CodyCross Babysitting Pack answers

Babysitting PackBabysitting

Here are the answers to CodyCross Babysitting Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Keeping meat juicy while cooking.

Multiplied by two.

Planet that's also a Roman sea god.

Listen to radio shows/music through this device.

Region where there is ongoing military conflict.

__ Longbottom, wizard who beheaded snake Nagini.

What Sleeping Beauty did to her finger.

Bulging, strong body parts such as abs, triceps.

Desert mongoose that likes to stand up and look.

A decorative design, e.g. with spots or stripes.

Telling someone to quiet down.

Chocolate spread with hazelnuts.

Go to the barber to get one of these.

Trips in a plane.

Engaging in games with children.

Kitchen appliances for boiling water.

Fasting time for Muslims.

Meltdown or angry outburst, often from a toddler.

Lobsters use these to grab things.

Trips, visits, e.g. to museums.

Puzzle 2

A toy character worn like a glove.

Audacious, doing brave acts.

Thick slices of beef that are fried or grilled.

Young, overseas student employed in childcare.

Describes very small particles of sand.

High-pitched yell when confronted with danger.

Mary's little lamb's was white as snow.

The end of the day, when natural light fades.

Outside cabin for your dog.


Someone who performs ballet, tap, jive.

Collect kids after an activity or day at school.

What you have when you feel sick and unable to eat.

Puzzle 3

Small daily jobs.

Fastest cat on Earth.

Virtual __; computer game that is very lifelike.

Japanese number puzzles.

Prehistoric animal remains preserved in rocks.

Charlie and the Chocolate __, by Roald Dahl.

Hairy brown tropical fruit with white flesh.

TV's Supernanny.

Really old, from thousands of years ago.

Eternally, for always.

He plays a four-stringed guitar in a band.

Puzzle 4

Another word for "wrestle".

Paper sheets connected with a tiny metal fastening.

Ice cream desserts; badly spelled day of the week.

__, luggage that stays with you, overhead.

To be or __, wrote Shakespeare.

Big Bang Theory's quirky scientist Dr Cooper.

It's __ clear, sparkling like a diamond.

Room in a house where an infant sleeps.

Does not allow or permit.

Money that you keep in a bank account.

Act of extraction.

When children need to go to sleep.

Sweets in the UK, __ in the US.

Colourful sky first thing in the morning.

Puzzle 5

Tying __; fastening a child's footwear.

Ninth month of the year.

Inability to see.

The organ in a spider that produces silk.

Digital __; music files to buy and save.

Sewing with thread.

The Little __, Andersen's sad tale of destitution.

Capital punishment with a sword or guillotine.

Charmed or placed under a magic spell.

Spanish bullfighting dance.

Diamonds, sloping squares.

Someone to look up to, who sets a good example.

Washing yourself under a jet of water.

Support, cheer on.

Gummy candy that turns sweet in your mouth.

Water bird fairground fishing game.

Puzzle 6

Milk/eggs/flour mix for breakfast.

Gripped with a tool.

Envolved gift with a fancy paper.

Soapy air pockets, you can even blow them.

Cactus fruits also known as dragon fruit.

Musician who plays a grand keyed instrument.

Extreme tiredness.

Sequence of daily events and activities.

Female of the animal known as king of the jungle.

It's made of fabric; used to recline between trees.

Place to display art; way to display photos online.

When you don't want to do something, you make __.

Tales that you read in books.

When water droplets fall from the sky, it's __.

Puzzle 7

A mark left behind by your fingers and palm.

Home of the Weasley family in Harry Potter.

Schedule of planned activities.

Undertake several jobs at the same time.

Stiffened paper material, also comes corrugated.

Name given to a peanut in a shell.

Science branch dealing with the Periodic Table.

Significant, major.

Absorbent sheet for drying the body after a wash.

Wandering around at night, or somnambulism.

Any stroke can be used in this swimming race.

Puzzle 8

__ McCurdy, starred in iCarly and Sam & Cat.

Make bigger; the opposite of reduce.

Formal government representative.

Infants who are just learning to walk.

Keeping a record of something.

Platform from where hangings took place.

A roofed porch running around a house.

Women's intimate apparel.

Principal __, Hiddenville High head, Jeff Meacham.

Boss; person who pays your salary.

Small, easily peelable oranges eaten at Christmas.

Real animal known to pull Santa's sleigh.

Not today or yesterday.

Man of __; Justin Timberlake's fifth album (2018).

Puzzle 9

Iconic racing game for the Nintendo 64.

Happy and not complaining.

When friends come to stay until morning.

Walking behind someone, in their footsteps.

Beer brand with Whassup ad slogan.

The action or skill of looking after kids.

The __ World of Disney, TV show.

Round and round the garden, like a __.

Contemplates nothing, empties the mind in yoga.

Did not do as they were told to; misbehaved.

Show a program on TV.

Famous or historic buildings.

Little red-breasted bird in murder-mystery rhyme.

Empty homes of ocean life found on the shore.

Revolving entrance to football matches.

Central heating system for ancient Roman buildings.

Puzzle 10

Glue, stick.

Set in ice, ice cold.

National airline of Australia.

Turns around, or screws into place.

__ Grint; Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films.

Complained about an issue.

Competing to be the fastest.

Tasks that form part of your job.

French game of bowls, also known as pétanque.

To do with sealife and oceans.

Jewel __, shiny iridescent insect.

Document detailing previous work experience.

Puzzle 11

Sliding down snow-covered slopes on a toboggan.

Vinyl collectables with large, wobbly heads.

Another word for loyal.

Little pond of seawater where sea creatures live.

Responsible, having decision-making powers.

A flight of __; swooping summer birds.

__ Night Fever, Travolta starred as Tony Manero.

Enjoys the company of other people; friendly.

__ Fried Chicken; what KFC stands for.

Capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Puzzle 12

Cub __ are boys 10 and younger.

Colored pencils used on old-fashioned blackboards.

Well-mannered, courteous.

Black and white herding dog, Scottish in origin.

Large house on a lot of property.

__ people, ancient culture that decorated pottery.

Activities such as tennis, football, baseball, etc.

Stalks or visits frequently like a ghost.

Dairy product that you spread onto bread or toast.

Protect or guard.

The __ Kingdom; what the U stands for in UK.

Disliking or detesting.

Street musician.

Puzzle 13

__ Snow, plays Chloe Beale in Pitch Perfect.

Having skills in mathematics.

Seller of informations such as at a horse races.

Ballet by Tchaikovsky with a bird called Odette.


Pocket-sized die-cast toy car.

Wading in shallow water.

Can be trusted.

Medical assistance, e.g. for cuts and bruises.

An army walking in step.

Small Easter chocolates with hard shells.

Brian __ plays dad in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.

Standard work hours, not partial days.

Cone-bearing trees with thin needle-like leafs.

Calculating a sum of money; saying numbers 1-10.

Butcher, baker and candlestick maker; __ in a tub.

Puzzle 14

Learn about fire __ on a trip to a fire station.

Tasks or jobs that need doing around the house.

Arab ruler, title assumed by Ottoman rulers.

Where Polish people come from.

James __, aka War Machine, friend of Tony Stark.

In legend, a knight who fought a green knight.

Wealthier, having more money than.

Japanese gown.

Fermented milk dessert.

Powerful personal water craft made by Kawasaki.

Job where accommodation is provided in family home.

Bread and cake makers.

Mushroom or toadstool.

__ bells, the sound of Christmas.

Ice __; team sport played on rinks with pucks.

Disarm a bomb.

Puzzle 15

Said the words of a poem out loud.

A type of science studying living things.

Written response or reaction to an online message.

To presume something, rhymes with "bulldoze".

Laid-back, easy-going.

Another word for running shoe.

Numbers drawing that might pay a jackpot.

Coming face-to-face with someone.

Prequel to Total Drama, showing the toddler years.

Eliza __, Laura's sister in Jasper Jones.

Mothers and fathers.

Duelling sport fought with foils, or swords.

Shaped baked goods, often with choc chips.

Opposite of the floor in a room.


Gila __, large poisonous lizard of the southern US.

Money saved or set aside, sounds like for birds.

Puzzle 16

Capital of Australia's Northern Territory.

Important body parts, such as the heart or lungs.

Relaxed, unwound, took it easy.

Food eaten between meals.

Curved doorways.

Shawn Mendes hit; There's Nothing Holdin' __.

Cement paste that holds brick walls together.

Purchasers, paying customers.

Writers Charlotte, Emily, and Anne __.

Where children's playthings are stored.

__ Frise, a fluffy, small white dog.

Playing videos like Super Mario or FIFA.


Puzzle 17

Frozen dessert.

An Australian mammal that lays eggs.

To look after someone carefully and kindly.

Motor security device.

Legwear, also known as "pants".

Observing, keeping an eye on.

Items on display in a museum.

What Mogwai turn into if you feed them after 12am.

Anna __ is Beca Mitchell in Pitch Perfect 3.

Large wooden fence surrounding a motte castle.

Very windy, with strong gusts.

When children need to go in the tub.

Magical avian from Slavic legend.

Green character from Teen Titans Go.

Puzzle 18

Spasmodic inhalations with a peculiar sound.

__ Jones; narrator of tv series Riverdale.

Large marine mammal also called a sea cow.

Women who are paid to take care of children.

Thailand's capital.

Dr. __ aka Cheetah in Wonder Woman.

Woody's __, 1950s cowboy TV show on Toy Story 2.

Preparing a suitcase to take on a trip.

Protected, with a layer of something on top.

Tuneful employment: __ while you work.

Overnight flights.

Science of matter and energy.

Surname of Dave, and the Chipmunks.

A container for keeping screwdrivers, hammers etc.


Turkish __; confectionery from the Middle East.

Hide __; popular children's finding game.

Rich earth used for planting.

Puzzle 19

Wounds or scars to the skin.

Travelling on a boat.

A lit torch, often hanging.

Baby swans.

Stuck a finger out to identify which person it was.

Says no to.

Orange root vegetables.

Time each week when you are not scheduled to work.

The __ of the Lambs, Foster and Hopkins star.

United States of __.

Worshipping, possibly kneeling.

Sets off on a journey, takes off on a plane.

Potion-boiling, broomstick-flying Halloween ladies.

Tropical fruits with orange flesh.

Sony's iconic personal cassette player.


Lessons; e.g. music or exercise.

Puzzle 20

Ms Clock who is 14 years old in The Borrowers.

Army bag worn on the back over both shoulders.

Hand process done to bread or pasta dough.

Calmness, tolerance without complaining.

Train, prepare for a show or play repeatedly.

Lump, skin protuberance from injury or disease.

Inflate and wear these to float in the pool.

Someone from the country with capital Zagreb.

Angry outbursts from young children.

Annoyed, irritated.

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