CodyCross Baby's First Year Pack answers

Baby's First Year PackBaby's First Year

Here are the answers to CodyCross Baby's First Year Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Strong desire to achieve success.

Value __, well worth its price tag.

This Roosevelt is carved on Mount Rushmore.

A social network.

These secret tunnels abound in Hogwarts.

High-intensity training followed by rest periods.

Kitty __; Puss in Boots' true love in 2011 film.

Catching some Zzzs, like a young baby.

Sade knew a smooth one.

Walking unsteadily like a young child.

A decorator might hang one on a wall for contrast.

__ shop, buy filled, sliced-bread lunch here.

Arguing with or hitting someone.

Puzzle 2

First book in the Bible.

Does not reject.

Place in Finland where Santa supposedly lives.

Sealed sandwich from the grill.

Taking an infant off milk-only diet, onto foods.

Half human, half fish, lured sailors in myths.

Dogs known for curly hair, French haircut.

The 12 months about to begin on January 1.

Glass panes in a wall.

An amethyst is an example of one.

Care and tend to a baby so they grow.

People who train sportswomen and men.

Bedtime __; books to enjoy before you sleep.

Texas actor McConaughey.

American __, credit company with blue branding.

Sense of __; reason to live, feeling needed.

Puzzle 3

Someone watching an event, not participating.

Fuzzy stuffed-toy animal for babies and kids.


Outdoor swimming, not in a pool.

Satirical news show with Trevor Noah since 2015.

A painting that captures open countryside.

California is famous for these flaming disasters.

Many new book illustrations are made with these.

Clean to eliminate germs and bacteria.

On prescription drugs.

AX, convention for Japanese pop culture held in LA.

Fairy tale where a princess eats a poisoned apple.

Elevated seat for a baby to eat meals.

Home city of The Beatles.

Adding a quiz, video or app into your website.

Puzzle 4

__ Kutcher, actor who starred in That 70s Show.

Uses energy on.

Pieces of furniture for sitting on.

Fashion posers, who show off a collection.

Capital city of Germany.

A sizzling Mexican dish, tortilla filled with meat.

Rode waves on a board or online.

Baby cat.

Rousing from sleep; babies do this often.

Hat that ties under chin, to stay on baby's head.

Catchphrase like "Just Do It" or "Think Different".

Puzzle 5

Folding device to protect yourself from rain.

Putting on clothes.

Special days of rest and national celebrations.

Legends and culture passed on by word of mouth.

Brown, salty condiment that sushi is dipped in.

The __ of Venice, a Shakespearean play.

Gaining new knowledge about the world.

Paddling down a river in a closed boat.

Feline female in DC Comics.

Sound unit of a word.

Puzzle 6

Small, rocky objects that orbit the Sun.

Piece of a machine.

Tennis tournament in London.

An excuse for kissing around Christmas.

Male person in charge of a family.

Big hairy spider sometimes kept as a pet.

A tomato and meat-based sauce from Italy.

Entrapment and Chicago actress, Catherine __.

Celebrity portrait photographer Annie.

Blown by a baby with their mouth.

Soft-bristled item for taming baby locks.

Puzzle 7

A sudden halt; to say something bluntly.

People can have allergies to this flower dust.

Puts building blocks one on top of the other.

Cats or dogs that have no home.

Wide, treadless wheels used in motor-racing.

Last name of Canadian actor Keanu.

A word which modifies an adjective.

Giving a child a moniker.

Where the Wild __ Are, classic children's book.

Higher than another person in height.

Culinary process of making cakes.

Puzzle 8

Opposite of "looser", more constraining.

Metal coils inside a mattress.

Person who crochets, makes bracelets, does origami.

Simmered, frothed, boiled.

Stones used as street paving.

Bells do this, making a ringing sound.

Creating a close link between parent and infant.

The __ claim is where you'll find your suitcase.

__ zoo; interactive farm with animals to touch.

Request for payment for work done.

Grow and learn, like a baby exploring the world.

__ Crowe, actor known for the Gladiator movie.

Puzzle 9

Married males.

One of two parts of an academic year.

__ around an issue, avoiding mentioning something.

A large hall for formal dancing.

Doing the front crawl or butterfly.

Complete 360 view of surrounding landscape.

Musician who plays church keyboard instrument.

Setting where filming takes place.

Being upright, like baby first pulling herself up.

The physical pieces of a computer.

A baby of a billed bird that lives in water.

Hotel chain or 18th-century furniture maker.

Sign __, communicative gestures taught to babies.

First-time homeowners often get this kind of loan.

__ lights, phenomenon aka aurora borealis.

Frozen ice snack.

Different stations on the television.

Versace's profession.

Puzzle 10

The coldest season of the year.

Noise of a baby toy being squeezed.

Genre of books that are funny.

Professional you'd get a health check from.

Head covering for a baby to avoid catching rays.

Films; what cinemas play.

Very tall, heavy-lifting construction vehicles.

Dystopian series of books about Katniss, __ Games.

Fruit that is not yet ready to be eaten.

First name of singer Carey.


Decorative plaster to blend the ceiling and wall.

People do this to bugs or grow it in the garden.

Puzzle 11

French word for baby food style that's mushed up.

Volkswagen model or a flying bug.

Pirates force sailors to walk along these.

Wood-carved clock originating in Germany.

Popular punk-rock haircut.

Chair that twists or spins around.

The country directly north of the United States.

Heavenly halo-wearers.

Starbucks focuses on this beverage.

Larva turns to butterfly inside this.

Higher level of education achieved at university.

Beethoven wrote a Moonlight one.

Container for keeping baby's playthings.

Races run by baton-carrying athletes.

How the poppies made Dorothy and friends feel.

Puzzle 12

Shine, sparkle, like eyeshadow.

Grooves or trenches left by a plough in a field.

Clarice investigates The __ of the Lambs.

Hillary, she ran for president against Trump.

Like knitting but with a hook instead of needles.

Hugs, embraces from parent to child.

__ regardless, business as usual.

Backyard chickens that are good at laying eggs.

Eaten as a shake or bar for post-workout recovery.

Metal property means it can be drawn into a wire.

Stretchy fabric used for workout clothing.

A person who travels for pleasure.

Copy what another does, like baby copies gestures.

Name for a computer that isn't on your lap.

Guest of a guest at a wedding.

More delicious than something else.

Person to visit for a tooth checkup.

Puzzle 13

US word for what Brits call a nappy.

Architectural feature used to hold up ceilings.

Marine predators with fins and sharp teeth.

Sir __, Kelly Perine's Knight School teacher.

Type of baby gate to put at top, bottom of stairs.

Sausage or frankfurter served in a bread roll.

Another word for tax, especially on imports.

Social media platform for videos with lip sync.

Tinker, __, soldier, sailor; clothes-maker.

Not liquids, first hard food for babies.

Puzzle 14

Plumes that help birds to fly.

One man seeks love on this TV show, The __.


Baby buggy or carriage.

Surfing the net.

__ table, with toys built in for young children.

First name of actor who played Wolf of Wall Street.

One who secretly takes illicit goods to a country.

Sport where a stick with a net is used.

Shampoo ingredient avoided in natural formulas.

Square on a Monopoly board, with a cop.

Energy-giving chemical found in coffee and cola.

Thicker skin around fingernails, toenails.

Little __, Mr. Men friend who is small by name.

Religious prayer or spiritual wish for protection.

Puzzle 15

Male operator of a film recording device.

Vending bulk products from a manufacturer.

Woman who stays at home to manage the family.

Saying: Don't throw the baby out with the __.

Greek goddess of love.

Watch a baby while they play.

__ the Great, army son of Philip of Macedon.

Tiny black speck, sprinkled on top of bagels.

Journalists want to get one for their publication.

A unit of length equivalent to 0.62 miles.

Powerful, recurring headaches.

Triangular Russian string instrument.

__ jacket, buoyancy aid, life vest.

Card game famous for not needing an opponent.

Daphne, Fred, Velma and Shaggy's dog.

Odorous insects.

Puzzle 16

Handwriting that's going out of style.

Going ahead, with people following behind.

Part of a horse's leg just above the hoof.

Red sauce made from tomatoes.

Gentle song sung to make a baby sleepy.

__ of speech, the right to openly speak one's mind.

Harrison Ford's character in Star Wars.

Sport for shooting arrows at a target.

The first year of a baby's life, babyhood.

Yellow rubber birds for bath time fun.

Computer screen.

There are eight of these in the Solar System.

To absolve one of their sins.

Puzzle 17

ABBA is from this country.

Jewish religious leaders.

James Cameron movie with blue-skinned aliens.

Nipping with the teeth.

Virtual classes and workout videos happen here.


Worm-like insect larva added to a fish hook.

Strong fear of clowns, heights, water, etc..

Spicy flower buds used in aromatic holiday drinks.

Leather seat for riding horses.

Wire hanging sculpture hung over a baby's bed.

Leaders of cities.

Slow and __ wins the race.

Puzzle 18

Marvin __ won an Oscar for The Way We Were.

Measuring how heavy a growing infant is.

18th century art and poetry era focused on emotion.

Grand Theft Auto games manufacturer, __ Games.

Nutritional supplements like D3 or B12.

Basket baby bed that's portable.

Crisp but gooey, sweet eggy treat on lemon pie.

Swinging clock component.

This adhesive is not fowl.

Puzzle 19

Culture or literature from Ancient Greece or Rome.

Throw one and it will return to you.

Long bread roll or craft that travels underwater.

Cartoon featuring Finn and Jake: __ Time.

Freed or released, as in feminist.

Totted up number of people in a group.

Safe for an infant, like a home with cabinet locks.

Shrimp company with Forrest's best friend's name.

Black and white spotted dog breed.

__ and Mondays always get me down.

__ skills, development of muscles in tiny hands.

Part of a cell with a specific function.

Puzzle 20

Picking up.


Powdered baby milk.

Starving, usually for religious reasons.

Remote bushland region of Australian interior.

Medical professional who helps deliver babies.

Set up a company with another person.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of __.

Sweatshirts with head covers.

Toys that stimulate touch, sound, sight.

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