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Here are the answers to CodyCross Baby Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Small bite.

Blankets to wear around shoulders/keep baby warm.

The House of the Seven __ by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

These leaflets may be handed out at a rally.

Affection and kindness, in temperature terms.

The silky case spun by an insect.

Pieces of cloth for "wearing" a baby; aka wraps.

Ocean between Africa and Australia.

Manically busy, frenzied or frenetic.

Bench area for a baseball team.


Puzzle 2

__ rocher, chocolate, hazelnut and wafer balls.

Very thin and bony.

Significant anniversary, like for a royal's reign.

Small, round stones.

Explosive with a pin, thrown by hand.

Sun umbrella to shade children from rays.

Soft toy bears for cuddling.

Mythological twin of Remus who founded Rome.

Copse, dense growth of bushes.

Theoretical physicist known for work on space.

Puzzle 3

Words not said out loud.

Survives longer than another person.

Part of a whole.

Hardened into bone; or in Ireland, plastered drunk.

A relaxing seat.

Person who completes a degree.

Forces that stimulate change.

__ kit, medical supplies pack for home use.

Museum displays.

Jumped out of a plane - for fun.

Trousers and top in one piece.

__ toys, safe, chewy toys for babies to nibble.

Puzzle 4

Moist tissues for cleaning baby spills.

Sometimes staged fighting with blades.

Right hands of executive cooks.

Lowering of the temperature caused by breezes.

Discharge of substances.

Type of liquid gasses kept at very low temperatures.

The Baby __, book by Tracy Hogg.

Proceeding with vigilance.

Superfood added to cereals and smoothies.

Country that is home to critters called quokkas.

Puzzle 5

__ car, electric vehicle driven at a funfair.


Greek goddess of the hearth, home, and domesticity.

Cooked in lots of oil or fat.

Absorbent, thin material used to catch baby spills.

Incoherent baby speak.

"__, no gain".

Andre __; tennis star with eight Grand Slam titles.

Thailand's largest island, in the Andaman Sea.

Proviso of certain conditions to be met.

Merchant of Venice character disguised as a lawyer.

Puzzle 6

Government building abroad.

Trip, voyage.

National Park officials.

Accounting books.

Narrative often romantic tunes; French for "songs".

Cowboy hat.

Oil from sheep, used in nipple cream.

Pungent tree-root fungi, served as shavings or oil.

Spasm of the mandible, mouth stays tightly closed.

Bath __, to hold baby safe and still while bathing.

Make a keyboard error.

Puzzle 7

Causes something to start.

Speculation, risky journey or business.

__ Academy, body decides Nobel Lit prize winners.

Rude and offensive.

A secure grip with your feet when climbing.

Patted down for contraband.

Entered uninvited, with an army.

Flat metal or stone plate for cooking flatbreads.

__ theory, examined by Bernoulli in Hydrodynamica.

Being in the red, operating at a loss.

Warrior women of Greek mythology.

Baby __, two-way radio to watch over baby.

Non-slip, rubbery item in the bottom of the tub.

Puzzle 8

Of a plan that went awry, had the opposite effect.

Founding Father, second President of the US.

Natural treasures washed up on the beach.

Looted, caused extensive damage.

Raised seat for baby to eat meals in.

Securing a business deal.

Being monetarily bereft, not even very small coins.

Mutton joint for roasting.

Final insult provoking snapping point.

Daphne __, Hitchcock adapted her novels to screen.

Pianos, organs, synthesizers.

Presence of impurities in the Earth's atmosphere.

__ clothes, for pregnant women.

Puzzle 9

Farming animals to produce offspring.

__ bag, kit for pregnant mother during labor.

Mix eggs.

Candy brand; "Taste the rainbow" slogan.

Teams that swap wheels in a car race.

Comb out the knots.

Unattractiveness, unsightliness.

Rebound, bounce off.

Giving an ex-employee a job.

Soft sheets to keep babies and others warm.

Capital of Queensland, Australia.

Colors used to decorate fighters before battle.

Puzzle 10

On game shows: what's hit when the answer is clear.

Sight __, to buy something without viewing it.

A large property or grounds with a large house.

They're on the skin of reptiles.

Cup with lid for young children.

Put-down, offend, slur.

Light at clubs, produces flashes.

Punctuation mark at the end of a sentence.

Ran a newspaper.

Hooded for children, they absorb water after bath.


Overtaken on a running track.

Feeling a strong dislike towards something.

Christian spring festival.

Puzzle 11

Don't put all your eggs in one of these.

Made of oak.


__ wool, white fluffy material for cleaning baby.

Not quickly.

Go looking for food plants.

Make a shoe less tight-fitting by undoing laces.

Tube used to steal fuel from a car.

Lake __, winter Olympic venue.

Supportive cushion, helpful for nursing mothers.

Christmas hymns.

Pioneer in the use of antiseptics: Joseph __.

Flows out quickly.

Puzzle 12

Retouch an image to remove blemishes.

"A picture paints a __ words".

Awful, terrifying.

These are used to trim nails, with spring action.

Individual office areas, partitioned spaces.

Rounded up horses.

Capital of Serbia.

Small group of bonded atoms.

Perplexing, like a jigsaw.

Forgiven by a president.

Adhesive friction, grip.

Blind for a car window to keep out rays.

Puzzle 13

Gathered together.

Video-recording device, to capture special moments.

Not a full-blown lie.

Cabbage _ _, 1980s dolls created by Xavier Roberts.

Hotel proprietor of olden times.

Can be changed.

Mixtures, combinations.

Cycladic volcanic island also known as Thira.

Blame it on __, disco hit for The Jackson Five.

Dr. Spock's Baby and __, parenting handbook.

Puzzle 14

Ancient Greek mathematician who wrote The Elements.

Not sacred.

You stir tea and eat soup and desserts with them.

Trying to win someone over romantically.

__ Nielsen, Canadian Naked Gun actor.

Famous saying: "You can't teach an old dog new __".

Plastic bags for nappy disposal system.

One who pleads for money.

Tristan und Isolde operatic creator, Richard __.

Country where Prince Edward Island is locasted.

Bottle __, for heating baby-milk bottles.

Remove from obscurity.

Cancel out, counterbalance.

Puzzle 15

To scold or admonish.

Attractively old-fashioned, charming.

Toy with hanging shapes, hung above baby's cot.

Intrusively inquisitive, poking nose in.

Millennium __, Star Wars starship.

Shakespearean play with the character of Ophelia.

Gloomy, sullen.

Sea to the north of Germany and Poland.

Garment to keep hot weather off baby's head.

Personal male servants; they also park cars.

Whipped egg-white dessert, often chocolate.

Puzzle 16

Fee that is small in comparison to the true value.

Winding, twisting curves.

Vegetable fat harvested from rainforest trees.

Another name for the Norsemen.


Removes impurities and poisons from the body.

Hand covers, especially for babies.

Soft feet coverings for babies.

Hinted, indirectly suggested.

Africa's largest country by area.

Soluble shell of medicine, to be swallowed.

Puzzle 17

Pulled violently from someone.

Flourishes, rapidly grows.

__ blinds, keep the light out of a room.


Instruction to fasten a seatbelt.

Passed through the eye of a needle.

Forever, or the name given to a ring.

Smoke __, senses smoke from a fire at home.

City center.

Exhume, unearth.

Genre of Oscar winners Gigi, Oliver! and Chicago.

Puzzle 18

White flowers famously worn by Billie Holiday.

Screen to keep children away from home heat source.

Style of painting that imitates photography.

Wandered off the point.

People who cause unnecessary panic.

Shuttlecock sport.

Shortening a book.

An area where your view is obstructed.

Zoological term for a pouched mammal.

Investments holder.


Small towel for cleaning babies in the bath.

Of the highest social standing.

Puzzle 19

Another word for a field, green place.

When the sea level is down.

Make someone happy, cheer them up.

Renal organs.

Hook symbol under a letter that changes its sound.

Earth metal Ca, essential for healthy teeth/bones.

Tiny slices.

A flight that takes you straight there.

Make something seem worthy or impressive.

Hair cutters for men.

To travel, search and discover new things.

Multiple Oscar-winning ship-sinking epic.

Central theme of a speech.

__ chair, moving seat for nursing a baby.

A long short story.

Abstaining from eating.

Chest of drawers.

Puzzle 20

Photo-taking equipment.

French red wine.

Place where unpleasant activity happens; it's warm.

Cleans with a broom.

Child view __, reflector to see kids in car.

Fourteen lines in iambic pentameter.

With great enthusiasm.

Not worse.

Former name of Sri Lanka.

Bird of prey.

__ Buyers Club, set in 1980s during AIDS crisis.

Made great efforts.

Song by the Beatles: "While My __ Gently Weeps".

Took a soak in a tub.

The first of Henry VIII's brides named Anne __.

Nation almost entirely surrounded by the White Sea.

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