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Here are the answers to CodyCross Autumn Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

With lines.

Scented liquid; fragrant spritz.

Sugar heated until it turns brown.

Instructions to prepare and cook a dish.

Teamster, lorry driver.

Halloween apple biting game.

Autumn day when day and night are the same length.

Germ free.

To depict in words, to describe graphically.

Someone attending school; pupil.

A company's customers.

To turn out as planned.

Two-dimensional depiction.

What misery loves.

Language spoken in Central and South America.

Puzzle 2

Tea without caffeine.

Flooded city known for elaborate glass pieces.

Oak nuts.

Arrived plane.

Comforting and warm all-in-one loungewear.

Photo organizers.

Writing stick, not much in use anymore.

Woozy, dazed.

They will never be among the winners.

Jungle man in love with Jane.

Act of not wearing any clothes.

Rotten; foul smell.

In A1 condition.

Motorcycle __, adrenaline, extreme sport.

Puzzle 3

We get less of this in autumn, compared to summer.

Voyager's bag.

Satisfying marching motion through autumn leaves.

__ Binoche, reknown French actress.

Someone who works for a company.


It means "male savior" in Spanish.

Hand-held scissored tools for trimming foliage.

Hair growing above your eye sockets.

A small-scale model of a sculpture, a prototype.

Knightly combat.

Rotating in place.

Disagreement, clash.

It casts out the devil.

Cotton, linen, fleece, rayon.

Puzzle 4

Equitable prices, working conditions for farmers.

Last pharaoh.

Major river between Russia and Manchuria.

To sleep for months at a time.

Unit of length in space.

The Magician, Temperance, The Lovers, The Fool.

Insect with broad colorful wings.

Period longer than two months.

Last will.

Colorful bangs and fizzes in the sky.

Receptacle, holder.


These fungi grow among autumn leaves.

Sale rack.

What a doctor gives after examination.

Puzzle 5

Calendar book for next year; Farmer's __.

Going from top to bottom rapidly.

Not real, not natural.

Styles or methods of swimming.

Keeps your flue dry.

Ship's steering mechanism.

The __ of the Christ, a Mel Gibson's film.

Another word for leaves.

Government ruled by oppressive ruler.

Smoothie machine.

Bob Marley's homeland.

Freshwater man eater.

Idle scribbles, drawings.

Odysseus' captor on Ogygia.

It holds you down.

Removing stains and dirt from clothes.

Inquisitive; prying.

Some birds head for foreign lands in autumn.

To say "I did it".

Puzzle 6

Information on information.

It took place, occurred.

Proposal made to Moore by Redford.

Harvest __, where goods are given to the poor.

Protective canine.

Part of India that Mother Theresa made a priority.

Declared OK.

Obtains, acquires.

Pumpkins and butternuts are __.

A girl is her mother's __.

To scatter or spread.


Antonym of smallest.

Series of dots indicate an omission.

Puzzle 7

Pencil __ gets to the point.

Girl star in E.T., Drew __.

To get used to the weather.

A sculptor's medium.

Versace's sister who took over as chief designer.

In a small space, no room to do this.

The first month of autumn.

Small stirring items from various destinations.

Before the Middle Ages.

Wedding party.

Food made with cocoa beans.

Mountain-dwelling giant also known as Bigfoot.

Space walker.

Where you sleep on a train.

Made it to the top.

Trees that don't drop leaves, don't change color.

Outdoor music concerts with camping facilities.

Puzzle 8

Engines prized for their thermodynamic efficiency.


Bread made with popular yellow tropical fruit.

Sixty minus forty plus ten.

Best to wear lots of these before an autumn hike.

Locations; destinations.

Roses have a lot.

A rectangular prism.

Use this to clear autumn leaves from your garden.

Nation ruled by Peter the Great.

Puzzle 9

Deer rut using these, in autumn.

Searching for lost treasure; chasing after.

The spirit is __, but the flesh is weak.

Another name for a flight attendant.

Larceny, theft; embezzelment.

A person who sees the future in your hand.

Wrap up warm with hats and __.

Food preservation with airtight containers.

Pulp _, a Tarantino movie with John Travolta.

Sad, upset.

Component of a larger whole, item, piece.

Frenchman Henri who invented the airship.

A long-held rival.

Root vegetable that looks like a white carrot.

To transport liquor illegally.

Let Sinatra see what spring is like on __ and Mars.

Absolute truth to be realized.

Photo/activist collective founded around apartheid.

Capacity, aptitude, competence, faculty.

Puzzle 10

Not the computer's fault.

Pocket knife with multiple attachments.

Collectors pick them up from coastal sands.

Relating of events usually in chronological order.

Word of caution; usually used with exclamation mark.

Mineral crystals used to make jewelry.

His Uptown Funk's gonna give it to you.

Still not on paper.

Lack of objectivity, one-sidedness.

Wave these fire sticks but look out for the sparks.

System that helps pilots fly a plane.

Pioneering US inventor, now brand of tractors.

Brown, shiny tree nuts that are roasted.

Tennis playing surface that is not grass or clay.

Puzzle 11

Prestigious English university or type of shoe.

Perhaps the last vehicle you will take.

__ wine, spicy, warming drink.

Scientific study of birds eggs.

Opium based.

Guess Who's Coming to __, interracial couple.

Maker of clay container in which pots were fired.

Administrative region forming Italy's heel.

Another name for White Walkers in GOT.

Composer of the opera "Don Giovanni".

Put these small spicy sticks into orange pomanders.

Nickname of Equatorial Guinea swimmer Eric.

Gray-furred marsupial that pretends to be dead.

Puzzle 12

Pile on the wood, light this and snuggle up.

The beautiful rock__ jumps over rocks.


Power over others or a machine.

Antonym of presence.

Breakfast at Tiffany's iconic star, Audrey __.

To safeguard from danger.

The O in CEO.

Four __, a quartered multi-topping pizza.

Popular painkiller; can help prevent heart attacks.

Magician's plants.

Puzzle 13

Leaves on trees are __ color.

Mackintosh by another name.

Partial cooking that removes excess fat.

To get away from danger.

Not scared.

Feminine hormone.

From Here to __, Sinatra is a soldier in Hawaii.

They make you laugh.

Non-electric guitar.

News about something that ruin the surprise.

Regions rules by the monarchy.

Puzzle 14

Grounds and tenancies of a very large property.

The (fair) value of shares issued by a company.

Hard candy on top of a stick.

Dirty Peanut.

Information of no relevance.

Autumn leaves are red, __, and brown.

Tiredness from time difference through travel.

Opera's paid protesters.

Madonna's Hebrew name after converting to Kabbalah.

Diane __, Annie Hall actress.

The capital of US state Colorado.

Horse throne.

Japanese city, venue of the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Reduction in wages.

Songs that are sung at Christmas' time.

Looking glass.

10 __ I Hate About You, Ledger's break out role.

Muscle pains.

Puzzle 15

Shonda __, Scandal and The Catch writer/producer.

The publication of the Salvation Army.

Amidst, throughout.

A single direction.

Horse's lodging.

Brian Epstein, impresario dubbed "the Fifth __".

Largest settlement on Denmark's Funen island.

First mass market touchscreen portable phone.

A bathing sponge made from a dried tropical fruit.

One of the Seven Dwarfs who is always upset.

__ Child, a perfect example of something.

A small hole for string to pass through.

Reddish brown color, also an apple.

Puzzle 16

Mr. Holmes.

__ Dew, popular Appalachian tooth decaying drink.

Steady pursuit of someone, a crime like harassment.

Disguised as a man in As You Like It.

Dish closet.

Superman's love interest.

Before the molar.

Wringing wet, sodden.

Singing in the Alps.

A non-cellular phone.

Shelter under this from autumn showers.

To make one seem insignificant.

__ (start of the day) are misty in autumn.

Solar system's galaxy.

A windy, blowy, breezy kind of day.

Puzzle 17

Hocus Pocus has become a classic __ film.

Spy or secret agent.

Yard waterer.

Coercion, using incriminating knowledge to extort.

Make coffee.

Legal ownership of material.

Arthur's love.

Any tree that loses leaves in autumn.

Record-playing machines linked to coffee shops.

Postal thievery.

Harvest the seeds of this yellow bloom in autumn.

Urban public transport.

Puzzle 18

AKA Sonny John Moore.

Together at the same time.

Who's Afraid of __ Woolf?, a film with Liz Taylor.

Ocean into which the Amazon River empties.

In knitting you can drop these.

Spiky animal that hides in autumn leaves.

Gauge that tells you how many miles are on a car.

Watcher, scrutinizer.

Tree whose seeds are autumn helicopters.

To leave in a hurry.

A knight of lesser rank.

Month when Beaujolais Nouveau is celebrated.

Decoratively skewered.

Shock __, device to lessen and dampen impacts.

Puzzle 19

Rodent-catching board game.

Kit lifter.

Display for sweet baked goods.

Doing a great job.

Ghastly, dreadful.

Faraway place in Peter Pan.

Largest of Greece's Ionian islands.

Drink a warming hot __ on autumn nights.

Sending water droplets flying from puddles.

Robin Hood's brother.

All four open tennis titles at once.


The E in CEO.

Puzzle 20

Changing with the environment.

Popular tube pasta larger than penne.

Treading water.

Have your fingernails filed and polished.

Circus auto.

Conifer seed structure.

Voting right.

Let the punishment fit __.

The one who flees.

Relating to the season after summer.

A pair of these is used to cut paper.

Indoor enclosure with heat source for reptiles.

The adhesive friction of a body on a surface.

Herman __, author of Moby-Dick.

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