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Here are the answers to CodyCross Aquarium Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

__of Paris, white powder used for casting.

Ask for something, make a __.

Wigs or hairpieces for men.

Type of eel, like bird that displays its tail.

Small power source for toys, remotes.

Cheerful act of raising the edges of the mouth.

Online thieves, stealing passwords.

Container where hammers and nails are stored.

Feelings of nervousness and worry.

Whiskered water animal, sounds feline.

Object that boosts life in video games.

Puzzle 2

Workplace guidelines for what to wear.

Facility for teenagers to meet and do activities.

Safety warning of flames in public building.

Valued too highly.

In cards, a 10 and an Ace to make 21.

Space shuttle with most space flights.

Marshmallows are toasted on these.

Bugler, small-brass instrument player.

Like __, always happening in a regular, exact way.

Measures of the depth of water.

Lasting indefinitely.

70s scandal began with a Washington office block.

Fire-breathing underwater creature?.

Sacks for cash.

To have set rhinestones into clothes or fabric.

Put in place, set up ready to use.

Canadian national symbol.

Forest conflagrations that spread quickly.

Fast warship that escorts and defends the fleet.

Puzzle 3

Tourists, people who go to attractions.

Most dull, flavorless.

Lawless cowboy region of the US in late 19th C.

Dead skin at the base of fingernails.

Negative aspect.

Marine creature with spiral shell, leaves a trail.

Outer limits, furthest reaches.

Physical activity for health.

Window coverings and decorations.

Hand __, movements that accompany story-telling.

Code __; encryption experts.

__ time; wind the clock in reverse.

Advice to car passengers: __ for safety.

Demi Lovato sings that she is Sorry __.

Puzzle 4

3D shape found at Giza.

Waterproof cement used for roads.

Mixed slowly with a spoon.

Giving food to animals.

Ability to speak a foreign language well.

Gloves with a thumb and one section for fingers.

Mat placed at a doorstep.

The I in IPO, or __ public offering.

Beat them at their __; use their tactics to win.

Scented liquid.

Jason __, who sang Sealed With a Kiss.

In a regal way like a female monarch.

Tooth doctor who often has a fish tank.

Puzzle 5

__ kit, building paper devices from shaped precuts.

Fins found behind the gills on fish.

__ of the Moon; Pink Floyd album with spectrum art.

Person in the service of another, not a leader.

Directing with an outstretched forefinger.

Glossy leaflet with maps of a venue.

Table tennis.

Come apart at __; unravel, fall apart.

Remove a king or queen from position of power.

The study of cancer.

Wintery precipitation.

Added salt and pepper.

Puzzle 6

Keep __; stay in contact.

Certainly not the brightest.

Fly __, bat for killing insects with a whack.

Cooler that makes tank water less warm.

Car skylight.

__ hours, times that an attraction is not closed.

Walked like a duck.

Losing hair.

Cardio exercise.

Bubbling with heat.

Buffy, the __ Slayer.

E.g. two songs blended together.

Characteristic, representative, the norm.

Large piece of fabric used for warmth.

Squashes like garlic.

Puzzle 7

Village __: they like to stay at the YMCA.

Fictional books.

Used to bring warmth, e.g. to an aquarium.

Popular book, TV show Big __ Lies.

Previous female spouse.

Country housing the world's largest art museum.

Fixed, manipulated, e.g. a __ election.

WWII Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's nationality.

Still __ run deep; scratch the surface.

Plastic water container for cleaning routine.

Headwear to protect against UV rays.

Say kind, encouraging words to someone.

Puzzle 8

Common pain killer, used to prevent heart attack.

Dominate, repress, keep down.

__ Us From Evil, horror film or Lord's prayer text.

__-cat, timid person fearful of their own shadow.

Receipts proving entry into an attraction.

Business of looking after people's money.

Inflatable ball, swim organ that fish use to float.

Rolling in __; mega hit for Adele in 2010.

Sweet __, a special birthday after 15.

One who embarrasses another due to their actions.

Barber's colorant.

Massaging someone's shoulders.

Social media in 280 characters.

Halfpipes for rain.

Corroding, turning orange.

Puzzle 9

Assassin who kills by constricting the throat.

Land deal between US and France: __ Purchase.

Acessories for keeping hair out of eyes.

Peace, love and __, or a state of contentment.

Animals, fish kept for breeding.

Holiday when Germans traditionally bake lebkuchen.

Arrival of darkness.

Raised lumps on the body.

Highway resting place for large vehicles.

Bottom layer of a tank, e.g. sand, gravel.

Not compulsory, done without being paid.

Heavenly directional aid, used like a compass.

James Bond film with Pierce B and a hit video game.

Puzzle 10

Most powerful.

Animal similar to an alligator.

Slices in fingers from shuffling documents.

Moving forward.

Shooting game with dye projectiles.

Officer responsible for financial matters.

Nourishing parts of food.

__ rain, means to be perfectly ok.

Blue skies with no fluffy bits.

__ sketch, a small digit-sized draft drawing.

Thigh muscle that is often injured.

Puzzle 11

Swelled out a lot, like veins in the neck.

On Top of Old __, American mountains song.

Only a tiny part of the whole: "drop in the __".

Power __, nutritious, protein-filled meals in one.

Easter __: Home to giant stone heads.

Fin found on top of a fish.

Crease or disturb; rhymes with and means crumple.

Computer program writers.

Nickname for romantic comedies.

To do with the sea.

Tendons; anagram of "is news".

Hell's Kitchen TV chef Gordon __.

Puzzle 12

Skin burn that swells up.

Official trade ban with a specific country.

HMS __ was Nelson's flagship.

With a banded patterned coat, e.g. __ hyenas.

Someone aged between 60 and 69 is in their __.

Six-legged beasts.

Close-fitting one piece worn by a ballerina or gymnast.

Crisp batter cakes, cooked in an iron.

Capital city of New Mexico, near Los Alamos.

Pungent chemical caused by fish tank decomposition.

One who lives away from others out of choice.

This evening.

Puzzle 13

Neutral hue with the faintest hint of gray.

Sound made by noisy floorboards.

Heats something up in advance.

Playing violin.

Venomous flatfish.

Sandra Oh had this nationality at birth.

Watchful, careful.

__ game, where players try to find correct answers.

Invisible driving hazard in frozen weather.

Person who belongs to universal Christian church.

Expression worn by a serious sportsperson.

Orange swimmer often kept in a bowl.

Attacks from a stealthy position.

Preparing a cue tip for a pool shot.

Places that turn grapes into an alcoholic drink.

Puzzle 14

Legally responsible for damages.

Choose, pick.

Large fish with speared nose, or Nemo’s dad.

Second in command, assistant.

Rinse one's mouth without swallowing liquid.

Thin drinking tubes of paper or plastic.

__ Funk, song by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson.

Synonym of purchased.

Underground transport in e.g. New York.

The delicate parts of a flower-head.

Another word for serpents.

Extravagant, over-the-top, unrestrained.

Puzzle 15

Electronic device, divides something into parts.

Ocean H2O.

Securely tying one rope to another.

Chick chick chick chick chicken, lay a little __.

Fruit dehydrated naturally outside.

Flame-resistant emergency exit.

Gives energy and confidence, helps dream big.

On __; confined as a security measure.

Gooey chocolate cake squares.

Signed up for the military.

Can be gridiron, Australian rules, NFL.

Person judged unable to pay off their debts.

Most hirsute.

Invertebrates don't have this hard structure.

Incognito costume.

Puzzle 16

Cooked over boiling water.

A software system produced by Microsoft.

Film franchise that's Fast and __.

Job opportunity; spare bed in a hotel.

Dutch arts magazine and art style of Piet Mondrian.

__ dragon, lizard with facial hair?.

Dip in the road surface, caused by excess usage.

__ room, flexibility or space for moving around.

Animals that hear, see and speak no evil.

Make larger to view.

Living in water.

Confined to recover horizontally, sleeping or not.

The little girl in the Wizard of Oz.

Puzzle 17

Chair that lies back.

Enhancer in food, "extra" ingredient.

Staying alive, despite hardship or challenges.

World of tutors, students and professors.

Very easy task (no frosting though!).

__ time; extra minutes added on for injury pauses.

Actor Leo known for films Titanic and The Departed.

Coroners can decide this about a murderous crime.

Way in, opposite of exit.

Single-celled organism/bug, cleans aquarium water.

Toilet and sink fixers.

A taste of their own __ is a form of retribution.

Peaky __, violent TV tales about the Shelby family.

Idi Amin called himself the "__ of Scotland".

Long marine creature, perhaps a plumber.

Taylor Swift sings You Need to __.

Medical word for your collarbone.

Birth nationality of Cleopatra.

Comfort patches found on spectacles.

Puzzle 18

What the chicken did to the road.

Describes food having no flavor.

Sharp-teethed, long predatory fish.

Emotional, easily affected by outside forces.

Rotating tray used to serve food.

Destroyed vessel at bottom of ocean.

Swearword; __ deleted.

Luke __, the central character in Star Wars.

Tiny red fruit, helpful for treating UTIs.

Hump day.

Puzzle 19

Measure of how much salt there is in water.

Quickly mixing batter.

Spears for athletes.

Archaic word for brothers.

Preparing a bird for cooking by removing feathers.

"A __ of sugar helps the medicine go down".

Growling aggressively, like an angry dog.

Life form, living animal, anagram of Sir among.

Divisions between sunkissed and pale skin.

Kick __; make a fuss, cause drama.

Puzzle 20

Perpendicular to latitude.

Stripy, black-and-white sea creature.

Coming up with a new product.

The edge or side of a flowing waterway.

Single piece of breakfast cereal made from maize.

Catching prawns.

Backed, bolstered, held up.

Toxic or detrimental to health.

__ tank, bob in this saltwater tank for relaxation.

Quentin Tarantino's film, Once Upon a Time in __.

Lana Del Ray's denim themed song.

Bright blue-and-red small aquarium fish.

Grappling in the ring, such as WWE.

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