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Here are the answers to CodyCross Anthropology Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Sherry __, US anthropologist who studied Sherpas.

Minty lime rum drink.

__ Villa, Mexican aka José Doroteo Arango Arámbula.

Other name for London Royal Opera House: __ Garden.

Tradition passed down generations.

Nervous, anxious, unsettled.

High __, stranded above water level.

B in FBI.

German businessmen making steel and arms since 1587.

Irish bodies of water, known as lochs in Scotland.

Island group known in Japanese as Nansei.

Puzzle 2

Nationality of poet Octavio Paz.

Goods and services consumed/produced in a nation.

Chemical compound made from many repeating units.

Colourful Dutch three-day pop and rock festival.

On pins and __, nervous.

Cleopatra's father: __ XII.

She compiles page references for the end of a book.

Indian board game, a forerunner of Ludo.

A police detective.

Small anchor, often made of stone.

Spiced and eggy minced meat dish from South Africa.

Luxury car brand headquartered in Crewe, UK.

Rulers, dictators.

Stalin's birth land.

One who's been forced to migrate to another country.

Pineapple __; tropical weather system from Hawaii.

Puzzle 3

Celtic goddess of abundance; consort of Mercury.

Fruits that can't be found in Big Macs.

The __ of Spring, book by Ernest Hemingway.

Country whose capital is Sofia.

Attachment saved as .dat on a computer.

Ancient Hindu system of healing.

__ anthropology studies human remains for police.

Dogmatic principle taught by a government/church.

Country where actress Sofia Vergara was born.

Ovum from large migratory bird.

Boo boo coverings.

Three __ period in Ancient China: Wei, Shu and Wu.

Puzzle 4

Chicago venue of Lollapalooza festival since 2005.

Overly generous.

German-American father of modern anthropology.

A study based on observations rather than beliefs.

World's largest known prehistoric snake.

What the French call French toast.

Celtic goddess of sacred waters, wells and streams.

__ Dumas; creator of Athos, Porthos and Aramis.

Stream of high energy radiation from space.

Country of birth of Simon Bolivar.

Writings that are not part of accepted Scripture.

Another name for a sun dog or mock sun.

Alternative name for Sega's Genesis games console.

Powerful reformer in Qin Dynasty China.

Oscar winning actress in La Vie en Rose: Marion __.

Bo and Luke's cousin.

Early alter ego of comic book character Bette Kane.

Puzzle 5

The __ Cometh, Eugene O'Neill play.

Depressed, submerged.

French region bordering Switzerland and Germany.

New Zealander David __, inventor of instant coffee.

Underground safety shelter in times of emergency.

First battle of the Russo-Japanese War, Port __.

__ Garden, Truly Madly Deeply band.

Split or divided in two, like a goat's hoof.

Relating to the interaction of humans.

British king honored at the Gateway to India: __ V.

Celtic fertility goddess in form of a magical sow.

Allegorical performance of the 17th century.

Paul __, Afrikaner, statesman and president.

Family of herbs/shrubs including cotton and okra.

__ Hauer, Blade Runner's blond replicant.

Mary __, anthropologist who uncovered hominines.

Former capital city of the planet Krypton.

George and Elroy are members of the cartoon family.

Puzzle 6

To exist, having food and clothes.

__ Castle, island castle located on Lake Geneva.

German goblin that kidnaps children.

Geographical or sociological variety of a language.

The Social __, smash hit about Zuckerberg's site.

Spherical visual organ.

__ Sea, water to the north of Norway and Russia.

Album by Elton John: Honky __.

Caddy's tool used at the start of playing 18 holes.

Geometric symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism.

National jurisdiction.

Eat, or buy.

Second Sage of Confucian philosophy.

__ Hills, 90210, Aaron Spelling's teen TV drama.


A prognosticating cookie.

Puzzle 7

Fire sound.

Study of organisms and their environment.

One who gathers objects, e.g. for a museum.

__ Equiano, freed slave became a published author.

__ bow, primitive one-string guitar from US.

Spanish Moors, and especially their architecture.

Mesopotamian kingdom.

Without flaw.

__ Bailey, once billed as the world's fastest man.

Slavic language also known as Lusatian and Wendish.

Light sponge named after an Italian city.

__ Canal, Greek waterway opened in 1893.

Home of the Magyars.

Seven katana sword-wielding ones protect a town.

Celtic god of hot springs; consort of Sirona.

__ May, second female PM of the United Kingdom.

Made by forcing molten metal into a form.

Puzzle 8

Julie Andrews' favorite things, "__ that fly".

__ Spin, ice skating move named after Swiss skater.

Magic invisibility mist used by ancient Irish gods.

Raw meat appetizer named for a Venetian painter.

To blend into society.

Governed by Bishops.

Small bitter fruit; cranky person.

Newly popular phrases.

The study of cultures, using anthropology theories.

Alexander from True Blood; Bill from It.

Italian author who wrote The Decameron.

Cannonball, introduced by French artillery experts.

Puzzle 9

Signs of an illness.

Goodbye in Japanese.

Roman leader who won the Battle of Actium.

Fit, fast and strong, with a body for track sports.

An academic investigation into a topic.

First book featuring Miss Marple, Murder at the __.

The beliefs and features of who a person is.

Walked without a destination.

It will get you nowhere.

The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden painter.

Sheryl __; COO of Facebook.

Scaly anteater, an anagram of long pain.

These people occupy crow's nests.

Lucky charm with magic powers.

Puzzle 10

Country where the Battle of Belleau Wood occurred.

Part of shoe that is stepped on.

Slow American waltz.

Groups of people, e.g. Chinook, Zulu, Pashtun.

Language __, e.g. Altaic, Romance, Semitic.

Lively and full of energy.

Son of King Caspian in C.S. Lewis books.

Martha __, US modern dance choreographer.

Olympic motto: "__, Altius, Fortius".

Diana __, secret identity of Wonder Woman.

Half-tamed bucking horse.

Type of cooking oil made from rapeseed.

Puzzle 11

Trainer brand shares name with an African antelope.

Animated version of Friar Tuck in Robin Hood.

The French Lieutenant's Woman author, John __.

__ fruit, aka pitahaya, pink/red with white flesh.

Charles __, evolutionary scientist.

Action film series starring Mel Gibson.

Worldwide, or spherical.

In croquet, striking opponent's ball with your own.

Hale and __, in robust good health.

__ Court Oath, venue of sworn French constitution.

Indefinite period of time.

Fixed grin.

__ White, teacher-turned-criminal in Breaking Bad.

Greenish, bull-sized hound in Scottish folklore.

Where Rasputin's body was thrown, __ Nevka.

St Ignatius of __, founder of the Society of Jesuits.

A mix of jazz and rock music.

Turkic people living in east European Russia.

Puzzle 12

Loss of ability to swallow.

The PA in the IPA beer style.

Published books.

It allows one to go a long time.

Old fashioned.

Another name for a spiny anteater.

Alan __, who played Severus Snape.

Officially agree.

Second most populous city in Germany (as of 2018).

Receive a gift from the dead.

Data __, space for saving files on a computer.

Tribes, or distinct groups of humans.

Having or showing the symptoms of a fever.

Uttered by Orson Welles at the end of Citizen Kane.

13 in the Italian language.

Zora Neale __, anthropologist on racial struggles.

Prehistoric male.

__ Carr, comic book sidekick of the Justice League.

Ibn __, Moroccan explorer of many Muslim lands.

__ Bosch; royal palace in The Hague, Netherlands.

Model of a scene with 3D figures.

Country with the largest thermal lake in Europe.

Puzzle 13

Musical instrument linked to ancient Greek god.

Ancient Greek word for a fox skin.

Developing and adapting to changes over long term.

Knight or bishop.

Property received from ancestors.

Japan's equivalent of a coffee house.

A three-leaf (but not a four-leaf) clover.

16 mile Caribbean island in British West Indies.

Someone who prefers to act alone.

The edge of darkness.

Igneous rock with large crystals.

Puzzle 14

Peace proponents.

Handed in, turned over.

Arjun __, globalisation studies theorist.

Device for recording amount of icy precipitation.

Caroline __, Danish tennis star.

Author of A Trick to Catch the Old One, Thomas __.

Religious writing.

Fossilised secretions from sperm whales.

Promise something, grant, bestow.

__ Malinowski, 20th century prominent anthropologist.

Archie's hometown.

Strindberg's play about a noblewoman and a footman.

Tiered rack for displaying baked goods.

Shepherds' animal helpers.

Crude oil.

Fear of bees.

A habitual gesture.

First band-centric hit for Guitar Hero.

Facial description often applied to Kirk Douglas.

Latin for "under a judge"; being examined in court.

Christian festival on the 50th day after Easter.

Puzzle 15

Blanch, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia are the __ Girls.

Beautiful Greek god, had a child with Aphrodite.

Person who assembles book pages and adds covers.

Savory meat pudding and national dish of Scotland.

1984 arcade game with a blue bird character.

Popular shorthand system introduced in 1837.

Suede ankle boot used in polo maybe.

Baked by children in an outdoor kitchen.

__ paper, disposable body wipe first used in China.

__ Lewis, British-Canadian super-heavyweight.

Betty __, co-star of How to Marry a Millionaire.

The study of society all together, not in parts.

Divine mother in ancient Welsh mythology.

Hanseatic port city in northern Germany.

Dian __, Gorillas in the Mist primatologist.

__ of the Stone Age, hard rock band.

Sudden sharp increase in wind speed.

__ chair, curved seating like a cooper would make.

Small spring flower in yellows and purples.

Van Gogh's caretaker in his final days, Dr. __.

Puzzle 16

__ horse, a piece of gym equipment.

Shadowy figure of foreboding in Gaelic tradition.

__ Radcliffe-Brown, coadaptation theorist.

The first Russian space station.

Easter __, 40s musical with Fred Astaire.

Signal light on a hill.

Bound to stay put.

Harmful, evil or damaging.

Island nation, formerly called the Ellice Islands.

The grammar of a language, the rules.

Either a hair styling product or dessert.

Puzzle 17

Country bordering Cambodia on the south.

Biological name for a plant's stalk.

Mrs. Wilberforce in The Ladykillers, Katie __.

Khoya Indian sweet wrapped in maalu leaf.

__ Flow, song by Enya about a S. American river.

Group of people with common language/culture/area.

Renting for an agreed upon period.

Amblyopia; one visual organ not pulling its weight.

This Smurf can carry a tune.

One of Stalin's many nicknames, __ Osip.

Destinations that cater for holidaymakers.

The study of the earth and its history.

Puzzle 18

Sean __, Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner.

The Floor __, men at work by Caillebotte.

Second most populated municipality in Mexico.


__ Geertz, symbolic anthropologist.

Accelerate rapidly.

Asian religion with teacher Siddhartha Gautama.

The first printing of a book.

Dressing vinegar.

Long socks worn by baseball players.

Describes the tendency to drink too much alcohol.

The head people in the military.

Exponents of doo-wop with the hit Whispering Grass.

Puzzle 19

Muppet who shares a name with Ray actor.

The study of sounds in language.

Not exploited enough.

Mexican rodeo-style competition.

Small, light tracked vehicle for moving earth.

Word coming from archers' slits in castle walls.

Worthy, commendable.

Legal term for a husband who murders his wife.

Fruit spreads.

Egalitarian government.

How cultural values are expressed by a group.

Artist, leader of the French Romantic school.

Criminals, down and outs.

South Indian state; its capital is Chennai.

Underground garden wriggler.

Owner of Woodstock farm venue.

Puzzle 20

__ trifle, boozy dessert made with sherry.

Japanese racetrack, venue of the Grand Prix.

To lie in wait for someone will evil intent.

Revered longest-reigning Chinese emperor.

Inclined, slanted.

Lake __, US city where London Bridge was rebuilt.

__ Lévi-Strauss, French structural ethnologist.

Gail __; inventor of sweet, condensed milk.

Loud __, voice amplifier.

Put to death, butchered.

Urban environments.

Felix __, CIA agent in numerous Bond films.

Bob Marley song that references a Biblical story.

Death in __, Thomas Mann's novella on desire.

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