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Here are the answers to CodyCross Animation Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Mouse with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Shameless, unabashed.

Jack, who sat in the corner.

A tree hit and damaged by lightning.

Small spade for potting plants.

Light-emitting conductor parts of a lightbulb.

Cancels, renders invalid.

Fleshy parts where fingernails meet fingers.

Waltz with __, animated story of the war in Beirut.

Tear a ligament through twisting.

Plant commonly called candytuft.

Clown who sells Big Macs.

Shape of a group of friends.

Person willing to sacrifice themself for religion.

Customers eating at restaurants.

Queen's suit in Alice in Wonderland.

Rapper Hussle, featured on Higher with DJ Khaled.

Puzzle 2

Colin Firth was in this Secret Service movie.

Ghosts, apparitions.

Scripted spoken words in entertainment.

Enclosing a sandwich in paper to keep for later.

Projectile for putting.

Matriarch of the Addams Family.

The unsung text of an opera or musical.

Ocean fish covered in spikes, inflates when scared.

Story drawn image per page, turned rapidly to view.

Fast-flowing rapids.

Puzzle 3

Musical based on Horton Hears a Who!.

Designer of the Statue of Liberty, Frederic __.

Concertgoers go to the stage door to get this.

Huckleberry Finn's best friend.

He sang with Garfunkel then went to Graceland.

Bing Bong is this type of fantastical friend.

NYC borough or whiskey cocktail.

Expert on animals and their classification.

Spin-off animated series with Lightning McQueen.

Often seen saying, "What's up Doc?".

Puzzle 4

Does something that's against the law.

Bob Belcher's meaty best-sellers.

In Frozen, Anna asks if Elsa wants to build one.

Shaking or shivering in fear.

Phone operating system marketed by Google.

Trump typo, perhaps for coverage.

The Emerald Isle.

The last R in RADAR.

SpongeBob's trusty comrade.

Washing, drying and ironing of clothes.

Smells Like Teen Spirit band.

Martes is this day to a Spanish speaker.

Not eating; the purpose of the Lenten period.

Puzzle 5

Person who uses swords in a sporting event.

French 1700s art with ornate details and pastels.

Garden statues based on fairytale short people.

One who sleeps in a tent.

Belle and Aurora's common attribute.

Reptile with a bony shell.

Zen meditations.

Tied up at a dock, like a boat.

Father of Remy and Emile in Ratatouille.

Rhyming or not, literature with verses.

Chicago site of the 1860 Republican Convention.

Curtained bed often found in a king's bedroom.

Motorbike and electric piano maker.

He is the Great Cornholio.

Hypnotic state, stupor.

Fried Indian pastry triangles with filling.

Puzzle 6

Paper toy that spins in the wind.

Maurizio, artist of a banana duct-taped to a wall.

RuPaul's hit competition series.

Font: Times __.

What the French call a stick of bread.

In a humble, dignified way.

Daria's best friend with a rhyming name.

Castrated male horses.

Casper's disposition.

Two veins, one called inferior, the other superior.

Country that has the city of Bogotá as its capital.

How an optimist views a glass.

An exploitable legal ambiguity.

Relating to the period of King James I of England.

Living inside an animal, like a parasite.

Kurt Russell Antarctic sci-fi horror.

Shamefully embarrassed or timid.

Puzzle 7

Mexican coffee liqueur.

A hunting hound with floppy ears; Snoopy's breed.

Wile E. Coyote tirelessly pursues the Road __.

Room renter.

A block in one's path; obstacle during a race.

Silk, wool or cotton.

Greek gods; teens who fight villains.

Scandinavian country where ABBA's Frida was born.

Overthrowing of the captain on a ship.

The son of a king.

Search engine with blue, red, yellow, green logo.

The ups and downs of childhood?.

Puzzle 8

Matilda's mischievous fellow student.

Puppet who Wished Upon a Star.

Japanese carp streamers used as windsocks.

Papers that get soldiers out of army.

Australian coastal city, the port of Perth.

Mojang's open-world video game using blocks.

In a stupor, unable to move.

Big Mouth's Nick Birch, Lola, and Coach Steve.

Vegetable-shaped roof in Russian architecture.

Trainable dragon; in need of dentures.

Puzzle 9

Greta, Swedish climate activist.

Dora's talking accessory.

Pirate especially partial to riotous drinking.

High register of singing above one's range.

Age of adulthood in US and UK.

Leader of the Decepticons.

Small bright budgerigar.

Bogart film and Florida island.

Word for a piece of property that's passed down.

Natural fruit sugar; anagram of soft cure.

Puzzle 10

Large amphibian with a deep croak.

Cartoon morning in the eighties and nineties.

The Muscles from Brussels.

Don't forget.

Alex Garland novel set in a Thai utopia.

Built-up area outside a front entry.

A legume that is the key ingredient in hummus.

The result from a division equation.

Short musical composition reflecting the nighttime.

Peach, Rapunzel, She-Ra.

Scotland's oil and granite city.

Global athletic competition between countries.

One who buys stock in a company, plays the market.

Sanskrit epic of a prince's quest in ancient India.

Christmas time.

Puzzle 11

Term for someone who has trouble sleeping.

Ancient device used to measure stars and planets.

Infringement, contravention, breach.

Dungeons and Dragons class known to get angry.

Bradford singer who quit One Direction in 2015.

Crustacean assigned to keep Ariel out of trouble.

Smuggled or illegally produced alcohol.

Country that is home to Tikal National Park.

Collected samples of an artist's work.

Fancy 50s cars, an iconic feature of Havana.

People who purposefully miss an event.

Puzzle 12

Demonic chief enemy of the ThunderCats.

Tiny pale seeds used in cooking and for making oil.

Device; bumbling inspector.

Slim sword that also describes someone's wit.

Reduction or drop in salary.

Big ending of a show.

Hit a tennis ball before it bounces.

The perfect place; God's home in some religions.

Longest-reigning Chinese emperor.

Continent with Italy, France and Spain.

Red squirrel character who has a Bad Fur Day.

High-end or expensive lifestyle and purchases.

Melman and Marty's hippo friend and fellow escapee.

Of a coin made by stamping metal.

Mr. Marr, guitarist of The Smiths and Modest Mouse.

Hamlet knew him, a jester-friend exhumed.

Made a woof.

Puzzle 13

Prison rocked by Elvis.

To be in a tough, sticky situation, like chutney.

Buzz, who wants to go "to infinity and beyond!".

This type of park features roller coasters.

Palestinian territory on the Mediterranean.

Scottish home of golf.

Pass gas, flatulate.

Lines recorded by actors for cartoons.

Hoofed mammals.

Koala "bears" and head "cheese".

Community of organisms and their environment.

Like alliteration, repeating vowel sounds in words.

Puzzle 14

__ McDuck, Ebenezer __.

Launch a product again with a new name.

Washington D.C. is this to the US.

Tangy salad green, also called roquette.

US Astronaut Mae, who flew Among the Stars.

This contagious mouth act also affects dogs.

Orange and black butterfly; the queen.

Volume containing the Book of Psalms.

Superpowered Bubbles and Buttercup's trio leader.

Migos member alongside Quavo and Offset.

A dish best served cold.

Compensatory monetary sums.

Ms. Hudgens, star of High School Musical.

Puzzle 15

Play by Eugene O'Neill: The __ Cometh.

Quick cartoons or films that tell a full story.

The eyes are this to the soul.

Disney Iguanodon in Dinosaur film.

Name of England's "Black Prince".

Devotional service to a god in Hinduism.

A fin on the back of a fish.

Features shown in cinemas.

German sports shoe brand.

Morty's older sister; warm season.

Heather Morris plays this Brittany in Glee.

Siblings, cousins and parents are this.

Depression-era dam named after a US president.

What the English call their backyard.

Latin word for everywhere.

Pancake's flatter kin.

The world's largest country by area.

Puzzle 16

Motor sport circuit located in the Dutch dunes.

John, Michael and the Lost Boys were __ the Leader.

The art of reading one's future in their hands.

Adventure video game featuring Rico Rodriguez.

Intellectual property claimed with a "TM" symbol.

Stimpy's buddy Ren's dog breed.

Very strong wind.

Peter Parker's first love in Spider-Man comics.

Surname of Jane Austen fictional character Emma.

Term for when males sit legs akimbo on a train.

Human dung collected in buckets in darkness.

Puzzle 17

Printed acknowledgements of those who made a movie.

Mixed up, like letters in a puzzle.

The sound an owl makes.

Folk singer Woody.

Small ornament or piece of jewelry.

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about this way of life.

Chinese river, home of sturgeon and alligators.

Food delivery subscription.

Weight in a ship.

Dunking into sauce.

Mythical one-eyed giant; Mike Wazowski.

Beat Generation author.

Flexible kitchen tool for scraping food from bowls.

Sports team uniforms.

Puzzle 18

Loss of memory.

Rod Stewart song about heated lower limbs.

Scholar, person attending school and learning.

Triumphing over others.

Sisters with snakes for hair.

Patch where a pen has leaked onto paper.

Tangy cucumbers; Tommy and Angelica's last name.

Sandy coasts by the sea.

Legally expiring, like a contract.

Slang for married.

Particle missing electrical charge; prodigy Jimmy.

Swampy wetland regions.

Made space, tidied up.

Puzzle 19

Someone who is separate from the group.

Technique that melds hues.

Remove the title of officially chivalrous person.

__ of Madagascar stars avians Skipper and friends.

Song about being in a band, sung by Post Malone.

Part of textbook that explains word meanings.

Pattern of tasks to be completed in order.

A timed explosive or an inevitable outburst.

Race that lasts 26 miles or 42 km.

Alexander von __, Prussian geomagnetic researcher.

Device that processes and displays information.

Green vegetable with tree-like heads.

Superman has one of these in solitude.

Puzzle 20

Visual description for any of the Weasleys.

Time twice a year when day and night are equal.

Parts of an item designed for carrying.

Marlon spends time "__" both Nemo and Dory.

A storage of weaponry.

Created a picture with brushes.

VHS tapes' non-alpha rival.

Gadgets for making fresh fruit drinks.

American marsupial that plays dead.

Vinegared rice.

Underpants, America, Hook.

Simple, standard piano, not grand.

Bible book between Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

Terraforming device that resurrects Spock.

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