CodyCross At the Ballet Pack answers

At the Ballet PackAt the Ballet

Here are the answers to CodyCross At the Ballet Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Phil __, music producer created a Wall of Sound.

__ Paw, bartender's measuring device.

Radio Keith __, holding company of RKO Pictures.

Kiss __; action that causes certain failure.

Go head-to-head against an opponent.

Keep safe from injury.

Insert something, word used in dentistry.

Prolific box store.

Human depiction of the Inuit, a choice souvenir.

Gelatinous things used in kombucha production.

Middle sister in Ballet Shoes children's novel.

Charles __; French dancer and ballet shoe creator.

Loud horn description.

Japanese dark tan fashion trend.

Greek home of Pan in mythology.

Peeping; furtively watching.

Puzzle 2

The best laid schemes __ and men.

One of Catalonia's four provinces.

Lady with an __, Leonardo oil painting in Kraków.

Sir Frederick __; leading British choreographer.

Arsenic eaters of __, a cultural group in Austria.

1842 sea-faring ballet, named after Italian city.

Faints from emotion.

Pattern of scanning lines made by an electron beam.

For the most part.

George __, Army man, competitor at 1912 Olympics.

Sounded like a bell.

Danny __, Lethal Weapon's Roger Murtaugh.

__ bowls, for washing stickiness off at the table.

Puzzle 3

Homer's pet, also called Harry Plopper.

Making a keyboard error.

Seaport at the mouth of the Swan River, near Perth.

The Cornfield was one of his paintings: John __.

Tuba-like brass instrument with valves.

Woman winner of 1947 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Stops, restricts, e.g. __ blood flow.

Family whose home The Nutcracker is set in.

Italian classical ballet training method.

French chef who invented the peach Melba.

Puzzle 4

Most dangerous or aggressive.

Town in Maine, destination of Great Schooner Race.

When the moon hits your eye like a big __.

Minced lamb and aubergine Greek dish.

The __ of the Sierra Madre, Bogart-Huston film.

Needs, demands.

Codex Trivulzianus contains such word lists.

Card game against a banker, aka Chemin de Fer.

Tchaikovsky's tale of Odette and Odile.

What spiders spin or nearly sheer dress fabric.

Spray from a plane.

Ancient bolt-throwing missile weapon.

Small leaflet advertising a company.

Feline character at Princess Aurora's wedding.

Puzzle 5

Study of family histories.

Beeswax hair product from the 1920s.

Tunisian city, famous from the movies.

Holds frozen cubes on a cocktail cabinet.

Marching step from a traditional Polish dance.

How Anne Frank began her diary entries.

Groups of notes or words to express something.

Like fogginess only less dense.

A possible characteristic of the quarantined.

Venomous African snake, anagram of Mob slogan.

Nicolas Flamel was thought to be one of these.

Plants grown from seeds taken on Apollo 14 mission.

Imminent, approaching, looming.

Inlaid work for the decoration of furniture.

Sports team spirit-rousing anthem.

__ dancer; highest-ranking dancer in a company.

Chinese spiritual movement founded by Li Hongzhi.

Authentic documents, not copies.

Puzzle 6

Form of poetry associated with Omar Khayyam.

Liquid put on salads or other foods.

S in SAT.

Greta __, young Swedish environmental activist.


Cheer up, improve (e.g. one's mood, the weather).

Another name for toadstone.

German bank known to have loaned to Donald Trump.

La __; 1832 romantic ballet by Filippo Taglioni.

One-wheeler bike.

Study of the feet.

Ain't No __; Bill Withers' classic.

Someone who is highly skilled at the arts.

Prolonged periods without rainfall.

Green caterpillar clown in A Bug's Life.

The one who yells "cut" on a movie set.

Wilfred __, explorer of the Arabian Empty Quarter.

Puzzle 7

Soft porous items for washing and cleaning.

George Harrison's porcine track on The White Album.

__ Del Toro, Sicario's cartel hitman.

Bernard __, billionaire executive of Louis-Vuitton.

Showy style of ballet with flamboyant steps.

This is Us follows this family's saga.

Uncertain, unclear.

Famous gorge in England with a cheesy name.

Breaks into a million bits.

Pivoting ballet turn with whipped leg movements.

Spike Milligan novel set in Ireland.

A highly educated specialist; an academic.

Seed -__; Henry Blair's 1834 agricultural aid.

"Hallucinogenic" cocktail from Italy.

Diverted river that cleansed the Augean stables.

Puzzle 8

Perfectly upright and stable in ballet.

Contends, debates.

Crash inflatable.

__-Romagna, Italian region, its capital is Bologna.

Horizontal fixed poles in ballet studios.

Jeff Koons artwork with a record auction price.

__ Frollo, cleric in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

His Areopagitica advocated freedom of the press.

Smoked __, fish dish served as a starter.

Bankrupt car manufacturer in South Korea.

Mythical sea creature with male body and fish tail.

Myers-__ Type Indicator, personality tester.

Johnny __, the cartoon personification of Canada.

One who pursues or hunts.

Puzzle 9

Trademark for polystyrene material for crafting.

Diatribe, tirade, invective.

Russian choreographer of Dance of the Little Swans.

Rome film studios, had a post-WWII creative high.

Stepping on bugs.

Become stronger, increase, amplify.

Longest river system in Canada.

Group singing, holding beer steins maybe.

Chris __, founder of Jamaican-based Island Records.

Can be broken free from.

Japanese earthquake and nuclear disaster of 2011.

Paul Van __; creator of Fallen Astronaut sculpture.

Ballet company of St Petersburg, Russia, aka Kirov.

Puzzle 10

Electric __ is one of two utilities in Monopoly.

The national dog of Malta: __ Hound.

Ballet leg rotation with feet pointing outwards.

Keep __ close and enemies closer.

One who digs for edible ocean shells.

Skin-tight bodysuit worn by a ballerina.

One having seemingly contradictory qualities.

Scavenger of river shores for valuable items.

Matthew __; produced steam engines with James Watt.

Least __; lowest risk conservation status.

Uzbek city on the Silk Road, a hub of culture.

When an aircraft moves into position on land.

Opiate that treats mild to moderate pain and cough.

It is the face of things.

Puzzle 11

Possible to achieve, doable.

Randle __, asylum inmate played by Jack Nicholson.

Resembling a male monarch.

Coconut cookie served for dessert during Passover.

Author of Friday, or, the Other Island: Michel __.

Ballet dancer who ranks below a soloist.

King of the Fair Folk in The Black Cauldron.

Sealed capsules of glass.

Strait that connects Java Sea to South China Sea.

Illegal, illicit.

World's largest living rodent.

Flighty Sleeping Beauty dancer of a pas de deux.

Tropical American tiny shrub, box brier plant.

__ belt, mover of goods in production.

Puzzle 12

__ Seca, motorcycle track in California.

Small Roman catapult.

Political party in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Away in a __, baby Jesus' bed.

Tall garden flowers with seed pods.

__ Righetti, played Grace Van Pelt, The Mentalist.

X-Men's Professor X or Charles __.

William __, soldier guilty of the My Lai massacre.

Group of performing dancers.

Joyful, with good spirits.

Position, way of standing in ballet.

Puzzle 13

__ ballet; ensemble dancers in a company.

Once only polo players wore these boots.

Ida __, chemist, discoverer of the element rhenium.

Hippo-like creatures created by Tove Jansson.

Ancient Roman crow's foot weapon.

No motors for these boaters.

Fools, idiots, simpletons.

Places of safety.

Christopher __, early producer of sparkling wine.

Graceful antelope found in Africa and Asia.

Aussie banknotes, the first to use this material.

Circular pattern in classical ballet.

Device used by ships to determine wind direction.

Puzzle 14

Witty conversation or remarks.

French monarch toppled in the French Revolution.

__ Bay, the only safe anchorage on Southern Thule.

P in ASAP.

The Fault in __, novel and movie.

Written storyline of a ballet.

Novel by Anthony Burgess: A Dead Man in __.

Elegant, smooth.

Near the hearth.

Common bread roll in the Philippines.

Lazy, idle.

__ Griffith Joyner, 100 m record breaker in 1988.

US car maker of the Plymouth.

Garden building that holds a toilet.

Puzzle 15

His hair was his strength.

Roman Emperor who won the Dacian Wars.

Make a baby-like noise in the back of the throat.

__ Girl, iconic photo by Steve McCurry.

Bradley __, creator and lead in A Star is Born.

__ Island, "Great" Norwegian Antarctic possession.

French for perfume.

Heroine princess in The Sleeping Beauty.

Lunar crater named after German physicist.

Traditional Greek line dance.

Ballet move rising onto the balls of the feet.

Treaty of __; Henry V's claim to French throne.

Decayed, derelict, abandoned.

Puzzle 16

US liquid measure: 8 make a fluid ounce.

India's largest state by area.

Black-and-white striped gemstone.

Creme de __, French raspberry liqueur.

Scientific study of algae.

Impressive ballet leap with splits in the air.

Give something a __; purposefully steer clear.

Swan Lake prince who falls in love with Odette.

Small container for plants and turtles indoors.

Islands in __; Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton hit.

Puzzle 17

Dance troupe that performs classical ballet.

Longest river of Japan, also called Chikuma.

Allow someone to pass.

Religious retreats, especially in South Asia.

Poem by Tennyson: The Lady of __.

Bear native to North America.

__ Man, a bog body found in Denmark in 1950.

British dance company founded by Polish dancer.

__ London, the 32 boroughs and the City.

With ire.

Caribbean-named card game with tricks and melds.

Nationality of both first man and woman in space.

Bonhomme __, Jones's ship that captured Serapis.

Finnish mythology term for the underworld.

Directed Moonstruck and In the Heat of the Night.

Strong, striped material used to make mattresses.

Composer of the opera Goya: Gian Carlo __.

Steak sandwich that's the national dish of Uruguay.

Puzzle 18

Stravinsky ballet about puppets that come to life.

Symphony ensemble.

Metaphysical poet who wrote "No man is an island".

Sudden and limited-term reduction in price.

Trinity knot used in ironwork or stone crosses.

Former Kiwi PM and Ambassador to the US.

King and father of Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty.

Michael Jackson's Ranch.

Collections of pus caused by bacterial infections.

Nationality of Malala Yousafzai.

King of the Cowboys western icon.

Puzzle 19

Machine part: rotating circle with teeth.

French word for a pre-dinner alcoholic drink.

Origami folds named after an amphibian.

Le __; pirate ballet based on Lord Byron poem.

__ Ballerina; Katharine Holabird's dancing mouse.

London's glassy tallest skyscraper.

Song: I Guess That's Why They Call It __.

Typical example.

Michael Madsen's character in Reservoir Dogs.

__-Cherkessia, Russian republic in North Caucasus.

Raymond Burr's wheelchair-bound detective.

Catching a ride.

Bart's bespectacled pal named after a US president.

Clarity of thinking.

Condition of ringing ears.

Ski turn with the heel free.

Puzzle 20

Monstrous wolf of the night in Inuit myth.

Ballerina's legwear.

Royal agreement.

Alison __, writer of Little Grey Rabbit books.

Aromatic medicinal herb of the mint family.

Utility vehicle.

Fred __, navigator of Ms Earhart who died with her.

Ruthless locust-like leader in A Bug's Life.

Large West African tree with white or yellow wood.

Billy __; 2000 drama about a boy becoming a dancer.

Sanskrit for "peace", common mantra "Om __".

Annie __ and David Stewart formed Eurythmics.

Someone who tries to avoid being caught.

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