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Here are the answers to CodyCross Astronomy Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

City that defeated Athens in the Peloponnesian War.

Stomach complaint studied by Prize winner Marshall.

Adam West, the original __.

TV __, news presenter steering the ship.

Taking a photo of oneself.

Condition of affairs, where things stand now.

Temporarily suspended or stopped.

Beethoven's third symphony.

Iced tea alcoholic substitute aka brandy sour.

Space TV series by Carl Sagan.

Most mammals are not egg-__ creatures.

Famous for building small business jets.

__ candle, an offering in Christian prayer.

South African model and actress, Charlize __.

Strait connecting Java Sea with Indian Ocean.

Nation where Putin was reelected President in 2012.

Puzzle 2

Only the tip is above water.

Lise __, chemist, had an element named after her.

A person who repairs the water systems or pipes.

My Big Fat Greek __, multi-cultural marriage film.

Near East historical empire, Assur was capital.

Sloping letters, used for emphasis.

Italian whey cheese meaning "recooked".

Top of a convertible that is rigid, not soft.

__ Away in 2006 starred Hugh Jackman as Roddy.

Cosmetics or lotion to give tanned look to skin.

Moon phase between half-moon and full moon.

Birth surname of Pope John Paul II.

Upbeat hit for Madonna in 1989.

Law & Order: Special __ Unit; crime procedural.

To cut someone down, insult, opposite of build up.

Seven __, star group also called the Pleiades.

Puzzle 3

Old-fashioned, no longer used or useful.

Largest sub-species of tiger in existence.

Diego Rivera's famous painting, __ Leader Zapata.

An accessory and a song by Rihanna.

Signal, the predecessor to a digital radio signal.

Every cock crows on his own __.

Crusty, chewy French bread, baton-shaped.

Another name for the aurora borealis, __ Lights.

Played Med student John Carter in ER.

German for "Good Morning".

The scientific study of bees.

Rex __, won an Oscar for My Fair Lady.

__ Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables author.

Puzzle 4

Person guilty of aiding and abetting.

German blue dot company making headphones.

Latin term, for each person or individual.

The type of girl Bridget Jones was.

Famous Mexican cocktail with tequila, lime.

Newlyweds' trip.

Medical device where premature babies are placed.

Rock from solidified magma flowed out of the Earth.

Academic rank.

Otto, character from The Simpsons is the school __.

__ Advocate, Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves star.

German medical and optical equipment manufacturer.

It contains votes.

Christ Washing the __' Feet, by Tintoretto.

Base that a baseball runner must touch to score.

Fairground attraction, so-called a dodgem.

Comet collided with Jupiter in 1994, __-Levy.

La __, Spanish folk song with catchy beat.

David __, founder and PM of the state of Israel.

The way a person lives.

Video camera invented by Sony Corp in 1982.

Puzzle 5

Writers Charlotte, Emily or Anne.

Chewing gum designed to blow.

Refuse to acknowledge.

Electronic Dance Music pioneer: DJ David __.

A dune is a hill of sand __ by the wind.

The __ Desert was Disney's first nature film.

__ 2, a failed British Mars lander.

Calvin and __, comic inspired by philosophers.

The scientific name for rock salt.

__ Guitarist, Picasso's blind man playing music.

__ It Out is based on the Nickelodeon TV show.

Fresh __, Bel Air's royalty import.

Official currency of Indonesia.

Soft, luxurious fabric with short pile on one side.

Pressing Control, Alt, __ will restart your PC.

Pluto's largest satellite.

Japanese technique of dwarfing trees.

The Three __, central beliefs in Buddhism.

Puzzle 6

__ foot is said to bring good luck.

__ Banderas, Zorro, Puss in Boots actor.

Green soybeans in the pod, from Asian Cuisine.

Someone training to be in a job.

__ Trucks, loud event with jumping, destruction.

Incredible, fantastic.

Frenchman created catalog of celestial bodies.

Homeric epic.

Boris and __, Russian cartoon villains.

Photograph of suspected criminal.

Talmid __, scholar of Jewish law.

Bright star also known as the North or Pole Star.

Headphones or earphones on a headband.

Six-sided shape.

Capital of French Guiana.

Puzzle 7

Neo-noir action thriller starring Keanu Reeves.

Once in a __ = very seldom.

__ Crusoe, novel by Daniel Defoe.

To the French, a parapluie.

Disc-shaped galaxy that contains our Sun.

90s sitcom with high pitched female lead.

A person who makes or repairs fire arms.

__ in Blue, Gershwin classic.

Landlocked South American country.

The Magus who brought frankincense.

Mammal that feeds on ants and termites.

Extra hours of work.

The word planet is derived from the Greek for __.

Spanish __, bloody national conflict 1936-1939.

Liza __, Judy Garland's daughter.

One-piece body fashion item.

Green __ Bottles, fizz by Andy Warhol.

Type of external motor invented by Ole Evinrude.

Metal tab at the top of a drinks' can.

Three-headed dog that guards the entrance to Hades.

Puzzle 8

Liver inflammation.

Handheld musical mouth blower.

Typical example of a person, imitation.

Curing and stuffing animals.

Offense committed on race or religious grounds.

Mr Big actor in Sex and the City.

American astronomer, author and communicator.

Gage of brightness of an astronomical object.

Italian mountain range with via ferrata pathways.

__ Bike Polo, modern version of mallet sport.

__ Marcos, long-term dictator of the Philippines.

African cultures wear __ teeth for luck.

Small isolated fortress built by ancient Romans.

Slightly sparkling Italian wine.

Soft mineral.

Woody Allen movie with Alvy Singer.

Historical account in order of happenings.

The Milagro __ War, comedy drama in New Mexico.

The __; TV crime thriller starring James Spader.

__ Mège-Mouriès, inventor of margarine.

City attacked by Germany in WWII for over 90 days.

Clothes designers elite, a portmanteau term.

Parasitic flatworm disease aka schistosomiasis.

Train ticket-taker.

Luxury car, can be chauffeur-driven.

Puzzle 9

Helen __ in Her Story, 1954 documentary.

Arthur C __ wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Rear-end, posterior.

A typeface with characteristics of handwriting.

Cape of __, named by Dias, now called Good Hope.

Juice mixed with vodka for a screwdriver cocktail.

North American wildcat, construction equipment.

Tarsila do __, Latin American artist.

Closet in kitchen for storing food.

Company, organization providing services.

Creepy crawly with six legs.

Greek god of voyagers and merchants.

Blue __ pudding, what the Clangers eat on the Moon.

Bruce __, Die Hard actor.

Educational institution under college level.

French historical region on border with Germany.

Music-themed, 1920s perfume created by Lanvin.

World __ Day on 21 Mar celebrates verse and rhyme.

Someone who rides and races horses.

Fast sailing boat often used in coastal patrols.

Chemical element diamond is made of.

Simpson's less than reputable clown.

"Lies, __ lies, and statistics".

Puzzle 10

Rio de Janeiro tourist attraction; beach.

East German car, symbolic of the communist era.

__ Nightmares, reality TV show with Gordon Ramsay.

The diamond-shaped part of a baseball field.

Lex non __, unwritten law.

__ Prada, Prada head designer and businesswoman.

Soviet Union's first artificial satellite.

Plant that grown mostly as food for farm animals-.

Claude __, French piano composer of Clair de Lune.

The __ Girl, Dreyfuss plays Elliot Garfield.

Dante's realm along with Paradise and Purgatory.

Early birds see this daily occurence.

__ chronology, backwards time in story.

One-eyed Greek creatures.

Method of painting with opaque watercolors.

Large scavenger bird, no feathers on head.

__ George, cartoon about a monkey living in a town.

Space movie starring Bullock and Clooney.

Pupil who assists by policing the hallways.

__ Vacuum Cleaner, device sucks in dust particles.

__ Affair, 1890s French anti-semitic scandal.

Puzzle 11

Rock star Eddie who named his son after Mozart.

Via __, Roman road from the capital to the sea.

Wheel that turns to guide the course of a vehicle.

__ Supervisor Sleeping, Lucian Freud painting.

Captain Kirk's description of space, the final __.

Home loan means "death pledge" in French.

Beer cans are made of this.

Often removed along with tonsils.

Guard dog breed, __ Pinscher.

Velvety fabric; French for caterpillar.

Category of dark and bleak post-war movies.

A pie tin, features in a Beatrix Potter title.

Puzzle 12

Undifferentiated biological cells.

Acted or sang in front of an audience.

King Louie was one of these great apes.

__ Onassis, Greek shipping tycoon.

Director of the sci-fi parody, Spaceballs.

In solitary confinement, kept away from others.

A storage area for supplies and goods.

The Great Bear constellation.

UK city home to the Grand National horse race.

Alcoholic drink made from apple juice.

Red giant star, the brightest in Taurus.

Poor planning; lacking order.

A ring with a single gemstone, especially diamond.

Faded flowers.

A very short skirt.

Person who takes care of queens and drones.

He invented the printing press.

Controversial prizewinner, former US Sec of State.

Puzzle 13

Take or receive with approval, favor.

Free __, aka capitalism.

Mechanical model of the solar system; planetarium.

Largest island in the Mediterranean.

An absence of oxygen, every diver's nightmare.

__ Carey, singer with extraordinary range.

Highest point reached by an astronomical object.

Saffron rice dish from Valencia, with meat and veg.

__ Redford, actor, director, producer.

Famous art museum in Paris, the world's largest.

Texas based series followed Ewing family's empire.

The Seven __ Sins include sloth and greed.

Puzzle 14

British singer who had a hit single "American Boy".

Mars __; 1996 sci-fi comedy directed by Tim Burton.

Baggage __, carousel to collect your luggage.

Wraith, ghost.

First American in space in Freedom 7, Alan __.

__ Belgrade, Serbian football team.

Hormone that regulates glucose in the blood.

Oldest of the children on The Waltons.

Art movement to remove the artificial.

Millicent __, suffragist leader and campaigner.

Capital of the Black Sea state of Abkhazia.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport city.

Baba __, blended aubergine dip.

Phenylpropene used in perfumes, flavorings.

Puzzle 15

Blemishes on the skin; unrelated to the liver.


Formerly known as Green Point stadium.

Long coat which extends below the knee.

__ Woolf, modernist English writer.

From here to __, won the Academy Awards in 1954.

Kazakh launch site of the Russian space program.

Indispensable kitchen tools.

Cubic __, synthetic decorative gemstone.


Creme __, dessert cream, English cream.

Major part of a territory that has smaller islands.

At the __ hour, in the nick of time.

Courage, the __ Dog, cartoon about a wimp dog.

Device for measuring the angle of a star.

Natural surface of exposed limestone.

The __ of Adam, Michelangelo painting.

Brutal slaughter of many people.

Puzzle 16

Software to prevent malicious attacks.

__ reef squid are a species of flying squid.

Someone who travels from place to place to work.

Hugely popular US beer, the King of Beers.

Site of the original Royal Observatory in S London.

Daniel __, the Harry Potter.

What a high-ranking judo fighter wears.

Head __, car safety feature at top of driving seat.

Fifth Mughal emperor, Mumtaz Mahal's husband.

Sickly sister of Little Women.

He sang about a wanderin' star in Paint Your Wagon.

1,000 of these units make a gram.

Diego __, Spanish court painter of Las Meninas.

Evening, the peak TV viewing hours.

Soldiers in an infantry unit forming a brigade.

Animals that exist by preying on others.

Person who prepares raw fish and rice rolls.

Puzzle 17

Sherlock Holmes' loyal companion, Dr. __.

Largest EU river, ancient Roman border.

Easy, not elaborate, not ornate, uncomplicated.

1986 Sci Fi sequel starring Sigourney Weaver.

Handel's first name.

An advert normally at the top of a web page.

Serious criminal offense.

Clean __, lacking facial hair of any kind.

Japanese motorcycle company (also makes music!).

Botticelli's first name.

Alloy used for joining metals together.

__ seed, popular Middle Eastern, Asian candy.

__ 5, ESA's launch rocket for satellites.

Aka puma, or slang for woman with younger man.

Along with waning describes the Moon's phases.

May __ Movement, Beijing protests of 1919.

Puzzle 18

Non speaking Simpson family member.

Kelly __, famous US champion surfer.

Plant; put "marsh" before it to make a sweet.

Mars's smaller moon.

Performance dance originated in Renaissance Italy.

Playing card Jack is Valet in this language.

Greek Titan whose sister and wife was Rhea.

Super thin 60s British model Lesley Hornby, aka __.

Nirvana frontman.

Tom __, Patricia Highsmith's "talented" scammer.

__ set, table with large mirror.

The brothers of your mother or father.

Italian dish made with flattened meat, __ Ragu.

Art movement associated with Georges Braque.

Puzzle 19

Small nation in the Horn of Africa.

__ pan, used for cooking something in an oven.

Emma __, English actress and Oscar winner.

Belts of charged particles around the Earth.

Protein in the body that fights infection.

Mark __, guitarist with Dire Straits.

The main character in How I Met Your Mother.

Cross cut veal shank speciality from Milan.

It neutralizes acid and has a pH of more than 7.

Parts of the face; always on the lookout.

Bridge favored by Monet among his Water Lilies.

Jovian moon named after a nymph turned into a bear.

Equestrian sport requiring a good memory.

A knitted garment used over a shirt.

Puzzle 20

Explosive discovery makes firearms possible.

Large band Danish strait.

Restore to a former condition.

Men in Black actor.

Chemical reaction involving exposure to oxygen.

An exploding star.

Chinese rocket type named after a 1930s event.

Lead the way for tourists, often with an umbrella.

Johann __ Bach.

__ of Halicarnassus, tomb, an Ancient Wonder.

Once the Italian Duce.

Long-established German beer brand with lion logo.

10-event athletic competition.

Mushrooms growing in a circle.

Traditionally grooms carry brides over this.

Long-running time-travel program.

The identification of an illness based on symptoms.

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