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Here are the answers to CodyCross Art Studio Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1


Country of origin for the plucked string kantele.

Robert Burns word, describes the "silky" mouse.

Ground, dried, red pepper.

Rubbers, for removing pencil marks.

__ subsalicylate, better known as Pepto Bismol.

Painting or sculpture.

Suppose, make assumptions.

Thomas Magnum, or Monica's older boyfriend.

Christmassy; merry.

Puzzle 2

Mesh stretched over a frame, for printing.

Different tones or hues.

Fanny __, made an assassination attempt on Lenin.

An increase in economic value.

Beetle that is sacred to the Egyptians.

To have engaged in a war.

Loose bracelet.

Feet of __; Michael Flatley's fiery dance show.

The entire universe.

Another word for wind-propelled surfing/boarding.

Large Ukrainian city on the Dnieper River.

Oversized, too large or heavy, e.g. __ baggage.

__ matata, it means no worries.

Throw a coin to make a decision.

Puzzle 3

The Girl with the Enamel Eyes comic ballet.

Battlefield ditches.

French word for devotee of the cinema.

The land next to a commercial shipping port.

Work of art made with brush strokes.

It's dangerous to place rugs on __ floors.

Sir John, a buffoon, a Shakespearean knight.

Take money out of a bank account.

Pro bono assistance to get justice in court.

Long linking passage in a building, leads to rooms.

Showcases of pictures or sculptures.

Cooking on a large, business scale.

Placing bulbs and saplings in the ground.

Self-conscious, unconfident.

Gaining knowledge about a subject.

Puzzle 4

Wife of Abraham Lincoln.

Precise, correct and exact.

Angled desk for sketch artists.

Center of attention.

Ancient Celtic harp using strings made of wire.

Not connected by leads or cables.

Cutting tool made for right-handers.

Measurement system that includes feet and inches.

Cooling yogurt dip from Greece and Turkey.

Spiky plants associated with Scotland.

The Muscles from Brussels.

Relating to vessels carrying blood from the heart.

Prima ballerina __; an extremely talented dancer.

Puzzle 5

Life on the __, a modern-day nomadic existence.

Female progeny.

Joan __, blonde Hollywood actress of The Blue Veil.

Santiago __; Real Madrid's home stadium.

__ clear; avoiding.

Small insect with shield-shaped body.

Independence, autonomy.

Changing to evolve.

Clergy worker or officiant in church worship.

Describes a flight that involves a stopover.

Glue, binding agent.

Thick brown syrup made from sugar during refining.

Cleaning a toilet by adding extra water.

Criminal, perpetrator.

Artist who works with clay.

Puzzle 6

Lead guitarist for The Who: Pete __.

The most poisonous or fatal.

Skilled movement and manipulation of the hands.

Brew coffee.

Stand for or on behalf of.

The Killing's female lead with Faroese jumper.

One who grows up without siblings.

Any hue or shade made from mixing primary hues.

Artist's name scribbled on a picture.

Bearded Tibetan small dog breed.

Puzzle 7

Milanese, Bolognese, or Sicilian, for example.

Lemon __ cake, teatime treat on rainy days perhaps.

__ tape, for protecting areas on canvases.

Having a fragrance.

Usually active during the day.

Ready, willing __; eager and well prepared.

Didn't pay attention.

Small, brightly colored fish seen in aquariums.


Coated tablets.

Deduce, speculate, make assumptions.

Taking part in live action role-playing games.

Puzzle 8

Peace __; reassurance, state of calm.

Organs that are the center of nervous systems.

__ and sickle, symbols of the Soviet Union.

Lucky charm for warding off evil.

Lamborghini 50th anniversary car.

Young man desired by Aphrodite in Greek mythology.

__ mâché, sculpting material.

Also called a lavatory.

Opened a lock without a key.

Antiquated term for holding out in opposition.

Château __ Rothschild, Bordeaux wine of James Bond.

Defeated leader in the Battle of Gaugamela: __ III.

Topics to follow.

Female reproductive part of a plant.

Puzzle 9

Device for copying an image onto a computer.

Periods at the height of something's popularity.

Red, yellow and blue are these hues.

Flat leather holders of banknotes.

Smiled in an irritatingly smug way.

Hebrew term for a good deed commanded in the Torah.

Mollusc that Ringo Starr wrote about in song.

Uncle Sam and this green statue represent the USA.

Mercian earl, the husband of Lady Godiva.

Wide opening of mouth when sleepy.

Prime Minister of Portugal from 1932 to 1968.

__ Malik, journalist who wrote We Need New Stories.

Puzzle 10

Captive, jail inmate.

Narrator of Wuthering Heights.

Pathway pedestrians walk on.

Fabrics, materials used in arts.

Circular diagram divided into slices.

Illumination in a room.

Striking with the palm.

Fancy flattish French bread sculpted like wheat.

Ancient Semitic people who lived in Babylonia.

Pirates draw maps to this.

Puzzle 11

Incense burned on a wooden straw.

Artificial body in space orbit.

Educational reading matter.

__ toenail, painful medical condition.

Miser, someone tight with money.

Game similar to ice hockey with brushes.

Bring back to life.

Initial, introductory, maiden.

Keyboard symbol for "and".

Drafting a drawing with pencil.

Australian choreographer for Tap Dogs.

Short, fun journey or trip.

Puzzle 12

Child raised as your own, without a blood relation.

Walks in a slow and dejected way.

Wax pillars used as emergency light sources.

Everything is this in The Lego Movie.

Gil __, Portuguese Renaissance playwright.

Make cartoons from illustrations.

Race __ time; battle to meet a tight deadline.

Armenian fermented milk product.

Using pencils to make varied light and dark tones.

Freedom; Copper statue.

Weight used to steady a ship.

Sir Jackie __, three times F1 champion.

Puzzle 13

Person nominated for position of authority.

Guess, hypothesize, gamble with money.

Marvel supervillain ruler of the Negative Zone.

Formerly Astana; renamed capital of Kazakhstan.

Dizzying condition from too many rays.

Most significant.

Removed papers from Christmas presents.

Space where lessons are taught in a school.

Greasy pigments brushed onto a canvas.

Snouted, burrowing, venomous Cuban mammal.

Lullaby from musical Hamilton, Dear __.

Roald Dahl's parents were this nationality.

Inanimate objects turned into art, e.g. fruit bowl.

Access area linking platforms in a railway station.

Trump-owned Scottish golf course.

Puzzle 14

Edible marine snails, with shells used for jewelry.

N Italian town, world famous for violin-making.

Sean Connery's ex: Australian actress Diane __.

Sparked, lit.

Pliable antelope leather, used in car washing.

Illuminated by celestial bodies.

Lord of the Rings trilogy writer.

Bauble, charm, ornament.

Natural dye used to produce paint.

Egg-laying mammal and anagram of "chained".

Art objects made of fired clay.

Hears, gives attention to.

Puzzle 15

Where Volvos come from.

Stevie Wonder song Isn't She __.

Black __ gateau, cherries and chocolate cake.

Lets in, allows to enter.

Material an artist uses, e.g. oils or acrylics.

Sir Frederick Ashton ballet about a water nymph.

More correct term for gypsy.

Mythical beast killed by the heroic Siegfried.

Strong fabric surface stretched for painting.

Former administrative capital of Myanmar.

Film genre that will have you crying.

Nelson __, Brazilian, three times F1 champion.

Green plastic pieces in Monopoly.

Biblical city in Samaria; Brad Pitt's daughter.

Middle brother with Sitka and Kenai, Brother Bear.

Puzzle 16

Australian drama series set in a women's prison.

Harsh; word from a tough Athenian lawmaker.

Poke one's nose into someone else's business.

Where numbers appear on a timepiece.

What the H and B stand for on HB pencils.

Shaun __, zombie movie set in London.

Artform done with writing implement.

Drugs for treating illnesses.

A Furber and Braham jazz standard: __ Blues.

Great Lakes state with its capital at St Paul.

Countryside, scenery.

Puzzle 17

__ Yard; HQ of London's police force.

Kept something hidden or secret.

Ibsen play about a Norwegian legendary figure.

Tea with bergamot oil.

Joints that connect fingers to hands.

Spray for finishing artworks in e.g. pastels.

Notorious, well known for the wrong reasons.

Someone who thinks God's existence is unknowable.

Crooning Christmas songs as a mobile group.

Making things by hand, such as appliqué, pottery.

Igniting devices for cigarettes.

Someone not present.

Puzzle 18

Sweeney Todd is the Demon __ of Fleet Street.

__ time, time spent looking at TV, phone....

Spear-shaped frozen water on a windowsill.

Victor, champ.

Space __, David Bowie song about the bizarre.

__ Accords, talks to end the First Indochina War.

Chewed at something, like a dog with a bone.

Backless chairs, often three-legged.

Hitchcock film with Connery and Hedren.

Head in the __; unaware, out of touch.

Full first name of Biden, who was Obama's VP.

They are drawn on, printed on, sold in reams.

Good buddy.

Aphabetically first country in Central America.

__ city, surrounded by high brickwork.

Missing, perhaps from school.

Puzzle 19

The lowest part of the brainstem.

Satirical drawing, or drawing for animation.

Stately, relating to the head of a town council.

The Last __, movie with Cary Grant.

Watermedia paint that is glue-like.

Capital of the Solomon Islands.

Ravi __, Indian sitar player linked to The Beatles.

Unconventional 50s dresser and thinker.

Counselor or consultant.

Floridian fruits.

Middle-earth forest home of the Ents.

__ racing, canine snow transport sport.

Puzzle 20

Physique or shape.

Competitive physical recreations.

Images taken with a camera.

Black-and-white striped animal, lives in a sett.

Jamie __, chef, cookery writer, campaigner.

Chinese premier during the Tiananmen Sq protests.

__ the Vampire; Victorian era gothic horror novel.

Mediterranean shrub, its berries are used in mirto.

Replace the electrics in a house.

Lennon's satin suit color on Sgt Pepper cover.

Aerosol cans such as glue or varnish.

Simpsons low-intelligence, hick character.

Al __, played a blind veteran in Scent of a Woman.

Stretched out rectangle or oval shape.

To perform mathematical computations.

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