CodyCross Autumn Festivals Pack answers

Autumn Festivals PackAutumn Festivals

Here are the answers to CodyCross Autumn Festivals Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Information that can shed light on the meaning.

Filled, rolled tortilla in Tex-Mex cuisine.

A sporting event in which boats and yachts race.

The international model in the Jenner family.

Corporation that operates the Firefox web browser.

Machines for warming.

Movie preview.

Skedaddle, comes from Spanish for "let us go".

Shakespeare wrote 154 of these 14-line poems.

Animal once called a camelopard.

These games are tearing singer Jewel apart.

Structure built in Ancient Egypt to hold tombs.

A legal case concerning a dispute between people.

Rodin, French sculptor of The Thinker.

Opening a new beer keg, barrel or cask.

Phone providers will charge for going over this.

Puzzle 2

Extensions added to existing computer programs.

The number of days in Oktoberfest.

Fruit millennials are said to put on toast.

Mint extract inhaled as a decongestant.

As hard as possible, with maximum effort or speed.

Poison pill popular with old-school spies.

Legally withdraws a rule.

Sports tables.

Country in which Volkswagen cars are made.

The opposite of comedy, in theater.

Greek who blinded himself after killing his father.

Action movie franchise featuring John McClane.

Interwoven containers used to carry things.

Puzzle 3

The arm of the Atlantic Ocean in Northern Europe.

Chosen to serve another term.

A straw human-like figure used to deter birds.

Murder mysteries.

Worn at the wrist to fasten shirt sleeves.

Famous group of eight prestigious US colleges.

The bright device that goes when one has an idea.

He painted Liberty Leading the People.

Ceremonial sacrifices given as part of worship.

Mouth pain properly called dentalgia.

French term for cooked in paper, en __.

The crime of destroying or defacing something.

Puzzle 4

Group of supporters of a high-profile team, person.

Turns the key to open a door.

Sudden niggling pains.

Gwen, singer of No Doubt who's had solo success.

A stereotypical Italian gangster.

People who support a cause or activity.

Proof of purchase document.

The English watercourse that leads to France.

Fragrant rice, a long-grained staple.

Minor deity.

These sorceresses were thought to live in Salem.

Crescent shaped, such as a window panel.

Puzzle 5

The dog breed that competes in the wiener dog race.

Large storage building.

A 1974 neo-noir film starring Jack Nicholson.

Lady Gaga's 2008 follow up to Just Dance.

A legal protest to something said in court.

The 33 interlocking bones of the spine.

Astronomy tool used by navigators.

Mountain range that includes Everest.

Developer of successful polio vaccine.

Round protein shapes often served with spaghetti.

Creature that laughs in Hey Diddle Diddle.

The passing down of customs to future generations.

Putty paste used to fill small holes in walls.

Like Seabiscuit, Secretariat or Seattle Slew.

Puzzle 6

Gala, Granny Smith and Fuji are examples.

Country in which denim fabric was invented.

Serious infection complication that can kill.

A cleaning agent that makes things white.

Expressed in spoken words.

The type of weather associated with autumn.

Sworn adversaries.

Fashionable Peruvian superfood.

1970s dance done in the Disco Inferno.

Pen name of Eric Arthur Blair, George __.

Black __, dystopian Netflix drama series.

Lent, allowed someone to borrow.

The mastermind of the Saw franchise.

Puzzle 7

Ford who's played Indiana Jones and Han Solo.

Second event in an Olympic decathlon.

Self-Portrait with __ Ear, 1889 Van Gogh artwork.

What US and UK clocks do in autumn.

David Beckham's popstar and fashion designer wife.

Energetic, unfailing, resolute.

A Chinese lunar pastry made during autumn.

Long-running police drama starring Dennis Franz.

Trick-taking card game with aces, tens, face cards.

Human who shapeshifts during a full moon.

It's the legislative branch of the US government.

Puzzle 8

Andy, the Man on the Moon.

The country where Samhain originated.

Electronic script device used by TV presenters.

Type of board with multiple glued layers.

The largest species of tuna.

First name of Tubman on Underground Railroad.

An afternoon theatrical performance.

Three-pronged weapon held by the sea god Neptune.

Device that films through a vehicle's windshield.

Round London financial skyscraper; type of pickle.

A stewed fruit dish with a pie dough topping.

The very top layer of a river.

Animal-loving saint associated with Assisi, Italy.

Perusers of books, magazines.

James Joyce novel set entirely on June 16, 1904.

Puzzle 9

Deals and sales presented at stores.

Dragged oneself through difficulty.

Fleshy fruits with hard skin, like squashes.

Cloud over, become shaded.

Type of fibrillation in the heart's upper chambers.

Bubbled, like Champagne.

Tempt with fine things.

Centerfold blues band leader.

Space vehicle that shoots upwards.

The creator god in Hinduism.

The German town where Oktoberfest originated.

Golf clubs for sand trap use.

Decorating a bathroom with pottery slabs on walls.

The person who chases the snitch in Quidditch.

Chalk-like crayon, anagram of palest.

Puzzle 10

Worship of images or statues.

The beauty who was cursed to an eternal slumber.

He married Jennifer Aniston in 2000.

A large, ornate tent.

First name of British fashion designer Westwood.

Day of the week on which Thanksgiving takes place.

The opposite of what Diwali celebrates.

Mozart or Beethoven, for example.

Italian term for outdoor dining.

A military unit made up of two or more battalions.

The network of lines on an American football field.

Popular musical about American history.

Beneath the ocean.

Puzzle 11

Tucked away, concealed.

Award-winning Queen of Soul, Franklin.

Winners of The Masters get a green one.

Decorated festive platforms towed by vehicles.

A loud, angry reprimand.

Only sideways-tilted planet in the solar system.

Plants do this in the autumn and winter months.

Examples of these include cinnamon and nutmeg.

Deep, narrow gorge or gully.

Horror film about ghost-filled mist.

Indian city with a thriving film industry.

Mr. Horseman, of the adult cartoon series.

Susanna, author of the memoir Girl, Interrupted.

Creature that is the mascot of the US Democrats.

Another term for garbage bags.

Type of gin that separates seeds from fibers.

Another name for jail or penal institution.

Puzzle 12

An outdoor event with rides, games and shows.

Written collections of recollections.

Pearson Airport's Canadian city.

When the quarterback gives the ball to another.

Mindset, point of view.

Cone-bearing tree like fir or pine.

Ocean in which the Marshall Islands are located.

A place where beer is made.

Stitches used to sew shut a wound.

2013 Sandra Bullock movie about a lost astronaut.

The son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

The money claimed or awarded in compensation.

Zara, Swedish singer of Ruin My Life.

Puzzle 13

Asti __, sparkling white Italian wine.

The gigantic gorilla who was taken to New York.

The way some people would like to get the moon!.

Praise you might shout to a woman.

Waves that can come after an earthquake.

A bazaar where novels are on display or sale.

Endless concept symbolized by a sideways "8".

Multi-headed hound of Hades.

The Beatles' 1962 debut single.

The month of All Saints' Day.

Italian city Michelangelo's David is on display in.

Puzzle 14

Overbooked on a flight and unable to board.

To commemorate an event with a fun activity.

Epic film with Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix.

Soaring mammal that devastates orchards.

Books with inflexible exteriors.

Macedonian hero, known as The Great.

Connected to a power supply.

Another name for Diwali.

Actress who married Ashton Kutcher in 2015.

Pendants worn on one's throat.

High-speed winds moving from the west.

Puzzle 15

Exactly alike.

Coffee-making method, water runs through grounds.

Pyrotechnics or an illuminating sky display.

Small fruit that's really more purple than it sounds.

Rock group fronted by Steven Tyler.

Mobile accommodation used by actors on location.

Original creator's legal ownership.

A religious building inhabited by monks.

What the raven "quoth" in Poe's famous poem.

Hong Kong airline owned by Cathay Pacific.

National sport of South Korea.

A UK man remembered on the fifth of November.

Like the words orange, wolf and ninth.

Puzzle 16

Empty spaces on the left sides of writing paper.

Montevideo is its capital.

Political candidates face each other for Q&As.

Newburg is a famous way of serving this seafood.

Warm, knitted garment also called a jumper.

Bodily system that includes the spinal cord.

1920s art movement inspired by geometric shapes.

Stevie Nicks song Whole Lotta __.

Small gardens where vegetables are grown.

Financial industry or its district.

She owns OWN, Oprah.

Spanish golfer, no.1 for 60 weeks in 2015-2016.

Middle Ages author of Canterbury Tales.

A team without enough players might have to do it.

Puzzle 17

Video-game series, with Redemption and Revolver.

Olympic sport of spear-throwing.

Put water back into the skin with natural oils.

Metal case to hold money.

Bible readings or passages.

Flowing ballroom dance like a waltz, animal name.

A piece of land where apples grow.

__ Abbey, period British TV show with the Crawleys.

The crime of persuading someone with cash.

Netted sling for lounging.

Song that's not deep, from A Star Is Born.

A sugar in dairy that some may be intolerant to.

Charles Schulz characters with two autumn movies.

Magazine once sold as "for the girl with a job".

Levels X-XII on Mercalli earthquake scale.

Undead brain-eaters.

__ McCarthy, __ Joan Hart, __ Etheridge.

Puzzle 18

Frightened, startled.

Glass panels that let light into a home.

Bruno Mars sang that he would catch this explosive.

A cassava root extract used to make pudding.

Nationality of the 1982 FIFA World Cup winners.

Lively and boisterous festivities.

Black petroleum product used to pave roads.

Inexperienced players.

Babies are born without this leg bone.

The national bird of Guatemala.

The Hindu goddess of prosperity.

Puzzle 19

Subdivision of a book.

Capital of Argentina's Tierra del Fuego region.

The Tihar festival celebrates these creatures.

Cleaning up spills or liquids from a kitchen floor.

Sewing with long, rough stitches.

The boy who makes friends with E. T..

Reclining seat on a beach or next to a pool.

Temporary dark location on our closest star.

Swindle, deceive to obtain money.

Chickens and turkeys are this type of food.

The annual festival Nuit __; it's French for white.

If someone buries this weapon, they've made peace.

There are seven of these of the Ancient World.

Counterattack in fencing or arguing.

Puzzle 20

Country whose only land border is with Spain.

A blue badge on Twitter means the account is this.

Headwear worn in the winter with two puffs.

The supporting framework of a person, their bones.

One-foot turns in ice dancing.

Orange-furred best friend of Goosey Loosey.

It is difficult to find a needle in this pile.

You'll burn this oil by working late at night.

Shakespearean father of three ungrateful daughters.

A herd of these horned horses is called a blessing.

Fiber from vegetables and grains, aids digestion.

Winnie-the-Pooh says this when things go wrong.

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