CodyCross Baking a Cake Pack answers

Baking a Cake PackBaking a Cake

Here are the answers to CodyCross Baking a Cake Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Saying: __ when you're having fun.

Household items such as tables, beds, cabinets.

Rainbow pieces scattered on cakes.

Beach "pavement" made of planks.

Emergency vehicle that takes people to hospital.

Red fruit used in jams.

Lotion for the cheeks and forehead.

Takes someone's attention away from a task.

A drinks occasion for getting to know people.

RL Stevenson's adventure tale about being abducted.

Import and export agreement with another country.

Puzzle 2

Melinda May is one of the __ of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Desert animals with humped backs.

Steps used to gain access to another floor.

Made the same sound, in a poem.

Red __, sandwich cake with tinted red sponge.

Footprints, animal tracks or scents left behind.

Covered with, hidden.

On a form, they ask your __ : male, female, etc..

Keep several balls in the air.

Fancy chair for royalty.

Ancient __: Socrates, Aristotle and Pythagoras.

Small pool of rain on the ground.

Used wind to propel a boat.

Oil or fat, maybe from food.

Warming spice used in baking.

Brand of health monitor worn on the wrist.

Female sibling.

Puzzle 3

Taken unaware, astonished and amazed.

Not by accident; something deliberate.

Target with a bullseye for throwing at.

Sweet, cocoa slab used in baking.

Several hours after early evening.

Large island that's home to koalas and kangaroos.

Jellylike eggs from which tadpoles hatch.

Genre based on real-life offenses, e.g. robbery.

Tool that spouts fire, for browning meringues.

Local society of people.

Puzzle 4

Flexible tool for scraping food from a bowl.

Noisy insect a bit like a grasshopper.

__ ring, it goes on the ring finger after marriage.

Downpours of rain.

Person who hands out the homework.

Large nut kernels that look like pecans.

Organ that gurgles when it's hungry.

What a plane did when it departed from the ground.

With the most ripples, like a choppy sea.

These roll at the end of a movie.

Smoothing wood with rough paper.

Puzzle 5

Bent piece of metal for catching water animals.

Gooey, chocolate cake slabs.

Store attached to a museum or similar attraction.

Worldwide online network.

Working bread dough.

Level-headed, reasonable; opposite of foolish.

Scotland __, a courageous Scottish tune.

Attractive, appealing.

Fabric window coverings.

Lenses worn directly on the eyes to improve vision.

Sealed by licking or sticking, contains a letter.

Seal of __; the go-ahead, thumbs-up.

Puzzle 6

Test of incendiary evacuation procedure.

Female children.

Join in with the words to a song.

Jams and pickles.

Book containing synonyms.

Intestinal disease that killed Francis Drake.

Put one leg either side of a horse.

Room __; accommodation with a scenic vista.

Far into the future, e.g. __ weather forecast.

Old __; another way to refer to Santa.

Very tasty, yummy.

Collection of used packaging for reuse.

Gripping and struggling.

Interior __, person who improves homes.

Puzzle 7

Repetitions of sound, like from inside a cave.

Black __ gateau, chocolate and cherry cake.

Nova __, Canadian province with NS abbreviation.

Creased, bent paper in half.

Describes a person who is tall, thin and awkward.


Another word for cake, especially in layers.

Monkey type with extremely loud growl or shriek.

Clean away toys; make a room neat again.

Rewards, goodies given for good behavior.

Famous New York circus in The Greatest Showman.

Puzzle 8

__ jacks are also known as a side straddle hop.

Chums, buddies, squad.

Reindeer with a bouncy walk.

Large guns on wheels used in historic warfare.

People who have a vast amount of knowledge.

Less expensive, costing less.

Bows, strips of shiny fabric.

Furry or leather purse worn on a Scotsman's kilt.

People from Syria.

Tiny sparkly pieces, can be edible for cake decor.

Damages hearing with sound.

Person who sells, arranges flowers and plants.

White flesh of palm fruit, can be desiccated.

Suitcases and bags for trips away.

It allows felines to enter and exit the house.

Trades this for that.

Puzzle 9

Adding salt to a recipe.

The very start of something.

__ Square, famous London destination.

You leave this behind when you tread on fresh snow.

Gathered-back hairstyles, like from a tiny horse.

Goods bought on a shopping trip.

Brown flour, made using the entire grain.

Utensil for eating lettuce.

Sport with riders on two wheels.

Light snack, fast meal that is "grabbed" (3 words).

South American country that is alphabetically last.

A tree that never loses its emerald color.

Puzzle 10

Portable handheld rain shield.

Lose your reputation, rhymes with "misplace".

Place where people trade or sell stocks, currency.

Soup __; places that offer meals to the homeless.

Feeling happy and cheerful, in one of these.

Part of what a chicken laid, not the yolk.

Short, knee-length trousers worn for horse riding.

Sleeping mattress filled with liquid.

The Last of the __, starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

Young nursery plant.

Sugary almond paste used on cakes.

Puzzle 11

Hairstyle of The Beatles.

Extra bubbly, like foam.

Set off a rocket.

Removing the middle of apples.

A fluffy, burrowing mammal with long ears.

Home of the Maple Leafs.

Use to add a fun layer to your smartphone photos.

To hear and understand.

Shop that sells breads and cakes.

Not nice, describes a literary boy called Henry.

Puzzle 12

To be there, the opposite is absent.

Animals such as lions, tigers and cheetahs.

Letting liquid trickle from a jug.

Another word for a jumper made from wool.

Someone who is sent to do the work of God.

Many, numerous, at least 3 or 4.

Where you collect your letters from.

Wax drawing sticks.

Bony, underweight.

Chocolate cylinder cake eaten at Christmastime.

Puzzle 13

Special case, not within the rules.

The OAT in GOAT, a sporting superlative.

Hardened vegetable oil substitute for butter.

The most springy ball on the field.

Opposite of failures.

Parties or events one attends; social __.

Having the qualities of a serpent.

Shiny surface that lets cyclists be seen at night.

Spiky ocean creature you don't want to step on.

Adele's 2010 smash hit, Rolling __.

Printed literature with movable 3D pages.

Fast-cooking kitchen appliance.

Sleeping place for two, it's not single.

Portable telecommunication device.

Puzzle 14

Kings/queens, they address populaces at New Year.

Elves make the toys at this warehouse of Santa's.

__ guides; for practical life advice and support.

Carnage and destruction.

Revealed, removed a facial disguise.

Spinning wheel casino game with a green 0.

Thick, dark, syrupy form of sugar.

Tall, dark and __, defines the typical ideal man?.

Hop or skip over this swinging cord.

Chuckling, giggling.

Criminals who steal from people's homes.

Celebratory cake for someone's annual anniversary.

Summer insect that leaves an itchy bite.

Slang for beautiful woman or a match-ending punch.

A saved link to a web shortcut; novel page keeper.

Images or photos.

Puzzle 15

Ron Weasley's unfortunate pet rat.

Making a picture by joining up numbered spots.

Common symptom of a cold.

Stopping up a hole in a bottle or pipe.

Spice from bark, used in baking.

Long-nosed animal, has sticky tongue to eat insects.

Despite its name, a fine vegetable for vegans.

Whipped egg whites and sugar make this treat.

Trodden on, e.g. plants or flowerbeds.

Stoney water area inhabited by crabs and shells.

Wearing a two-piece bathing suit.

Puzzle 16

Lamb, beef or venison; not white.

Round decorations made from leaves, hung on doors.

Medical professionals who work in hospitals.

Smaller in height.

Business providing air transportation.

Defrosting food in readiness for baking.

Round discs attached by thread to a coat or shirt.

__ giant, type of humongous rabbit.

Writing tools, sometimes with erasers.

Shiny, chocolate glaze for a cake.

Game __, TV show with Babe and Kenzie.

Confident or expectant.

Puzzle 17

Decreased speed.

Aquatic life with fins (plural).

Sport where a person slaloms down a hill.

Don from Mad Men.

A bride and groom together.

Pointy-hatted Celtic sprites; nickname of Ms Lott.

__ butter, spread used in satay or cakes.

A digit on your hand that's not the thumb.

Dennis the __, boy with stripy shirt and slingshot.

De Niro, Pattinson and Downey Jr., for example.

Machine for weighing out ingredients.

Wealthy over-privileged individual.

TV watchers can adjust loudness, also called this.

Puzzle 18

Actors' lines to learn for a role.

Metal links used to secure possessions.

Sweet snack often with chocolate chips.

Apple file storage product in the skies.

__ of WIlloughby Chase, novel by Joan Aiken.

Alf and Alfie are short versions of this name.

Moon appearing to grow between new and full phases.

Nations, countries, provinces.

One of a club, someone who belongs.

A cozy layer worn for warmth outside.

__ English; Rowan Atkinson's spy character.

They're used to chop ingredients.

Xerox machine.

Rural or pastoral, plain and simple.

Puzzle 19

Showing belief in other people.

Said the same thing again and again.

Mixing a cake mixture with a spoon.

Wooden sculptures made with a sharp tool.

Monopoly square that will cost you.

Cleaning silt from a river bed.

Word that describes something round.

Live music performances in front of fans.

__ up, fancy clothes for a special occasion.

Calling in on someone.

Smearing butter on a cake pan before baking.

Puzzle 20

Free __, a corner square in Monopoly.

Longest river in Africa.

Reasons given for avoiding doing something.

Abby Lee Miller's protégés Maddie and Mack __.

The ears of an elf are usually this shape.

Meringue dessert with fruits and cream.

A group of organisms, e.g. cat, dolphin, sheep.

Metal fasteners on clothes that fit together.

The most wonderful or excellent.

Britons enslaved by the Vikings.

Mythical imps; anagram of "persist".

Dried grapes found in fruit cakes.

Of advanced years, senior.

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