CodyCross Australia Pack answers

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Here are the answers to CodyCross Australia Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Sydney to __, destination of Boxing Day yacht race.

Disney film about Queen Elsa and her sister Anna.

Stirred from slumber.

Death or downfall.

Australian company that designs swimwear.

Cadaver storeroom.

Canadian national animal.

Australian slang for a can of beer.

Rolling Stone, Mick __.

Serving vessels.

Puzzle 2

Weeping loudly.

Kangaroo-like creature, though smaller.

Lack of rain in desert.

Overrated, promoted to the extreme.

__ Tell No Tales, Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Mandatory workwear.

Trendy, peppery leafy green, also known as rucola.

Type of plague that exhibits swollen lymph nodes.

Smelly English cheese, rhymes with Hilton.

Aircraft land on them.

Prohibiting, forbidding.

Alice __, Outback town referred to by Nevil Shute.

Slang for 'in profit'.

Puzzle 3


They allow plugs to fit other sockets.

One of two teams vying to be the ultimate winner.

Demeaned, cheapened.

Aussie World Heritage Site named after a fish.

__ Greer, Australian critic, academic and writer.

Articulate, well-spoken.

Industrialist Andrew Carnegie's nationality.

Units for measuring noise levels.

The capital of Dem. Rep. of the Congo.

Film series starring Uma Thurman as an assassin.

Fortresses or strongholds.

English tea-makers for 300 years.

Without any pattern or sequence.

Puzzle 4

Giving someone salaried work.

Produced, created.

Important and graceful ebony-colored Aussie bird.

Summaries, synopses.

Nasal blood flow.

Brand of Australian rum.

Largest Spanish-speaking country in South America.

Ancient times, in the past.

Stevie Wonder tune: "Signed, Sealed, __ I'm Yours".

Palestinian territory on the Mediterranean.

Kitchen tool for chopping, combining ingredients.

Last name of only four-term U.S. President, FDR.

Puzzle 5

On fire.

Australian slang for great, excellent.

Not certain.

Changes to fit environment.

Albania's capital city.

Material with a lot of bounce.

Name of Serena Williams's first-born and husband.

Cute, furry Aussie marsupials that eat eucalyptus.

Five, six, __ sticks; nursery rhyme line.

Opera inspiring the musical "Rent": "La __".

Puzzle 6

Bungled, mishandled.

Find someone another home.

Releasing, letting loose.

Using very few words.

Got older and wiser, like a cheese or wine.

Australian eucalyptus.

Small glassy globes beloved by children.

Fighting armies on horseback.

A cancerous growth of the soft tissues.

Hugh __, Aussie actor starred as Wolverine.

Puzzle 7

"Easy peasy, lemon __".

Transformed, evolved.

Knights' headgear.

Edible green sushi wrap called nori, type of this.

Territory within another territory.

Caused by an earthquake.

Turned over quickly.

Taxi drivers.

Flat bone over a leg joint, also called patella.

__ Australia Fair, the Aussie national anthem.

Puzzle 8

Dug up, brought to the surface.

Very tired.

Device that ensures no pollen reaches a car engine.

Old firearm where a gunpowder charge is ignited.

Large black Australian flightless bird with wattle.

Study of the different signs of the Zodiac.

Resting place marker, with inscription.

Chest pain from overeating or indigestion.

Cases containing magnetic tape for music storage.

Animated sitcom about the Griffin family.

Battlefield suspension.

One move short of checkmate in chess.

Auxiliary in a law firm.

Flat dough pocket eaten with Indian meals.

Queensland city, 2018 Commonwealth Games venue.

Puzzle 9

__ Cross, constellation motif on the Aussie flag.

A million bytes.

Ancient language Hindu scriptures are written in.

Describes the network of water pipes in a house.

Causing destruction.

Ross and Joey's male buddy in Friends.

Great __ Range, splits eastern Australia.

Massive tombs for ancient Egyptian rulers.

Clenching with embarrassment.

Cheat, conman.

Instruments around the necks of domestic animals.

Juice from a succulent that aids digestion.

Abstinence, temperance, seriousness.

Turned, slowly spun around.

Puzzle 10

Japan is known as the Land of the __ Sun.

Paying for it.

Take an amount away from the whole.


Victorious country in the Battle of Marathon.

"Out of the __ pan into the fire".

Title or address for Spanish men.

Australian bread cooked over a campfire.

Uncultured, sexist, uncouth Aussie males.

June birthstones.

Thief on a boat, like Blackbeard.

Global company with three tuning forks as its logo.

Bluegrass circular stringed instruments with neck.

Put the car in reverse.

Used to make nails glossy.

Yearned for.

Puzzle 11

Doctor __ is Sonic the Hedgehog's archenemy.

More courageous than.

Someone who claims to cure diseases with powers.

__ Nadal; Spanish tennis supremo.

Poles that circus performers walk on.

Long-eared burrowing animal.

Eat these between meals.

Units of weight for the rock on your finger.

Singed, scorched.

Aussie TV's bush kangaroo, and major crime solver.

Seven and four.

Frank __, Australian Antarctic photographer.

Mountain range of Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

Rely on.

Jimmy Doyle's nickname in The French Connection.

Aussie-originated self-portrait taken with a phone.

Puzzle 12

Takes the cargo off a boat.

Burrowing Aussie marsupials, family Vombatidae.

Trojan killed by Achilles; loved by Cressida.

Absence of belief in God.

Upset, horrified.

Thawing; turning from ice into water.

Cathy __, Aboriginal athlete lit the Olympic flame.

To cuddle; hold close.

Big song in Australia: "Waltzing __".

Comes out from a hidden place.

Walked in step in a military parade.

It is the spice of life according to the saying.

Laurence __, won an Oscar for Hamlet.

Queen of the Fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Liveried servants admit visitors to a grand house.

Collective name for Asia and Europe.

Long journeys.

Puzzle 13

Insect that sucks blood and can transmit malaria.

The correct answer to a problem.

Intentionally hidden.

Website's first destination.

Mesmerize, engross, spellbind.

Reveals; exposes.

Held by law enforcement, so you can't get away.

Escaped one country to join another.

Making piglike noises.

Australian footwear designed to be worn by surfers.

Wooden or metal structure that holds a mattress.

Till operatives in a shop.


It describes the companions of Robin Hood.

Southern African desert of dunes, pans and kopjes.

Overall value, minus liabilities.

Breakfast items with butter and syrup.

Nickname of Aussie swimmer with 5 Olympic golds.

High speed London-Paris-Brussels train.

Puzzle 14

Device to circulate coolant through a car radiator.

Of or belonging to an imagined, unpleasant place.

Australian WW2 secret agent White Mouse.

In near-perfect condition.

Structures where people live.


Actress and fitness guru, daughter of actor, Henry.

Relating to emotions or feelings.

Roughly guesses the number.

Law breakers.

Causing great annoyance, aggravation.

January 15th zodiac sign.

The focus of public attention.

Fire-preventing fabric.

Australian city location of Flemington Racecourse.

Duke of __; Prince William's title after marriage.

Branch of nursing that relates to childbirth.

Painter of The Night Watch.

Body of water between Australia and New Zealand.

Puzzle 15

Guns with long barrels fired from the shoulder.

Mozart & Beethoven resided in this capital city.

Heath __, The Joker in The Dark Knight.

Australian slang for a girl or young woman.


Baby bed that rocks.

Samuel __ Yeats, Irish poet.

Multi-room hotel accommodations.

Loudspeaker for low frequencies.

Ulcerous disease; a type of mouth sore.

The home of a swine.

People from Baghdad are (their nationality).

Wildlife, plants, etc; not made by humans.


Traditional Spanish festive honey and almond sweet.

Vivacious, energetic.

Puzzle 16

Prods with an elbow.

The domains of kings.

Leads the way.

Houses a plane.

Type of bed sheet that conforms around a mattress.

Prisoner's legal challenge of detention: Habeas __.

Austin Powers' nemesis.

__ connection, cocktail made with cognac and amaretto.

Large stinging insect, like a wasp, but bigger.

Australian national park in the Northern Territory.

A chant, especially in Hinduism.

Choose, pick.

Overseas; an international destination.

Search high and low: look in every "nook and __".

Highest taxonomic rank in system by Carl Woese.

Australian currency of 100 cents.

Baffles, confuses.

Australian golfer called "the shark": Greg __.

Vegetable traditionally found in a Waldorf salad.

Blood on the __, 1975 album by Bob Dylan.

Puzzle 17


Translation of Notre Dame, as in the cathedral.

Story that tells events of a previous work.

Horse breed from Middle East.

Australia's remote desert interior.

__ Valley, wine region of South Australia.

Where children go while parents work.

Rat poison ingredient.

Virginia Woolf's time-traveling sex-changing hero.

Wash clothes.

Go backwards.

Lines of geographical height on a map.

Material strip for binding up an injury.

The middle of the week, according to camels.

Puzzle 18

Drops a parcel off at a house.

Make untidy.

Naturalist Steve Irwin was killed by one of these.

Memento brought back from a trip or holiday.

Herb whose name means dew of the sea in Latin.

Scottish wind instrument.

Forced play with a tie, no minutes left on clock.

__ Everage, purple-rinsed Melbourne housewife.

The final say.

Coinage of a country.

Letter delivered to employer regarding illness.

Military leader who won the Battle of Austerlitz.

Ancient trade route across Asia.

Clapping of hands at a live performance.

Persistence, stubborness.

Puzzle 19

An expert in martial arts wears this.

Cattleman's lid.

__ devil, ferocious black Australian marsupial.

Australian owner and raiser of cows and steers.

Trash smasher.

Rock formation in the Aussie interior, aka Uluru.

Easily annoyed.

__ Company; British Empire's trade leaders.

Raiding and plundering.

Classical Greek tragedian; author of Medea.

Spreading dairy fat on toast.

Incredibly unlikely, it's not skinny.

A small, round illumination on a stage.

__ dish, deep dish for baking and serving stews.

Double-dealing; disloyal behavior.

Restraints for skulls, attached to car seats.

Puzzle 20

Simply, effortlessly.

__ Doctor Service, aerial medics in the Outback.

Propel a canoe with oars.

Multi-Oscar winning film starring Charlton Heston.

Knot string around fabric, then color it.

Focused rehearsal.


The given name of The Barber of Seville.

Romeo and Juliet quote: "Parting is such sweet __".

Sharp, pointed, like wire or comments.

Sullen, sulky and melancholy.

Reimbursement given when goods are returned.

Not fine or smooth.

Bad-tempered, like a crustacean.

Old term for an inn like Shakespeare's Boar's Head.

Hagia __, Turkish museum, once a place of worship.

To wear away due to erosion.

Tropical black bird, also an Aussie insult.

Bush __, Aussie food from native plants, animals.

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