CodyCross Annoying Things Pack answers

Annoying Things PackAnnoying Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Annoying Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Desirous to scratch skin.


Percy __, hero of Rick Riordan's series of books.

Friendly, pleasant.

Exertions, struggles.

At its most basic, what pork is.

When a planet or star completely covers another.

__ in the mirror are closer than they appear.

Twinkle, shine.

Queue __, pushers-in at the front of a line.

Assistant to chief electrician on a movie.

Puzzle 2

Pain in the cranium from worry or a hangover.

__ blackboard, describes a high-pitched screech.

Powdery red additive with a kick.

Wooden musical flutes.

Get off gymnastics equipment.

Given the title of Sir.

Towelling squares that you wash your face with.

Without paying road taxes.

Hasbro game with a plastic mouthpiece.

__ Cruz; Spanish Vanilla Sky and Blow actress.

Person who meddles in others' lives.

Someone who is from or lives in the French capital.

Feral felines.

Mountain chain running through northern England.

Describes when the weather is dull and cloudy.

Puzzle 3

__ arts, including karate, kung fu, etc..

Entertainment company founded by Weinstein bros.

Female feline pride member.

A cylindrical curl of hair.

The __ Job, in which Michael Caine drove Minis.

Common urban birds thought of as flying rats.

"The proof of the __ is in the eating".

Obama's middle name.

Order someone to do something.

Made something less high.

Dried berry spice used to flavour gin.

Armoured military aircraft.

Decorative silk parts of campaign medals.

Operation to rid a place of litter or dirt.

Digits on a hand.

Smeary __, fingerprints on lenses.

Puzzle 4

Exercise performed in prone position.

Sir __ Hatt; the Fat Controller's real name.

Late __, delayed services mean missed connections.

Groups of people who move from place to place.

__ Grint, Harry Potter's Ron Weasley.

Keeper of animals or producer of food on the land.

Night __, menopausal symptoms suffered by a few.

Countries that border Belize: __ and Guatemala.

Hot-water device, usually breaks down in winter!.

Large, grand meals for special occasions.

Puzzle 5

Hand care treatment including nail polish.

Chicago baseball team.

Globules of water.

Cracking __, the noise of hand bone on hand bone.

Circular canvas for sleeping under.

Russian and really strong X-Men.

Deterge, sanitises.

Petroleum jelly trademark, for e.g. lip balm.

Polite response to being given a gift.

Singular form of confetti.

Fernando chorus: There was something __ that night.

The eternal Mrs. Robinson, Anne __.

State of feeling happy.

In biology, the shell or body of an animal.

Charlie Bucket found a Golden Ticket inside one.

Flaky roll often served with gravy.

The C in Washington DC.

__-general, a monarch's envoy in another country.

Persistent chesty noise, annoying in the theatre.

Pillar with pointers as to which road to take.

Puzzle 6

Tiring, exhausting.

Ornate tomb or sepulchre like the Taj Mahal.

Perforated bowls for draining pasta and salads.

Swamp-dwelling crocodilian from the US and China.

Aussie band responsible for Down Under.

Said to be bliss, but highly annoying in others.

People from Ghana are __.

Dividing, breaking in half.

David Bowie is Jareth, the Goblin King.

One-two movement in basketball.

Annoying Tetra Paks, plastic film, cardboard.

Wet stuff found in the sea, opposite of fresh.

Consecrated bread and wine.

Superhero who shoots out webs.

Hard-shelled fruity sweet with soft inside.

Microsoft operating system that preceded Vista.

Puzzle 7

__-seekers, needy people demanding the limelight.

__ Sunday; day of appreciation for mums.

Author of The Fault in Our Stars.

40-15, say, in a tennis match.

The most southern point of the globe.

A filled Mexican tortilla baked in the oven.

Scarlett, the Black Widow of Marvel movies.

Animals that lay eggs that hatch outside the body.

Mauve May-time flowers that bob in the breeze.

Terrified, really afraid.

Another name for a cafetière.

__ drills, used by workmen to dig up utilities.

He played the Six Million Dollar Man on TV.

It is the mother of invention.

Puzzle 8

Small argument.


Keep something away, e.g. evil spirits.

Nickname of The A-Team's Templeton Peck.

Keying style that denotes SHOUTING.

Band best known for Don't Stop Believin'.

Country where the xu was once a unit of currency.

They light up, and leave detritus in an ashtray.

Tailless digging rodent, can be naked and blind.

Liquid, red hot sauce made with three ingredients.

Puzzle 9

Talks nonsense quickly.

__, Michael; fourth album for MJ, released in 1975.

Leaning to one side.

Robin Williams __ in Aladdin as the Genie in 1992.

__ while the sun shines; seize the moment.


__ machine, drop in coins, get chocolate/crisps.

Less weighty.

Worded in a certain way.

They point out your grammatical mistakes to you.

The colonel in Cluedo.

Form-__, providing authorities with your details.

Takes the ball from.

Puzzle 10


Phil __, flew the Atlantic for Live Aid concerts.

Lightest; most equitable.

Say solemnly.

Dough in a sucking candy form.

English translation of the French word "epinards".

Skin redness after lying on a lounger for too long.

When tall you don't get a lot of this on a flight.

Sibling __, clashes between brothers and sisters.

1920s dancer.

__ Crowe plays DiCaprio's boss in Body of Lies.

Male puppet, forms part of violent seaside show.

Puzzle 11

Earning money before tax.

Nothing but __, no lies.

Winds coming in under a door or near a window.

Large-brimmed headgear keeps the sun off in Mexico.

A very large aeroplane.

Glows in the dark.

Wrestles with a problem, or a person.

Noisy, squawking seasiders who nick your chips.

Moral code and qualities of a medieval knight.

Fluffy eggs filled with extras.

Power __; electricity-generating plants.

Romanian gymnast who scored the first Perfect 10.0.

Puzzle 12

Options, possibilities.

Neil __ sang Cracklin' Rosie and Song Sung Blue.

__ hair needs a brush to sort it out; Disney movie.

"A house __ against itself cannot stand".

An exercise field for horses.

__ K, Kellogg's light breakfast cereal.

Glitter and shine.

Describes surgery made through small incision.

Computer consent pop-ups; also US biscuits.

Salt and pepper __, for tipping out seasoning.

Another word for a competition or race.

Puzzle 13

Inebriated people, can't be reasoned with.

__ drier, white goods machine for drying indoors.

Domestic rabbit breed with long, woolly coat.

Relax, loosen, uncoil.

__ cough, annoying continuous throat prickle.

Colloquial term for lingerie, knickers, briefs.

Melinda May is one of the __ of S.H.I.E.L.D.

George Bush Jr's middle name.


Jotting or writing something down.

Surname of singers Jim and Martha.

Puzzle 14

Lemmy's British Ace of Spades metal band.

Lord Eddard's youngest daughter on Game of Thrones.

"It's better to travel __ than to arrive".

Classic story of princes and princesses.

Central American headwear.

They put names on silver cups.

Spray that waters a lawn.

Dripping nasal passages, like with a cold.

Term for when the cost of purchases goes up.

Not linked to, not in your family.

Mischievous rascal, scoundrel or scamp.

Sought and gathered.

A grievance or a moan, e.g. about hotel standards.

Rodent that sports quills for protection.

Description of the world's different habitat types.

Puzzle 15

With the most wintery weather.

Chilly extremities that require bedsocks.

Inevitability, conclusiveness.

Spin-off TV series about hackers and online crime.

Lip-__, Musers do this to famous songs.

Putting a hole in an earlobe.

Educators and figures of authority.

Food suppliers on a film set.

Pinching, nicking, purloining.

Walking in time, like a soldier.

Illumination for a student's work table.

Puzzle 16

Not so tight.

A high __ count makes summer misery for many.

Traditional Christmas hymns.

Comedic circus actors with red noses and wigs.

The three states of matter: solid, __, or gas.

Shawn and Marlon, acting brothers.

Helen of Troy was famous for her __.

Pages of an old book or ledger.

Indiana-based NBA rivals of the Knicks.


Dropped paper and packaging can incur a fine.

Healthy foods including oranges, apples, berries.

Puzzle 17

Intercepting a pass in basketball.

Puts in a box for delivery.

Organ in the womb providing oxygen/food for baby.

A key that will open several doors.

Going to see someone at their home.

Action associated with atishoo and tissues.

Genie in a Bottle was one of her hits: Christina __.

Bestow, devote or donate.

Visit this to see fish and sealife in tanks.

Quiche __, food not eaten by real men.

Couples; anagram of praising.

Emporium selling second-hand or vintage goods.

Dried powdered colours.

Criminals who try to fraud you, online possibly.

Fanatics, admirers.

Entrance to a house, where the car goes.

Performances of poems or musics.

Actor, rose to fame in High School Musical films.

Scary, supernatural beings from horror films.

Puzzle 18

__ dogs, they can be deeply booming or yappy.

__ clocks, in a quiet room the noise is deafening.

Speaking to God, e.g. in church.

Named the right letters in a word.

Sweet biscuits.

A device that follows or counts your movements.

Actor Ben or his father Jerry.

Another word for rice fields.

Singin' in __; wet weather dance for Gene Kelly.

Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national __.

Covered with wooden planks or panels.

"__ bunting, daddy's gone a hunting...".

Responses to questions.

Puzzle 19

Wooden piece of furniture with shelves.

__ throats, noise made from shifting mucus.

White itchy flakes that descend to the collar.

Extending towards something.

Usually, typically.

What Kojak sucked.

Cause deliberate and terminal damage.

Caribbean island Rihanna comes from.

Probably the most famous skateboarder ever.

10 Things I Hate __; 1999 Shakespearean rom-com.

Hard Italian cheese great for grating over pasta.

Puzzle 20

Sissy Spacek film based on a Stephen King work.

__ Dance, Madonna's first remix album.

Scottish biting nuisances.

Relentless tug-of-war of Remainers and Leavers.

Habanero is a hot __.

Cirque du __, Canadian modern circus.

Disagree with, resist something.

Kuala __, city that means mouth of the muddy river.

Having more height.

Biggest foes of Doctor Who, with distorted voices.

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