CodyCross Architectural Styles Pack answers

Architectural Styles PackArchitectural Styles

Here are the answers to CodyCross Architectural Styles Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Novel by Khaled Hosseini: The Kite __.

Footwear label that Victoria Beckham designs for.

Stole in a riot.

One Two, __ My Shoe, children's counting song.

Refill with ammo.

Scandinavian wooden church style, made from __.

Film actors/directors John, Walter and Anjelica.

One of the five orders of ancient architecture.


Anouilh's historical play about a turbulent priest.

Toxic rhododendron, popular in the US and Far East.

Sinkhole in karst landscape.

Puzzle 2

Lloyd Wright architectural style linked to nature.

Spanish sausage.

Turkish/Byzantine architectural style.


Reindeer at the end of Santa's sleigh.

The nine chief magistrates in ancient Athens.

More strict or rule-enforcing.

Capital of French Polynesia.

Carpet makers.

Lacus __; Latin name for Lake Iseo.

Author of the novel "Shogun": James __.

__ Khan, Indian actor, played Anurag Basu.

Edmund __, explorer found on NZ $5 banknotes.

Puzzle 3

Chain necklace with pendant and additional tassels.

Musician and producer of The Hustle.

Nationality of author Chinua Achebe.

British architectural period 1714-1830.

Disease caused by marked deficiency of thiamine.

Online graphic novel.

England and Spurs manager Terry __.

Glengarry __, play about real estate salesmen.

Horses walk sound.

Another name for architecture style of skyscrapers.

With careful, distinct pronunciation.

S'more roaster.

Franklin urges against promiscuity in this virtue.

The great __; the masses, common people.

In a state of not being fully awake.

Toothpick with a spicy flavor.

The B in AOB at the bottom of a meeting agenda.

Puzzle 4

Notches or cuts across the flesh of meat joints.

Architectural style epitomized by stuccowork.

11th-C architectural style dominated by the arch.

"Monsieur 100,000 Volts": French singer Gilbert __.

Out of __, when a golf ball leaves the course.

UK River that the Prince of Wales Bridge crosses.

Appearances, facades, pretences.

Islamic temple.

Short name for South Africa's largest city.

Enter by marching.

Puzzle 5

Clergy (plural) attached to a ship or military.

Architectural style of 16th-C Italian palazzos.

Green vegetable, peas within edible pods.

Location of Napoleon's tomb: Dome des __.

Internet chat language using alpha-numeric symbols.

Eyesore, blot on the landscape.

Angry vocabulary puzzle.

Austrian ex-F1 legend, won 1975, 1977, 1984.

__ Werkbund, industrial style of AEG Turbine Hall.

Not divided into social strata.

Disastrous, disorderly, chaotic.

These come in small packages.

Welsh actor plays Mycroft Holmes in Elementary.

Puzzle 6

Gypsys, __ & Thieves, an album and single for Cher.

Dynastic architectural style of Korea.

Idiotic, clumsy, slow-witted.

Marry on Monday for __.

Marie-Antoine __, French chef to European royalty.

__ deer, ruminant with white-dotty coat.

Russian newspaper, organ of the Communist Party.

Church window type from the Gothic period.

They undo what hammers do.

Mortal Kombat character, her evil form was Mileena.

__ Leone, director famous for Spaghetti Westerns.


Machine that produces an electric current.

Puzzle 7

Microsoft software framework launched in 1996.

More cheerful than.

Splitting into two equal parts.

AFAIK means __ I know.

__ of Love, Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

Region of Western Australia.

Évian __; treaty to end the Algerian War in 1962.

Architectural style of St Paul's and Schönbrunn.

Jože __, Slovene architect gave his name to a style.

Surprise sack.

Castle's prison.

Robert __, captain of the HMS Beagle expedition.

In a New York minute.

Goddess of the River Seine, with healing shrine.

Nicholas Nickleby character: Wackford __.

This echinoderm is a fragile stellar body, __ star.

Stepfather of Salome.

Early 20th-century record-breaking MLB pitcher.

Puzzle 8

__ tower, WWI memorial with revolving beacon.

Drum __, 90s UK sound using fast-tempo beats.

Alan __, snooker player known for his Angles.

A tall slender glass for drinking beer.

Gothic __, style of London's Houses of Parliament.

Evil spirit having sex with women in their sleep.

__ case, rigid briefcase for diplomats.


Pei's Louvre building, an e.g. of postmodernism.

Body lotion __ Corps, by Kiehl's.

Stop from doing.

Call My Bluff captain, Sandi __.

Puzzle 9

1st European navigator to round Cape Bojador/1434.

Subway's sandwich slogan hasn't gone stale.

Soldier's bad letter.

Microsoft mapping website.

Legal right to succession that excludes females.

Billy __, was Mr Brown to Judi Dench's Mrs Brown.

Change-ringing is practised on this instrument.

Briquettes used as cooking fuel.

Over my __; obstructionist.

Architectural style of homes, not public buildings.

8th-century rebellion in Tang Dynasty China.

UK post-war building schemes to create settlements.

Puzzle 10

Region whose top level Internet domain is EUS.

__ honey; supplement with antibacterial properties.

Sixth order of angels.

Nasi __, Indonesian rice dish with omelet top.

Japanese building style of the Ise Shrine.

Star of the 1939 film Goodbye, Mr. Chips: Greer __.

Administrative division of the Ottoman Empire.

__ Hammer, US businessman and philanthropist.

__ & Lacey, 80s TV detective show.

Homework holder.

Trademarked non-lethal weapons for stunning.

General architecture term for places of worship.

Puzzle 11

Belfast street associated with Bobby Sands mural.

Actions speak louder __; keep your promises.

Small country south of Mozambique.

A Viennese variant of Art Nouveau.

Paula __, Marilyn Monroe's acting coach.

Ability to talk freely and at length.

Closed lake with internal drainage.

Elaborately woven stories unlikely to be true.

Poe's 1st published poem (under a pen name).

Winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 79, 84, 88, 91.

Ancient city before it was named Constantinople.

Medical term for bulging eyes.

The recurrent theme of a musical composition.

Architecture of 18th-century Scottish brothers.

Smoked French sausage used in Cajun/Creole cuisine.

Writing skin.

Puzzle 12

Fortified buildings, such as Conwy, Windsor, Leeds.

Sport covered in Wisden reference books.

Chokes, restricts, limits.

Open-toed beachwear.

Rodents with black- or red-rumped types.

The US name for what Brits call rocket leaves.

Part of a Swedish songwriting team with Andersson.

Malicious imp.

Scottish city building style of C R Mackintosh.

Doctor __; Marlowe's Elizabethan tragedy.

Puzzle 13


One who is all mouth and no trousers.

Distinctive spice used to flavor pulla.

Protective rubber overshoes.

Swarovski stones.

Béton brut in French, the substance of Brutalism.

Net income.

Battle of __; 1862 Civil War clash near Leetown.

Cupboards on legs.

Song by Peter Gabriel: __ Hill.

Flying __, signature element of Gothic churches.

Henri Charrière butterfly book.

Pain in leg and hip from pinched nerves.

Beating badly in a game.

Puzzle 14

Garb worn by Sherlock Holmes in the countryside.

Two-under-par scores in golf.

Of or relating to dodos, obsolete, out of date.

André the Giant was this Princess Bride character.

Country once led by William Lyon Mackenzie King.

US architectural style centred on New Mexico.

Doric, Ionic, Corinthian are __ of columns.

Tributary of the Elbe and two lakes in Hamburg.

Muppet band, The Electric __.

Former Swiss airline, owned by Air Berlin.

Florinda __, anthropologist friend of Castaneda.

Puzzle 15

Injury assistance.

Rock singer, backed by the Heartbreakers.

A rotting state.

Become stricken with germs once more.

The husk or hull around a seed.

Hollander canal canine.

Gadabout, Casanova.

Style named after James I, promoted by Inigo Jones.

Female figure serves as support in Greek buildings.

In __, a Tennyson requiem poem for A H Hallam.

Triangular muscles that lift the arms.

Je ne __; French phrase for a certain something.

Wine from southern Burgundy made from Pinot Noir.

Celtic tribe who lived on the Swiss plateau.

Puzzle 16

Peat-bog body from Cheshire, nicknamed Pete Marsh.

__ School, brick-built style from the Netherlands.

The medical term for nosebleed.

__ Steele; 1980s Pierce Brosnan detective series.

Dam failing.

Michael Tippett's opera is set in the Trojan war.

Winged insect, called a sedge by an angler.

Barcelona FC vs Real Madrid.

French brine cured green olive variety.

IIRC means If I recall __.

North Korea's capital city.

Worthwhile, satisfying, pleasing.

Vernacular building style of one-roomed homes.

He tells a Chaucer tale about Virginia's death.

Month when Malta Independence Day is celebrated.

Became CEO of General Motors in 2014.

Form of carbon named after geodesic designer.

Manufacturer of book covers.

Puzzle 17

Sticky-out skeletal part of the pelvis.

__ Dawe, D-Day crossword setter.

The main part of a statute.

20s-30s style integrated in the Chrysler Building.

Colored disc on a plane's wing; national emblem.

One-piece swimwear with shorts.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Robert __.

Sixty minutes.

Semiaquatic rodent with tail used as a rudder.

Opera by Strauss inspired by a play by Sophocles.

Building style of early 20th C Italy and Germany.

__ jam, popular food spread in SE Asia.

Roman road that ran from London to Wroxeter.

Smallest country on the Iberian Peninsula.

Seat filled with tiny balls, it moves alarmingly.

Older people, the opposite of juniors.

Tricky situations.

When Worlds __, Bellus to destroy Earth.

Puzzle 18

Sliced and toasted bread, very dry and crisp.

Non-romantic relationship, purely friendship.

English part-song of the 16th-17th centuries.

Sparsely populated nation bordering Russia/China.

Modern building style, such as the Eden Project.

Architecture tradition based on pagodas and stupas.

Fish, also known as gilthead.

Active volcano in central Ecuador.

Nothing on the feet.

Two WW2 films based on this fictitious Greek place.

Puzzle 19

__ Movement, religious revivalists of Catholicism.

Became one.

Deep narrow gorge.

Taj Mahal and Red Fort are examples of this style.

Style of churches of the Middle Ages, like Cologne.

Judas __, band known for Breaking the Law.

Modesty __, newspaper comic strip heroine.

__ Bergman; prolific Swedish filmmaker.

Oceanic phenomenon that means "the boy child".

Posture, standing; anagram of ascent.

Tied fabric round mouth of a hostage.

Puzzle 20

US domestic style of Kragsyde, Massachusetts.

Tolkien wizard.

"What can't be cured must be __".

Third in the three-periods of history system.

Weakness and delicacy.

Spanish __, revived dark style of California.

__ Sanders, founder of KFC.

Dirty, unkempt, grotty.

Alison __, TV presenter from Big Brother fame.

Relating to or belonging to a town.

This battery is not all wet.

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