CodyCross At the Train Station Pack answers

At the Train Station PackAt the Train Station

Here are the answers to CodyCross At the Train Station Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

This is both a rainbow shade and a citrus fruit.

Magical floor cover transport used by Aladdin.

Woody plants that form hedges and undergrowth.

Step down from a train; dismount.

Stone slabs used to make garden paths.

This country's capital is Paris.

The neckline of a shirt or similar garment.

Chess piece that moves diagonally.

White animal that leads Alice into Wonderland.

Audiences often shout for this extra performance.

Give to charity.

Scottish tennis-playing brothers Jamie and Andy.

__ Underground, Tube train system in the UK.

Puzzle 2

Substance used to build honeycombs.

Inside a train as a passenger.

Changing from ice into water.

Extend one's muscles to full length.

Handing out playing cards to players in a game.

Money given back for returned purchases.

Replenished power to a tablet.

St __, large London station near King's Cross.

Like Heathrow in London or LaGuardia in New York.

Author of stories featuring Bilbo and Gandalf.

English king known as The Conqueror.

Puzzle 3

Where to eat on a train.

Monthly summary of bank account activity.

Movie that made Macaulay Culkin famous.

Lizard that is able to blend into its surroundings.

Space explorer from NASA or ESA.

They built certain pyramids.

Amateur __, community acting groups.

Broadsheet to read on a train.

Aladdin retrieves this charmed item from the cave.

Device used to cut grass.

Lining paper used in baking.

It killed the cat, so it is said.

Jumpin' title of 1968 hit for the Rolling Stones.

Puzzle 4

Nickname for Mars.

Moving stairs to take you up at a station.

Shakespeare's forest play, A __ Night's Dream.

Domestic chores done around the home.

Bill and Ted had an "Excellent" one.

Revolving ticket barrier.

Long pasta strands often served with a bolognese.

A cataract of water crashing over a rocky edge.

Romantic mating rituals displayed by birds.

One click made while typing.

Puzzle 5

To adorn.

Gemstones that are usually green.

Principal rail track with branches or spurs.

Took in air.

A picture or painting of a person.

Twist-off lid of a bottle or glass jar.

Unsolved crime not investigated for years.

You spill these when you tell a secret.

Being the least light.

Happy __, card game for collecting relative sets.

Venus and Serena of tennis fame.

Carbonated, refreshing citrus drink.

Someone who creates high-end fashion.

Pedestrian zone to traverse rail tracks.

Puzzle 6

It's what you do to playing cards to mix them up.

This famous New York statue stands on Ellis Island.

Jalapeños, habaneros, and poblanos.

__ bicycle, vehicle that can be taken on a train.

Against the law.

Sports instructors or trainers.

Planet that lies between Mars and Saturn.

An orthodontist; a tooth doctor.

Noisy bracelets; pop band behind Manic Monday.

Large bird that feasts on carrion.

Book a seat on a train.

Mythical fish-woman hybrid.

Small grassy mound.

Small fragment of information.

Puzzle 7

Paris to London service that travels under the sea.

Sauce for a salad.

Enclosed pastures for horses.

TV show bloopers.

This kind of home network reduces cables.

Ribbons awarded at gymnastics contests.

Signs that help a doctor diagnose an illness.

__ angel, spirit who watches over you.

A bag worn over both shoulders.

Train that Gladys Knight took to Georgia.

Comfy padded seat in the living room.

Turning to solids from liquids at low temperatures.

Someone who buys something from a shop.

Puzzle 8

__ Express, train Agatha Christie wrote about.

Waterways associated with Venice and Amsterdam.

Ending added to a word, e.g. -ly, -able or -tion.

Fine powders milled from grains to make bread.

Leasing something, eg renting a hall for an event.

Japanese robe.

A green space that three men went to mow.

Crafter who creates with clay on a wheel.

Padded covers for keeping warm in bed.

Washington or Clooney, for example.

Underground passage for trains.

Founder of ancient Indian religion seeking nirvana.

Dry, sandy region of the world.

The United Nations' culture and education agency.

Fob that unlocks vehicle doors.

Puzzle 9

Japanese movie monster from the ocean depths.

Fields set aside for agriculture.

Energy used to power a train through wires.

Wrappings of a Halloween mummy costume.

House of a hermit crab, found on the beach.

Computer key that makes all letters upper case.

Thin unleavened cornbread from Central America.

Elvis Presley hit with canine associations.

Miles covered on a train journey.

A four-wheeled motorized all-terrain vehicle.

Money that accrues on a bank balance or loan.

Puzzle 10

A sale at which buyers bid for goods.

Warm red spice used in making goulash stews.

"It takes two __".

Lights informing trains to slow down or stop.

Forge a document.

Physical and mental health and well-being.

Let a caught fish go.

They're used to measure angles and temperature.

Train cars.

Grand meal fit for a king in medieval times.

Gymnastic performer in a circus or show.

Puzzle 11

The path a train will travel; north or south.

With ham, a famous Dr. Seuss meal.

Dutch city known for the Van Gogh Museum.

Name of Henry VIII's wives Howard, Parr and Aragon.

Large round object thrown about on the sand.

Animals with fuzzy tails who like bird feeders.

Applies lacquer to wood.

Two-piece outfit worn by athletes.

Instruction on mail that should not be folded.

Alfred, director of Psycho, Strangers on a Train.

Texting someone.

Puzzle 12

To cease performing an action.

Tank Engine character from books and cartoons.

Removes the shell of an oyster; Aw __!.

Deep valley or canyon between two cliffs.

Justin who had a 2020 hit with Intentions.

Number of degrees in a right angle.

Listed costs to purchase items.

Reflective glass often hung on a wall.

Competes in a medieval sport with lances.

Tall green reeds that grow near water.

Workers' rights associations.

Connect a train coach to the next one.

Puzzle 13

Where to eat on a train.

Loud jarring sounds that overlap.

Promontories with rocky shores and high waves.

Superheros' assistants.

Popular Asian method of printing.

There and back within 24 hours on a train.

Drinks-serving officer in Ancient Greek mythology.

Green Book and Lord of the Rings star Viggo.

A German event that fuses a funfair, beer and wine.

US poet Emily, wrote Forever – is composed of Nows.

Puzzle 14

A thin fabric throw, often covering a bed.

Finishing __; final, last-minute improvements.

French cartoon character with Obelix.

Font applied to create sloping text.

Group of chairs or benches at a train station.

Lead an orchestra.

Walks like a duck.

Dustin, Oscar-winning star of Rain Man.


First month of the year.

Not closing; train doors are doing this at station.

It's delivered by a judge or jury.

Puzzle 15

Money-raising event with laps of a pool.

Hint or allude to an idea.

Folk singer of The Tree of Forgiveness.

Person who dispenses tickets on a train.

Schedule detailing when trains arrive and depart.

Surname of Italian Divine Comedy poet Dante.

Knocked into a __, means to outdo or defeat.

Honorific title for a Roman Catholic priest.

Manchester artificial waterway.

A specialist musculoskeletal doctor.

Puzzle 16

Act of legally raising another person's child.

UK term for a train car; horse-drawn vehicle.

Late entry or outsider in a competition.

Australian animal with a duck-like beak.

Drank enough water lately.

The style of a collar of a women's shirt.

Baked chocolate treats, gooey on the inside.

Stage and screen musical based on ABBA hits.

Device used for emails, Zoom, work documents.

Pushing a train along a track.

Adhering to traditional religious beliefs.

Substances listed on the periodic table.

Puzzle 17

__ safe than sorry.

July date when Americans celebrate independence.

First name of tennis star Nadal.

First name of Dickens' title character Twist.

Circular devices along the bottom of a train.

Soft cushion for supporting the head in bed.

Two scoops of ice cream on a cone.

Protection given to a political refugee.

Stripe that comes before violet in a rainbow.

Other half of nation with Trinidad.

Sleep for a little while, like a feline.

Fabric support bandages for broken arms.

Animals that once pulled trains transporting coal.

Puzzle 18

Annual celebration of the day you were born.

Folks put their soles on it when seated on a train.

Seed at the heart of a Granny Smith.

A book with a toughened outer cover or jacket.

Type of guitar used by rock bands not folk singers.

Athlete who covers short distances at high speed.

Put a hole in something.

Mythical one-horned creatures.

In Mary Poppins, Dick Van Dyke sweeps these flues.

This hour is your last chance to do something.

Official language of China.

Fry and Leela star in this cartoon.

Child's toy with tracks and locomotives.

Puzzle 19

Towel-like rug to step onto after showering.

Practice makes it, according to a saying.

Great Train __, 1963 record heist on a UK mail train.

Sea creature, perhaps in a roll with mayo.

Hitting a tennis ball to start a point.

Original material girl, singer of Vogue.


Folded material at the bottom of trouser legs.

Train driver's panel with knobs and switches.

Ocean in which you can visit Tahiti or Hawaii.

What the Dead are doing in AMC's zombie series.

Creators of paintings and sculptures.

Puzzle 20

Hard pad on which a horse rider sits.

Drivers use these to make a train stop.

Long-tailed aquatic mammals related to weasels.

Formal legal proceedings or court cases.

Wish-granting spirits.

Muslim place of worship.

Vessel for boiling water for tea.

The tough white outer surface of a tooth.

Holdups that cause problems for commuters.

String instruments that are larger than violas.

Ronald, 40th president of the United States.

Loft spaces, beneath the roofs of houses.

Royal grandfather of Princes William and Harry.

Prize often awarded to a sporting champion.

__ Woman: crime-fighting alias of Diana Prince.

Jodie who starred in The Silence of the Lambs.

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