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Here are the answers to CodyCross Astrology Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Acronym for the US Supreme Court.

First winner car of the Indianapolis 500 (1911).

__ knot, as used by elderly ladies?.

Earl of Wessex, married Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999.

Eating a meal.

Astrological cusps: can be ascendant, descendant.

The least wild.

First name of singer Moyet.

__ Tree National Park near Coachella.

Centaur representing Sagittarius, Achilles' mentor.

Lane-__, car driver who sticks to centre of road.

Surface-smoothing power tool.

Ian Fleming novel and 1963 film: From __ with Love.

Puzzle 2

__ glory, best, most notable aspect of something.


Something that can easily be carried.


Guarantee on bought goods to be repaired/replaced.

Celtic god of the underworld.

Seeing into the future, having insight into it.

Shyness, diffidence, reticence.

Wagner's last opera.

Tom Sharpe's porter in Porterhouse Blue.

Maori name for New Zealand.

Diver's footwear that helps with swimming.

Crackers; aquatic animal.

Name given to PM James Callaghan for his optimism.

Players guide rodents to safety in this video game.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are these – not Earth.

Cyd __, dancer performed with Kelly and Astaire.

Puzzle 3

Spaghetti alle __, with clams.

Caravaggio painting of Roman god of wine.

The __ Shakes sang the song "Gemini".

U.S. city that is home to the River Walk: San __.

Kate Jackson's Charlie's Angels character.

Influential philosopher, Doctor of the Church.

The opposite of western.

Arabic fairy tale about a boy and a genie.

People of short stature in Greek mythology.

Greeting where cheeks don't touch.

Puzzle 4

Group cardio sessions with music.

Giant crab that bothered Heracles.

Vehicle accident or collision.

Zippo __ are vivid collections for smokers.

Aquarius/Let the __ in, song by The 5th Dimension.

Loots, plunders.

Studio for building.

Chile's capital, one of S America's largest cities.

British monarch from 1837 to 1901.

Lives in an abandoned house.

Board and pieces, including rook, for classic game.

Puzzle 5

Somalia's capital; also known as Hamar.

Cordial waiting place for guests on a talk show.

10th Zodiac sign, associated with sea goat.

Disorientation, bewilderment, uncertainty.

Exhaustion, tiredness.

People who keep machines running.

Drink preserving item invented by William Painter.

French word for "spring".

Virgo and Libra cover this month in astrology.


Puzzle 6

Fingerless __, lacy ones were popular in the 80s.

Fruit the most ready to pick and eat.

Country where the Battle of Agincourt took place.

2017 song by Pink: "Beautiful __".

There are 12 of these (domiciles) in the horoscope.

Queen of the Goths in Titus Andronicus.

Duplicated, made another version.

People with outdated, racist or sexist ideals.

__ and shakers, wielders of power in an industry.

Lethal __; drama series with Riggs and Murtaugh.

Scoop mud from river bed.

People who swim to the depths.

__ signs are found in the Chinese Zodiac, e.g. rat.

Country where Prince Harry and bride honeymooned.

The illness that claimed Eva Peron's life.

Puzzle 7

Chance or luck.

Indian oven made of clay.

__ astrology, Eastern Zodiac with ox, pig, dragon.

Steve McQueen is a San Francisco cop in thriller.

Colombian singer-dancer, her hips don't lie.

Nationality of painter Andrea Solari.

Treat disrespectfully, lower importance.

Disease of cows and sheep; can be passed to humans.

Hit the __; find success and fame.

A ladybird to Brits, a __ to Americans.

The Polar __ featured the voice of Tom Hanks.

Puzzle 8

Thinning, e.g. a hairline.

Raining and snowing at the same time.

Made a photo bigger.

Fire, Earth, Air and Water are __ in astrology.

Preoccupies oneself excessively, e.g. with a hobby.

Attractive; bringing back, collecting.

Lifesaving first aid technique.

__ sulphate, was used as rat poison, symbol Tl.

Shining brow medieval Welsh poet.

Residents from Santiago are __ by nationality.

Longest reigning Japanese emperor.

Jamaican rapper, featured with Beyoncé on Baby Boy.

Avian with a musical call.

Not masculine, Taurus, Virgo etc. are __ signs.

Wriggling from side to side, in pain.

Spanish word for sparkling, in wine terms.

Real first name of Lenin.

Makes jokes for a living.

Puzzle 9

A company's involvement in community projects.

Gemma __; Bond girl Strawberry Fields in 2008.

Deciding between two options.

Colourful change in spectrum of a celestial body.

Lattice-topped tart made with Granny Smiths.

Tierra __, archipelago off the tip of S America.

Metal used in cancer therapy, symbol Lu.

In astrology, the Sun or Moon are known as this.

Relating to the season also called fall.

Boat colleague.

Green __ Boys, patriots of the American Revolution.

Container for fire sticks.

Hitting or crushing an insect.

Puzzle 10

Sports coat.

__ Haden Church, Spider-Man 3 villain, Sandman.

A dead __ is someone's double, a doppelganger.

Bay of the Atlantic Ocean between Spain and France.

Isaac__, devised a popular form of shorthand.

Year of __, song by Al Stewart.

Pollsters, public opinion surveyors on politics.

Author of Goodbye, Mr. Chips: James __.

Household name products.

Satisfying one's desires.

__ the dog. Not a proven recovery method!.

Better known name of the greek god Loxias.

The zodiac sign of the crab.

Going upwards.

Puzzle 11

Written symbols, as used for astrological signs.

Capital of Germany.

Highest peak in Northern Ireland: Slieve __.

Wife of Philip I, king of Castile.

To beat, overcome.

Of the mind.

Group 1 of the periodic table, the __ family.

Thickest part of a baseball bat.

__ d'Abo, Living Daylights Bond girl.

Mini-Me is a character of spy movie Austin __.

Barely visible insect, sucks your blood at night.

Spherical items, four are attached to a carriage.

Ape found in Chinese calendar.

Sunday best, smart clothes.

Leos are born in this month.

Puzzle 12

Hard to catch.

Separate pieces pasted together into a new picture.

Canadian province home to Niagara Falls.

Many selfish people.

Poet considered the "Father of English Literature".

Pile of rejected playing cards, the __ pack.

__ Pavarotti; operatic tenor from Modena.

Bike stunt on one tyre.

Symbol of Sagittarius, half human, half horse.

Black __, cocktail of vodka and Kahlúa.

Large snakelike dragon in ancient Scottish legend.

Eighth Zodiac sign for those born in November.

Becoming closer, getting to know each other.

Puzzle 13

Having been unsealed, accessed.

Twins sign in astrology.

Prominent Irish goddess; daughter of the Dagda.

__ game or room designed to puzzle those trapped.

Rolled a ball at pins in an alley.

Country formerly known as Portuguese West Africa.

Neon, bright shades of yellow, orange, pink, etc..

National dish of Barbados: cou cou and __ fish.

Cordoning off.

Christopher __, who starred in The Deer Hunter.

London River known as "Old Father".

Jasper __, designer son of Sir Terence and Shirley.

Paid attention to, took notice of.

Stage name of musician Norman Cook: __ Slim.

Meghan Markle's royal title: Duchess of __.

Puzzle 14

Internet personalities who post videos online.

Producing blooms.

Italian sweet bread enjoyed at Christmas.

Incriminate, point to.

A vehicle that can be taken on the road.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are __ – not Water.

Person perceived to be uncivilized or primitive.

Moved to a smaller home.

Watches from the audience.

A Zodiac chart is divided into four of these.

Venetian voyager and merchant.

Moisturising cream that softens the skin.

Artificial football field playing surface.

Device to measure change in sea level.

Pierre Fauchard: "Father of Modern __".

First release of a book is usually this type.

Turning a corpse to ashes.


The collecting of banknotes as a hobby.

Morally obliged.

Surname of suffragettes Emmeline and Christabel.

Bridal clothes and linens.

Type of swan sounds like it has a brass instrument.

The __; 2009 sports drama starring Sandra Bullock.

Puzzle 15

Two dimensional figure with eight sides.

Mars, Jupiter, Earth, Venus are these.

A filled, rolled, and fried tortilla: flauta or __.

Riding waves on a board.

Magnavox __ was the 1st video game console.

One of three sages who visited the Baby Jesus.

Wheel plates on a car.

Wrote The Chronicles of Narnia.

Ruling planet of Pisces, Roman god of the sea.

Accidentally mention; give the game away.

Became submerged underwater.

Deceased singer of the Cranberries: __ O'Riordan.

Patella, informally.

Running amok, out of control.

Dance around this in the fifth month of the year.

Puzzle 16

__ Is the New Black; Netflix prison drama.


__ Burbank, US botanist painted by Frida Kahlo.

People born in September, under sign of a maiden.

Book by economist Adam Smith: The __ of Nations.

French for "with milk".

Kidnapper, abductor.

Sign of the bull in astrology.

The Phantom __; tagline of Star Wars: Episode I.

Second-place precious metal.

Kenny __; Islands in the Stream crooner.

South Italy city near Mount Vesuvius, aka Napoli.

Puzzle 17

Guy Ritchie/Madonna movie remake in 2002.

MJ released a duet with Beatle Paul __ in 1982.

Being clean-shaven means you are __.

Conventional explosive with radioactive material.

Someone who is outgoing, sociable, gregarious.

Mock, tease.

German city, financial hub.

Avian abode.

American salami, often found on pizzas.

Pessimism, acceptance of losing.

Beavis and Butt-Head cartoonist.

Metal named after a planet, following Uranium.

Completely covered, e.g. in snow.

Puzzle 18

Top British model: Naomi __.

Stock __, where brokers buy and sell.

It connects the calf to the heel: __ tendon.

Common building material and hazardous silicate.

__ aspects align planetary energies in astrology.

Scorpio and Sagittarius signs relate to this month.

He won the 50th Hunger Games.

Brazil's gigantic sports venue.

Distinctive spice used to flavor pulla.

Opposing parties with no foreseeable outcome.

Canadian province whose capital is Winnipeg.

Large white flower famously worn by Billie Holiday.

Puzzle 19

Pierre-__ Renoir, French painter.

Fun name for where males can retire to (sheds?).

Flammable gas aka coal gas.

Born Under a __, by Albert King.

Brings into existence.

US canines.

Capricorn and Aquarius are usually in this month.

Chemistry dealing with brewing and distilling.


Argument, disagreement.

Ralph Waldo __ wrote The Concord Hymn.

Puzzle 20

Meat traditionally served with horseradish sauce.

1944 Soviet attack on German forces: Operation __.

Italian mountain range running down the country.

Astrological forecast of someone's future.

Simon & __.

Trickery, deception, underhandedness.

Plastic drawing instrument; right-angled triangle.

Opposite of diurnal.

__ lens; useful for panorama shots.

An ideal partner, the perfect woman.

In geography, the east-west coordinate.

Adjective to describe one who eschews company.

Dark Knight Rises Bruce Wayne, __ Bale.

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