CodyCross Anthropology II Pack answers

Anthropology II PackAnthropology II

Here are the answers to CodyCross Anthropology II Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Underground network of tunnels made by rabbits.

Using a telecopier.

A snake, an annoying noise, or a baby's toy.

Traditional Japanese dance drama performance art.

Yuval Noah, author of 2011's Sapiens.

Italy's third largest city after Rome and Milan.

Cover a rooftop with layered reeds.

Large ring engraved with an emblem or initials.

French director known for Made in the U.S.A..

Pit for refuse in ancient settlements.

Condition causing raised itchy patches on the skin.

Key in which Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is played.

Preserver of the universe in Hindu tradition.

First name of famous US Olympic sprinter Gatlin.

A social group of people born around the same time.

Profession of Orpheus in Greek mythology.

Puzzle 2

Woven structure burned in effigy by druids.

Raise money using sites like Indiegogo.

Gianni Versace's fashion designer sister.

Cold, milky coffee poured over frozen water.

The movement of humans across the globe.

Common name for yellow Ranunculus flower.

US TV show based on small claims court cases.

Greek dramatist known for Oedipus Rex.

2007 Disney musical starring Amy Adams.

Native people who call themselves Omàmiwinini.

Pool, snooker and billiards, collectively.

Frontmost part of gray matter.

The drunken uncle of Olivia in Twelfth Night.

The ACE, the Tretyakov, and the Uffizi.

A doctor's assessment of a patient's outlook.

Official who investigates complaints.

Puzzle 3

Criss-crossed garden frame for trailing plants.

Gary Paulsen wilderness survival novel.

A lack of belief in any god.

Behind-the-scenes assistants in TV studios.

It's got you covered.

Breed of cats that is almost always female.

Major river on which the city of Luzhou is located.

Metal containing iron.

Social setup or society based at two locations.

Stage name of comic performer Julius Marx.

Hand tools, or pincers, used to snip glass.

Small, tasty mouthfuls of food.

Puzzle 4

Phrase used to tone down criticism.

American Idiot band with Billie Joe Armstrong.

Covering garden soil with bark to protect plants.

Art of rolling and sticking strips of paper.

The interpretation of a culture's sacred text.

System of fortification against enemy gunfire.

Comfort patches found on spectacles.

Pulse liked by Hannibal Lecter.

Roman red shade; toxic mineral.

Chain of tourist cafes with pop music theming.

Volcano that destroyed Pompeii in AD 79.

Floral wreaths.

Netherlands __ islands contained Aruba and Curacao.

Michelin's annual publication of hotels.

The Friar's name in Romeo and Juliet.

Science of body movements and human gestures.

Puzzle 5

Percussion instrument that comes in pairs.

Nursery rhyme YouTube channel with JJ and Yoyo.

Study of how physical space effects society.

Retired wrestler whose real name is Terry Bollea.

2014 sci-fi with Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet.

Barcelona's nickname for the Casa Milà.

The leading woman in a social group.

Asian country with famous Lau Pa Sat hawker stalls.

Dutch artist known for his Laughing Cavalier.

Consenting to a treaty.

Puzzle 6

Beef appendage that is popular as a soup.

Shifts in gene frequencies between populations.

French word meaning short summary of a text.

She transformed Medusa into a Gorgon in Greek myth.

Branch of the UN that oversees heritage sites.

Long metal pipe from which curtains hang.

A piece of bone or pot worn through the face.

Small fast-moving car for driving.

This Bobby Brown plays Sherlock's sister Enola.

African fly that transmits sleeping sickness.

Grassland plain without trees or much vegetation.

First two words of a hypothetical question.

Female Gandhi who was prime minister of India.

Novel The World According to __ Davis.

Keyboard layout, named after its first six letters.

Remove one's money from business interests.

Puzzle 7

Pause a trial.

Cezanne painted A Boy wearing one in 1889.

Working relationship between Indian castes.

Author of detective novels and The Children of Men.

Bars or ingots of gold or silver.

Tribal or social belief in two opposing forces.

Rousing trumpet sound when a VIP arrives.

Japanese equivalent of a Bigfoot or a Yeti.

Wild sheep.

Poison used in gold extraction.

Italian cocktail with vermouth and Campari.

Frank, composer who wrote Guys and Dolls musical.

Bra and corsetry company owned by Courtaulds.

Puzzle 8

Unicorns of the sea.

French chicken dish cooked in wine.

Superhero team including Ajak and Thena.

American prize in literature, music or drama.

The first part of the small intestine.

A culture's attempt to distance itself from others.

A pH is a measure of the potential of this element.

Florida resort known for The Stadium golf course.

Hoaxer or pretender.

Lead or primary, showcase example.

Automatic reaction, not thought through.

Country where the Magura cave paintings are found.

Surname of US president James Abram.

Large waterfalls on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border.

Puzzle 9

Something that pianos and toolkits both have.

A clan sharing a common ancestor with groups.

Small dried fruit made from a seedless grape.

Tiny regal bird with golden crown markings.

Spiritual greeting for yoga practitioners.

Type of wreaths shown around film festival names.

Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg collectively.

Female equivalent of a brethren or brotherly group.

Writer of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

Former Bronx Bombers.

Take __; feel offended by something.

Wheeled device for measuring distances.

Puzzle 10

Medical name for bad breath.

Gymnastics equipment, e.g. bars or rings.

Lindsay Lohan's character in Mean Girls.

Policymaking committee of the Soviet Union.

Stage musical based on Horton Hears a Who!.

Interconnected area of living organisms.

An elongated style of communal or tribal building.

Keyboard that plays tape-recorded sounds.

Hurston who wrote Their Eyes Were Watching God.

He was TV's Mr. Robot and film's Freddie Mercury.

An assessment of the price or worth of something.

The use of two languages by the same people.

Beijing's famous Gate of Heavenly Peace.

Puzzle 11

Experiencing an absence of willpower.

A language that evolved from a mix of languages.

Combined cross-country skiing and ski jump events.

Ocean in which the Seychelles are located.

Support beam, often made of iron or steel.

Devotional verses in the Bible credited to David.

Ooze, muck.

Trade goods without using money.

The __ Koala Show also featured Rawhide Clyde.

The Terminator's car.

Light-blocking curtains are this.

Tipping the __, Sarah Waters's award-winning novel.

Polydipsia is a particularly excessive one.

Robin, anthropologist who devised a social Number.

Composer of the famous Héroïque polonaise.

Wailed like a street cat.

Johns, American abstract flag painter.

Dashing man; wearing a hat at an angle.

Egg dish that might be Lorraine.

Puzzle 12

Dormant state of an inactive PC.

A woman's marriage to more than one husband.

Changing the actor playing a famous role.

Number of gallons in a standard barrel of ale.

365-day calendar first introduced in 1582.

To add a signature to the bottom of a document.

Summoning of demons and spirits.

Hard orange French AOC cheese, ball shaped.

Inborn reactions and ways of behaving.

Premolars with two points.

12-note musical scale, each a semitone apart.

Puzzle 13

Hollywood film about the librarian Marquis de Sade.

Loose sleeveless cloak or outer garment.

British pie that combines steak and this.

Actress and Lip Sync Battle host Chrissy.

Gym session that makes walking difficult.

The __ Cometh, Eugene O'Neill play.

Extract impurities by melting.

__ and Hawkes, publisher and seller of sheet music.

Unofficial leader of a group is first among these.

A long-standing practice followed by a tribe.

Striped African mammals related to giraffes.

Totalitarian republic in The Handmaid's Tale.

Dusty, desert wind that blows across the Sahara.

Meliae, Oreads, and Naiads, in Greek mythology.

Bride __, payment to a woman's family on marriage.

Currency of Spain before the euro.

Puzzle 14

Athletics event that uses the Fosbury flop.

Non-conformity, especially within a society.

Structure that forms Egypt's Lake Nasser.

Below the line section of the internet.

Herb from a type of sunflower.

1997 drama starring Judi Dench as Queen Victoria.

To plateau, gradually become flat and even.

Body that protects consumer rights.

Marriage to more than one person at the same time.

Nemo's submarine; sea creature with spiral shell.

Collective name for the tiny bones in the ear.

Puzzle 15

The United States' first space station.

Jeff, Diary of a Wimpy Kid author.

A lack of social norms in a group of people.

The Penguin's real first name in the Batman comics.

Period of play in a polo match.

Grass grain, traditionally fed to budgies.

Life-saving injection device for allergy sufferers.

Egyptian goddess represented as a cobra.

Flashy metal jewelry for one's teeth.

Perfectly, completely.

A leader or major influencer in a Polynesian tribe.

Officer in charge of a ship's finances.

__ Bridge, Venetian crossing housing rows of shops.

Hans, composer known for the Gladiator soundtrack.

Baffling stone known as the Map of the Creator.

Puzzle 16

Fortified area of a town.

Rite of __, a major event in a person's life.

Deciduous boreal trees of the genus Larix.

Announce where you live to someone?.

Medical name for vitamin A.

Rolling downhill in a see-through ball.

Chocolate stump dessert.

Slash-and-burn farming practice in forested areas.

Mother of Oedipus in Greek myth and literature.

Soaked up spilled ink.

Set aside funds for a particular project.

Only chemical element whose name begins with K.

Printing plate made by the intaglio process.

Jackie Kennedy's last name after second marriage.

Puzzle 17

Ground, yellow wheat powder used for cooking.

A town or city at the end of a carrier line.

Conspired, came to an agreement in secret.

Breathe in this Cousteau invention.

Installed into and flush with a wall.

Funny woman Melissa from Bridesmaids.

Plastic-framed Ray Ban sunglasses.

Obtaining food by searching for it.

Jack, legendary golfer nicknamed The Golden Bear.

Relating to blood vessels.

Negative reaction to policy or social project.

Monet painted one On the Grass in 1866.

Don't cut off your nose to spite it.

Country where human fossil Lucy was found in 1974.

Maxim, leading male in Du Maurier's Rebecca.

Audio equipment called "cans" in theatrical slang.

National anthem of Japan.

Puzzle 18

Mound, raised area of a field.

Marriage that links two separate groups or tribes.

Unsteady on the feet.

Pictorial, visual.

Slang, getting pleasure or kicks out of something.

Latin title for dye that gave us the name "purple".

Walking on two feet.

Data points, scientific measurements.

TV's Doctor Crane, the radio psychiatrist.

Bird companion of the video game bear Banjo.

N Carolina isle, site of Walter Raleigh's colony.

Evil doctor in Despicable Me movies.

Bird that Shelley once wrote an ode to.

Starchy pearls in bubble tea.

__ In The Stars, 2010 hit for Tinie Tempah.

Durable type of fake nails created with powder.

Puzzle 19

To compliment someone for your own gain.

Nigerian snack, deep-fried dough rolled in sugar.

Relating to office work.

Asian country with "Soyombo" symbol on its flag.

Mucrology is the art of ritual painting with them.

Term for a ball pitched or thrown upwards.

Latin title of the Christian Hail Mary prayer.

Make more attractive.

Flying __, Pirates of the Caribbean ghost ship.

George, the last known Pinta Island tortoise.

Culture that only allows equal-status marriages.

It's the GO in the Republican Party's GOP nickname.

How you might see when you agree with someone.

Puzzle 20

Feral domestic pig.

Those in your society sharing your age and status.

Horror movie franchise starring Lin Shaye.

Nationality of the composer Béla Bartók.

Study of a society's use of signs and symbols.

The most magnetic naturally-occurring mineral.

Formal agreement to halt hostilities.

How one wishes a happy birthday after the fact.

Dutch director of Basic Instinct Paul.

Tributes left to gods or ancestors.

Wild mushrooms growing in mystical circles.

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