CodyCross Auction House Pack answers

Auction House PackAuction House

Here are the answers to CodyCross Auction House Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Harry, famous for The Banana Boat Song.

Sneaky, last-minute attempt to win an auction.

US version of salami for pizza toppings.

Lie in, miss a waking deadline.

Growth, enlargement.

Bringing to mind.

Owner of an item being sold at auction.

Star actress of Black Swan and Bad Moms.

Globally pre-eminent, like marathon records.

Building for grinding grains.

Puzzle 2

Politeness dictates this cloth goes in one's lap.

Alcohol held in barrels around St Bernards' necks.

Element with the symbol I and violet mist.

Change something, alter it.

Put an unsold auction lot back up for sale.

Intensely, not shallowly.

Olympic medalist Charlotte Cooper's sport.

Skimmed milk, bacterium probiotic dairy drink.

Auctioneer's gavel.

Country once known as Northern Rhodesia.

Farewell, My __, a Raymond Chandler story.

Little Poll who sat in his garret.

Puzzle 3

Only city located on two continents.

Outlet that exchanges loans for personal items.

Pig with the revolutionary speech in Animal Farm.

Straightened, made tidier.

Low-level computer language, asm.

Korean mixed rice dish served with gochujang paste.

Earthenware or porcelain vases.

Settling to sleep for the night perched in a tree.

Person who sings in a performance.

Director of Stagecoach and The Quiet Man.

Crushed or squelched underfoot.

Kind heartedness, balminess, empathy.

Wobbles with anticipation.

Puzzle 4

A token given as a gift.

Group of connected computers or people.

Frying pans need this utensil to flip food.

Advance payment to secure a sale.

Warplanes like Zeppelins, which drop torpedoes.

Cocktail of vodka, kahlua, and cola: Black __.

Have a stroke of good fortune.

Historic trading post on Gambia River.

Stretchy and expandable cord used in waistbands.

Advance look at items on sale at an auction.

Stuffing inside a cuddly toy or cushion.

Skipping school.

The national football stadium of the England team.

Puzzle 5

Hotel basis with breakfast and evening meal.

SMS language.

Allegedly, reportedly.

A __ rod offers protection in an electrical storm.

Valuable miniature statues of humans or animals.

Getting nearer to identifying a suspect.

Nationality of composer Grieg and playwright Ibsen.

ID of a specific item on sale at an auction.

Causing a reaction.

Types of this include factual and conceptual.

Puzzle 6

Sold __; bought in condition viewed.

Washed out with clean water.

Talkative, bubbly.

Sweet, edible seaweed used in Japanese soups.

Principal British film awards.

Points out similarities.

Fabric or leather handles or fastenings.

In matchplay golf, means almost impossible to lose.

Person who determines the worth of antiques.

Eric, Naveen or Charming, according to Disney.

Joker's longtime girlfriend __ Quinn.

Title meaning anointed.

Puzzle 7

Rockers once fronted by Lemmy.

Easily annoyed, or skin that itches or is inflamed.

Not fake or copied, genuine.

50s musical named after a quote by Shakespeare.

Peruvian peak named after Inca emperor.

Unpaid or charitable work.

Blue-green gemstone often found in arid climates.

James, crime author of the Alex Cross series.

Self-contained explosive device placed in water.

Auctioneer's first words to begin closing a sale.

It's jumped on, a cause with increasing impetus.

Puzzle 8

Legally binding business agreement.

__ moth, insect that changed from light to dark.

Precious items, e.g. money or jewels.

Rose abruptly skywards; zoomed upwards.

Airline with hub at Vienna International Airport.

General survey or summary.

Pieces of a satsuma.

Dangle of sticky stuff to trap insects.

Spicy smoked fish, rice, and hard boiled eggs dish.

Making art from rolled strips of paper.

Checks and __, a theory of government.

Attendees at a funeral.

Puzzle 9

Saxophonist who released Duotones.

Uni city of the Sheldonian and Bodleian buildings.

James, Red Reddington on The Blacklist show.

Condition, state; to be in fine __.

To undo or remove stitches in material.

Country home to the Wailing Wall.

__ auction; charity sale without a loud auctioneer.

Mrs. Brill, who created a rocket propulsion system.

Commemorative awards for war service.

Loud, screechy monkey.

Pens a book.

Yellow flowering plant often used for cooking oil.

Yarn from a single coloring process.

Puzzle 10

Playful, like an elf.

Richard, actor of the film Look Back in Anger.

Souvenir flatware, a memento from a holiday.

Describes an item that did not get bought.

Completely removing data from a machine.

Business representatives acting for clients.

Lizards without eyelids.

Set of clothes, often matching.

Increase by three times as many.

Cause to change course.

Mattress covers on beds that are flat or fitted.

__ Rock, The Clash's release with Rock the Casbah.

White crescent at the base of a fingernail.

This doctor turns into Mr Hyde.

State motto of California (taken from Archimedes).

People who like being scared enjoy this genre.

Puzzle 11

__ Times, pink newspaper dealing with business.

Bruce Springsteen album of 1975.

Socket for plugging in sound equipment.

End, word used to describe hand or foot.

Public speech with high praise.

Description of how much an object is worth.

Characters, calligraphy.

Saint's day that takes place on New Year's Eve.

Exhibition spaces for artwork.

Worn on the ears to protect against loud sounds.

Puzzle 12

Unexpected attacks.

Great deals at giveaway prices.

Complained and grumbled.

__!, film based on a musical named after a state.

Snubbed, rejected.

__ price; auction bidding begins at this.

What brides are at the altar to show their beauty.

To and fro speech between at least two people.

First explorer to mistake chilies for black pepper.

Decorative water feature in a park.

One-legged balance with foot on inner thigh.

Puzzle 13

Exchange goods and services without money.

A storm in a __; a big fuss about a minor problem.

His "Air" is a coveted Nike basketball shoe.

Paintings of the Virgin Mary with a dead Christ.

Round form associated with life, as in Lion King.

Apple's smart device for making calls.

Fixed an injury.

Surname of Ross and Monica on Friends.

Requiring immediate help or action.

Ferdinand and Imelda, Filipino dictators.

Auctioneer's well-versed chat.

One-time capital of the Roman Empire.

Covering worn to keep clean, with ties.

Wounds caused by venom-injecting organs of wasps.

Loops in ropes used to catch cattle.

Puzzle 14

Make snappy, spiteful remarks.

Francesco, Italian 2018 golf Open winner.

Antiques __; TV series with valuations of objects.

Robing rooms attached to churches.

Lacking energy; floppy.

Cooks on a hot plate.

Getting free from capture.

Earnings from a sale or auction.

Telecom company that used "Power to You" slogan.

Person whose name matches their occupation.

Oceania language in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Puzzle 15

Madchester anthem for the Happy Mondays.

Free something that is trapped.

Where to save eBay auctions you're interested in.

Australian isle between New Zealand and Antarctica.

Timber that is cut to a basic size.

Pedro, Spanish filmmaker of Volver.

Buttercup family plant such as Christmas rose.

Answers to puzzles.

Deeply disturbing or distressing.

Amount by which new bids must rise at an auction.

Type of small plum, not a purple one.

Puzzle 16

Highest-level administrative units of Russia.

Text that appears under an image to explain it.

__ Me, __ You; 1977 ABBA song with ah-haa chorus.

Taron, actor of Robin Hood and Eddie the Eagle.

Sales __; persuasive patter from sellers.

Breathing tube used when viewing coral reefs.

A canine sport.

Receive money or an object in someone's will.

Showing no recollection or recognition.

5th century Carthaginian explorer of Spain's coast.

Fell acrobatically.

Old habits __, difficult to change your ways.

Cocktail with gin and vermouth and maybe an olive.

Puzzle 17

Balanced number sum.

Crazed, manic.

As happy as a dog with __; ecstatic, delighted.

Instant purchase option on eBay.

Garden party tents.

Condition of increased pressure in the eye.

Senior council member, derived from "elders".

Similar to marzipan but with apricot or peach.

Waterfalls, torrents.

Stirring from sleep.

__ ticket; penalty for driving too fast.

Durable, wood effect style of flooring.

Risks of danger.

Train service from UK to Europe, started in 1994.

Alternative name for global conflict of 1914-18.

Family treasure handed down through generations.

Musical composition influenced by the night.

Mother goddesses, various forms of Adi Parashakti.

Puzzle 18

Batman __, 1995 movie with Val Kilmer.

Courageous, valiant woman.

Preserved fruity relish, often given in hampers.

Demand/supply are sensitive to price changes.

__ Hunters; features auctions of mystery contents.

Severely myopic cartoon character.

Josh Groban hit with bells, in The Polar Express.

19th-century ballet revived by Lacotte in 2001.

Robert, protagonist in several Dan Brown novels.

Repeats a sporting fixture.

__ buy; spur-of-the-moment purchase.

Puzzle 19

Annual New York fundraiser for fashionistas.

Buildup of sediment in a river or coastal water.

Hasbro FurReal moveable toy cat.

Shortbread with strawberry filling, Jammie __.

Pulled an expression of discontent.

Eric, musician who auctioned guitars for charity.

What the ten commandments came on.

Mulls over.

Out of Africa was set near this Kenyan capital.

Synthetic fiber or a type of painting material.

Woody nickname of Twin Peaks Margaret Lanterman.

Raised platform, perhaps for a throne.

__ down; the moment a hammer ends an auction.

What's Eating __ Grape? 1993 drama with DiCaprio.

Puzzle 20

Usually blue, English cheese, also white.

Melting of snow.

They appear on worn woollies.

Hail Marys.

Person telling the most gags.

Profession that involves caring for ill patients.

To worry excessively, to endure mental anguish.

Born in the country to which Easter Island belongs.

Not well known.

Behaved strangely because of noise, terror, etc.

Business traders.

First __; book copy from an initial print run.

The V of AV, a driverless car.


Large black sand desert in Central Asia.

Lowest price a seller will accept at auction.

Country dance, anagram of woodhen.

__ tape, used by decorators to get a good line.

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