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Here are the answers to CodyCross Auto Parts Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Marked, rated, critiqued.

Peanut butter texture.

Pembrokeshire island famous for puffins and voles.

Heart exercise.

This tech bubble burst in the late 1990s.

Parting words.

Pituitary and adrenal are these.

Device for engaging driving transmission in a car.

Short-legged pants.

Tall and clumsy Cosby Kid, Weird __.

Moon Unit hit, __ Girl.

Long line of marching soldiers.

Laurence __ wrote "They shall not grow old...".

This dragon is no myth.

The usual suspects.

Latched fastener at the end of a seat belt strap.

The type of stone from which Stonehenge was built.

Puzzle 2

Space __, 2000 drama directed by Clint Eastwood.

Adriatic free port fought over throughout its past.

Zori, flip-flops and slip-ons are all types of __.

Consume water.

Journalistic video documentarian.

It's not legal attire.

Combustion __, where fuel is burned in an engine.

Sea between Iberia and N. Africa.

Out on __; partying.

Creamy, velvety white sauce.

Transmission machine in a car.

Puzzle 3

Glass from a volcano.

White water paddlers.

Wheel and column controlled by a vehicle's driver.

Rowan __, Mr Bean and Blackadder actor.

Language of propaganda in Orwell's 1984.

Mark on ground where supplies are to be landed.

A mysterious quality in someone or something.

Land mass where the Pacific and Atlantic meet.

Hydraulic pistons in car braking system.

Latin phrase meaning "my fault".

Optimus Prime's crew.

Splinter picker.

Puzzle 4

Water server constellation.

Picture logic puzzles.

Italian mathematician, name of a number sequence.

Parachuting as sport.

Circus whip cracker.

Engineered being, it features in Blade Runner.

Phone booth voyager.

Picturesque Vietnamese cove with limestone islands.

Josie and the __; Riverdale band.

Clothes closets.

Italian lightly browned vegetables.

Medical field studies solutions to malaria.

Small blood cell.

It is a burden to have one hanging on your neck.

She sits proudly by a lion on a 50 pence coin.

__ Round; dizzy hit for Dead or Alive in 1985.

Shock __, devices for dampening impact jolts.

Monkey famous for its large nose.

A __ converter reduces the toxicity of emissions.

Tourist's reference tool.

The original multi-tool, __ Knife.

Puzzle 5

Mongrel language generally developed through trade.

Saudi Arabia's skyscraper-filled capital.

Breed of penguin with white patch above the eyes.

Chinese zodiac mythological creature.

Lupe __ was Talisa Soto's 007 name.

Italian artist of Renaissance religious works.

Front or rear bar on a car for protection.

What curiosity killed.

Kapp __, failed German revolt of 1920.

Putting surfaces.

Device that lowers aerodynamic drag on a vehicle.

Puzzle 6

Young Eastwood genre.

Juliet's house.

In driving, the B in ABS.

Owned by L'Oreal, famous for shampoos.

The parliament of Sweden.

Racing dog breed, popular in northern England.

Portable lamp.

Made hot under the collar.

__ hypochlorite, bleaching agent.

Rich frosting of semisweet chocolate and cream.

Moral integrity.

Fluid that prevents a car engine from overheating.

Court venue of King Arthur.

Puzzle 7

The right under European law to be left alone.

Given the cold shoulder.

Not the sharpest, bluntest, not shining.

Medieval philosophy named after John Duns Scotus.

Herbert von __, conductor of Berlin Philharmonic.

1920s noted French tennis player: Suzanne __.

Freddy __, Nightmare on Elm Street.

Long in the tooth.

Rubber band for connecting car engine components.

A sweet and savory Bedfordshire pie.

To trouble; also deviation in a planetary sense.

Linda's dog on Sesame Street.

Hydraulic vehicle-lifting device.

Cave pearls.

Motown or Motor city.

Musical based on 1951 play I am a Camera.

Puzzle 8

First occupation of Joseph of Nazareth.

Became president of China in 2013.

Athletics event favored by the Brownlee brothers.

Perennial flowering plants with upswept petals.

Space boulders outside the Solar System.

One actor speaks.

French cookie-like tea cake with a scalloped shell.

Tracking of tire angles.

He made type moveable.

Study of ancient texts, historical linguistics.

Sorry words.

The state of possessing something.

Elvis prison song, __ Rock.

Anthony __, director of The English Patient.

A diversion from something more important.

Outdoor cold storage buildings, often underground.

Leader of the little blue mushroom dwellers.

Rod between front seats in manual transmission car.

Where Australia lies.

Body tissue invasion.

Tibetan monastery watchdog.

Q in FAQ.

Puzzle 9

Something that is originated from something else.

Iranian cookie, ground almond shortbread.

Those who see things how they are.

Passenger-side dashboard compartment.

This ginger debuted in Conan the Barbarian #23.

Caterpillar from A Bug's Life.

Amerigo __, explorer who gave his name to America.

__ sickness, oxygen problems when mountaineering.

Turtles have one.

Ethiopia's small eastern neighbor.

American songwriter who wrote civil rights anthems.

Object of remembrance.

1970's boudoir staple.

The meaning of gospel, literally.

Device controlling flow of fuel to a car engine.

Puzzle 10

Song by Paul McCartney: "All My __".

Cup constellation.

Mother-of-pearl, lustrous inside of mollusc shell.

A deep-fried, sugar-coated Latin American pastry.

Huge bouncy strides.

Conflict, fighting, battle.

Limit the pillow talk with this parasite.

A good tipper at the craps table.

Japanese custom of partying under cherry blossoms.

Pre-death to do's, __ list.

Bowling venues.

Records dialog again, for a film.

Cars from Swedish car maker.

Gear with less teeth in a steering system.

It's garbage.

Large city and former capital of Kazakhstan.

Schrader __; attachments for inflating car tires.

Ms Rhodes, designer with vividly colored hair.

Puzzle 11

Greek-derived term for finger or toe.

Stone counter.

Malodorous mammals.

Thin biscuits flavored with almonds.

Alfred__, Impressionist painter of Moret Bridge.

What one hits when going to bed.

Political meeting; assembly, convention, rally.

Instruments: blow and hum for a buzzing sound.

Hinged panel covering vehicle engine.

Small dot that appears on an "i" and a "j".

Plane company produced the Barracuda and Firefly.

A business magnate, from the Japanese "great lord".

Vertical window supports of a car's body frame.

South of the U.S..

Cowboy contests.

Country that boasts "los Arboles Cuadrados".

Another name for a group of acrobatic dancers.

Unusual heartbeat.

Not party crashers.

C S Lewis novel, relative of the Magician.

The royal house of Edward VII was Saxe-__-Gotha.

Puzzle 12

Apéritif made with gin, vermouth and Campari.

Christmas block.

Title of the King of Spain's daughter.

Direct democracy to some.

Internal vehicle frame.

Medical term for a club foot.

Center __; controls between a car's front seats.

Of or relating to deer.

Track barriers.

Meteor dents.

Abuja, not Lagos, is capital of this African state.

Puzzle 13

__ plate; holds clutch disc against the flywheel.

Mild, heart shaped peppers aka cherry peppers.

Suspension shaft with wheels connected.

Sleeping chickens are __.

Cinematic cannibal, __ Lecter.

Canine-sounding fruit; officious character.

Checking attendance.

Syrian capital, City of Jasmine.

Someone who takes over a vehicle by force.

A player in this position from the hole hits first.

Soviet newspaper.

Puzzle 14

Unwillingness to spend money.

The name of this ape has nothing to do with color.

Horse trials event, or racket sport.

Mechanism to stop youngsters opening car doors.

Ridley Scott–Russell Crowe Oscar-winning film.

A plea of innocent.

Literary backbone.

Theater of __, Roman two-tiered open-air venue.

Cables for reviving a car's flat battery.

Organizer of the Million Man March: Louis __.

A stitch in time __.

Name of emperor who started the Meiji dynasty.

Another word for doctor.

Medical break-away.

Profanity of the sacred.

Red variety of tourmaline used in jewelry.

Deus __, stage plot is resolved by a higher being.

Name of the elephant in Winnie-the-Pooh.

Jarring sounds, plenty of raised voices.

Puzzle 15

Skinny '60s model who became an actress.

Little sharp knife used in surgery.

Massive __, "Blue Lines" Bristol hip hop group.

Treaty of __ sought WWI peace with the Ottomans.

Grating barrier on the front of a car.

The heroine of the Alien franchise, Ellen __.

Cookie sound.

__ belt; synchronizes crankshaft rotation.

First name of the Fat Controller, Sir __ Hatt.

Draft avoider.

Strudel-like fruit and nut cake from Italy.

A patient person holds their __.

Pin the tail on the __.

Protect against.

Mont__, highest point in Paris.

Puzzle 16

Largest hot desert in the world.

Zombie delicacy.

Waking sounds.

Vasco Núñez de __, European explorer of Panama.

Foot-operated car controls.

Have __, have a smoke on Pink Floyd.

Golfer's field.

Windscreen __ fluid is sprayed by jets.

Of or relating to frogs.

Nationality of Marie Curie and Frederic Chopin.

Big clumsy fellow.

Whipped cream topper.

Abdel Fattah __, became Egypt's president in 2014.

Puzzle 17

Asexual term for brother and sister.

__ bar; metal rod in a vehicle's suspension system.

Bogart, in The African Queen.

Agatha Christie novel Murder of Roger __.

Kiosk unit for fixing your shoes.

Advance, move onwards.

Pacific Ocean sea, heavily attacked in WWII.

Get well soon.

A wolf's calling.

__ wage, lowest legal hourly salary set by law.

House heater.

French post-impressionist.

Description of mixed malt and grain whiskies.

A __ paints a thousand words.

Device to record view through a car's windscreen.

Ball used in hurling.

Puzzle 18

Gets ownership of.

Tall stand for holding a candle; French term.

Second World War shelter made of corrugated steel.

Ungelded horse.

Female lead in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Clearing the lungs.

Disc to smooth power flow in a car's crankshaft.

Obtained goals.

Front-facing vehicle illumination.

Forename of Indian PM Modi.

Lower jaw.

The bigger they are the harder.

Best Supporting Actress for L.A. Confidential.

Fix a tennis racket.

Puzzle 19


Car beams used in poor visibility.

Hold this while descending.

Caspar David __, German Romantic landscape artist.

Tall brick minaret in Delhi.

Organic compounds containing amine and carboxyl.

Second in the three-age system.

Dunes venue of former Dutch GP.

Front seat not occupied if driver travels alone.

Nemo is one.

Submarine viewer.

Goods bought in bulk.

Students’ cafeteria.

Sweet of Newars, marriage ceremony gift.

Puzzle 20

Pottery used for wine storage in ancient Greece.

Parking __ guide drivers safely into spaces.

Followed closely in secret.

__ locking; system for securing all doors at once.

War in which Florence Nightingale was a nurse.

Jackson Five's most famous.

A small drink of liquor.

Took no notice of.

HF, to texters.

Shallow angled cut made in wood.

Son of the witch Sycorax in The Tempest.

Czech Wimbledom champ who died in 2017: Jana __.

Out of __; unexpected.

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