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Here are the answers to CodyCross Aviation Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Card game for two played with 32 cards.

Henry __, a very successful pirate.

Egyptian god with the head of a jackal.

French for study, musical pieces to show off skill.

Iron Age kingdom on Lake Van.

__ worm is an ambush predator.

With Brown the first to fly the Atlantic non-stop.

To separate, move away, unattach.

Mato __, large Brazilian state with open pastures.

Middle East money-moving system based on trust.

__ Spritz, sparkling drink with Italian aperitif.

God of oceans in the Hindu Puranas.

Puzzle 2

__ Peninsula, collective name for Spain & Portugal.

Epidermal UV scorch.

Citizenfour, 2014 movie about this NSA worker.

Custard tart with yolk from Hong Kong.

Maximum height at which an aircraft can fly.

Suspended jewelry.

Hinged flap on an aircraft wing.

Michel __, French player, later FIFA boss.

Viral video platform.

Storm married this fellow superhero, Black __.

Ancient practice: trying to turn objects into gold.

Chinese tile game.

Puzzle 3

In meteorology, line joining places of equal temps.

Baz __, directed Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet.

Course followed by an aircraft prior to landing.

Computing assistance service.

Things one makes and sells.

Reputedly food of the gods.

Verdi opera based on a Shakespeare character.

Torricelli defined air __; he created a barometer.

Contemporary short fiction writer, Diane __.

Sophocles drama.

German WWI ace Manfred von Richthofen.

Nosy meddler.

__ Slipper, Midori, Cointreau mix.

Innocuous fib.

__ Witt, 2X East German gold medalist.

Thousand year old swords found in Europe.

Proof legally presented.

Thor has this superhuman power in abundance.

Medicine prize winner died before collecting award.

Puzzle 4

Medical term; the sideways curvature of the spine.

Motel sign.

Pizza made with a sparing amount of dough.

The __, single mother, Taylor nurses hurt bird.

De __, aircraft designer of the Moth and Mosquito.

Japanese peak.

"Hang-ten" vehicle.

Making a mistake; barking up the __.

Snow Flower and the __, by Lisa See.

Triangular airplane section; also a glider.

She sings the lowest.

Puzzle 5

Youngest player to win a Wimbledon title: Boris __.

Cross between a polar bear and a brown bear.

Alternatively, hunter or ninny.

Groundbreaking 70's American sitcom, All in the __.


Zoidberg's famous uncle, __ Zoid, from Futurama.

"Fork" breaks tapers on ball joints.

The __ of St Louis, Lindbergh's record-breaker.

Soft French cheese made of goat milk.

Domenico Modugno one hit wonder.

Another name for aircraft's transponder code.

Disappear, dematerialize.

The __, 1948 film shot among German WWII ruins.

__ diaries hoax was discovered in the 1980s.

"__ is not just a river in Egypt".

Rubbery elastic sphere that you play with.

Peter Paul __, Flemish painter.

Nature’s lights-out period.

Puzzle 6

Remedy for a disaster, a supposed cure-all.

Popular gemstone, green variety of beryl.

City, the venue of George Best airport.

Injurious false statement.

Air cavities in the bones of the face and skull.

Colorful misty sweep.

Skating oval.

Desert in Northern Chile.

Artificial __, cockpit instrument showing banking.

__ du Cinéma, authoritative French film magazine.

Handle with care.

Qualm, doubt about action.

Cloth strips worn around a military leg in WWI.

Puzzle 7

Cocktail made for Gaulle's state WWII visit.

Prior to birth.

Once a year.

In German legend, a race of dwarfs.

Missing Clash member: Headon, Jones, Simonon, __.

French castles.

What do falling clocks keep.

Postscript, addendum.

This actor wrote this 1976 boxing Academy winner.

Cylindrical airship named after a German count.

Aircraft with three wings.

Puzzle 8

The study of horses, not hippos.

It catches the worm.

Fear of syphilis.

Person on a plane in charge of planning the route.

Waterfront promenade.

When this is enhanced, intelligence is high.

__ Orbiter, balloon, circled the world non-stop.

Motion picture-beaming device invented by Edison.

Long stemmed cup.

Finished, hopeless.

Prophetic, foresight.

Puzzle 9

Unabashed, bold.

__ Pecan, ice cream flavor with Southern comfort.

Greek region ravaged by major forest fires in 2009.

Dance form favored by Edgar Degas.

Foot arch.

Steven D. __, Freakonomics coauthor.

Gary __, played Mr. Deeds and Lou Gehrig.

Distress call for ships and aircraft.

Fireplace frame.

Canine free-range space.

Queen of Soul.

__ Atlantic, Richard Branson's airline.

Puzzle 10

Piece of material with a design cut out of it.

Sugar obtained from sugar beet and sugar cane.

Air __ control, organizer of mid-air flights.

Four-sided wooden garden structure for climbers.

Christiaan __, inventor of the pendulum clock.

Louis __, first to cross the Channel in a plane.

They're on a cob.

Humans should learn a lot from them.

Weird __, 80's teen sci fi comedy flick.

Codename for the Normandy Landings.

Puzzle 11


Boardgame Brits call Draughts.

Goldilocks was guilty of stealing this.

The parliament of Norway.

Lodging owner.

He or she handles animals on a film set.

"Once in a __".

Drinks and perfume shops in airports.

Disease spread among birds that can affect humans.

X-Files Co-star.

__ airmen, first US African-American combat pilots.

Puzzle 12

The best, from the highest compartment.

Good magic, healing others.

Dead __, method for working out position of planes.

Tallest mountain of the South American Andes.

Small iron balls fired from a cannon; not fruity!.

Boardwalk favorite, __ taffy.

Booker T and the MGs tune adopted by TV cricket.

Happens when strong winds hit a desert.

Shockwave sound at supersonic speed.

Run down or disparage.

Germanic tribe attacked Rome in AD 410.

Not always.

Making a planet's atmosphere habitable, in Sci Fi.

Contents of a cell excepting the nucleus.

Puzzle 13

Man's best friend.

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Montenegro and __.


Sea crook.

Australia's national flag carrier.

Frodo Baggins, Lord of the Ring star, __ Wood.

Drawing material from powdered pigments.


US airplane manufacturer famous for the 747.


Knight in shining armor's prize.

Adhering closure strips.

__ Kyiv, powerful Ukrainian football club.

Short horizontal line over a letter to lengthen it.

Plant with clusters of flowers; heals wounds.

Georges __, known as the father of paleontology.

Action performed unsuccessfully.

Price minus costs, the higher the better.

Mexican popsicle sold on the streets.

Puzzle 14

Amy __ flew solo from England to Australia.

Late afternoon British repast.

Passenger baggage allowed inside the cabin.

Chains for the feet.

The code of honor of the Samurai.

Exaggeration, especially in advertising.

Coiffing compound.

__ Banjos, instrumental from the film Deliverance.

Alec __, oldest of the brothers, 30 Rock actor.

Internet radio show.

Alpine lift-off platform.

First network soap opera, __ Hill.

Disease deterrent.

Style of Hip Hop dance.

Mass per unit volume.

Knife __, brave one is this person's assistant.

North Carolina colony that vanished into thin air.

Puzzle 15

__ at the South Pole, first doc to win an Oscar.

William __, writer and Nobel Prize laureate.

Canned fish.

Composer of "Finlandia".

Larger bone in front of the lower leg, tibia.

Having two parts.

1960's cultural mantra.

Plant a green citrus grows on.

Edge of civilization.

Thrill-seeking by standing on an airplane.

Doctor of __, title given by some churches.

Mystic River actor; Madonna's ex.

Its days are numbered.

Flying region; a country's guarded territory.

Puzzle 16

Latin motto meaning "ever upward".

Tetherball tennis for gardens.

Well-to-do Londoners at turn of 20th century.

Six squared.

Baroness __, first woman to get a pilot's license.

It is blowing in the wind, says Bob Dylan.

Author of "Don Quixote": Miguel de __.

In decorative cake work, it is fitted with nozzles.

Mount Fitz Roy is in this South American range.

Ice-crystal clouds that form behind jet planes.

Cubic constructions to protect soft berries.

Small airport or airfield.

Intense downward current of air in a thunderstorm.

Added when the game is tied.

All __, holiday board basis with food and drinks.

Medicines made by dissolving drug in alcohol base.

Heavy or light strokes, to a painter.

Italian Fascist leader allied with Germany in WWII.

Egyptian queen with famous bust.

Top Tibetan monk.

Cantankerous, argumentative.

Insects that feed on greenhouse plants.

Puzzle 17

Grind with it.

Icon, stand-in identity.

Large shed where planes are kept.

Singing __, Vettriano's dancing couple on beach.

The Prime of Miss Jean __, 1969 Maggie Smith film.

Dryer's partner.

Aircraft with no engine.

Sudden and unexpected.

Hands-on agronomist.

St. __ cake, for French baker patron saint.

Men's bottom half swimwear.

Pollyanna's author.

Puzzle 18


Captain __, The Flinstones cartoon hero.

__ and the Forty Thieves, Open Sesame.

In the movies, the Pink Panther was a __.

French artist noted for painting La Danse.


Beryl __, aviatrix flew the Atlantic east to west.

Internal opposition, disagreement.

Easy to get into, and hard to get out of.

A person occupied in making thread by spinning.

You reclaim it from a carousel at an airport.

__ Flynn, Gone Girl author.

Burnt sugar.

Drake __, divides South America and Antarctica.

Preserved remains of animals and plants in rocks.


"Fang" sabre sword used in Central Europe.

Puzzle 19

Wood, 17th century French chair.

First person to use the term "Zionism": Nathan __.

City devastated by the Turkish earthquake of 1939.

Easy access through here.

Popular 1970's noise-making toys.

A war lasted 38 minutes between England and __.

Cutting tiny pieces off something, e.g. paper.

Tiny drainage hole in corner of lower eyelid.

Tight-lipped, laconic.

Stringy dental cleansing.

Current geological era.

Small aircraft with a propellor and a rotor.

What the S stands for in the TV series MASH.

Hides on a plane hoping to be taken somewhere.

Vagabond feline.

John __, British fashion designer from Gibraltar.

Corsica-born emperor.

__ Night, short Danish movie awarded in 1999.

Jayne Mansfield pre meal gin cocktail.

Puzzle 20

Cartoon comedy set in Rhode Island.

__ Smith, flyer gives his name to Sydney airport.

Home world in Disney's Enchanted film.

Noticeably unsentimental or tough.

Banksy's "bemusement park" in the UK.

Self-governing crown dependency with 3-legged flag.

What politicians and proxies do.

St Petersburg's former name, not Petrograd.

Sofa with independent pieces.

Navigable airship.

One of David's wives; mother of Solomon.

Opera by English composer, Michael Tippett.

La __, Fellini's "sweet life" movie.

Large, flightless Aussie bird with bony "helmet".

George Bernard Shaw masterpiece.

Personification of winter.

Get in touch with, check in with someone.

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