CodyCross Autumn Activities Pack answers

Autumn Activities PackAutumn Activities

Here are the answers to CodyCross Autumn Activities Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

A small house made from cut-down trees.

Comfy indoor footwear.

Describes a novel that you can't put down.

Da Vinci portrait known for its enigmatic smile.

Mediterranean liquid used in cooking.

Classic story of The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up.

The breathing holes in your nose.

Warm climate near the beach and equator.

Someone who illegally takes control of a vessel.

Using needles and yarn to make a scarf.

Bright pink waterbird that feeds upside down.

Strips of cloth for healing sprains.

Puzzle 2

Game where kids try to remove funny bone.

Tiny red fruit used to make juice or sauce.

Brunette flapper cartoon character from the 1930s.

Crucial, necessary.

Jamaican sprinter nicknamed Lightning.

Holiday on which you might go trick-or-treating.

This creature stole Christmas.

Coffee chain known for its pumpkin spice latte.

Driving backwards.

Legendary Egyptian ruler known for her beauty.

Home of kangaroos, koalas and kookaburras.

Puzzle 3

Ancient calculator that uses beads.

Country in which the Olympic Games originated.

Cold, like a crisp autumn morning.

Creepy-crawly; anagram of nicest.

Nursery rhyme: __, black sheep, have you any wool?.

The capital of Spain.

Procession of people celebrating in the streets.

Square-patterned fabric associated with Scotland.

The royal wives of kings.

Distance from floor to ceiling.

Nicole who was in Moulin Rouge!, The Goldfinch.

In Star Wars this strikes back.

Bring back to life.

One who watches TV shows.

Acorn, butternut, and faux spaghetti vegetable.

__, camera, action!.

Puzzle 4

Swimming in a pool, or dunking carrots in hummus.

First name of Disney villain who hates Dalmatians.

Nintendo's original hand held system.

You may need more of these when eating messy food.

Scandinavian invaders of the 8th-11th centuries.

Good friends are said to be as thick as these.

Beatles last No. 1 group hit: The Long and __ Road.

Places where people pick pumpkins.

A shape with six sides.

Hometown of Fred Flintstone.

Powering up a car engine.

Fall leaves and vegetation.

Pisa's famous Tower is this.

Running at a leisurely pace.

Puzzle 5

Someone who has trouble remembering is this.

Garden hose with multiple jets of water.

Examples include mullet, fade, bob, pixie, Rachel.

In autumn, it might include planting spring bulbs.

It's what flu is short for.

These include Chinese, French, Latin, Russian.

Foamy dairy drink, often chocolate or strawberry.

Car transmission that shifts gears on its own.

Talking clock from Beauty and the Beast.

Perform community service.

Transmit a TV or radio show.

Puzzle 6

Legal way to add kids to your family.

Type of brass instruments.

Trim one's house with autumn adornments.

Cut off from others.

Account detail entered when logging in.

Film and Broadway play about Simba: The __.

Bony joints in the fingers.

Minus the yolk, out of the shell.

The long hairs on a cat's face.

Property-trading game fronted by Uncle Pennybags.

Casino game of guessing numbers on a wheel.

The art of creating items with clay.

Hair tied up behind, resembling that of a horse.

Brushing fallen leaves into a pile.

XIV in Roman numerals.

During the day, this lights up the sky.

Puzzle 7

Home heating area with a mantle.

The leader or director of an orchestra.

Device for storing information on a computer.

Ticket to go, and come back.

To be extremely smart; generating radiant light.

Spiced sausage often used as a pizza topping.

Name given to the UK flag.

Top Gun and Mission: Impossible star.

It ends a chess game.

Where Santa's workshop is.

Visual apparitions that trick your eyes.

Sleep for the winter.

Something played on an Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

Puzzle 8

Space shuttle launcher.

Fruits of an oak tree, buried by squirrels.

Honeybees collect nectar and this.

The currency of the USA, Canada and Australia.

Ring-shaped decoration hung on a door.

Describes an irritating, scratchy, dry cough.

Flour, egg and milk mixture for pancakes.

They're "Hungry Hungry" in the famous kids' game.

Garment resembling the 20th letter of the alphabet.

Country in which The Louvre museum is found.

The Nile, Mississippi, and Thames.

Place to find clowns, acrobats, and cotton candy.

Abandon someone on an island; a reddish hue.

Disney's famous female mouse.

Fiction books, good for vacation reading.

Discs of glass found in spectacles and telescopes.

Puzzle 9

Plantation of apple trees.

Household place to get clean with bubbles and soap.

A ghost or apparition.

First name of the Dutch painter Van Gogh.

Needle-tipped tube for giving an injection.

Kept watch over a person or place.

You start a game of football with this.

The more the __.

A scented stick.

Orange root vegetables.

Air __ Control.

Carve into stone.

Describes people of former USSR.

Famous vampire created by Bram Stoker.

Mr. Gump, character played by Tom Hanks.

Puzzle 10

A very large airplane.

Putting spring bulbs in the ground in autumn.

Reality show for competitive party bakers.

The bony framework of the body.

Red molluscs with hard shells and claws.

Vegetable that looks like a little green tree.

Long-distance running race of about 26 miles.

The falling and swirling of snowflakes.

New Year's Eve is the last day of this month.

__ paint dry, a slow pastime.

Observe Sirius and Vega.

The opposite of guilty.

Button for powering up a device.

Superman's journalist girlfriend.

Puzzle 11

The area in a house where a person sleeps.

Over the River and __ the Wood.

Blackbeard and Captain Kidd were famous ones.

Time allowed for recreation.

Roman sea god, anagram of "tune pen".

Cold weather neckwear.

Surname of US President known as JFK.

The bull __ (ran) at the red cape.

When someone reshares your Twitter post.

Like houses you might visit on October 31.

Country where Volkswagen cars are made.

Plastic disc tossed between players.

Popular ice cream alternative to chocolate.

Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo are these.

The last name of "The Rock".

Puzzle 12

Nationality of someone native to Guadalajara.

New Year's Day is the first of this month.

Superhero who can talk to sea creatures.

Rabbit who was Bambi's friend.

Sore, hurting.

Red fruits that grow on holly bushes.

Broadcast and media legend Oprah's surname.

Numbers game whose players buy tickets.

The doctor who deals with cavities.

Mammals related to the Easter Bunny.

Sale in which something goes to the highest bidder.

Outdoor activity that may involve marshmallows.

Half eagle, half lion mythical beast.

Four squared.

Player of very large plucked string instrument.

Puzzle 13

Metal pinchers used to pluck out hair.

Cylindrical rolls in newly harvested fields.

Making decorative DIY objects.

Something extra; combining numbers together.

A type of decorative paper used in gifting.

Film series featuring Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Ninja Warrior TV show runs this type of course.

Opposite of horizontal.

Popcorn-like snacking disk.

1940s Indian leader __ Gandhi (not Mahatma!).

Photo-sharing app whose logo is a ghost.

Large, jumping marsupial of Australia.

Harry Potter's magical school.

The lines of hair that grow below the forehead.

Puzzle 14

Legendary winged horse in Greek mythology.

Signs or posters for people to read.

Country where Oktoberfest originated.

Garment coverings for arms.

Bunsen __, science lab flame-making devices.

Dark pigment in the skin, hair or eyes.

Gives up employment.

Examples include roses, lilies, and tulips.

Remove a lid or bottle cap by twisting it.

Pandemonium or lawlessness.

Session at the gym or a gym class.

Sleeping out under the stars.

Bilbo and Frodo for example.

Sugar natural to milk; some are intolerant to it.

Puzzle 15

You can't know what goes on __ closed doors.

Cartoon beagle with a bird best friend, Woodstock.

Enclosed space beside a house for parking a car.

The sense associated with the eyes.

Next prime number after 7.

Long-eared pet that hops.

Shopping website sharing its name with a river.

Meal eaten outside on a blanket in warm weather.

Taking a nature walk.


Sending documents by machine via phone.

The head officer of a jail or prison.

Name of the cricket in Disney's Pinocchio.

Sound made by stepping on dried leaves.

Carol: Away in a __.

Puzzle 16

Accidentally lost your balance and slid over.

Act, take on the character of someone.

Knives, forks and spoons.

What fruit trees do in the spring.

Carve a jack-o'-__ for Halloween.

The Sahara, Kalahari, and Mojave.

Local people.

Fishing for apples with your mouth at Halloween.

George, Ocean's Eleven star.

Eight-sided shape.

__ fum, the menacing cry of a beanstalk giant.

First name of the English king known as Lionheart.

Surname of singing sisters Kylie and Dannii.

Long, sharpened pole thrown by athletes.

In mixed nuts, those that resemble brains.

Puzzle 17

Puts in jail.

He stole from the rich to give to the poor.

Tree type that doesn't lose its leaves in autumn.

A ballet dancer's fast one-footed spin.

Pain in the chest caused by indigestion.

Devices that indicate direction.

Burlap human doll to scare birds away from crops.

Orange jam, tasty on toast.

"I heard it through the __": Marvin Gaye.

Digestive organ that's either large or small.

Scarlett, actress who plays Black Widow.

Heads, these, knees, and toes.

Creatures featured in the Jurassic Park movies.

Puzzle 18

Cleaning up liquid with a cloth or a sponge.

Piece of fall clothing aka a jumper.

Spongebob's best friend who is a starfish.

__ delight, sweetmeat fed to Edmund by White Witch.

One item that is typical of the rest of a set.

Form of communication using words and emojis.

Meetings to contact the departed.

What Santa Claus slides down to deliver presents.

US state in which you could visit Disney World.

Two-wheeled vehicle with foot pedals.

__ Lightnin', song from a musical about a fast car.

Puzzle 19

Substitute, spare player.

Doing this like nobody's watching brings great joy.

Someone who collects and keeps things obsessively.

Dunking one's head in a bucket of apples.

The helpful older readers of most picture books.

Directed, run, administrated.

Website that allows one to post and watch videos.

A regular check to see how heavy someone is.

A sweet bun to accompany herbal drinks in the UK.

Wax lights that might be pumpkin-scented.

Fashionable and chic.

Puzzle 20

Caffeinated drink that can have pumpkin spice.

Romeo's partner in a Shakespeare play.

American __ Story, scary TV series.

Perform the same action again.

Short burst of rain associated with April.

To open a door with a key.

Bush presidents shared this first name.

Big bird eaten during autumn in North America.

Skeletal remains preserved in rock, often ancient.

A common saying, the best of both __.

Name given to a follower of Islam.

To help, or a goal-scoring pass in soccer/football.

What actors read to learn their lines in a film.

It goes with hustle to mean "a lot of activity".

Big wild cat with spots; also car manufacturer.

Dunk something in liquid to change its color.

Professional who uses a keyboard.

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