CodyCross Ancient Greece Pack answers

Ancient Greece PackAncient Greece

Here are the answers to CodyCross Ancient Greece Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

To separate into groups or portions.

Ask guests to attend.

Heavy starchy food.

Put this down, before you paint.

__ Williams, Brit pop star of song Millennium.

Boys Town hero played by Spencer Tracy, Father __.

Andrei __, 15th C Russian icon painter.

Native Australian hardwood used in furniture.

Loss of muscle coordination, usually in arms, legs.

The seventh pope after St Peter, and five more.

Fold the corner.

Barefoot; anagram of hounds.

__ Horse, ploy that allowed Greeks to enter Troy.

Camera with mirror to reflect light on a screen.

Eddy __, exclusive Belgian mountain bike brand.

Gaston __, writer of The Phantom of the Opera.

Second most abundant chemical element in the sun.

Famous pastis maker.


Mountainous and wooded region in eastern France.

Golden __ belonged to the winged ram Chrysomallus.

Puzzle 2

Victors at the Olympian Games received olive __.

Jason __, Wild Card actor.

Rosh __, Talmudical academy dean.

100 of these make a Belarusian ruble.

__ Brite, Mattel doll, best friend of Starlite.

Cretan city, center of the Minoan Civilization.

Torso racks.

Mater and pater.

__ Monteverdi, Italian composer of L'Orfeo.

Basis of communist theory.

River that flows through Shanghai.

Hide, dissimilate.

Book Central.

Tortilla folded over filling, meats, cheese, beans.

Aka Stefilia's Stone, only in Dominican Republic.

Puzzle 3

They share parents, usually.

Indirect mention of something in literature.

Set standards of film morality until the 1960s.

Period of Palaeozoic saw invertebrates evolve.

Small, organ-grinder monkey.

Nickname given to a small caliber German WWI shell.

__ go, Internet browser like two wildfowl.

Attaches above bike wheels to prevent splashes.

__Stadium, former Israeli national stadium.

Daughters of Zeus who represent the Arts.

Small round nut, also used as coffee flavoring.

USS __, place of the Japanese surrender in 1945.

Puzzle 4

Short, traditionally 17 syllables, Japanese poems.

Young elephants are called __.

__ Jinn has the first line of The Phantom Menace.

Ceremonial fan used in Sikhism.

Puzzle type set by the Sphinx on entering Thebes.

Country that was part of Colombia until 1903.

__-Garonne, French dept, capital Montauban.

Greek poet; he wrote about the ancient Greek games.

More political half of Outkast.

Black tie cocktail with vermouth and absinthe.

Two-tone hair.

Sensitive plant aka touch-me-not.

Bela __, the first Count Dracula on film.

__-Davidson, growly American motorcycles.

Tail bone at the very bottom of the spine.

Puzzle 5

Kitchen tool for slicing vegetables finely.

Draw with small dots.

Taj Mahal was commissioned by this Indian ruler.

Tree that drops leaves every year.

Work requiring no training or qualifications.

Danish acting brothers Lars and Mads.

Austrian ski resort in the Zillertal Alps.

__ tire, inflatable device from John Boyd Dunlop.

To tiptoe around on cat's tootsies.

Kitchen oven for speedier meals.

Science of fossilized footprints.

Absolve of a crime.

Pushed mechanically, like a boat's fan.

Long-snouted woman with red dress from the Moomins.

Puzzle 6

__ Rhimes, Grey's Anatomy producer and writer.

Lured seamen on to the rocks with their songs.

Word from symbols for tin, argon, einsteinium.

A witch's laugh; raucous bird cry.

Eastern Siberian river empties into Arctic Ocean.

What comprised Weller, Foxton and Buckler?.

Artist who painted "Luncheon of the Boating Party".

South African jam.

Good Witch of the South's first name.

Short, stout club.

Comedian lost his virginity at 40, Steve __.

Je __, senior religious hierarch of Bhutan.

Head __, leader in charge.

__ of Macedon, Alexander the Great's father.

Puzzle 7

Epic tale by Homer in which his hero faces dangers.

"Shiver me __!", pirate cry of disbelief.

Fido's mess kit.

Ukraine's largest river, fourth biggest in Europe.

Energetic, vigorous.

The very attributes that make a thing what it is.

If their heads get bigger they may burst.

Shooter, baby, and tiger.

Kind of sandwich a bully dishes out.

Pirate known as Calico Jack.

Tony Richardson's last film starring Jessica Lange.

City of Joy; Calcutta until 2001.

Calabria pulled curd cheese with butter inside.

Letter of the Greek alphabet equating to an E.

Puzzle 8

Short film awarded by the Academy in 2012.

Coke, for short.

Central Asian river, ancient Iranian border.

Three-headed dog of Greek legend.

Bryan played Walter White in Breaking Bad.

Glass-topped container with a bulb in it.

Conor, UFC champ nicknamed The Notorious.

Non __, a claim that is not supported.

Greek lute-like stringed instrument.

Book by Charles Handy: "The __ and the Flea".

Something easily done or got.

Willie Maxwell.

Barred __ wrasse has a large mouth.

Sports pitch that is illuminated in the dark.

One of few minerals with sulfate, carbonate ion.

Puzzle 9

Asian nation banning the sale of chewing gum.

__ knife, utility tool set, traditionally red.

Group of newspapers under the same ownership.

Greek goddess Mnemosyne inspired a memory device.

Russian pie with salmon, rice and eggs.

Australian actress of My Brilliant Career.

Wooden or rubber shape placed under room openings.

Ottoman infantry composed of slaves.

Young Greek boy fell in love with his reflection.

Italian cycling term for riders behind the peloton.

Chart showing light/dark pixels in an image.

__, for worse; traditional wedding vow.

__ Wonderful, from Rodgers musical The King and I.

Writer of the Wealth of Nations.

Puzzle 10

The Long Goodbye cocktail, gin, lime juice.

Taxonomic rank between kingdom and class.

Civilization portrayed in How to Train Your Dragon.

Scrub yourself clean with this dried cucumber.

Sikh community kitchen found in Gurdwaras.

Occupation of Shakespeare's father.

Discobolus, a statue by Myron, throws this item.

Laker superstar's real first name.

An essential B vitamin contained in folic acid.

"Call Me Maybe" singer: Carly Rae __.

Invisible image, exposed to light, not developed.

Puzzle 11

"King of Clay": Spanish tennis player: __ Nadal.

Goods with big names, not shop's own.

__ Generales, the legislature of Spain.

Venus __, Greek statue who personifies Aphrodite.

US name for a coffin.

Benign skin growths, usually with small stalks.

Aston __, Bond's preferred luxury car.

City in China's Jiangsu province, on the Yangtze.

Supernatural lion Heracles strangled to death.

The Time Traveler's Wife Niffenegger's first name.

Ruler of Vichy France in WWII.

Moving pictures at this silver screen.

Who were Felder, Frey, Walsh, Henley and Schmit?.

Large yellow dessert pear.

__ question; ask someone to marry you.

Old Testament prophetess.

A pocket watch without a cover; not a hunter.

Tile-matching video game launched in the 80s.

Luxury trip on an ocean liner.

Word from symbols for cobalt, lutetium, manganese.

Puzzle 12

Capital of Georgia, in Europe, not the U.S..

Egg whites protein.

Raksha __, Hindu festival celebrates sibling love.

Institution of higher education founded by Plato.

Ice dancers, for one.

Penned The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.

A curse given by a wicked stare.

Theory about the expanding origins of the universe.

Djimon __ - Gladiator, Blood Diamond actor.

Narrow 4-mile-long canal in Greece.

Overturned, inverted.

Clip these to save money.

First female president of Finland: Tarja __.

Nike of Samothrace statue is also called Winged __.

Kevin __, cofounder of Instagram.

__ weeks, prophetic period in Book of Daniel.

This dog can be Jack Russell, pit bull or Boston.


Puzzle 13

National symbol of Ireland.

End-of-the-line railway stop.

1995 Alicia Silverstone movie.

Russian oblast, and city on the Klyazma River.

What the Greeks called themselves.

Meet __, where to rub shoulders with a celebrity.

Nitrogen __ is done by bacteria living in the soil.

Braided, sweet, egg enriched European bread.

Ancient Greek sporting venues.

Ringing in the ears, a medical term.

Using low pH to curl your hair.

Prawns eat these tiny beings that float in water.

Title often taken by Roman emperors.

Brazilian poet Vinicius de Moraes' nickname: O __.

Puzzle 14

Thinly distributed.

Malice, resentment.

Chronic heart condition featuring chest pains.

The oldest one discovered in Pi-Ramesses in Qantir.

Composer buried with a vial of Polish soil.

Goddess Athena's mortal name, meaning advisor.

Hernán __, conquistador who conquered the Aztecs.

Largest and most populous island of Zanzibar.

Musical instrument played by Sherlock Holmes.

Pastry named after a beverage not in it: __ cake.

Android OS version; French confectionary.

Ancient Greek serfs who worked for Spartans.

Neil __, Irish director of The Crying Game.

Words of congratulations while raising a glass.

Puzzle 15

__ roll, green marzipan Swedish treat.

Ribbon-like parasite, white nerve fibers.

Hole in gums left when a tooth is extracted.

Paper used to test for acid or alkali.

Large, decorated Ancient Greek vase.

He hears a Who.

Largest airline of Cuba, founded in 1929.

Two or four players with a small yellow neon ball.

__ Fleece belonged to the winged ram Chrysomallus.

Ancient Roman-Berber town in Algeria.

The three Bs of music: Bach, Beethoven, and __.

Memorial said to contain relics of Buddha.

Unpleasant in temper, stubborn.

Sleepy __, Burton Gothic horror starring Depp.

The __ Poet, Academy Award winning short.

River, smallest African mainland country.

Engineered language started in 1987.

Puzzle 16

Those who classify animals study this.

Heat limping.

Painstakingly dreary.

Nigel __, designer of Flying Scotsman and Mallard.

The port of Bujumbara is this country's capital.

Religious places, like at Cyrene and the Parthenon.

Wine region in northern Spain.

Feverish in fact or symptom.

Original settings.

Native American leader of the Apache Wars.

Nintendo's hand-held 90s games console.

Welsh monk wrote Historia Brittonum.

Their ancient civilization was centered on Crete.

Sean Astin played Mikey Walsh in 1985 movie The __.

Puzzle 17

Clan that dominated the Heian period.

Rescuers Down Under was Disney's first __ sequel.

Russian republic, Izhevsk is the capital.

Bent downward.

Australian wild horses.

What the seven swans are doing at Christmas.

Room for playing American billiards.

Skipping a tune for the sake of time.

Most famous of the Ancient Greek games.

Statue worship.

James Joyce's inspiring wife, Nora __.

Ancient Greece actor.

Garlicky Greek yogurt and cucumber sauce.

Another name for golden raisins in the UK.

Red, hairy tropical fruit with white flesh.

Highest point of the sail structure on a ship.

Puzzle 18

Disagreement; what a lawyer would say.

Believable or probable.

Paranoid protagonist of Catch-22.

Device used to display images or films on a screen.

The Rolling Stones sang about this kind of woman.

Name of the 10 military leaders of Ancient Athens.

Church in Copenhagen designed like a giant organ.

Piper-__, champagne adored by Marie-Antoinette.

__ disc, distant circumstellar disc in Solar System.

No need to flog this equine.

Central heating system of ducts and vents.

Purple coneflower drunk as tea to ward off colds.

Political power exercised by all the people.

German philosopher of Being and Time.

He heads the Administration.

Infected boil; bright red gem.

Meaning a prosperous or flourishing colony, "abad".

Prevented something from taking place.

Independent urban area and surrounding territory.

NRL __, hosted by Paul Vautin.

Puzzle 19

Spock is the most famous __ in Star Trek.

Piedmont wine aged for nearly 4 years.

Bulbous veggie with aniseed flavor.

Hungarian composer Béla __.

Youths from Ancient Greece, in nude statue form.

__/Mount Cook, tallest peak in New Zealand.

The Pomeranian, __, is a toy breed with long hair.

Six letters' invention of Whitcomb Judson (1890s).

Advise someone to be silent with finger to lips.

Alfred __, he wrote on sexuality in the 1940-50s.

Chaste woman; a nun.

A boat made from a hollowed out tree trunk.

Tantalus' son, whose flesh was eaten by the gods.

Ancient Greek foot soldiers' shield.

1960's solo dance, knees bent, palms flat.

South-eastern China city, once known as Amoy.

Puzzle 20

Swiss family of balloonists.

Microorganisms grown in an artificial environment.

February 29th.

__ tart, pastry crust with egg inside.

1979 documentary of mentally challenged cousin.

__ Light, Springfield-based soap ended in 2009.

"A Tale of Two Cities" author.

Exceptionally dry Chilean desert.

Set free, give vent to.

Bernard __, French CEO of LVMH.

__ Sports Center, 2007 women's WC in China.

Greek goddess of luck.

If he gets red with anger, you are out.

Napoleonic short sword used by infantry.

Wounding one's pride.

Curvy blade made to scrape dirt off the skin.

Luxury car popular with 2000's rap stars.

West Indian musical style, usually improvised.

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