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Here are the answers to CodyCross Archaeology Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Expert who sells paintings and sculptures.

Derogatory term for a fierce, stern female.

TV show about the Dunder-Mifflin paper company.

Animal type with a pouch, often found in Australia.

Misleading, ambiguous.

A picture representing a word in ancient texts.

A doctor who works on joints and bones.

World's northernmost capital.

Piece of furniture used to rest one's heels.

Process of examining and measuring an area of land.

Puzzle 2

Scar-faced doll in Child's Play horror movies.

Bunker or water feature on a golf course.

Existing in small numbers; rarely encountered.

Pandas almost exclusively feed on this plant.

Coastal pool formed by coral reefs.

Abnormal layer of tissue formed over the cornea.

Heaps or piles of matter left by ancient peoples.

Brass instrument noise written out.

Number of sides an icosahedron has.

Remains of a plant or creature preserved in rock.

Surname of Sleepy Hollow author Washington.

Strong cheese made in northern Italy.

Puzzle 3

British TV series starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

To turn to stone, as organic matter below ground.

Formal statement of reasons for a legal judgment.

Home to US area codes 678, 404, and 770.

Fly through the jungle on a suspended cable.

Russian empress.

The National one released Animal House in 1978.

With a visible designer label.

Viking burial knoll with sloping sides.

Half-horse, half-human creature.

Triangle with all three sides of different lengths.

Puzzle 4

Portuguese explorer who circumnavigated the globe.

A reduction from the original cost.

View of a site from immediately above it.

Bone injury abbreviated to Fx or FRX.

Spanish region known for a type of paella rice.

Anagram of marginal.

A fabric wall-hanging.

Lettering scrawled on walls or surfaces.

Global areas of saltwater not under any government.

The Barefoot __, 1954 movie starring Ava Gardner.

Puzzle 5

Make a beverage weaker with H2O.

Oblong shape in which Egyptian letters were carved.

Device for measuring atmospheric pressure.

Term for a cinema with numerous screens.

Fashion designer Karl who died in 2019.

Front legs of an animal.

Nutritional advisor for weight loss and health.

Rigid playing surface for tennis games.

An instrumental ensemble led by a conductor.

Site of a famous Anglo-Saxon discovery in 1939.

Vessel for putting Halloween candies or sweets in.

Coarse bristly tool for cleaning the hands.

Puzzle 6

Inconsequential, insignificant, frivolous.

The dusty or clay-like soil left by water.

Term for the main body of an aircraft.

This Vito made offers people couldn't refuse.

Staunchly loyal, die-hard supporters.

Nationality of Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci.

2021 hit for Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa.

Mixed drink without any alcohol.

Prison rooms in the bottom of castles.

Outpouring from an exhaust pipe.

Puzzle 7

Team sport using sticks with nets on the end.

Spiked shoe grips for walking or climbing.

Carve or emboss lettering into rock or metal.

A mess, or a meat table; a district of York.

Thin grids of metal used for fencing.

Material that things are gilded in.

1980s pop song by A-ha with animated music video.

Grow these sweet white root veggies in the garden.

Small fleet of ships.

You might need to do this to pay Paul.

A strengthening spur supporting a castle wall.

Puzzle 8

Pop star Adele's surname.

The metal of a second-place medal.

WWII code-cracking machine; mystery or puzzle.

A supporting pillar.

Line on a map linking places of equal air pressure.

Thor's is called Mjolnir.

Retail store or media __.

Religious leaders in Celtic societies.

Flat stone engraved with text.

Leaves of a fern.

Hexed, like the evil witch did to Sleeping Beauty.

Location of The Hofburg and The Belvedere.

Garam __, Indian spice mix.

Puzzle 9

French sweets or candies.

Patch of material on the floor for wiping shoes.

__ of speech; illustrative idioms, sayings.

Top of camera slot for accessories (not footwear).

Ridge between an animal's shoulder blades.

Russian region known for its harsh winters.

Bronze Age palace on the Greek island of Crete.

Mouth salve, made with oils and scents.

Don't Stop Believin' band.

Feliz __, Spanish Christmas greeting.

A group that helps those in need.

Paint mixed with egg yolks.

Letter of the Greek alphabet equivalent to E.

Starred in The West Wing and Parks and Recreation.

Wrapped bodies associated with Ancient Egypt.

First four books of the New Testament of the Bible.

Academic administrator at a university.

Puzzle 10

In 2018, Ariana Grande had No Tears __.

Vegetables also known as green or spring onions.

A flower or perfume has one.

The world's oldest cave art was found here in 2021.

OPEC is a group of countries producing this.

Video game set in ancient ruins with evil monkeys.

One of the most common dog breeds, labrador __.

Outdoor Italian bowling game.

Furnished a room with accessories.

A piece of space rock that falls to earth.

Wedge-shaped writing system of Mesopotamia.

Welsh actress Catherine, who starred in Chicago.

Puzzle 11

Burial places or grounds.

Money or cash is sometimes known as legal this.

Side room, small recess within a room.

Musical that features the song Food, Glorious Food.

Tibetan ethnic group native to Nepal's uplands.

Painted on at a Paint Night.

This doctor is assistant to Sherlock Holmes.

A measure of temperature; an angle.

Large leopard-like cat of South America.

Country known for its Chichén Itzá pyramid.

Bruce, real name of The Hulk.

Japanese word for self-reflection and improvement.

Puzzle 12

It literally means "terrible lizard".

Pivoting input device on a video game controller.

Subdued, chilled out.

City that was Constantinople, but is now this.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest author.

A single piece of broken pottery.

Social media site whose logo is a 2-letter word.

3D shape with straight sides and circular ends.

Halle Berry, Denise Richards or Ursula Andress.

Swiss dish made with melted cheese and bread.

Puzzle 13

Cleaned abrasively.

Term for the emotional conclusion of a death, say.

Decorative topping, like a piece of parsley.

Country in NE Europe that sounds a bit "rocky".

Reasoning parent gives to child, "Because __".

Giving a server a gratuity.

Wall __, Phil Spector's musical shtick.

Hiram, scholar who found Machu Picchu in 1911.

Alexander, famed UK fashion designer who died 2010.

Light hues reminiscent of spring and Easter.

The U in SUV, or Sports __ Vehicle.

Hoisted a heavy load using a rope.

Ancient ancestor in the same family as humans.

Clean __; two-part weightlifting action.

Puzzle 14

The feeling of being swept off your feet by love.

A __ of woodpeckers, collective term for the birds.

Historical legislation helped the impoverished.

A large, often grandly-decorated wardrobe.

This Weekend released Father of Bride in 2019.

Beat Generation author Jack, who wrote On the Road.

Unminted gold or silver; unmarked coinage.

Anniversary of a monarch's reign.

__ correction, a euphemism for a prison.

Flat-headed pick used to break up solid ground.

Expensive fungus whose slices might go on salad.

Scientific rule usually shortened to V = IR.

She played Jill Munroe in Charlie's Angels, Farrah.

Penn and Teller impress with their __ of hand.

What it's like outside on any day.

Process of choosing actors to play roles in a play.

Language spoken by Ashkenazi Jews around the world.

Puzzle 15

Secure Digital memory storage device.

Shape often formed by ancient stones.

Andre; tennis star with eight Grand Slam titles.

Large pale lizard native to the Americas.

Range of Chinese, bite-sized snacks like dumplings.

To dethrone or overthrow.

Christie known for Murder on the Orient Express.

Chilean island known for its Moai statues.

Useless information; literally means "three roads".

Fixed amount allowed during a time of shortage.

Music producer David, known for 2018's Flames.

Puzzle 16

Anagram of diapers, aspired, or praised.

__ 5, futuristic space TV series.

Title of the ancient rulers of Egpyt.

Island in West Indies whose capital is Kingston.

A state of great disturbance or disorder.

__ Jones, famous movie archaeologist.

Boy geese.

Photograph of a criminal suspect.

Wireless headphones for an Apple product.

Ready to burst, full from having eaten too much.

Panamanian leader who was nicknamed pineapple face.

Taking bows: __ Call.

Dublin Anna Livia statue, the Floozie in the __.

George who invented the Kodak camera.

Puzzle 17

Wire in a lightbulb that glows when electrified.

Dark vinegar made of grape must.

Black consumer battery with gold top.

Laurence Fishburne's character in The Matrix.

Mesopotamian pyramid with stepped edges.

Come tumbling down.

Glassy black rock used to make ancient tools.

Wee Willie Winkie wore one on his head.


These common tools are used on nuts and bolts.

Old treasures valued on TV Roadshow.

Puzzle 18

Legal protection for original ideas.

Historical era when permanent settlements emerged.

Problems that must be overcome.

Graph illustration of how work process develops.

The genuine article, something authentic.

Belly muscles used for singing, breathing.

Latin American nation where the Tikal pyramid is.

Repeating, three-word title of an *NSYNC song.

Describes a breezy, desolate, exposed place.

Single beam, illuminating a specific area.

Gorillas __, 1988 drama set in Rwandan mountains.

Puzzle 19

Full form of the suffix Esq, seen after a name.

Without a goal; anagram of Sam lies.

Most successful motor racing team in F1 history.

Tube that transports human eggs to the womb.

Roman equivalent of the Greek god Poseidon.

Escorted to a specific place, like in an arena.

Square frame used to survey or measure the ground.

Dutch artist Vincent, painted Green Wheat Fields.

Bloodsucking insects named after what you sleep on.

Dancing craze, lifting arms up and to one side.

A mound of earth over an ancient grave.

Author of Gravity's Rainbow and V..

Bone disease caused by vitamin D deficiency.

Easily led people.

Yellow relish associated with Dijon, France.

These wars include Xbox vs PlayStation.

Puzzle 20

Len is a short version of this male name.

The official language of Myanmar.

Poor, impoverished and run-down place.

Swooping and stealing and running.

A golfing shot that misses the fairway; erratic.

Pecans and caramel dipped in chocolate.

Short sample of a piece of work.

Extinct wild oxen painted on ancient cave walls.

Roman cart pulled by horses.

Warship type USS Constitution and HMS Warrior.

Email application in Microsoft's Office Suite.

Science of rocks and the structure of the earth.

PAYE is tax that you pay as __.

Heavy wool jacket originally worn by sailors.

Singer of New Rules, Don't Start Now.

Site of Joshua's battle near the River Jordan.

A word that shares its pronunciation with another.

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