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Here are the answers to CodyCross Antonyms Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Harry Potter's address: 4 __ Drive.

Spend these in India or Mauritius.

Crystal used in watches.

Heavy stone bowl for crushing spices with pestle.

Of or relating to apes or monkeys.

It means "cheers" in Italian.

Nationality of pierogies.

Delicate purple flower, lends name to a color.

Mythological woodland spirits.

Andy __, US artist who painted soup cans.

Games company, owns Pie Face, Risk and Speak Out.

__ Pankhurst, opposed WWI and became a socialist.

Big Bullets play in this Malawi stadium.

Frenchman Pierre, inventor of the food processor.

A moon that isn't waning.

If an object doesn't sink, it __.

The Lives of a __ Lancer, Brits vs natives.

To fall down, end over end; to plunge.

Puzzle 2

A route that leads straight down a slope.

__ Stadium, 2010 WC, African Nations stadium.

Wolverine can __ his memory, wipe the slate clean.

The flower campaign linked to the Dunblane tragedy.

Adding another thing.

Pasta shaped like little bows.

It helps you see in the dark.

Of water that does not flow, often smelly.

Fellini film of 1954 with Anthony Quinn as Zampano.

When a credit card is not accepted, it is __.

Foot condition, another name for fallen arches.

The highest ranking of angels.

Coney are also called Sea Bass and __.

Money can be seen as either a __ or a curse.

Puzzle 3

Morbid fear of animals.

National animal of South Africa.

Balanced out by weaknesses.

Wafer of semiconductor material.

City where the Rembrandt House Museum is located.

Novel by Tom Robbins: "__ Perfume".

Name of city of Volgograd before it was Stalingrad.

Air pollutants released by vehicles.

Far from cheap.

Powder mixed with milk to make whipped cream.

Cary Grant plays irresponsible playboy.

Sudden gush of blood from nostrils.

Sunken remains of a vessel.

Same sound, different meanings, e.g. be, bee.

A4 hard surface with metal peg to hold paper.

The Knack's pretty one in 1979.

In tennis, only 1 point is needed to win the game.

Puzzle 4

Jack __, Twitter cofounder and CEO.

The g in e.g.; for example.

The star of the 1979 comedy, Meatballs.

Organs consisting of cow's teats.

__ PI, crime drama TV series based in Hawaii.

American horse breed named after Justin __.

Sacha __, French crooner of the 1960s and 1970s.

Official language of the Kazhakstan.

The capital of Kiribati, __ Atoll.

At the opposite end of the scale to Hell.

Food for dieters.

Endearingly bold.

The inner coat of the eyeball.

German footballer Gerd __, goal-scoring machine.

Marcel __, known for In Search of the Lost Time.

Lawful capture.

Puzzle 5

__ weight, boxing division sounds like a hen.

Commander of the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission.

Austrian fashion designer, __ Lang.

The Last __, Da Vinci Biblical meal painting.

Cape __, Dutch then British possession in S Africa.

Gas mixture of oxygen and nitrogen.

Azuki bean sweet sandwich from Japan.

President of France starting 2017: Emmanuel __.

Beast that lurks in the Australian Outback.

Giant son of Poseidon.

Hugger-__, confusion, disorder.

Joseph __, French WWI general from 1914 to1916.

Rodgers song from The Sound of Music children.

Breezy bay of the Atlantic abuts Spain and France.

Latin term for Queen; the R on royal's signature.

Big Hero 6 first Disney movie with __ characters.

__ Snicket, wrote A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Nadir's opposite.

Puzzle 6

The __ Hobo, stray TV dog who loves to wander.

To __ and Beyond said Buzz Lightyear.

Firing machine guns from a low-flying aircraft.

Broken skin patches from being bedridden.

The __, Bette Davis is Brent's old flame.

Not in the slightest bit privileged.

In typography, the bit of a letter above the line.

Karl Malone and John __, Utah Jazz duo.

Science of blending cocktails.

Uprising, in the Middle East.

Main character of A Confederacy of Dunces.

The opposite state to drunkenness.

Irish battle of 1014 where Vikings were defeated.

South American river passes through Asunción.

Known as ghost sharks, rat fish, spookfish.

The loudness/softness of a musical piece.

Setting for car lights.

Puzzle 7

Opposite point of the compass to north-west.

__, N France aerodrome, popular in the 1920-30s.

French company making enameled cookware.

Not specifically.

You're getting sleepy, study of hypnosis.

Tone poem about his home country by Sibelius.

Recording speech that is to be typed up.

White-furred vulpine.

Its name suggests a winged monster.

Naomi Watts, I Heart __ actress.

2016 X Factor winner.

The __ Strain, sci fi book by Michael Crichton.

Antonym of knowledge, which is perhaps bliss.

__ Raids, US aerial bombing of Tokyo in 1942.

Puzzle 8

Add this to injury to worsen the situation.

Follow the __ brick road.

To develop gradually and over time, change.

Not displaying any strength or sturdiness.

Chinese mafia play three notes in a chord.

Wooden walkways for pirate captives.

Site of huge Chinese earthquake of 1927.

Mo __, UK government minister, part of NI talks.

Lacking in any transparency.

Like a bird or a plane.

Like his dad, Prime Minister of Canada: __ Trudeau.

Puzzle 9

European noblemen below prince and duke.

Ancient name for South Scandinavia.

Nephew of cartoon Great Dane Scooby-Doo.

Pupils that are enlarged or swollen.

Campaign theme song of JFK's grandad: "Sweet __".

Pitch star who married Posh Spice.

Mr and Mrs __; Gainsborough's landed gentry couple.

Two likes repel, two opposites __.

Borrowing to buy transport.

Jasmine's Prince.

Nordic pretzel, Santa's surname.

Hindu god with elephant head.

Dropleaf table with folding sides.

Rock group that performed the album The Last Waltz.

Writer of The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Heated cannonball fired at enemy ships.

Female hairstyle; "nape of the neck".

Furry marsupial, also a Dame Edna greeting.

Computer screen.

Not at all spacious and roomy.

Jackson __, noted by his drip painting style.

Puzzle 10

One sheet of paper money.

Russian medieval capital; Russian Orthodox.


The least old.

Stark pet in GOT.

Being the least light.

Decorative supportive pillar.

India's 2nd longest river, Bay of Bengal.

"My Sweet Lord" singer, the late George __.

Thin unleavened cornbread from Central America.

Crashing into a stationary object.

Sporting equipment hit with a sand iron.

__ People, 1980 film, Redford's directorial debut.

Miami Vice character played by Don Johnson.

Center of a scandal with Bill Clinton: Monica __.

Frances Gabe, invented the dream 'self-__ house'.

Korean department store.

Puzzle 11

Show-jumping high jump for horses.

Common tan, brown or reddish sedimentary rock.

Not at all easy or simple.

Study of peace.

__ passage, once impassable Arctic route to Asia.

Storage for jars in a kitchen.

Making amends for a wrong.

Quite the contrary to punctuality.

Make hay while the __.

Delay in departure to the Titanic.

Fear of home.

Horizontal movement of ocean currents.

Office assistant who takes notes/plans meetings.

Don Quixote's horse.

Army section responsible for vehicles.

OPEC: Organization of the __ Exporting Countries.

Puzzle 12

Superstition, inflicting bad luck by a glance.

Nintendo's original hand held system.

Equatorial land where guinea pigs are a delicacy.

Napoleon was once attacked by these furry critters.

Longest iron in a golf bag.

A pungent blue-veined cheese only made in England.

Study of animals aka animal biology.

The __, Knightley plays a Devonshire royalty.

Never tasted by those who suffer defeat.

Of or relating to bulls or oxen.

With Shem and Ham, one of Noah's sons.

Pursuits that are not at all serious.

Wesley Crusher of Star Trek, Sheldon's nemesis.

Midshipmen (colloquial).

Puzzle 13

Type of animal bite that causes malaria in humans.

Waters that are not at all calm.

Without an open chute.

When Harry __, Ryan and Crystal film.

Industry term for number of people entering a shop.

Ship's cook's junior assistant.

Podgorica was named this after the Yugoslav leader.

Type of pen with a nib related to Lewis Waterman.

Malaysia's largest stadium, over 80,000.

Dementophobia is a fear of __.

Dartboard center.

A spiral going in the opposite direction to upward.

Once bitten, __.

Anne Boleyn in "A Man for All Seasons": Vanessa __.

Puzzle 14

25% of this Central American country is protected.

Premier of China, 1998-2003, followed Li Peng.

In the other direction to descending.

US actor known for his Kung Fu Panda movies.

Late morning teatime break in the UK.

Empty vessels make the __.

Repetition of the vowel sound.

Paul Weller's nickname with 60s connotation.

D-shaped spring clip used in mountaineering.

Delve into this study of signs and signals.

Holiday with all meals included.

Scammer, con artist.

Driver of a car into a shop window to gain entry.

The opposite state to being fast asleep.

Puzzle 15

The Dirty __ is a villain on SpongeBob.

Andalusian province in southwestern Spain.

__ Nadal, winner of multiple tennis Grand Slams.

Not rough, even around the edges.

Original imitation.

5th prime.

This Norfolk singer wants you to say you do.

Classic sweet made by boiling sugar and butter.

Sydney __, Dickens' guillotined hero.

Total opposite in monetary habits to spendthrifts.

Evergreen tree that includes the bay leaf.

Puzzle 16

Ancient Indian religion of non violence.

Not correctly.

To raise a false alarm.

Not unrestricted or without boundaries.

Chromian variety of illite.

Sweet, filo pastry from the Middle East.

Something that is not rigid or inflexible.

Ancient Anatolian people, first to use coins.

The day when a baby is expected to be born.

Egyptian goddess of water, consort to Set.

Brazilian highland plateau.

Heat source.

City in Belgium where Rubens and Van Dyck lived.

Ghosts is a 1982 __ castle board game.

Battleship's bane.

White object on a snooker table.

Puzzle 17

One plant growing on another.

Start of summer month in Australia.

A part of something; not whole.

The reverse of explicit.

Not at all economical.

When the story has concluded.

Hippocrates: ancient Greek "Father of Modern __".

Unbelievers with respect to a particular religion.

Anglo-Saxon prince.

Fund a voyage with your ship as collateral.

Kick __, give something up that is bad for you.

Home Improvement star later became Santa Claus.

Provide a group with members.

Japanese celebration of the birthday of Hirohito.

__, 1943 propaganda film, the Mary Ann.

Ceramic disc found in Crete with unknown script.

Radio and television broadcast medium.

The Last __, Willis and Wayans comedy film.

Puzzle 18

Something that lacks even an ounce of truth.

Pop singer Albert Dorsey, aka __ Humperdinck.

Right side of a ship.

Not even the slightest bit rude.

Invasion of the Body __, a sci-fi movie.

White-flowered mint found in damp climates.

European city home to the Rijksmuseum.

Support on which to stand a basin for bathing.

House of the Malfoys in Hogwarts.

Gauge theory at the heart of Standard Model.

Used in the kitchen to finish off crème brûlée.

If you want it all, you're going the whole __.

Button press on a PC.

Colorful minerals used in bracelets, tiaras, etc.

Puzzle 19

Country that hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Small DIY task.

The least young.

__ Boulevard, screenwriter, silent film star.

Second longest river in Europe.

Single numeral or group of numerals.

Don __, American comedian, Barney Fife actor.

Not wide, but perhaps straight.

Mitsubishi model named after a desert phenomenon.

Bombe __, "Cannonball" ice cream dessert.

Finger or toe.

Puzzle 20

To bounce back after hitting something.

Piz __, highest peak in Switzerland's Eastern Alps.

TV designed to portray real life scenarios.

Ante __, wartime fascist Croatian, founded Ustase.

__ Colonel, a stinger that uses fresh mint.

Excessive opinion of yourself.

Life begins __.

Experiencing the opposite reaction to freezing.

__ on 34th Street, Santa plays himself at store.

Definitely not clean-shaven.

A male horse that has been neutered.

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