CodyCross Animals with Weird Names Pack answers

Animals with Weird Names PackAnimals with Weird Names

Here are the answers to CodyCross Animals with Weird Names Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Light aircraft without engines.

Samson and __, 1949 film and biblical story.

Military term for the lavatory.

Friendly, good natured.

__ Nixon, played Miranda in Sex and the City.

__ bug; smooching insect.

John __, prolific writer of Gideon's Way.

Talk aimlessly, anagram of platter.

Language in which "bupkis" means "nothing".

Meaning of Notre Dame, as in the Paris cathedral.

Living fossil reptilians of New Zealand.

Add liquid to make gravy in a pan.

Legal-Latin term for work done for the public good.

July 18 in South Africa: __ Day.

Puzzle 2

Derogatory term for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

James Cagney movie that is Top of the World, Ma!.

Good for only one application, throw-away item.

__ rat; wrinkly rodent with protruding teeth.

Making improvised jazz music.

Colanders are also known as these.

The Great __, book by Rebecca Makkai.

Those who exaggerate danger and cause panic.

Google app for downloading content.

The __; TV series where psychic helps solve crimes.

Someone with lower rank or status.

Jean __, 60s fashion model snapped by David Bailey.

Irish county town of Offaly; "Dew" whiskey.

Social event where you can dosey doe.

One who signals something is coming.

Edict from the Vatican.

Nocturnal primate that travels at low speed.

Type of engine that drives an aircraft propeller.

Puzzle 3

Cooking medium for roast potatoes.

Snouted mammal, known as the scaly anteater.

Cell with at least one definite nucleus.

Outdated term for being in a romantic relationship.

Dressed to __; being all dressed up and spiffy.

Suspend a parliamentary session.

Largest and most populous of the Canary Islands.

Large-footed hare, like winter footwear.

Ecuadorian active volcano.

Wooden tubes tied together to make an instrument.

2007 perfect crime movie with Michael Caine.

Puzzle 4

Person in charge of the casino game table.

Beam used for support while cutting wood.

I wandered lonely __, Wordsworth's words.

Muscles located on the side of the abdominals.

Lack of energy, sluggishness.

Soviet leader 1964-82, associated with détente.

Support for an injured upper limb.

Stole fuel with a hose.

Looper caterpillar that resembles a measuring tape.

David __, actor played a CIA director in Homeland.

__ store, a retailer's most important location.

Chilled tomato soup from Spain.

__ Will Do; Lloyd Webber hit from Joseph musical.

Portrait of __, Van Gogh that sold for $75 million.

Rabbit breed with a fluffy mane.

Puts straw on a roof.

Puzzle 5

Tropical plant stems used in sunroom furniture.

Elementary particles with types: up, down, strange.

Indian yogurt-based drinks, from a Hindi word.

Joan who voiced Jessie in Toy Story.

Hole for a cord, such as to tighten a garment.

__ the Elephant, she said goodbye to the circus.

Enclosed inner areas of classical temples.

Californian city that means ash tree.

Interfere with, get in the middle of.

Passage that allows oxygen to enter lungs.

Stable hands who care for horses.

Hairy-nosed __; Aussie bulldozer of the bush.

Convex curve in the structure of a road.

Merry Christmas in French: __ Noel.

Catherine of __, she married Arthur and Henry VIII.

Native American peoples once led by Crazy Horse.

Top-level domain for ISPs.

A baby echidna or platypus.

Puzzle 6

Destination for old metal.

Most misshapen; anagram of triangles.

US golfer nicknamed Lefty, Phil __.

Whom The Faerie Queen is purportedly about: __ I.

Lepidopteran associated with cartography.

Bruno Mars album: Doo-wops & __.

Proving something to be fake news.

__ story; long, rambling joke.

Substance that expels parasites from intestines.

Lunar transport with four wheels.

Overly harsh; from laws of an Athenian legislator.

Fascinates, transfixes.

Railway that operates up and down steep slopes.

__ fringehead; fierce and aggressive fish species.

Large-leaved plant of the genus petasites.

Samhainophobia is a fear of this.

Crystal carafes for red wine.

Dorothy meets Glinda in The __.

Handheld personal digital assistant of the 1990s.

Irish staple made with bicarbonate.

Puzzle 7

A popular type of frilly lettuce.

Edith __, WWI nurse executed as a spy.

Loose clothing worn by archetypal old farmers.

Crown of __; a spiky starfish.

Entrance halls at cinemas.

__ down the hatches; prepare for difficult times.

Hungarian equivalent to the English surname Smith.

The Red Rising series protagonist.

__ Ready For Love, song by Elton John.

Largest artificial lake in Africa.

Scavenging insect with pincers on its rear end.

Ancient Roman military unit; a school year group.

Japanese martial art focused on control.

Puzzle 8

Dia de los Muertos traditional memorabilia display.

__ mantis; insect species with religious pose.

First President of Senegal: Leopold __.

__ name; fictitious identity.

1980s TV movie about nuclear holocaust in England.

Bantu language of East Africa.

Scottish patterns on fabric.

Dutch city with largest bicycle parking in world.

First shot in a tennis game.

Tools for scooping mortar.

__ crab; waving crustacean with one giant pincer.

__ Days, George Orwell as a policeman in the East.

Extinguished a candle's flame.

Oliver & __ is a Disney film starring Billy Joel.

Puzzle 9

Biennial golf event between the US and Europe.

She played Lacey alongside Cagney.

Heated and cooled metal for strength.

Capital of Manitoba, its name means muddy water.

Between tenor and bass.

__ tongue; sea snail named like a flamboyant bird.

Giant, magical serpent that can kill with a look.

Halite used by gritters.

Work that imitates style of another artist.

Another term for a military kid.

Imagined, not real.

A fancy term for bicycle bags.

Jeff Kinney writes book series Diary of a __.

Indonesian tusked deer-pigs.

A collection of signatures for a cause.

Rejecting, snubbing.

Spanish island location of the Teide Observatory.

Indonesian volcano, exploded forcefully in 1883.

Ornamental woodwork with open lacy pattern.

Warming drink with alcohol, sugar and spices.

Heavenly beings, __ and seraphim.

Puzzle 10

Cause a disturbance in proceedings.

The __, middle of Roddy Doyle's Barrytown trilogy.

Giraffe gazelle or long-necked African antelope.

One orifice of a sponge that allows ventilation.

Québec town known as the Lourdes of the new world.

Pedal __, short-in-the-leg trousers for cyclists.

Blotchy, smeared.

Golan __, region disputed between Israel and Syria.

Italian celebrity chef Gino __.

Renders unable to hear.

Olympic swimmer and TV presenter __ Davies.

__ frog; amphibian like a biblical giant.

Early currency made from metals.

The __ Day, WWII movie with a cast of thousands.

"O Come All Ye Faithful" in Latin: Adeste __.

British singer born Harry Rodger Webb: Cliff __.

Nickname given to Joan of Arc: Maid of __.

Grass of North Africa.

Tied things together in a tight bunch.

Puzzle 11

By whichever means.

__ Park, outdoor film festival in New York.

Agra __; ironically non-aggressive beetle species.

Harum __, 1965 Elvis Presley film.

Muslim cloaks covering the body but not head.

Militant right-wing opposition activist group.

Those who hoard money and are parsimonious.

Hopping desert rodent.

Largest lake that's entirely in Europe.

Epitomize, characterize, exemplify.

Addition to jams to make them set.

Italian operatic tenor: Enrico __.

Chinese paper folding, like Japanese origami.

Puzzle 12

American unaged whiskey; a pale pup.

City where Mozart was born.

A male from the UK's Principality.

20s sultry film star, nicknamed the It Girl.

Exterior walls decorated with aggregate coating.

You'll need a submarine to sweep this.

Pope __ XVI, in office from 2005–13.

Cats' character, the Napoleon of Crime.

Another name for a tadpole.

Flowers also known as evening primrose.

Phineas and Ferb's TV family pet: Perry the __.

Shapeless rubbery deep sea creature.

Puzzle 13

Person currently holding office.

__ ducks; bright, jester-like waterbirds.

North Sea strait between Norway and Denmark.

Greek hay, whose seeds are used in cooking.

The __ of the Magi, unfinished work by da Vinci.

Perplex and confuse like at the hands of magicians.

Greenwich Village inn at the heart of gay rights.

Shirley Jackson's haunted dwelling.

The shortest of the three Triple Crown races.

Part of bodily fur above the skin surface.

Dolphin name inspired by an Indian river.

Natural landscape at Lake Bonneville.

Puzzle 14

Divisions of a diocese.

Largest city of Sudan, on the White Nile.

Old world primate or power tool for males.

Routes for ships, like in the English Channel.

Stylishness and elegance, from a French word.

Hobbit of the Shire Pippin, aka __ Took.

Peppa Pig's friend with black and white stripes.

Baked orzo in tomato sauce: kritharaki or __.

Famous Irish love song: The Flower of Sweet __.

Stork-like bird with footwear-shaped beak.

When Harry __; 1989 Meg Ryan romcom.

Triangular upper part of classical building.

Nickname of Australia's ladies football team.

Port on Sulawesi, Indonesia hit by 2018 tsunami.

British bank with turquoise eagle motif.

Small opening or crack that can be peered through.

__ Phillips; Elizabeth II's first great-grandchild.

Move in chess, switching rook and king.

Twist and turn over garden soil.

Puzzle 15

Tina Turner's character in the rock opera Tommy.

Palace where Henry VIII wedded his 2nd/3rd wives.

Migration of Boers in the mid-19th century.

Hesitating, being unable to make a decision.

Navigators' altitude-measuring device.

Sci-fi genre of machinery, timepieces, Victoriana.

__ Game, movie about Alan Turing.

Woodpecker that drinks from trees.

Luxurious lustrous material from an Indian region.

Spherical dumpling made from unleavened bread.

__ durch Technik, Audi's slogan.

Degree of masticatory use.

Roots author, Kunta Kinte creator.

Court cases or legal action used to set an example.

Fruity nickname for the beluga whale.

Native inhabitant of Australia.

String and weight device that verifies a vertical.

Puzzle 16

Bahia de Cochinos, eventful site on Cuba in 1961.

EU agricultural overproduction of vintages.

Furry fly with tasty-sounding name.

Introductory statements, think US Constitution.

Malignant tumor.

How St Petersburg was known from 1924-91.

Beach vegetation with narrow blades.

Variety of Chinese from Guangzhou.

Neural transmitter of smell information: __ nerve.

Spaceballs and Blazing Saddles writer and actor.

Desdemona's father in Shakespeare's Othello.

Made me annoyed or angry; an animal idiom.

In geometry, figures that are identical.

Swan with musical call akin to a brass instrument.

Purge that brings about spiritual renewal.

Lengthways markings on a tennis court.

Specify legal conditions and demands.

Humans flee Cylons in TV's Battlestar __.

Supermodel once married to Seal.

Puzzle 17

Caveat __, buyer beware.

Grand __, groupings of freemasons.

Cold environment with treeless plains.

__ fish; marine creature with a fishing rod.

__ 17: 1953 movie about WWII POW camp.

French stew.

Northern Spanish city, home to a Guggenheim museum.

Shadow-casting blade of a sundial.

Wild Bill __, lawman shot while playing poker.

Desert in which Beau Geste's Foreign Legion fights.

Tangential comments; anagram of Sadie's.

The first __ of spring heralds the new season.

Snowboard sunglasses company.

Long-fingered nocturnal lemur.

TV drama with Jessica Biel as Cora Tanetti.

Puzzle 18

System of communication using flags.

Hand-held cutting shears used in pruning.

The red, white and blue of the French flag.

The Crowning Glory of __ Ponder by Rebecca Wells.

Odorous nickname for the Hoatzin.

Royal water, acids used to dissolve king's metals.

Red-wine grape popular in California.

Jeanne Antoinette Poisson aka Marquise de __.

Queen of Denmark since 1972.

Quick-moving African safari minibeast.

Puzzle 19

Leather cloth for cleaning cars.

__ Plot, 1571 conspiracy to kill Elizabeth I.

May 21, 2019 winner of The Voice: Maelyn __.

__ frog; amphibian with dog-like call.

Unpaid sums of money, behind in debts.

Tropical trees with aerial roots.

Marine species named like a flying mammal.

Island, and blue liqueur.

__-du-Rhône, south French dept, "river mouth".

Greek kingdom that invaded Crete circa 1450 BC.

Lady and the Tramp's male owner, Darling's husband.

Encouragement to pull on a rope, as in tug-of-war.

Small waves in a circular shape.

Puzzle 20

Arctic hoofed mammal with a distinctive smell.

Sony smartphone brand, introduced in 2012.

Inability to walk.

Australasian possum; a N African durum wheat food?.

Second longest river in Europe.

Relating to financial matters or taxation.

Gliding mammal, known as the flying lemur.

Tower guard, often called a Beefeater.

Pre-WWI narrow skirt fashion trend: __ skirt.

North German city and Baltic port.

__ Brownstein of Portlandia and Sleater-Kinney.

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