CodyCross Antarctica Pack answers

Antarctica PackAntarctica

Here are the answers to CodyCross Antarctica Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

A baseball pitcher, in simple terms.

__ novel; book in comic-strip format.

More tired than.

__ Palace, glass house of the Great Exhibition.

Movers and __, influential people in a business.

Sci-fi rucksack that propels you through space.

Actress and health guru Gwyneth __.

Lifeforms, mix of fungi and algae or cyanobacteria.

French term for stewed, sweetened fruit.

__ on Heaven's Door, Guns N Roses banging track.

Connecting to a phone network while traveling.

Deep, narrow gorges with steep sides.

Mount Erebus is the second-highest in Antarctica.

David defeated this giant with rock and sling.

Puzzle 2

Deceived someone out of their money.

Area crops are grown on, owned by agriculturalist.

US prison section for capital crimes.

__ Sun, summer month phenomenon at the Poles.

In gaming, 'mobs' mean __ and other enemies.

Aretha __, singer of Today I Sing the Blues.

Stadio __; large football stadium in Rome.

Completely calm and collected: "as cool as a __".

All the clothes a person has; rhymes w/ ear lobe.

Cooks in flame, like steak Diane.

Anti-personnel mine and a Scottish broadsword.

Spitz-type canines that pull equipment over ice.

Spiteful, nasty, malevolent, like a snake.

Puzzle 3

Going in the direction of.

Argentine port, gateway for Antarctic cruise ships.

Road that doesn't lead anywhere.

Author of The Pillars of the Earth: Ken __.

Island of Europe's largest glacier Vatnajökull.

Pay it __; do another good deed in return.

The __; Howard Hughes biopic starring DiCaprio.

Knotted savory dough biscuit.

Followed the footprints of an animal.

What the k stands for in singer k d Lang's name.

Palindrome describes someone giving mouth to mouth.

Person who plays the keyboard, like Chopin.

"Belgian" ship, first to overwinter in Antarctica.

Puzzle 4

German electronic band of Tour de France.

Trying to find and punish someone for their views.

Site of Scott's doomed Terra Nova expedition hut.

Got in the way of, threw a wrench in the works.

Panel supporting the basketball hoop.

What some believe follows our time on earth.

Native American, interpreter for Lewis and Clark.

Making foam from a bar of soap.

Screen background image.

Heavy, fierce dark brown birds from Antarctica.

Chinese-spiced fruity dipping condiment.

Technical drawings by architects.

Worn out, utterly exhausted from working too hard.

Protective outer layer of an ocean bivalve.

Puzzle 5

Ice-__, ship designed to create frozen passages.

1313 __ Walk is the home of Donald Duck.

Young noble assistant to a knight.

Spanish word for the shortest month of the year.

Comme des __, Japanese label by Rei Kawakubo.

Hard, yellow Swiss cheese.

Female who takes to the stage or is on film.

Sleep, nap, a few winks.

Jack __, terrier dog breed.

Alternative spelling of Shetland.

Large, slow moving mass of ice.

Knives and forks.

Less portly.

"By the time I get to __", line by Glen Campbell.

Hangs and swings freely.

A __ to India, tale focused on the Marabar caves.

Puzzle 6

Procter & Gamble brand of 'manly' toiletries.

Ted can be a short version of this male name.

Interrupting a comic on stage.

Sequels that describe earlier events.

Jacques Louis David painting: __ Crossing the Alps.

Small building on a property with toilet inside.

Music movement epitomized in the UK by Jamiroquai.

Song: "Peace on Earth, __ toward men".

Comical black-and-white birds at the Antarctic.

Securing with a metal linked binding.

French cooking term meaning hunter.

Collected together paperwork or evidence.

City dweller; not a rural resident.

Norwegian explorer reached the South Pole in 1911.

Site for disposal of household waste.

Puzzle 7

Dividing, separating... hairs, or bananas maybe?.

Canopy strapped on the back for sky diving.

French sweet sponge cake with a girl's name.

First word of the Beatles song She's Leaving Home.

__ Society, group denies the Earth is a sphere.

Rise and fall with no set pattern.

Aircraft hostage-taker.

Fashion brand of work boot with cushioned sole.

Forcibly make someone join the army of a country.

Ancient trade route for fossilized tree resin.

Saying one thing and doing another, sanctimony.

Largest city of Sonoma, California "saint rose".

Spreading over a large area, e.g. pollen.

__ in Paris, controversial Bertolucci film of 1972.

Colonies of nesting penguins.

Puzzle 8

Wed; got hitched to.

Pertaining to the Earth's huge seas.

Tied to someone's apron __; controlled by someone.

Typical showers experienced in December, January.

Round of applause, perhaps standing.

Polar merchants who sought the skins of pinnipeds.

1997 Disney film about VW Beetle Herbie.

__ seals, ferocious predators of Antarctic waters.

"Sussudio" singer/songwriter Phil __.

Laughs witchily.

Limp, floppy, drooping.

Tropical fruits with sweet orange/yellow flesh.

Informal name for a helicopter.

Long-serving Canadian ice hockey pro, Wayne __.

Exchanging jewelry for money.

Puzzle 9

__ open; with total awareness, fully informed.

Diplomatic __; exemption from prosecution.

Used to transport gas over long distances.

Frozen oceanic platform, like the Ross or Ronne.

Seattle's pro baseball team.

The Grand Old Duke of York had ten __ men.

Museum managers.

The existing male offspring of a new partner.

Protection for leg joints when bent low.

__ pole, constantly moving position in Antarctica.

Staff __, usually a squad leader.

Long, thin loaf of French bread.

__ Spaniel, bouncy dog that flushes out birds.

Metal artificial respirator of the early 20th C.

Nick Cave's backing band; no good for planting.

Puzzle 10

Russian currency (with an "o").

Repeat a section of a video or recording.

Not important which person.

Bulbous veggies with layers, grown below soil.

The Eagle Has __; 1975 Jack Higgins thriller.

Chinese martial art with many animalistic styles.

Thick frozen permanent covering over the Poles.

__ bill, showing two films back to back.

66° S line drawn in the S Ocean, the Antarctic __.

Float On by __ Mouse.

Puzzle 11

__ system; organs that fight off disease.

Jesters in a deck.

Made a low, humming sound, like a bee.

Of Mice __, Steinbeck classic.

__ food, pop-up stalls for snacking.

Serious, grave, critical.

Polar explorers cross ice by this transport method.

Four-stringed round "guitars" for plucking.

Pearls of __; sound advice.

__ Planet, Attenborough nature film on the Poles.

This hat is actually made in Ecuador.

Puzzle 12

"Hawkish" middle name of explorer Robert Scott.

Rome Wasn't Built __, by Morcheeba.

Making cakes from scratch.

Ordained church officials.

Describes a typist's chair that revolves.

Stores of materials en route for Polar expeditions.

A __ in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry.

Machine creating warmth.

Jewels or trinkets, from the French word.

Cold __, withdrawal symptoms from addictive drugs.

Puzzle 13

Be __, hold your head up proudly, have faith.

Competitive equine.

Antarctica, titled the southernmost __.

Documentary about the 2008 US financial crisis.

A worthy charity.

Food label, indicates growers receive just prices.

Shackleton's ship frozen in 1915; persistence.

Wooden or plastic circles twirl around the body.

Mass in an artery or vein caused by coagulation.

Common, comical name for the humerus.

Foody word to describe an orange cat.

Puzzle 14

Claim, statement; made confidently.

Enthusiast who keeps coins or stamps, for example.

Sweet square-faced lump, fed to horses.

Site for open-pit coal extraction.

Stretch along which the ocean meets the land.

Inhabitant of Uranus' neighboring planet.

Atmospheric damage above Antarctica.

__, you make my heart sing.

WWE sport.

Relating to elderly people.

Small sphere in a holder, it moves a screen cursor.

There's no such thing as a __ (dinner gratis).

Form of a verb for something that happened already.

__ zone; area into which entry is forbidden.

Comic star of Ride Along, Get Hard, Night School.

__ tango; intimate Latin ballroom dance.

__ seals, krill (not crustacean)-eating pinnipeds.

Covered to stop heat escaping.

Tradesperson who fits security devices to doors.

Puzzle 15

Piles of clothes that need washing.

Antarctic "swimming Simba" animal.

Danish toy-building kit, don't step on one!.

Nationality of poet Octavio Paz.

A sailor's suspended swinging bed.

A diamond is idiomatically this.

Harrison Ford movie set in the Amish community.

The largest of penguins, with imperial status.

Victims for a cause.

__ World, Michael Jackson's global improvement hit.

__ thinking, pleasing to imagine but not rational.

Bladed weapon on Angola's flag.

Puzzle 16

Part of the package.

__ shelf, place for books with no visible support.

OK __; 1997 platinum-selling album for Radiohead.

Goes around the outside; heart surgeries.

Make contact; get in touch with someone.

Site of major expedition stores, at the start.

Lucky part of a roast poultry carcass.

Extremists, those with intense views.

Don't ___ drive, as vehicles and alcohol don't mix.

Hairstyle of Bruce Willis and The Rock.

Drank water noisily, like a horse.

Troops dispatched by helicopter or parachute.

Exclamation of encouragement/approval to a woman.

Story or poem with a hidden meaning.

Individual pieces of frozen water in Antarctica.

Lou __, formed a comedic film duo with Bud Abbott.

TV program with a host who leads discussions.

Puzzle 17

Made less tight.

Nickname of violent chopper Eric I of Norway.

Sweet root veggies that look like white carrots.

Warmest month at the South Pole Station.

Taken __; tricked, conned, made a fool of.

Hide of a young sheep used in gloves, rugs, etc.

What men's grand slam tennis is played over.

The world's most populated landlocked country.

Chain __ with Reeves and Freeman.

Italian pasta penguins, possibly!.

Hootie & the __; marine-named rockers.

Puzzle 18

Forename for which Wm is the abbreviation.

Solid and pigmented frozen Polar feature.

Fleetwood Mac LP with Mick and Stevie on the cover.

Making balloons or bubble wrap burst.

As if __; how Mr Benn shopkeeper appeared.

A __ to the Center of the Earth, by Jules Verne.

Radio calls for help.

Saying: __ a feather flock together.

French chemist who comes to mind when buying milk.

__ ice, frozen feature like a breakfast food.

Nosebands worn by horses.

Le __, heavy stoneware kitchen brand.

Puzzle 19

Aromatic long grain rice in many Thai recipes.

Largest state capital of the United States.

Machine for squashing aluminum cans.

Fought, engaged in conflict.

Yiddish-American word for idiot.

Ranulph __, across Antarctica on foot with finesse.

Will __, Step Brothers and Anchorman actor.

Drawing tools that have "lead" in the middle.

Least shiny or smart.

Planet with the most known moons.

Country that won the first FIFA World Cup.

Off __; having avoided an unpleasant situation.

Volcanic holes.

Jennifer __; plays Ms Green in Friends.

Puzzle 20


GoodFellas director Martin __.

Large Brazilian state, covered in tropical jungle.

__ that ye not be judged.

Violations or transgressions of laws.

__ to Love, iconic Robert Palmer hit with models.

Added to make a white coffee; not hot.

Boaty McBoatface is this type of polar ship.

Lovably, like the way a puppy looks at you.

__ Ocean: Atlantic, Indian, Pacific waters.

Strangers sometimes do random acts of this.

Instructing or commanding someone to do something.

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