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Here are the answers to CodyCross Asia Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Roasted malts make these dark beers.

Longest river in southeast Asia.

The base unit of electric current.

Word derived from a name.

Santa's ride.

These angels sing, according to the carol.

Spiritual monastery in India.

Pompom that sits atop a glengarry bonnet.

__-Simpson, scale that measures hurricane strength.

The roof of the mouth.

Country that has most Nobel Prizes for literature.

Horse sounds.

Cartoon magpies, Heckle and __.

Pre-automobile mobile homes.

Fractional equivalents of 0.3333....

Puzzle 2

Mid section where your vital organs are.

Large Indonesian island, 6th-largest in the world.

Romeo and Juliet is one.

Thrown out, like a pilot leaving a plane.

Turkish pastry stuffed with honey and nuts.

Strongly moraled.

__ Donen, director of US film Singin' in the Rain.

__ Cup, a golfing team tournament for women.

City where Jomo Kenyatta Airport is located.

Restraining action of a police officer.

__ Road, Bangkok's famous tourist thoroughfare.

Puzzle 3

Book by John Kenneth Galbraith: "The __ Society".

Roman emperor often portrayed as a gladiator.

Genius Superman villain.

Latin meaning "from the beginning".

People who ruin the fun.

Who you are.

Mr. Incredible's costume designer.

P in PC.

Marine predators named after a flowering plant.

Decorative glass bottle for pouring wine.

Political divisions of the UAE.

With kanji and hiragana, Japanese script component.

Site of the Margravial opera house in Bavaria.

Puzzle 4

To rid of bacteria.

Book containing words of similar meaning.

Best Actor Oscar winner for Cat Ballou in 1966.

Jelly-like substance found in all cell membranes.

A movement disorder of uncontrolled restlessness.

Regard as a thing rather than a person.

__ Sahib; Amritsar's Golden Temple.

Uzbekistan city, inhabited since ancient times.

Stealing fuel with a hose.

Canopy that allows paratroopers to fall to earth.

Darwin naturally selected this theory his best.

Puzzle 5

The most unusual.

Isle split between Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

Makes these to show you're sorry for your actions.

The thrill of victory and the agony of __.

Mythological keeper of the winds.

Dessert bread.

Yorick's role in life.

Mix of styles.

Alternative name for Tokyo's international airport.

Deflect, change course.

Juan __ I, king of Spain 1975-2014.

Country where the first Winter Olympics were held.

Second or more chance to get a film scene correct.

Puzzle 6

Schedules, timetables.

Horizontal bands of sculpted decoration on walls.

Claude, who composed Clair de Lune.

Disputed region of South Asia, sounds like wool.

River boat.

Building for processing logs.

Art movement of truthful representations.

Son of Lancelot and finder of the Holy Grail.

Artificial sweetener derived from sugar alcohol.

Pupil and lover of Abelard, she later became a nun.

__ Revolution; 2007 Myanmar protests.

California tech central, __ Valley.

In The Jungle Book, Bagheera was a __.

Live separately but peacefully beside each other.

None is spared to get what you want.

Boring, everyday.

Puzzle 7

Thinly sliced raw fish.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of __.

Peter __, Kiwi director of Lord of the Rings films.

Containing fat under the skin and around organs.

Small apes of South East Asia.


Country where the modern necktie originated.

Pick up a spare in this sport.

John Wayne.

__ Gulf; body of water in which Bahrain is located.

Puzzle 8

The seeds of the fruit of the cacao tree make this.

Treatment to turn blue topaz from white to blue.

State of anxiety, nervous excitement.

In a neglected state.

Peninsula in the extreme eastern part of Russia.

A promise, feeling of confidence.

Tiger mascot of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Spontaneous, unplanned.

They believe in no religion and life means nothing.

Elite benefit.

This insect is no firebreather.

Puzzle 9

David __, designer of Lady Diana's wedding dress.

Also Ezo; second-largest island of Japan.

Clarity, simplicity.

Letter pouch.

Barb-tailed bottom dweller.

Battle of __ features in Shakespeare's Richard III.

Purported medicine, essence of viper.

Currency of China, equivalent to a yuan.

Courtney Cox added this name when wed David.

Pushing a button on a screen.

Solar design motif of the art deco age.

Twice the square root of 81.

Puzzle 10

Overrun with creatures, perhaps bees.

Kitchen cabinets named after a US religious group.

Goodness, piousness.

Candy Land character, chocolate monster.

Spanish commercial port on the Bay of Biscay.

To last a long time.

Fishy birth sign.

Turkic people, allied with Genghis Khan's Mongols.

Hybrid cross between a male leopard and a lioness.

Ancient civilization on the island of Crete.

Thin French pancakes, can be savory or sweet.

Like Penguin Books but for younger readers.

Marshy lakes.

Mick __, Sarah Tucker writer.

Cancel a law.

__-Kaikyo Bridge; long Japanese suspension bridge.

An international syndicate.

Puzzle 11

Tiered tower, typical of Asian architecture.

Deranged, raving.

Monitored or operated by a crew.

Poet, writer of Indian and Bangladeshi anthems.

Korean motor company with crown-like logo.

Infantryman's gun, long barrel, used in civil wars.

Water snake constellation.

Harmless tumor.

Dam builder.

Latino wine and food shop (Spanish).

__ Ghani, became president of Afghanistan in 2014.

Puzzle 12

To bleach flour using nitrogen trichloride.

Spanish word for a bullfight.

Payment to an ex-spouse, ordered by a court.

__ party, military grouping sent on ahead.

Lise __, chemist, had an element named after her.

A comparison, similarity.

Historic empire that extended across Middle East.

Church tower.

__ of a Geisha; 1997 novel by Arthur Golden.

Eastern European crescent roll.

Julia __; first female PM of Australia.

Supporting framework for a table top.

Puzzle 13

__ of the Gods, Wagnerian opera of the Ring Cycle.

French treat represents four monastic orders.

Type of stroke caused by blood clot in the brain.

Deadlock, stalemate in a conflict.

__ Towers, KL's tall twins.

Nationality of composer Aram Khachaturian.

The Night They __ Champagne, from the musical Gigi.

WWI short-barrelled cannon firing projectiles.

Toxic conduit for drawing water into a house.

The Garden of Earthly __, painting by Bosch.

Indonesian island once known as Celebes.

Puzzle 14

Swedish acting family Stellen and Alexander.

Rides the waves without a board.

Exhaust gasses.

Olympic goal.

The devil's tools.

Roman name for London.

Historical region of north-east China.

This ocean dweller is no fire breather.

Shallow vessel used in a lab for growing bacteria.

Different sized cutting tools for making holes.

Period of feudal government in Japan.

Renaissance art movement with exaggerated figures.

Software that users can copy free of charge.

Caveman-style eating plan.

Network of vessels vital to the immune system.

South African President since Feb., 2018: Cyril __.

Having your attention occupied by a good book.

A roll of two, at the craps table.

Puzzle 15

Come out of hiding.

Strategic strait at eastern end of Persian Gulf.

Region forming the heart of India's Sikh community.

Oceans meeting at Cape Agulhas: Atlantic and __.

Parts of firearms rested against the shoulder.

Buy now, pay later.

Desires someone else's property.

Gordon-__, classic British car marque.

__ of Turin, the linen cloth of Christ's burial.

European equivalent of a small hot dog: __ sausage.

__ al-Assad, became president of Syria in 2000.

Olympic motto: Citius, __, Fortius.

Puzzle 16

Greek mythological nymph pursued by Apollo.

The O in OJ.

Hong Kong's largest island.

Hopeless, miserable; a dismal failure.

Neptune's largest moon.

Japanese short poem, like haiku.

Type of leaf Olympic wreaths were made from.

Arte __, Italian art using everyday materials.

Film director Sam, who directed American Beauty.

Language spoken in Benin and Nigeria.

Host of the 2017 and 2018 Grammy Awards: James __.

Became king of Saudi Arabia in 2015.

European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, __.

Salted pickled cabbage eaten in Korean cuisine.

Puzzle 17

Washington Irving fictional character: __ Crane.

Biker's trick.

Rainy season in South East Asia.

Blue-ringed __, sea creature kills with neurotoxin.

Self-important, priggish, grandiose.

Afterlife paradise to which Greek gods sent heroes.

Henri __, French Fauvist painter of The Red Room.

Gloria __; 1960s "Mother of Feminism".

Folies __, 1935 musical comedy won Oscar.

He won first Nobel Prize for Medicine: Emil von __.

Sport played in the Indian Premier League.

Strait between Sumatra and Malay Peninsula.

Tom __, bar staple, lemon juice and gin.

Kyrgyzstan capital, once known as Frunze.

Puzzle 18

String of dots to represent an omission.

They drive teens crazy.

People are dying to get in here.

Large Russian island in the North Pacific.

Voice actor of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and more....

The donkey in "Animal Farm".

Electronic keyboard music such as by Depeche Mode.

__ Monastery; Bhutan's cliffside worship site.

__ scale measures the heat of chillies.

A dilemma or predicament.

Sections of overhanging snow or ice.

Piece of false information/wrong direction given.

Puzzle 19


River and waterfalls in Alberta, Canada.

Ancient Siamese kingdom, in power 1351-1767.

Brand of theatrical and colorful organ in cinemas.

Bend over __; try hard.

Julie Andrews' favorite things, __ with noodles.

French __; grouping of French colonies in SE Asia.

Tropical coral sea finned predator.

Repentance, contrition, remorse.

Dolphin constellation.

__ of Foules, Chaucer's tale of birds.

Chemical element with the symbol Mn.

Painfully thin.

Between 7pm and 10pm.

Campaigns to bring about political changes.

Puff pastry case with creamy savory filling.

Domineering, overzealous.

Crushing, e.g. a plan or rebellion.

A German Affenpinscher is also known as a __.

Puzzle 20

Book by Sir Thomas More about a fictional society.

River crossing many South East Asian nations.

Objet __, "found object" used in a work of art.

Art borders.

Hitchcock film starring Connery and Hedren.

Malt whiskey made in Scotland.

Ball sport like bowls, part of the Paralympics.

Mound-like structures for Buddhist relics.

Ancient city-state that lost the Peloponnesian War.

Fat-bottom wooden fishing boat used in East Asia.

Son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour: __ VI.

Language from where we get the word alcohol.

An attack on an enemy, a foray, an incursion.

Country which awards the Nobel Peace Prize.

Cause of agrarian demise.

Company headed by murdered tycoon Barry Sherman.

Rough hessian-type cloth used in rug-making.

The Republic of Pirates is located here.

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