vessel.

__ Hills, former New York venue of US tennis open.

"__ before swine".

Insect that lives and mates near water.

__ lion, with impenetrable hide, symbol for Leo.

Ancient Chinese warlord of Eastern Han dynasty.

__ Dé Danann; supernatural race in Irish mythology.

My Child __ at Six Months, by Eliseu Visconti.

Lambskin regalia worn by Freemasons.

Colour of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Medicinal herb, an anagram of sambal.

Puzzle 9

Serpent-bearer constellation.

They are toothy.

Ancient Chinese fisherman's winged co-worker.

Be smart about it, in the UK.

Birth name of Qin Dynasty emperor Shihuangdi.

Divination by walking around a circle.

Country where lamingtons are a popular dessert.

First model of something.

Long-running time lord sci-fi series.

Jane's __ has been caught stealing.

The robot Smurf.

Freshwater "equine inspired" animal.

Uncontrollable, rapidly spreading infernos.

River running through Buckingham.

Puzzle 10

Drink to which Frederick the Great added mustard.

Present capital of China's Northern Wei dynasty.

Award for bravery in WWII given to Malta: __ Cross.

Low indistinct speech.

Five elements in Chinese philosophy.

__ on the Orient Express, case of joint enterprise.

Day of the week in an American restaurant chain.

Huge serving bowl for dishing up soups and stews.

Nationality of composer Hector Berlioz.

To or for each one.

__ Tracy, pilot of Thunderbird 2.

Gravelly, pebbly.

Forename of Marilyn Monroe's mother.

Puzzle 11

Mutant superhero alter ego of Scott Summers.

Pei __; 5th-century Chinese historian.

Indian Ocean islands linked with the Nicobar Isles.

Related to a said condition of no gravitation.

Edible __ for cakes, sparkles you can eat.

To give evidence.

What one is in when nude.

Birth name of Genghis Khan.

Candy Land location, __ Commons.

A ship leaning to one side.

Aka lightning bug.

__-thorns, regal coral reef-destroying starfish.

Working for one's money.

Puzzle 12

The __; Sun Tzu's classic military strategy guide.

Pressurized hydraulic drilling.

Mrs. Puff is one.

Carousing or __ songs as at Oktoberfest.

Smoked sandwich meat made from brined beef.

Bogie, in The Maltese Falcon.

Coloured warning.

Joyce __, comedian famous for monologues.

Making a __; 2015 Netflix documentary series.

Glenn Miller's instrument.

Several Russian rivers, tributaries of the Yenisey.

The m in 10:00 a.m..

Philippa __; Prince Harry's wedding florist.

Tire crime.

It comes after love In K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Ancient culture of northeastern China.

First and __; important.

Puzzle 13

BBC sitcom in the 1960s and 70s: "__ and Son".

Lofty places.

Clenched with embarrassment.

A lover's leaving.

7 or 11 on the come out.

A lettuce type.

Son of Dowager Cixi; attempted to modernise China.

Maurice __, artist of Montmartre and street scenes.

Stationery fastening device patented by Henry Heyl.

Invaders who established China's Qing Dynasty.

Something you own.

Put your stone in the house.

Hole where a sleeve is attached.

Pull the trigger of an empty gun.

Puzzle 14

Neolithic Chinese culture in Yi-Luo river basin.

Mumbling Cosby Kid.

Feb. 24 equivalent of Valentine's Day in Romania.

The 112 pound weight class in boxing.

On the fence.

The U and H in UHT milk.

Merry Monarch; ruled until 1685.

Elvis' famous shoes.

Long-serving ruler of Han dynasty in China.

__ Peck; full name of The A-Team's Face.

Puzzle 15

Obtrusively bright and showy.

Don __, only opera that Liszt wrote.

Small, snouted bushland antelope.

Author of The Alchemist: Paulo __.

__ Empire; Mongol name for Western Xia dynasty.

Ann __, mother of Barack Obama.

Houston's NFL team.

Secondary capital of China during Shang dynasty.

Sex drive.

English translation of the Spanish word "ajo".

Puzzle 16

Me and __, Frida Kahlo on a bed with a toy.

Animated Mountie __ Do-Right.

__ Dowling; Catholic priest who solves TV crimes.

Book of Changes, Chinese classical text.

30 in the French language.

Longest-reigning Chinese emperor.

Patrick __; leader of Ireland's 1916 Easter Rising.

Careful With That Axe, __, sang Pink Floyd.

Capital of Saudi Arabia.


Puzzle 17

Cells from which eggs develop.

Grand Astrologer of Ancient China.

Ancient capital of China, now known as Xi'an.

Funny money.

A Time for __, doc on the Civil Rights Movement.

Official languages of Morocco: Arabic and __.

Highest mountain in Swaziland.

International Welsh sports stadium of the 70s/80s.

Digging deep, feeling or grasping.

Russian tea urn.

Theories of childhood innocence from the 1700's.

__ Potter, Peter Rabbit's creator.

Puzzle 18

Biophysicist who invented the gamma camera.

7th century Chinese Buddhist traveller.

Calms, brings peace.

The ruined castle on the banks of Loch Ness.

Don't put all of these in one basket.

Dig for it where X marks the spot.

Buddhist teachings at Donglin Temple, China.

Word coming from Greek words meaning "bad star".

State flower of Louisiana.

Korky the Cat appeared in this early British comic.

Spirits dressed up to look like soft drinks.

The 7-10 split.

Life-threatening necrosis.

Exactly, totally; without any detours.

Recalled, remembered past events.

This French dog is no butterfly.

Shuffle off this mortal coil.

Everything after expenses; not gross.

Train driver.

Puzzle 19

Animal part of a sandwich.

English translation of "albondigas".

According to Lennon-McCartney, __ is a warm gun.

What a stupid person is not playing with.

To the smallest degree.


One billionth of a metre.

Luo __; author of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

It's the Most __ Time of the Year.

Lunar illumination.

1920s character actor; "man of a thousand faces".

Name given to the slang of the Royal Navy.

A gumshoe.

Early elections.

14th century peasant leader, Zhu __.

Puzzle 20

Obedient follower, toady, lickspittle.

Athletic footwear.

First actor to be knighted: Sir Henry __.

__ Mellors, gamekeeper in Lady Chatterley's Lover.

Jacob's __ Dance Festival held in Becket, MA.

High peak on Southern Ocean's Heard Island.

T in EOT, to texters.

King of Wessex from 871 to 899: __ the Great.

An enthusiastic person is an eager __.

Bamboo __; chronicles of Ancient China.

Multi-coloured upholstery fabric for sofas.

Wrote the ancient Chinese classic The Art of War.

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